What is the best way to register a Godaddy domain name?
My 1st question is: What is the best way to register a Godaddy domain name? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Some people might like to think that HostGator prices are going down..

However, according to.


Sales data, they are going up!.

Average Sale Price.

$532.91 April 2003.

$1026.08 April 2004.

$1452.84 April 2005.

$1405.32 May 2003.

$1370.04 May 2004.

$1863.32 May 2005.

$1322.92 June 2003.

$1057.84 June 2004.

$2728.90 June 2005.

These are the average prices that names have sold for (legitimate sales of domains that have transferred through escrow) for April, May and June of 2003, 2004 and 2005. you can see that sales prices appear to be significantly higher this year than for the previous two years..


Seems to think things are looking up for the HostGator market..

As always, dot com is king. Here are the average sales prices for dot com, net, org, us & info for April 2005:.

$1543.61 com.

$1191.60 net.

$973.84 org.

$297.50 us (excluding

$200.00 info.

Recently we have been working on a few dot com transactions in the six fig range, although parties involved requested that the details not be disclosed to the public..

These results may not be derived from a good enough random sample and could be an Afternic specific trend due to our marketing program...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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I think the market currently is going up, because reg. fees are going down, allowing for more domains to be regg'ed, and thus increasing the value of the good ones.


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The fees to obtain a name are coming down - but as your stats show the general trend is for the prices of reselling names to go up. Not to mention the fact that good .com's are getting harder to come by. It's practically impossible to obtain a keyword .com through registering it like the days of old. You're gonna pay premium dollars for premium names..

I don't think we're on another bubble - at least not yet. The online world is just seeing rapid growth because of the rate that people are coming online..

All of these things are certainly signs of a growing industry in my mind...

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I like the little "disclaimer" added on.

But yes, as I opined in the other thread, I do not believe that merely noting the lack of mid 6 or low 7 figure deals is sufficient to establish a downward trend in prices..


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Simple economy: growing demand (Internet is growing) + low supply (.com is still the most known extension, so people are after it) = price growing..

I anticipated it over 3-4 years from now.....

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I don;t think they are going up, but that is me lol. I have only reacently got into reging HostGator names, so I haven't got into buying and selling as of yet, but I will one day..

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So-called average prices seem to be going up for a simple reason, domainers are liquidating .COM big time like fish in the midday sun. Some of the very best names are being released into the market without grandious million dollar price tags but in the process inflating average prices. For example,.


.com was recently sold, for how much?..

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They have to keep going up since demand is bigger than supply, which naturally increases the prices..

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They ARE going up, but I'm thinking, if they release too many country .tlds, people are going to be able to pick and mix a lot more, and sale prices will go down.....

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I'd be curious to see the "Bazaar" monthly stats on the low range names..

See if the trend is similar..


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Would be interesting... Bill, easy for you to grab?.

And about the ccTLD's... I can't picture them taking too huge of a bite out of .com's for a couple of reasons. 1) When .com's were the only game in town, America was the single largest players in the online world. Originally HostGator names reached predominately (plurality) the American market, and now it has expanded to the rest of the world. If ccTLD's become popular in that country to the point of being the "default" (As .de might have done), then things are just back to the status quo... 2) Most countries don't have enough development in their namespace (nor will they) to justify their ccTLD "taking over" .com as the default.

(Heck, UPS and FedEx would have as good of reason as any, but try them .ru or .se or .anything medium/small. It's a no-go)..


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Yes, moderately. I think a lot fo sellers are getting more realistic and selling for hundreds instead of asking 6 figure and then letting them drop..

I also think the drop services have made prices go up by making the knowledge of sales dollars more known. (less rumor and more actual facts)...

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