What is the best (so far) free website iPage hosting service?

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First question I have is What is the best (so far) free website iPage hosting service? Hoping for any comment. My other question... Im using easy populate and there is a limit on the length of URL for my images, when I put an image URL into the spreadsheet.




It will cutoff the "g" at the end of ".jpg", So it will only show ".jp".

No matter what I put there it will cutoff everything after .jp.

I cant find anything resitricting the length of an image url. Can someone help me?.

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: 16 July 2004, 07:24..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Im thinking the length of your spreadsheet is restriciting you..

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Good morning and thanks for the coffee.

My house is awake lunches made and getting ready to drive ds to school....

Yesterday was 83 here and I was absolutely loving it... Too bad it wont last but it was a great day...

I'll be back in a bit.


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Thanks for the idea, but I dont think thats it. Becuase I am enter the entire url in excel then save as a tab-delimited text file and in the text file it still says ".jpg" it something in easy populate or in oscommerce... anyone help? (this iPage site is live and I'm loosing alot of money since the images arent working).

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: 16 July 2004, 22:44..

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Good morning Steph...congrats on the house.

36 minutes until I can go to bed, no coffee for me just yet.

Have a fabulous day tough lovelies!.

- Megg..

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The easy solution.

In phpmyadmin do a query which renames the .jp to .jpg.


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Cindy we must have been posting at the same time - good morning to you too! Yes, we had a beautiful day here yesterday too...rumor is that there is more snow on the whay...blech!..

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I do have phpmyadmin but I have never realy used it, can you tell me an easy way to do this? Thanks..

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Megg.. Enjoy your sleep I hate snow in April... I went to college in Oneonta I know all abou snow in April.. Ugh!!!!..

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Can someone tell me how to use phpmyadmin to remane ".jp" to ".jpg"?..

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Good morning, Tough Lovelies! Thanks for the coffee, Mr. Corbie! Hope there's more!.

It was a light night of sleep last night, which stinks after a full-day headache. I'm not prone to migraines - I don't know what caused that. I feel like there's a big burn hole in my head where the worst of the headache was, and it's still not completely gone. I sure hope the Stand Around the Table and Pretend to be Riveted Meeting doesn't happen today. There have been a lot of out-of-the-office appointments lately for some key players and today is no different, so I am hoping to just have another quiet day. When I feel awful, I do have more sludge thoughts for some weird reason.

Let's get this day off to a good start, Lovelies! See ya after I get the little one on the bus!..

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Im using easy populate and there is a limit on the length of URL for my images, when I put an image URL into the spreadsheet.




It will cutoff the "g" at the end of ".jpg", So it will only show ".jp".

No matter what I put there it will cutoff everything after .jp.

I cant find anything resitricting the length of an image url. Can someone help me?.

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: 16 July 2004, 07:24..

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Morning all!!!.

I've got the youngest with a backpack full of books/movies/toys to take b/c he has to go to work with my Mom today and tomorrow (she is a nanny for my friends son). Once I drop the oldest at school I'll be coming home, doing some last minute paperwork and cleaning and making sure everything is packed. And hoping the thunderstorms are few and far between! My plane should be leaving here at 410, my lay over is only an hour so I need it to be on time.


Have a great one everybody! I'll try to check in from Cali too..

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Have a safe flight! Good luck on the house hunting! Congrats to seeing DH again!..

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So! Good Morning my Tough Lovelies!.

Mr Corbi.

E...Thanks for the java brew!.

Nighty Night.


! Sweet dreams, Dear! Dream OP dreams... LOL.





And all who arrive whilst I am typing or away from the keyboard waking up the Wee Beastie...

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Good morning Tough Lovelies!.

Thanks Steph - your dh makes very good coffee!!!! When do you close?.

Hi Megg, have a wonderful sleep!.

Good morning Cindy - looks like lots of rain coming our way - it's dark and humid as I write..

Good morning Penny - hope your days goes smoothly!.

Hi Anna! Hope you have a fabulous trip!!!!!.

All is well here - still waking up. Enjoyed a littel sneak peak at the scale ;-) tomorrow is my official weigh in so I won't say anything yet!.

Waving good moring to all I missed and all to follow! I'll be back in a bit..


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June 10th, then we're giving them another week after that to vacate. They've got little ones and no house yet, and it doesn't hurt us to be flexible...

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Steph, that's very nice of you! Cool! Hey guys, Medifast house warming party at Steph's new place!!!!!.


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Good morning all!.


, belated congrats on the house!.


, hope your days goes just fine..

No time for tons of individual shoutouts, I'm still too crampy..

I've got my eye appointment today so I should find out if my vision loss is just aging, or something more. Either way, I know I'm getting bifocals. That's going to be weird...

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Good morning.

Thanks for the coffee..

Work from home day today - Yippee!.

Another nice day in New England today I hear, although it looks a tad on the grey side this morning. DH has been riding his new toy all around town so he's loving it and it saves us gas money for sure. Gosh that's just getting rediculous isn't it?..

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Sherry, yes, gas prices are ridiculous for sure. It's laughable to stop and put $20 in your car. TWENTY dollars. Less than a quarter tank's worth..

My little one is off to school in her Justin Bieber tshirt, ready to face her day head-on.I am going to follow her lead and go start my day...

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Hey, Photo Bucket. Wake up. Stop skrooing with my images!..

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De, when you get here, WE'RE IN THE FOURS!..

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Good morning Zoe, I hope you feel better soon! I've always had bad eyes, now they're just worse. I wear contacts, so it doesn't bother me..

Good morning Sherry. I missed the toy that your dh is riding... I'm glad he's having fun whatever it is!.

It's 800 degrees below zero in my office. I am wearing a cable pullover with another cable knit sweater over that with a sweat shirt draped around my shoulders and I'm shivering. I may actually put on the sweatshirt any miinute now. I don't care that it belongs to my boss and is a size XXXL and is bright yellow and has a decal on it from an electric company. Oh well! I'm not sure I should give away my cashmere sweaters just yet - I may be digging those out at lunch time today!.


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I just need to say I'm really glad I brought in hot cocoa for breakfast!!!!!..

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Thank you for the coffee, Steph's DH! It's great!.

My Dh has 5 (!!!!) days off staring now. We are enjoying the rest of this week going to MD appointments for me and anything he wants to do..

I am the best spouse: "do whatever you want, honey!" True! It's been that way for 11 years now and never seems to get old. Imagine!.

BMI: 21.8 this AM/ I do still keep losing. I am eating what I have been, not changing a thing during my course through I am firmly in size 6T stretch jeans. I love stretch everything because it never cuts off my poor circulation (total body edema even before I got sick+ allergic to diuretics)..

Congratulations on all the wonderful progress everyone is making..

Zoe: you'll like wearing bifocals. Really! Great vision + a different perspective on life..

Penny: hope you feel better..

Anna: Love from sea to shining sea! Your Mom sounds young (yo me). Has she been with you since DS1 was born? As a Grandma: Thank You All!.

Off to my MD appoint with DH driving, then hopefully a stop at Sam's Club for supplies..

Enjoy each and everyday, Tough Lovelies!.


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, my Mom moved in with us about 5 years ago, my youngest was 3 and my oldest was 8. She is 62 and lives with us for financial reasons for her really. She also likes to live close b/c when she gets sick she tends to get really sick, it happens once a year/every other year but it's good for us to be close. It's nice for my kids to have Grammy here too. And it is awesome b/c Eric and I get to go out and get away overnight a few times a year. (We actually lived with her for a year after I had my oldest b/c my dh lost his job when I was 8 mos pregnant, a year later he joined the Marine Corps)..

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I'm off to work my Lovelies!.

I will read about all your exploits through out the day if I am able. (We're all so busy!).

Have a Wonderful 100% OP day !..

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Good Morning Toughies!!.

I'm taking the day off today to do some things here at the house and get our home in better order. Long story but I'm looking forward to it. Feels kind of like a new beginning..

Penny and De - Congrats on getting into the 4's!! This is gonna be good. You know you two will have to share pics and stories when you return. We'll all have to live it vicariously..

Anna - have an amazing, successful trip!.

Beth - enjoy your time with DH!.

Melissa - I hope you get warm..

So Steph - have you already chosen new colors?.

Good Morning Gone Country, Cindy, Sherry, Dubah and all who come in after me! Have a great OP day!.


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Good Morning!!.


- Congrats on the house! I must have missed which house you chose...mind giving me a link? I want to check out your new digs!.


- Hope you feel better!.


- Have a safe trip! What part of Cali are you traveling to?.


Megg, Keri, Melissa, Zoe, Beth, Tracy.

And any lovelies I missed while posting..

I had a crazy busy weekend! Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers and Rogue dad is just fine. He has A-fib and he had one of his "attacks" (as he calls them) and his heart was racing over 200 bpm and wouldn't go he had to go to the ER. They just put him on medicine to slow down his heart and kept him in the hospital about 36 hours to make sure he was stable. They changed his beta blocker medicine and he has to get an ECG this week sometime to determine if he needs a pace maker to regulate his heart beat. He's was back to his normal snarky self on hubby and I headed home around noon..

I ate so much crap this weekend...I feel like a bloated monster. I don't mean crap as in sludge...I mean crap as in on plan foods I usually AVOID! I did manage to pack all of my Medifast meals and some lettuce for the weekend, but I was running around like crazy and just didn't have time to cook a proper L & G. I went to the grocery store and bought pre cooked grilled chicken strips and some dressing to add to the lettuce I already had. It was tasty and fit into the plan calories/carbs wise but HOLY MOLY the sodium in those strips. They didn't have the dressing I have at home, and I forgot to bring my dressing, so I bought Kraft Light Done Right Italian...ugh so salty. The sodium in that salad had my mouth on fire by the time I was eating it.

The next day we ran around most of the day and got home just in time for dinner. I had no desire to cook so I decided to have the rest of those chicken strips with egg beaters and red/green peppers for my L & G..

Then yesterday, I tried steamed asparagus that comes pre-packaged in a steaming bag but UGH they turned out mushy and disgusting, so I had to eat a can of green beans..MORE SALT! Suffice to say, I am a swollen mess and I've only lost 0.6 lbs since Friday lol..

Now I'm back at home and back into my Medifast groove. Going after work to pick up more shrimp/salad so I can get back to my regular L&G meals and I'm going to be drinking water all day long to hopefully flush out all of this sodium..

Off to work I go...after I lurk on the boards a little more...I'll check in later!..

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Good morning Lovelies..

Thanks for the coffee.

Mr. Corbie.

Mean brew!.


- I just got progressive lenses a few months ago. They take a little getting used to, but I like them. I normall only wear contact lenses. So now I have monovision contacts. The one in my right eye is for far sigtedness and the one in my left eye is for near sightedness. Works like a charm.


- Good luck on your flight. And an early "welcome to sunny So Cal". Going to be nice and sunny while you are here.

Bring your shades.


- I miss my banner.


- Drink lots of water. Pee your little bloatedness away..

Hi to everyone already awake:.

Steph, Keri, Beth, Melissa, Megg, Tracy.

,and whoever is posting right now..

Time to get ready for an exciting Tuesday. Okay, it's just a regular Tuesday. Meh...

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Good morning!.

DH ended up coming home for a change of clothes and other things, then went back to spend the night assisting his mom & dad. New pain meds for FIL & Hospice, hopefully, will be coming by to help..

Heading to go sit on babies... Hope the day is a good one for all...

Comment #32

I have a class coming in and then a doctor's appointment and I don't have time for shout-outs, but hope everyone is doing well..

Down two pounds and into a new decade...

Comment #33

Morning, ladies! Popping in to announce that the Incredible Hulk has been medically reduced to just an irritating neighborhood bully now, that butts have been sufficiently kicked at my house, I no longer wish to sell my children and that the garden is DONE! 45 shrubs/plants dug in and waiting for bark mulch. Many, many tree roots chopped by DH but we did it and it looks GOOD! If you missed my I.H. reference a few days ago, I have PMDD...PMS's ugly, I.H. cousin. Got my happy drugs and got TOM underway, now I feel much better. Thanks so much for the sweet support! Between your encouragement, the prayers, the drugs and the therapeutic gardening, no one was murdered at my house and I did not eat a single bite of sludge (nor gained an ounce!)! Of course, I did have wickedly weird sludge dreams that totally freaked me out but not a sludge bite actually passed my waking lips!.

Can I just say that PMDD really sucks?.


, thanks for the coffee! I needed it this morning!.


, best of luck on your exciting trip and I hope you find the perfect house!.


, hope you are feeling better soon.


, yeah on the house!!!.


, I have progressive lenses as well and I love, love, love them! Didn't think I would and thought I'd feel old, but truly they are awesome!.

Hi to everyone else I brain is still only half functioning this morning. Need more caffeine! A calorie burn capp, anyone?.

OK, today's little dilemma for your perusal: What can I politely say to my younger dear sister, who will NOT lay off telling me to get a breast reduction? (I've got all the zingy little one liners down, but feel free to share them if it improves your mood!) She will not lay off! It isn't enough to just say I dress out of style and my hair is out of date (not to mention starting to gray)...she's got to get Mom in on it and try to pressure me to have unnecessary, costly plastic surgery to look the way she thinks I should. I've kindly mentioned all the reasons I think it is a bad idea for me at this time, but they are going right over her head. Annoying is putting it mildly. Personally, I think that I am a relatively attractive person just the way I am and prefer to spend my money on my kids' special needs rather than take myself out of commission and money out the family coffers to be the same cup size as most people! I'm about to tell her where she can stick that surgical scalpel and running out of polite options....

Trying to maintain my gentle, Christian demeanor here... You know she's in for it when I'm considering telling her all the things that SHE might consider getting surgically enhanced!..

Comment #34

Jennifer, I would tell her that it bothers you enough to have posed the question to your friends and read her exactly what you wrote here. Except maybe for that last sentence!.

Also, as soon as I saw the words "progressive lenses" I pulled my glasses out of my bag and put them on. I spent three hundred dollars on these babies and rarely wear them. Can anyone say, "headache?" I do a TON of close-up work, especially now with the jewelry, and I NEED to wear them. Gentle reminders appreciated...

Comment #35

Cheri, I miss my banner, too! I don't know what PhotoBucket is doing over there, but they'd better hurry up already!..

Comment #36

That's the light in my day today Penny! 152/09/01.

Another crappy night. DH slept in the spare room last night because I wasn't asleep yet when he came to bed. He knows that means I'm going to have a bad night, and his snoring will keep me up. The only way we manage regularly is for me to be dead asleep before he comes to bed. hehe. We really do need to do something about his snoring.

It took everything in me to get up and come in to work today. My [sarcasm]"favorite"[/sarcasm] coworker has been on one lately, and it's just adding to my stress. She's either flapping her lips yapping about her damned grandbabies (I get being a proud GM, I AM one, but I don't change around every conversation to be about her), on the phone every 5 minutes with her grown unmarried daughter that lives with her with her 2 little girls, or endlessly griping about any little thing she's asked to do. I relish my time here early in the morning before everyone else comes in and it's so quiet!.

Anna - Safe flight hon..

Sorry, that's about all I'm capable of this morning. No chopped tofu from me...

Comment #37

I so miss my mono vision contacts. Had to admit defeat though when I couldn't get one out. I can't do the progressive lenses, though. They leave me in a constant state of vertigo. So, I'm stuck with good old bi-focals..

Ugh! Stewpid co-worker came in over an hour early!!!! Hopefully she'll keep her yap shut for a while...

Comment #38

Good morning, everyone. As De and Freya said, the stress didn't help me out at all on the scale I had the worst obliteration I've ever had. It's kind of a bummer, particularly since I've really been focusing on staying right in my carb and calorie ranges (and even had the low-carb and low-calorie greens yesterday)... not sure what happened, aside from the stress, but any tips for the upcoming week would be great..

I know it's important to come here and not binge and I'm not really in danger of binging, just of being really frustrated with myself in the upcoming week. So, I'm here first! Hope everyone else is doing/has done well so far today...

Comment #39

Good Claire!!!! Remember how far you've come - there's no turning back now. Just forget it, stay OP and do your school work. Forget the scale, how much you weigh, etc. Just keep focused on one Medifast meal at a time and drink all your water!!!!!!!.


Comment #40

Happy Tuesday TLer's.

Anna-best of luck with house hunting in CA..

Sounds like everyone had a weekend like mine. PMS! I warned the dh and the kiddos not to bug me. The Dh was a major PIA and to top it off he was sick which makes him a bigger PIA..

The house is quiet today! Yeah me!..

Comment #41

Totally off any topic being discussed...I just got interrogated,.


, about why I don't want children. I get this a lot. What is it about not wanting to have kids that bothers some parents so much? My choice not to have kids isn't a judgment of anyone else's decision to have them. I don't put down kids or parenting..

I've been dealing with this forever - I've been given a hard time from everyone from strangers to coworkers to relatives to close friends over not wanting kids. I don't disparage kids, I just do not want any. I would not be a good mother, and I don't think I need to have a child to prove that! Ok, rant over..

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement about the glasses. I'm most concerned that something is wrong - in a short 6 months, I've gone from pretty good vision to being unable to read a sign until I'm within 5 feet of it! So, we'll see what's going on...

Comment #42

Hey, Zoe... I'm totally there with you. Unlike some of my friends, I've consistently said that I don't want children... it's not that I'm condemning the idea of my friends having children (though I do secretly take issue with my friend who only wants a family and no career) I just don't want any. I don't see what the problem is...

Comment #43

I hear you Zoe. I'm sorry so many don't get it. Just stand your ground! I'm glad you're getting your eyes checked out - hopefully it will just be an age thing. AND in the good news department: MY PANCAKES ARRIVED TODAY - Major whoohoo! I know what I'm having for lunch, yep, shallow bowl pancake!.


Comment #44

Claire - Next time you will listen to De and Freya when we tell you to stay off the scale. hehe. JK. Really stick hard to your plan this week, get as much rest as you can and guzzle water. Unfortunately, until your tests are done and some of the stress leaves, you may continue to has scale issues. Case in point, because of the stress in my life the last few days, I am actually UP a lb this morning.

All that happens is I see the fluctuations, even knowing what causes them, and get frustrated and depressed. SO NOT WORTH IT!!!! I guess you have to ask yourself if it's really worth the emotional turmoil to go in and pay for the scale to be mean to you. Hang in there..

Zoe - I can't believe how much worse my eyes get in a matter of months. I think it's called old age or something. <snicker> Although, the last time I had my eyes checked (a year ago) the Dr. said they really aren't that much worse, I've just been wearing my glasses more consistently when off the computer and my eyes have become more dependent on them..

As for the kids - Why should ANYONE else care whether or not you have kids? Does it impact their life in any way? Why can't people just accept the choices we make as being best for us and worry about their own families and lives? I was honestly going to stop at one, and he wasn't planned to start with. 13 years later and I get another surprise. However, while I would sell off my eldest to the higher bidder.

, I wouldn't trade my kiddo for the world. He's the completely rational one in our family and tends to keep me centered and focused. Did I mention he's been emotionally 40 since he was like 6 years old? hehe. I applaud you for knowing what you want and what is best for you...

Comment #45


, it was even worse when I was closer to your age- no one believed that I was old enough to know whether I did or didn't want to be a mother. Now, at least, since I'm in my 30's, they are beginning to believe me. But, I still get told I better have one soon in case I change my mind and I'm too old to have kids. What? Have a kid I do not want-just in case? That's genius. Howsabout if my entire perspective changes completely, I adopt? Or better yet, howsabout people mind their own business?.



! You'll want them all the time, I'm telling you!.

Edited to add, thanks.



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Good morning Lovelies..


, safe flight. Just talked to my mom who's in La Jolla. She said it's in the sixties today and the rest of the week. She LOVES it when it's in the sixties. I swear she was an Oregonian in another life..


, I do have a daughter and I STILL get people asking me why I didn't have more. Good lord. One was enough. One was just right. I don't get why people even have an opinion about things like that. Our Godmother Chrissy never had kids and was never married.

Um..she lived on Post street in San Francisco and lived a fabulous, very social life. She was hardly withered up. People are so stupid. My daughter has always said she wants lots of animals and no kids. She's only 25 so that could change any time, but I certainly support her in that choice..

My new favorite lean and green. Wild Alaskan Cod (bought at Costco frozen) cooked in a foil packet with two lemon slices on top to keep it moist. YUM!! Plus, it cooked up to only about 4 or 5 oz, so I get a couple of roasted shrimp too...

Comment #47


, that sounds delicious! I have one daughter too, but thankfully no one has ever said anything to me about just having one - otherwise they get my foot up their... I'm not as nice about that sort of thing as some people are. To each his or her own!.

Hmmm.... note to self: check out the Wild Alaskan Cod at Costcos!.


Comment #48

I always said I never wanted kids... I was in my early 30s when my grand-nephew was born and once I rocked him to sleep, my clock started ticking! Seven years later, once I was convinced it was never gonna happen for me, Emma came along. I hardly remember what life was even like before her. She IS my whole world. HOWEVER (comma), I respect anyone's opinion who knows they do not wish to give birth to a child for whatever reason. It's no one else's business.

I wish I could leave. I'm wearing my glasses, my headache is just out of reach, but I just don't feel like finishing the day here. Unfortunately, I have to since I am taking half a day on Friday. :-(..

Comment #49

Yes, master. -salutes- I really did know that your advice was solid, don't worry I just didn't want to waste my money at WW. I'm just staying positive and looking towards my 10% goal for next week. (Or maybe the week after that these next few weeks are going to be super-stressful!)..

Comment #50

Good (late) Morning Tough Lovelies!!!.

No time for chopped tofu today. After having a 1/2 day of work yesterday for rehearsal... today is BUSY! I'm happy to report that my group's performance at Lincoln Center is TONIGHT!! And we sound AMAZING! I'm the biggest critic in the world, so for me to be excited, that's saying something. I packed my L&G for lunch and even brought a Medifast brownie with me so I can still have my favorite last Medifast meal tonight after the show. I'll check in with you all tomorrow - have a wonderful and OP day everyone!!.



Comment #51

Zoe - I totally understand not wanting to have a kid just as a backup! Stewpid reason to have kids. If there does come a time in your life where you DO feel like you would like a child, there is always adoption and you are NEVER too old to give love to an unwanted child, who's mother probably had it in the first place because people were pressuring her to <laffin> I am personally one of those adopted children.

Penny - Hope you can kick that headache to the curb soon. I so know how you feel. I had one of those headaches off and on for almost 2 months. The really strange thing is, I almost NEVER have headaches when I flare. Maybe because the rest of my body feels like one giant, walking headache. Go figure...

Comment #52

I'm adopted too.


It makes my medical issues that much more annoying because doctors always want a history. And it makes me worry a bit about looming genetic predispositions I don't know about...

Comment #53

Wow, two adoptees and one adoptive mom in this little group! Small world!.

Oh, no...barfing twin! I swear he planned that for just the moment I sat down. See ya in a bit...

Comment #54

Okay, tough lovelies. One post every 15 minutes is not keeping me entertained...

Comment #55

Barfing twin and traveling DH means no way to take DS9 to electricity lab...Mommy gets to stay home and nap with sick twin! There's an upside to everything..

Penny, sorry you are bored! You can come by here and clean up if you like!..

Comment #56

Oh, and to keep Penny entertained...I called DH and told him about sister pressuring me to reduce the girls. DH told me to tell her that he likes 'em that way and that she could go through him next time she wanted to "discuss" it! Got to love that man!..

Comment #57

Morning all.

Steph - woooot! grats on the house. what are your first plans for it?.

Zoe - good luck with your appointment. hope your eyes are okay. Also the kid pushers (i have 1 kid and I adore her BUT i'm realistic...) just give them this -.


- i'm an evil mommy..

Carolyn - grats on the loss.

Jennifer - ugh, I have no advice but I feel your pain. my little sister has said the same thing to me, oh and her creepy and SLIMY now exhusband would say it too. that was um gross and awkward. normally I would just have a blank face and leave the room. Sorry kid is barfing. Hope you get a nap too..

De - lol sorry about your co-worker. EAR BUDS! whenever I need my "alone time" I put them in, even if nothing is playing, for some reason it makes me feel better and then you can easily ignore anyone talking b/c they don't know you are faking..

Claire - it's still going in the right direction. keep it up, next week will just be a bigger loss..

Another day - lots of noisy construction going on in the office - I should have just worked from home today..

Have a great on plan day everyone...

Comment #58

Steph I hope to gawd that you negotiated keeping the marlin - otherwise I would walk away from that deal...

Comment #59

You know, you've told her over and over that this isn't a topic you're willing to discuss and she keeps bringing it up. If it were me, the next time she brings it up - regardless of who's there - I'd say:.

"Look, I appreciate your interest, but I've told you repeatedly that this topic is off limits. We've both expressed our opinions, and now I'm asking you to please agree to disagree, and drop it. If you continue to intrude despite my requests for you to stop, I'm going to have to start avoiding you and I hate to do that since you're my sister and I love you.".

Don't be mad. Don't be short. Just tell her the rules, and then DO it. If she brings it up again, tell her she's crossed the line, get up, and leave. Do it every time. Eventually she'll give up. She'll probably be mad, and she'll probably complain to everyone about how unreasonable you're being, but you are entitled to some boundaries in your life...

Comment #60

This must be the day for boundary discussions!.

Don't submit to interrogations on your life choices. Most people mean well, but you have to determine what your limits are and then make them clear to others. You can try a couple of things:.

"Why do you want to know?" is usually effective. Most people haven't engaged their brains, but when you ask them a question they have to THINK about what just came out of their mouths..

"I'd rather not discuss it" is always a good option. That shuts most people up - although there are a few who will shut up and then go away and gossip about their made up reasons that you won't discuss it..

For those it doesn't shut up, try "I'm not discussing this with you. Please don't bring it up again." Be prepared to simply get up and leave if they don't drop the subject..

You don't owe anyone, even family, an explanation for your life choices. If you WANT to talk about it, great. If you don't, say so and then enforce it...

Comment #61

Jim has convinced me to move into it and live with it for at least a month before we start changing things. He's a smart, smart man...

Comment #62

Actually, I negotiated to have them TAKE the marlin. I'm putting a bed up against that wall and would never be able to sleep with a dead fish hanging over my head...

Comment #63

Zoe - I hear you, I truly do. I had thyroid cancer when I was 8. The cancer is very slow growing and they believe I was born with it. It has come back twice in 42 years. I used to stress about my medical history, and what I might be passing on to my own kids. The bottom line is that it really doesn't matter what runs in your genetic family or what doesn't (My mom has had 2 different types of breast cancer in the last 10 years and there is absolutely NO history of it anywhere in her family).

As for the medical records, I have learned that simply writing N/A-Adopted is adequate for any doctor. I have truly just learned that where my health is concerned, what's going to happen is going to, whether I have prior knowledge of it or not...

Comment #64

Normally this would be a great idea, but when she is on one, she has one of the loudest, most annoying voices of anyone I've ever met. The real hoot is you can barely understand a word she says! She almost never finishes sentences and has a very strong southern accent. A few years ago, we had 2 little Russian girls, and a Laotian working here, all with very strong accents. Yet when people complained that they couldn't understand someone, it was never them, it was always about Barb! It's like she speaks some really stewpid language all her own! LOUDLY!!!..

Comment #65

Subject of kids...I have only one myself and you betcha I've had loads of people ask me why just one. Does it really matter? Doesn't what matter is that he's being raised well?I actually had a friend I knew for years say "He's going to be weird being a single kid. All single kids are weird." OH really? (sigh) Well he's going to be 21 next month, he's in his 3rd year of college, gives me no trouble as far as with the law or doing anything illegal like drinking or drugs and he doesn't smoke, he's polite, kind to others....oh yea...that's weird!.

People can be amazing in the wrong ways sometimes..

Comment #66

Hi everyone! Just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to.


For the shallow bowl pancake recipe! 1.5 minutes was perfect - I guess my microwave isn't so new afterall! It was truly DELICOUS!!!!!!! Just as good as I was hoping, and yes, I was very sad when it was all gone... but I get another one later!.

I have to work, but I'll be back later..

Love to all,.


Comment #67

Sherry - I technically have TWO only children! There is 13 years between my boys, and it really has been like each was an only child. One has problems, but he would have no matter HOW many siblings he may have had, the other is wonderful. Both are perfectly charming, social creatures that have now and have always had girls circling them like vultures!.

I grew up with an older brother and wished for YEARS that I had been an only child! <laffin>..

Comment #68

Sherry, weird kid you have there! Haha!.

De, annoying coworkers... I can name that tune in ONE note! I can tell mine by her footfalls on the way to my desk. Or should I say HOOF falls?.

Oh, the snark is out...

Comment #69

Maybe I'll cook a steak tonight for dinner. It's early enough in the week (scale sorcery) and I haven't had steak in FOREVER. I have to stop for salad, shrimp and some produce for the family. Nothing says I can't grab some nice lean steaks, too..

I'm getting ready to take off, kids. Sorry for the stank-ness. I'd blame it on PMS if it wasn't the middle of the month. I think I'm just tired and agitated at this headache that keeps toying with me..

Beef and Metallica. It's what's for dinner...

Comment #70

Penny - You NEVER have to apologize for being snarky here!..

Comment #71

Oh De...lets not get into siblings. I'm always saying I was switched at birth. Right at this very moment I do feel like an only child. I have two siblings, neither of them even bother with our started when she moved in with me after my step-dad died. For some stupid reason they thought my mom was buying me everything. Well just because they didn't work but, work the system doesn't mean I was looking to rob my I was looking to make sure she was not ending up in the hospital like several times before and had a roof over her head that worked.

UGH! So mom moved out once she found a "friend" and now lives in Maine so far away - she was excaping the fact that her other two kids wanted nothing to do with her. They never visted her when in the same town so now that she's too far away - that's the reason. Siblings....wish I had some real ones LOL.

Now co-workers/employees....oy vay. I'll stay away from that one...I think you saw my post the other day. Same girl 4-5 times in less than 5 hours in my office. I couldn't get anything done! It's driving her nuts that I'm working from home today...

Comment #72

Sherry - At this point in time, my brother and I actually get along pretty well. We are both adopted. It's funny. We progressed from me being his birthday present (why my folks brought me home right in time for his bday) to Jr. high and the introduction to his friends - "This is my sister. No one throws her in the trash can but ME!" LOL.

He lives about 10 miles from her..

I so don't want to work today. <sigh>..

Comment #73


- Love the house! The multi-level deck (or so it seems) is amazing...I would love to have a deck...

Comment #74



I'm relatively aggressive and not afraid to tell someone where they can stick it, so I deal with the discussions pretty handily, but it just steams me (most notably now, when I am in the throes of particularly vile PMS) to have the same thing brought up over and over and over..

But your advice is good for everyone, including me, for a lot of situations. Questions about how we're all eating right now, for instance...

Comment #75


, that pancake recipe really belongs to De, I just make it in a different container! Glad you love it..



, I just write a huge X through the medical history part and write 'adopted' over it, and in the part about how my method of birth control and possibility of pregnancy, I draw another big old X and write 'lesbianism' over it. The second one usually results in peals of laughter from the nurses...

Comment #76

Finally, some time for chopped tofu!!!.


: sorry about the war-zone aftermath in your head. Sludge wont fix it, as you know, but Im sorry it's pestering you for attention. Pest..


: yay for seeing DH and finding your new home!!!.


: I feel you on the bifocals. I had to get them when I started law school, so I could see both my computer and the board. Thank goodness for progressive lenses, because at the tender age of 38 I was not ready to be sporting that Granny-line in the middle of my glasses! Also, OMG I love the lesbianism crack on the forms hilar!.


: OMG NO!!!!!! You never, EVER give away cashmere!!! Once a cashmere sweater becomes too baggy to wear out, you demote it to pajamas. You lounge around the house in soft, loving, cuddly cashmere, like an empress. You hand-wash your pajamas. You sleep in it if you want to. But you do NOT pass it along to anyone else, when there is still pleasure you can get from it. Dont make me come spank you..


: so glad your dad is better. Phew! But girl, if you keep talking trash about sodium you and I might need to rumble. Im jus sayin..


: congrats on the lack of murdering! Im very impressed. And I feel you on the sludge dreams last night I was dreaming about delicious junk foody snacks that havent even been invented yet. And yes, I woke up relieved as heck that it was just a dream. As for your sister, well, you cant ask what we think and then tell us our hands are tied by needing to remain inside a Christian demeanor!.

(Just read what your DH said I love that man. Nice one.).


: sorry about not sleeping well. I hope that flare-up flares out really fast..


: weight loss is not linear. You could do the exact same thing every day and some weeks youll lose and some you wont. Dont sweat the numbers. Just work your plan..

As for having children, my favorite quote on that is: Having a child is like getting a tattoo on your face. You want to make sure youre really committed...

Comment #77

Congrats on the house, Steph ! Looks very livable and I like the deck and back yard... Fun, fun, fun !..

Comment #78

I am also totally sick of people asking me when I'm going to have kids. I have no problems telling them nicely, once , that I have no plans, and then telling them rudely. My boss has also never had kids so we have some very interesting conversations about it when the topic comes up. Not that I don't love kids, but I really love giving them back to their parents when they need to be changed or are sick or are fussy or I'm just sick of them ect...... LOL!!.

I can't wait until T&M so I can POOP again! OMG!.

No chopped tofu, I can't remember 8 pages of posts. So I'm waving to everyone!.


Comment #79



! Ok, I won't give away my cashmere! I have some very beautiful pieces that won't fit me next winter - but you're right, I can always sleep in it!!!! Ok, they have officially been demoted to sleepwear!.



, thanks for the laugh! Almost as good as the 'prancing fairy' from yesterday!!! Too funny by half..

And thank you.


For the pancake recipe that Zoe makes in a shallow bowl - it really is AMAZINGLY YUMMY!!!! Looking forward to more of that, I have to admit!!! I assume this is the texture that the "muffin" should be but I wasn't probably nuking it long enough... I may try to make one of those tomorrow..

40 minutes and this office job is done for today. I actually find I work more without my boss here... not sure why that happens! No Sarge tonight. I'm hoping dh and I can start painting the front room. Next fun job: replace the 45 year old oak floor with a new oak floor. It's worn down too far for us to resand, so it has to be done!.


Comment #80

Good girl. Thank you for saving me from flying wherever you are to smack you around..

Seriously. Giving away cashmere - who ever heard of such nonsense!!!.


Comment #81

Don't blame me, blame Barb!!!!! She's the one that tried to make me give it all away!!!! :-)..

Comment #82


- Regarding people continually asking you about having children... I couldn't think of a good snarky response for you, so I asked a coworker. A girl who works in my office, she and her girlfriend do not want children and they get asked a lot when they will have some..

Her girlfriend happened to be in the office when I posed the question as to what they respond. Here is her response: "when people bug me about having kids; keep telling me how wonderful it is and how much I will like it once I have them, here is what I say to them. Hey, why don't you join our team? It'll be fun. You'll like it once you're over here." She says it works great on women, they get the subtlety. She said it works great on men because it freaks them out..

She cracked me up!..

Comment #83

Obviously that was never meant to apply to cashmere...

Comment #84



...sorry but me and your dear friend sodium are mortal enemies!..

Comment #85


, so relating to love of sodium. I should take a picture of a little corner of my kitchen. My brother made me a very cool (can't think of the name) thing that you can set hot pans on. It's framed in wood and is rectangle in shape. It is tiled with my mom's old kitchen tile from our house in Mission Beach (um..I was 9 when we moved from there and brother George probably remodled it for the renters 20 years ago) and some pink tile from one of his properties. Very cute.

One that has dried truffles in it, one finishing salt from Brittany and the other greys sea salt that I use for cooking. They are my pride and joy and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have blood pressure on the low side so I can have them every day. It was hard to cut it down to part of my 3 condiments when I started MF, but I've grown accustomed to it and probably will continue that in maintenance. Maybe..


, I laughed so hard at your manner of birth control..


, One of my favorite "hand around the house" outfits involves a very old cashmere sweater. Listen to Freya!!.

I forget who else I was going to respond to...I've been running all morning. However, I am sitting at home enjoying a lovely bowl of Maryland Crab soup that contains crab and green beans that I borrowed from my Lean and Green for tonight. My lean and greens have just been too filling for me. Odd but true. Very new thing for me. After 6 months of MF, you'd think the new stuff was over...

Comment #86

Susan - I believe that would be called a Trivet...

Comment #87


!! That's it. Thank you! Just could not come up with that word...

Comment #88

I'm back from my exam alive and intact! Though my brain and writing hand are hurting... I've survived. Now onto preparing for my phone interview. Gosh, I'm such a busy girl...

Comment #89

Yes, you are Claire! Glad you've got one thing you can cross off your list..

Just got the word that DH's surgery is scheduled for Monday Yippy Skippy...

Comment #90

I'm on my phone and can't see much....bumped to an earlier first flight and man was it BUMPY, xanax is waiting for flight number two bc 5 hours is a LONG time...

Comment #91


, I hope DH recovers quickly. Look at it this way, better this coming Monday than 4/4/2 from now. <says obnoxious person who sometimes refuses to NOT see the silver lining>..

Comment #92

De thanks for trivet. I was like, "Oh, yeah, that's a... uhhhh... yeah... it's a...".

I have the house to myself for another hour or so and it's heavenly. I'd love to lie down and take a nap. But alas, steaks need to be seared and packages need to be readied for the post office!..

Comment #93

So I am stressed. The last big project for my Deaf Ed class is due this Saturday and I just realized I was preparing to do a major part of it almost completely wrong. I have to put together visual representations of 5 communication modes of instruction with deaf children. Turns out it also has to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each..

And I have this stupid work event tonight from about 6 - 9 p.m..

I will be so glad when Saturday is over..

Claire, glad your exam is done and good luck with the interview..

I can't remember anything else from the last 10 pages except Zoe's "lesbianism!" and Penny's "Beef and Metallica. It's what's for dinner."..

Comment #94



As for your sister, well, you cant ask what we think and then tell us our hands are tied by needing to remain inside a Christian demeanor!.

(Just read what your DH said I love that man. Nice one.).

ROFLOL! Hey, I did say you could let it fly if it made ya happy! Personally, I ran down exactly what I'd like to say to her with DH but it wasn't appropriate for the internet!..

Comment #95

Jennifer - I think your DH's response was the best! That would likely shut her up good and proper!..

Comment #96

Did someone say post office? If I were a German Sherpard my ears just went up!.

And Freya, just wait till Barb hears about this! She's not gonna like you one litttttttle itttty-bitttty bit! Just sayin'. (Melissa runs and hides the bag of cashmere sweaters) What cashmere sweaters? I don't have any of.


, really!.

Good job Claire!!!.

Anna, hang in there, it will be over soon, I promise! UGH I hate traveling! Unless I'm going to Florida... that's different..

Has anyone heard from Miss Ella? I do hope she's ok. I know she's doing T&M, but stilll -.

Hi Susan!!!! Wait, there was something I wanted to say to you - but I've completely forgotten. Please hold..



Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.