What is the best way to promote my free iPage web hosting service?

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First question I got is What is the best way to promote my free iPage web hosting service? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: I'm new to using layers - I tried a simple one (one graphic behind text) and it works in IE but not in Netscape. In an old version of Net (4 I think) the graphic comes first & then the text after it (as if it was an inserted picture before the text). In Net 6.2 you don't see a graphic at all - just the text..

Most of my visitors use IE but the background is important to the design and using the graphic as background means it won't print (& the printout looks weird w/out it) or it repeats on long pages. So I'm really hoping to get this layers thing figured out. Pls help!.



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Yea, there are plenty of iPage online promotional codes out there. Spiffy way to save mola on iPage now. I recommend you to subscribe for their newsletter so you can get emails of their most recent voucher codes. They typically send them out once a month or so..

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I like the pic you've got there but you might want to get it into photoshop and remove the "comstock images" but never the less still looks good..

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Leoo - thanks for the code - I'll give that a try..

Yes it happens in other netscapes - not the same result though - in 4 the graphic covers the text - in 6 & 7 there is no graphic - just text. i'll try what you gave me & let you know..

As for the photo in the graphic - it's still watermarked because I haven't bought it yet. figure why spend the money when i'm not even finished w/ the design! the watermark will be gone before it goes live..

Will let you know how this works after I get a chance to try it. thanks..


Edited: I tried it & it seems to be working! I didn't use all the code you gave me - just dropped in the lines near the top that dealt w/ the graphic & removed the old references to it at the end. thanks for all your help!..

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No probs.

I pasted all the code just so you would know where I put the div instead trying to explain it..

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Okay - so I missed one thing. it seems to work in 6 & 7 but when you print out the page you can see the translucent gifs (they appear as big white boxes instead of empty space). does netscape have a prob w/ translucent gifs?.

It also doesn't work in net 4 - hopefully no one's using that anymore!..

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Don't know about the printing problem sorry, but w3schools report says that NN4 accounts for between 1 - 4%, I wouldnt worry about it!..

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