What is the best Web iPage hosting service Site?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the best Web iPage hosting service Site? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Where do you change the following text? Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?.

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: 01 June 2004, 13:02..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Good morning everyone! Columbian Fair Trade is in the pot - help yourselves!.

Great news, I've lost ONE pound - but it was the ONE pound I need to get to my next charm!!! The pink puffy heart - representing all the love and support of everyone here without whom I could not do this program!.

I have to run to work but I'll be back soon..


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Whoops - it's really 4/6/11 - I jumped a month and can't figure out how to fix it!!!!.

My apologies!!!!!!.


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(or replace "english" with whatever language you are using).

Now edit the php script, and goto the line that starts with.

Define('TEXT_MAIN', ' Welcome guest... ');.

Now just replace "welcome guest....." with what you want it to say, thats it..

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Thanks... Can it be centered too??? If so what would the code look like?..

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Morning Melissa congrats on the pound and the new charm..

Thanks for the coffee (even if I just smell it).

I am down into my next decade this morning, never really thought I'd be here again.


Today we're conquering the kitchen desk (aka the place we throw all the crud we're not sure what to do with). Should be fun. I also still need to do my room and start a packing list..

Have a great day everyone!..

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The file you want is in catalog/includes/languges/english.php at the bottom most of the way down you will find this/////.

Define('TEXT_GREETING_PERSONAL', 'Welcome back <span class="greetUser">%s!</span> Would you like to see which <a href="%s"><u>new products</u></a> are available to purchase?');.

Define('TEXT_GREETING_PERSONAL_RELOGON', '<small>If you are not %s, please <a href="%s"><u>log yourself in</u></a> with your account information.</small>');.

Define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', 'Welcome <span class="greetUser">Guest!</span> Would you like to <a href="%s"><u>log yourself in</u></a>? Or would you prefer to <a href="%s"><u>create an account</u></a>?'); as far as how to center it I'm not to sure I guess you could try putting it in a table and centering it that way just be sure to keep a back up copy before working on it.hope this helps..

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Good morning, Tough Lovelies! Here's to a not-as-busy-as-yesterday kinda' day for me! I'm thoroughly enjoying some vanilla purring soft serve made in the Ninja with ice and coffee. yuh-hummety-hum!.

Although I'm not big on bringing yesterday's thread into the current one, I have to wholeheartedly agree with Steph in AZ about just leaving the other threads alone. I know it pulls us in, but so does the display case at Starbucks. So does the fast food drive thru. We just RESIST. Same principle; different SLUDGE. I might miss a lot by NOT going out of OUR HOUSE, but so what? People know where to find me if they need me.

They just want to be ay holes. Sad but true. (There I go quoting Metallica again!).

My little pink polka dotted cupcake is on her way to school for spring picture day. She looks even cuter than usual today!.

Melissa, thanks for the java this morning. Just what I need to get me moving this morning. Believe it or not, my muscles are still sore in my shoulders from Monday! It's becoming a not-so-good pain at this point..

I'll be back a little later this morning.....

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Heres a question for you how did you get the bleed through white to blue on the title bars?..

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Oh, Anna, I don't envy you! What a job!!!! I don't ever want to have to conquer the kitchen "junk drawer" oh nooooo!!!!! That job calls for garbage can..

Hope everyone is well this morning - sorry for the wrong date on the tread - I got so excited about my charm I was a month ahead of myself. I'm drinking coffee now....



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Its a gif file used through out the menu and info boxes as a BG image...

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Good Morning Penny! I have to agree with you. Sometimes the best thing is let them learn for themselves. Obviously most of them just enjoy fighting. I really don't. I like my home and I want to keep it just the way it is... a**h*** free!.

Oh and penny, the heart is a rose quartz heart - it will match my earrings beautifully!!!!!.



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Where do you change the following text? Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?.

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: 01 June 2004, 13:02..

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Good morning gals..


, congrats on meeting a mini-goal and getting some loot. I meant to do something for every 10 pounds and every 3 months of maintenance, but forgot all about it. I need nothing, so I was going to sponsor a rescue dog from the place I got my barky jerk, I'll have to see about it. (I can donate 100 bucks and they will pull a dog from the municipal pound and have it spayed/neutered and readied for adoption.).


, amen sister. Every time I see one of us has bitten and posted to one of those threads, I think we only add fuel to the ridiculous fire..


, congrats on the loss..

Hello to everyone who snuck in and everyone on the way...

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[CODE]define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', 'Welcome <span class="greetUser">Guest!</span> Would you like to <a href="%s"><u>log yourself in</u></a>? Or would you prefer to <a href="%s"><u>create an account</u></a>?');.

Line 281 in my languages/english.php..

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Ooooh, Melissa, I was looking at some yummy rose quartz yesterday. But I fell for blueberry and cherry instead. Next month I am sending an order for like a million dollars to Fire Mountain! And yeah, I'm at full ay hole capacity and it's not even 8 am yet. :-)..

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...Sorry to hear you're at full capacity for ay holes...'cause here I am, Baby!! LOL Make room make room make room!.

Well, Good Morning my Tough Lovelies! Thank you dear.


, thanks for the java. My azz is dragging this morning. Love the pink fluffy heart..


, I HATE out junk drawers, which sounds like the equivalent to your desk. Our junk drawers could appear on an episode of Hoarders all by itself!.


, my friend, how are you today? I love the rescue a pet idea. That is so awesome. You are giving yourself the gift of giving hope (and life in some cases I bet) as your goal rewards. Inspirational...

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! What a great idea, I'm going to look into that!!!! Thank you!.



Hmmmm blueberry quartz, sounds yummy! Yep, let's stay a**h*** free today!.

Well, good morning to you.

Miss Keri.

, glad to see you're up and about on this lovely morning. Have you had your coffee yet? Please see to that, will you????.


Waving hello to all that follow, I've got to get some work done, but I'll be back later..


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I'm sure there will be a bag of garbage, heck I got a bag of garbage from my laundry room. I'm trying to get rid of all the extra stuff before I put this place up for rent and move...

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Cripes Anna, We're not putting our place up for rent, but we REALLY need to go through and toss a whole lotta crap out..

Yes, Melissa, I have had some coffee already, thank you. How do you think I manage to push these little keys with letters on them without it? LOL You Lovelies are all lucky that I have the capability to to use spell check or Lord knows what I'd be typing!..

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Morning all! Penny, you are so right about staying in the clubhouse. No idea why I started things over in MC yesterday but I'll tell you I'm really sorry about it. I didn't even think I was being offensive so maybe there IS something wrong with me!!!.

Anyway my own plan is going great. I am finding transition to be an easy way to live and really feel like I've FINALLY, after 40 + years of trying, left the fat Nan behind! It's a very liberating feeling..

Love and kisses to all the TLers today! I don't post much anymore, but I lurk to keep up with you bright stars almost ever day! You are all so inspiring here in "our" house!..

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Morning, everyone! Coffee's great,.


...thanks! I needed that after yesterday!! I'm enjoying it with a bit of half and half...ah, half and half, how I've missed you! You are welcomed back because Freya told me I need to take better care of my gallbladder. Yeah, you make my coffee SO much yummier! (adding to my healthy fats was a hard sell for me, can ya tell?).


, congrats on the new decade! That's wonderful. Best of luck with the cleaning...that's no fun but you'll appreciate it so much after you move!.


Morning! You crack me up!.


, I love that idea. What a nice thing to do!.


, blueberry quartz sounds so pretty! Expect an order from me as soon as the budget allows! Taking the trees down yesterday did us in until after the 15th!.

No feeding trolls today, ladies. Yesterday got yucky and discouraging. Stay here, stay safe, let them wallow in their own misery. Can't change 'em, ya know!..

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Good Morning, Tough Lovelies..

Thanks for the coffee, Melissa..

Enjoy your new decade, Anna..

Amen about sludge in all it's forms, Penny..

Enjoy your day, Shrinking Tofuties!.


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Good Morning Beth! Glad to see your post this morning. I hope you are well!..

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I am decreeing (As DubahMAMMA, I think I have this inalienable right...I'll look it up later)....

All my Tough Lovelies are grounded today. You may read, lurk, surf all you want, but you are NOT to respond to any Boards/threads today. Stay in the bunker if you need to chat it up! LOL Don't make me get the DubahDADDY involved... It's not that you've been's for your own goood (sanity, actually). LOL.

Have a wonderful day friends. I will lurk throughout the day as work load permits..



(I'm da Mamma...thats' why.)..

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, you just couldn't help yourself! We all think we can change the stupid, but it just doesn't work like that!!!!! Apparently, it's often an inside job. GREAT news on your work doing T&M!!!!! I love hearing how well everyone's doing with that when they're there!! Gives me a lot of hope that I can someday leave fat Melissa behind as well - thank you!.


- I'm so sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your new decade - WAY TO GO you tough lovely!!!!!!!! I'm looking for a new century verrrrrry soon. Stay tuned..

Waving good morning to all that follow!.


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Test. And it worked! On a plane flying toward sun and fun. Love inflight wi-fi. Also enjoing some chili cheesy poufs...

Comment #27


Have a great trip. I may have to see if I can do wifi in air it might help me on the 5 hour flight next week..

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Good morning my TLies.

Thanks for the cup o' joe. Good and good for me!.


- Congrats on the new decade! Wahooo!!! You are rockin this thing!.


- It's okay. You had good intentions. We love you. Glad you're doing so well in T&M..


- Wake up! Is the wee beastie up yet? My wee beastie came and crawled into bed with me at midnight. "just for one minute mommy". One minute was up he left and went back to bed. That was easy..


- Congrats on meeting your mini goal. Pink puffy heart... cool.....



- I bet your DD looks adorable in her pink polka dots..

From yesterday's post -.


, thank you for posting, that was very nice and greatly appreciated..

And I agree with the notion of staying in the clubhouse today. It's mighty chilly out there. Eek..

Hi to all the peeps I missed and those to follow..

Well, it's Wednesday, Hump day, Wacky Wednesday. Call it what you will. It's supposed to start cooling off here and maybe raining by Friday. I told the little one that if he is super good this week I will take him to go see Hop on Friday..

Have a wonderful day. Stay warm. Stay hydrated. Stay OP. Stay nice. Stay safe.

Stay away from strangers...

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Good morning tl'ers...


Welcome to a new decade.. woo hoo.


Congrats on the new charm.


I wish I could say that my day wont be as busy as yesterday... I just need a couple of extra hours in the morning....

For everyone else I missed hugs to all and have a great day.. So glad the sun is shining now if the temp would go up things would be great!!!.


Comment #30

Gooooooooooood morrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiingggggggggggg!.

That is my impression of a perky morning person, which I am assuredly not..


! New charm! Whoop whoop! I really, really want to get started on a charm bracelet reward also, but I paid off two credit cards this month and that made my disposable money tight. It will have to wait until May or June..


, congrats on the new decade. That has to be a great feeling..















, get your azz moving!.

I don't want to be grounded though. I'm a voyeuristic drama queen. I don't like to be an active participant, but the watching it unfold fascinates me. I know, I know, I'm not right...

Comment #31

I missed two people ... dang but y'all are fast. Good morning.

Jedi Cheri.




I'm caught up in class and past the Baldacci authour visit whirlwind and should have a few days of breathing easy until things get hectic again...

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Morning Toughies!.

Anna - here's the snoopy dance for your new decade! And Freya, you were looking for it to celebrate someone yesterday so here it is for that purpose too!.

YES - Please everyone - stop posting on MC - or do it under an alias without the TL banner or figure something out. The discussions about posting on MC and all the drama around wheaters just drags us down as if someone were coming here and posting about having cheated. The negative energy does us no good. I did report the two intruders from yesterday (read everything but didn't have time to post) but it happens the same way every darn time and I don't think we've gone a week without some discussion of the drama. I think we can support newbies without having to respond to posts from the wheaters. Doing the same thing and expecting different results - isn't that the definition of insanity?.

Redjubiliee - if you're reading today, thank you so much for your post yesterday. Everyone has to find their own path, and I'm glad you're finding yours, and that you can appreciate the support and success we have here. Thank you!.

Penny - YES - I love love love the elliptical with my eyes closed. I always think people figure I'm just crazy. I kinda do a little headbanging when the music gets me rockin hard. I don't know if I posted this, but I told my son about wishing for a soundproof booth so I could sing out to the music when working out. He said, "F that - I DO sing out!" LOL I just about died. He is my uber-cool son, so I would never think he would do something to put himself in a "goofy" light.

Question - I have a picture on our wall at work of when I was 180 to 190. My staff keep saying that my face looks smaller now at 223 than it did in that pic. Also when I was 180 to 190 before I was wearing size 18. But I'm wearing size 18 now. I understand about vanity sizing and how things on our bodies "fall" (e.g. my inner thighs now look like drapes and have a life of their own), but it's just strange to me.

Okay my dears. Have a lovely OP day!..

Comment #33

P.S. I love the Arc trainer too Penny. I just hold on to the rails by my hips (a little behind my body) when I don't want to use the arms. I don't enjoy the movement like I do the elliptical (with a rear drive - don't like the front drives cuz they're too much like stair steppers) but I can do about 10 to 15 mins on the Arc..

Missed the gym yesterday so can't wait to get there today!..

Comment #34

Just to be clear - I'm not going to stop posting to whatever threads I want to post it. If it's an issue for the TL group, I'll be happy to drop the banner, no hard feelings - but I respond to what I feel like responding to, when I think I have something to contribute...

Comment #35

Anna, your new picture looks GREAT!.

Tracey, my husband plays "air drums" on the Arc sometimes and it embarrasses the bejeezus out of me. That's why I Arc with my eyes closed...

Comment #36

Oh wow, I just caught up on yesterday's thread. I missed all of that and it was really ugly. I had no idea it had gotten that ugly..

Crazy people out there...

Comment #37

To Steph- I think we should feel free to say whatever we want. I don't.


Seeing TLers in the ugly threads stoking the fires, but I certainly wouldn't want to be a part of a group that told people what they could and could not post outside of the team thread..

To Everyone-I'm also finding it strange that a few people who were posting to this daily thread, ostensibly as supporters, are now appearing in ugly threads obviously not supporting the 100% approach...

Comment #38

Steph (corbie) - You keep posting wherever you want and wearing that banner with pride! While I agree that after popping in over at MC and still seeing the hate thread at the top of the page, I have made the decision to stay in the house today, I think it's a little much to ask a member to either not post anywhere else or to remove their banner if they do. Sorry Tracey, but that's as much censoring as them telling us we aren't allowed to have opinions. We are all grown ups and have the right to voice our opinions wherever we want, and we have earned the right to wear this banner and should do it proudly! This is just what the haters do. They did it to the Rogues as well..

Now, good morning. It's hopefully going to be a more peaceful place today. Let's just hope that MFS does their job and makes the entire community a happier place through moderating!.

I have a splitting headache this morning, caffeine has NOT taken hold yet, so I'm not even going to try to do shout outs. You all know I heart you all...

Comment #39

Yeah, I noticed that too. This team is not going to be a good fit for everyone, and this is going to happen from time to time. All I can say is I'm glad that they found a place that suits them better and wish them good Medifast journeys..

Remember by theory.. Those who can DO, those who can't beyotch about those that CAN!..

Comment #40

Zoe, that's just the way it is. I agree that Steph SHOULD indeed go out there and say her peace. She has a lot of GOOD THINGS to say about this program and they all make sense. There are just people that will wallow in misery no matter how GREAT a weight loss program they have found. My philosophy is that in life there are EMPEEs and WYPEEs... If you can't accept the program as written without modifying it and then you get mad because you're still fat, that is a WYPEE..




Roblem. Not.





And if someone wants to bring their hatred for sanity and reason in here, so be it. But they should be ignored just like any other riff-raff would be anywhere else...

Comment #41

Me either, everyone says it so much better and I kinda dislike the same things being said over and over......

Comment #42

Good morning tough lovelies! I almost panicked when the boards were down for a few minutes because I was so excited to tell you that I'm down 3.8 this week!! So happy. It brings my total lost on Medifast to 61.8! Happy day.

It makes the hungry days I had this week really worth it..

No chopped tofu-gotta run to an oil change appointment. See ya later!..

Comment #43

Good Morning Tough Lovelies!!!!.

No time for chopped tofu today, but from browsing quickly I missed a lot yesterday - and I'm glad! LOL!.

On the personal front, I'm looking awfully sassy today. Curtis Stone is coming into the office today and boy is he GORGEOUS!! A girl can dream, right?!!.



Comment #44

Just so you know, I have 34 days till Maui. I need to start my tan. I decided on using a self tanning cream (as opposed to a tanning booth or spray). So now I need to pick a good one. I like to do my homework, so I will google reviews and see which one is best. Does anyone out in TL land use one or has used one or know of anyone who has used one or seen a commercial for one?.

Coffee. More coffee...

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Holy moly! I wanna work in Lisa's office!.

Congratulations, SassyHope! That's a GREAT loss!.

Here's a totally unrelated question. I'm online looking for new design inspirations. Yes, I got the slow day I was wishing for! And I'm seeing lots of very pretty shawl pins. Do people really wear these? I figured since we're cold all the time, this was a good place to pose this question. Really? Shawl pins? I sure could make some pretty ones.....

Comment #46

Good Morning ladies!.

You guys are posting like crazy (mainly due to the drama rama out there yesterday) so I don't have time to catch up with everything...I am actually going to have a super duper busy day at work today. I just wanted to drop in, say hi and ask a question..

I don't exercise. I just started the 5 & 1 on 04/01. I signed up for a yoga class..more for the meditation aspect then the actual workout aspect. It's a beginners class that lasts 45 minutes. Do you think it would be ok go to today...or should I wait until it's been 2-3 weeks? I'm trying to find a constructive way to deal with anxiety/stress without turning to food. So far I haven't had any desire for sludge, because I'm still in the Medifast honeymoon phase...but I know it'll happen eventually...and I'd like to find some kind of activity/exercise/anything that I can turn to RATHER THAN FOOD to release whatever I'm dealing with!.

So...what should I do? Go to yoga tonight or wait 2-3 weeks as the plan says...

Comment #47

Keri - I just saw your post from last night. RF stands for reduced fat mozzarella and yes the zucchini is raw. As for the amounts, 1/2 C of homemade sauce is 1 green 3 oz cheese and roughly 1/4 cottage cheese equals a lean. The first time I did the lasagna I sliced the zucchini in little circles and measured and it came to a bit over 1 cup that I used (most of 1 average sized zucchini). figure in shrinkage during cooking and you have 2 more green...

Comment #48

Cheri, I had some Target brand. It was the medium-strength one and I used to use it on my face and everything. The main thing was to wash it off the palms of your hands immediately. Also, one of those bath poofies on a stick is great for getting your back and other hard-to-reach places...

Comment #49

Debra, I say go to yoga. It's not like it's vigorous exercise (I hafta smile when I say that). I think the relaxation aspect would be great...

Comment #50

Debra - I think the yoga would be fine. I understand completely the need to de-stress on some days and if you can stretch your muscles in the process, it's that much better...

Comment #51

Hi TLrs. I'm an old timer around here and a Rogue to boot. Here's my .02 = say what you need to say, where ever you need to say it. It is my belief that the 100% OP message is just as powerful for some MF'ers out there as the "do the Medifast plan your way" message. Newbies need to hear the message, so don't censor yourselves..

I don't have a great way with words, and right now I choose to be banner-free, but I'm still here. I love lurking amongst you peeps and will speak up when necessary. Penny, De, Corbie, Beth and many others = a wealth of common sense, no nonsense Medifast wisdom...

Comment #52

Hot damn..I'm excited to go! Thanks ladies..

One more quick thing...Lisa I'm soooo jealous. I love Curtis Stone..

Alright, I'll check in during lunch. You ladies have fun today!..

Comment #53


, you are probably going to get a lot of different opinions on that! I say go for it. I think yoga is low-impact enough that you will be okay, especially since it is a beginner's class. How many times a week will you do it?..

Comment #54

Okay, who is Curtis Stone? And how did I miss Sassy's loss? Congrats,.



I don't think I could eat zucchini lasagna. It sounds like it could be a trigger for me. But man, it sounds delish!..

Comment #55


- Excellent loss!!!.


- Curtis Stone... drool.


- Yoga is great. It's not vigerous exercise, but it is a good workout!.


- Thanks for the tip. I don't want orange palms. The Target brand sounds like a good possibility then. And I'm sure it's a lot less expensive than the "designer" brands...

Comment #56

Steph, I agree-post what you want! I wouldn't want to censor anyone, especially those spreading the 'try actually following the plan' message..

Twinmom, it was a very happy day for when I discovered 1/2 and 1/2 is on plan.

I can give up many things, but this coffee snob sure does like coffee and cream in the morning..

Thanks Penny! My tired of winter heart really needed the little ray of dropping 3.8 pounds sunshine..

De, is your recipe for zucchini lasagna somewhere? I'd love to try it...

Comment #57

I really should be working...but I keep getting sucked back in!.

I plan to go once initially. My plan for the next month or so is to try as many exercise options as I can, and pick out one or two favorites to do on a regular basis. The ones I want to try first off are yoga, Zumba and boxing. I really dislike traditional exercise (treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc) in the gym and in the past it hasn't really helped me release stress/tension/anxiety etc. goal this time around is to find some kind of exercise that I enjoy physically and is helpful mentally!..

Comment #58

Good morning fellow Lovelies. Oh, I am definitely one who got caught up. I feel I was nothing more than the voice of reason and was totally jumped on, so it is true, keep doing the same thing and the same results will happen. So, I don't know what the answer is, but at times, I cannot keep my mouth shut or my fingers quiet. They call us bullies? I sort of read back and compared the amount of rough posts by the rough crowd and the rough posts by the crowd that calls themselves "nice and gentle" and they by far were more vicious. Nan, while your original post was very strong and maybe too much to the point for some, you spoke the truth.

It was one of those "duh" posts. Now I just have to go see what Corbie is up to. However, I am going to stay out of the fray today. If I can...

Comment #59

Mmmm.... Curtis Stone is an Australian Celebrity Chef! He focuses on healthy and organic eating. Our office has luncheons (where I sip my water LOL) every once and awhile, and he's coming in today!! I cannot wait and I hope to get a picture - if I do, I'll report back later. Here's his picture for your viewing pleasure ladies..

Comment #60

Cheri, also be careful around your hairline - go easy there and blend well. Also, any body creases - backs of the knees, insides of elbows. It's hard to stand completely still while it dries, but you should only use a very thin layer and gradually build your tan over a week or more...

Comment #61

Good morning, everyone! I was woken by the dulcet tones of my wall-mate coming in through the concrete. I suspect she's using some kind of external equipment like a foghorn, because her voice is so amazingly loud..

In other news, I really do think the "grounding" of TLers to not participate in other threads is a good idea... I was looking at that MC thread, and I was amazed at how it escalated to practically calling people who follow a certain food philosophy bad names... it's really bad..

Anyway, just had my coffee and oatmeal! Yum, yum..

And speaking of yum, yum: Curtis Stone! I'm jealous that you're getting him in-person, in your office!..

Comment #62


I've used the neutrogena brand and the Jergens brand. Most important aside from Penny's words are to exfoliate BEFORE applying especially at your knees, ankles and elbows..


WOO HOO great loss.

Well aside from emptying the fish tank I have cleaned out the desk and adjoining cabinentry. Realized I'm missing my youngest's medical record (in the military I can carry them with me when I move thank goodness). I hope it's upstairs somewhere. Decided we're also going to conquer under the couch and inside the coffee table after oldest gets home..

Hope you all are having more exciting days than me...

Comment #63

Yes, this! Big important step!.

Lisa, thanks for that picture of CS. (swoon) Does he even cook? Cuz he can just come stand in the middle of my kitchen. And turn around every now and then...

Comment #64

Holy smokes! It's so early and there's already 6 pages!.

Good morning!.

It sounds like I missed some drama last night. I'm not even going back to look. I think we should be able to post anywhere, but need to be aware that some people see our banner and assume we are mean & evil. We know the truth and that's all that matters..

I'm down 2.8 lbs! Woop woop! I've officially lost 25 lbs. Yay me!.

Mmmmm... Curtis Stone... My type is usually tall and dark, but I still say Yummy..

I took today off as a mental health day. I'm off to work in my garden and maybe catch an early bird movie with DH before DD gets out of school..

Have a great day!..

Comment #65

Penny and Anna.

- Great tips... Thanks..


- Thanks for the CS pic. The man is gorgeous. I agree with Penny, he doesn't even have to cook. Just stand there and look pretty. We expect a full report from you afterwards...

Comment #66


I love Curtis and am jealous... he's going to be the new host of Top Chef: Masters..

Comment #67

I guess I really am an addict.I bought a pair of inexpensive flush cutters yesterday that just have me SO darned happy, I can't wait to go home and use them some more!.

Shawl pins? Anybody?..

Comment #68



, I don't wear shawls. I bet they would be pretty, though!..

Comment #69

Hmm... I'd like to get him someplace other than my office!.

I will definitely give you all the full report! And I can't wait to watch Top Chef Masters tonight, what can I say, I'm a sadist? But he's worth it!..

Comment #70

Penny, a few of the women in my office wear pins, but I seriously doubt any of them buy handmade or even do much online shopping..

I would never wear one as a shawl pin, because I do not now nor will ever own a shawl, but I will wear pins on the lapels of my countless jackets..

And, jeepers, Curtis Stone crosses all lines, cause I'd keep him in my kitchen too!..

Comment #71

Thanks, Zoe. I think the shawl pins might be a hit in the old age homes... They look very pretty on a knitted scarf, too. I wear pins, too, but these aren't that sharp... It looks like they also wear them in their hair...

Comment #72

I'm only up to page 4, but I just wanted to weigh in that I agree we should all post where and when we feel the urge, and wear our banners with pride..

I also want to say that the boards are populated by a bunch of junkies in *various* stages of recovery or NOT-recovery. There is going to be drama. But when I started, I hung out in MC, and I am so grateful to Chris, De, Chatty, Steph, and the other vets who persisted in chiming in with the voice of reason. The insanity would boil up, I'd get all enmeshed in it, and then would come a cool breath of fresh air from someone who was much further along the road I wanted to be on..

It helped me immeasurably. I love the bunker when the insanity feels like it threatens my peace of mind and my plan. I love to go out and preach it when I feel strong enough to do that...

Comment #73

How would you market to the old folks homes though? It's doubtful that many of them iven know what the internet is! LOL. My mom included, even though she's not in a home yet...

Comment #74

De, you're right. I'd have to be like a traveling dog and pony show! NOT! But Mother's Day (and GRANDmother's day) is just around the corner..

This morning I made a necklace to go with a pair of earrings I made last night. I'm keeping them and wearing them both today. I love the jingly sound they make when I walk - I sound like Tinkerbell!..

Comment #75

Much agreed Freya. The addicts who haven't faced their addiction seem to be the ones stirring up the most drama. And are the most irrational.....

Comment #76

< is someone who wishes she had listened to the Tough Love old-timers back when first starting...

Comment #77

I have to say, I was 100% from the beginning. Even before I became a TL junkie. I'm so glad I was 100% from the start. No screwing around. I made goal in 6 months. I can understand that some people may slip up now and then.

But the people who constantly cheat (not slip up), I don't feel bad for them and I don't really get it at all. Seems like they will be on Medifast forever and never reach goal..

Carolyn, I'm glad you're here with us now. You are doing great...

Comment #78

Penny - I WANT the necklace - but in silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK? Please???????.

I think De's right, I may need an intervention soon.....

I'll come back for real chopped tofu in a bit!!!!!.


Comment #79

LOL Melissa. You do have a problem, don't you? We won't stage an intervention as long as you keep Penny as your supplier...

Comment #80

Hello Everyone,.

I'm new to Medifast and I think that Tough Love is just what I need. Are you accepting newbies?..

Comment #81

Aw, thanks,.

Jedi Cheri.


I have to admit I still get really overwhelmed when I think about how much time I have left to get to goal, but I try to remember that the time is going to pass regardless and I'd rather it pass with me getting closer to goal every day. I don't want another year to pass with me dithering around and only losing 50 pounds when I need to lose 100...

Comment #82

I was thinking how cool that would be in silver...

Comment #83

Thank you, Cheri! I appreciate that! And, Melissa, this one IS silver - just an odd angle with my Droid!.

I'm off, kids! I'll be back later, though. I can't wait to go home and cut some wire! AAAAHHHHaaaaahahaaaa!..

Comment #84

I'll post a better pic when I make another one of these...

Comment #85

*Shew*, youse guys are busy today!!.

Penny, cool necklace!.

Grats to our big losers this week!!.

I used to love that show CS did where he'd grab someone from the grocery store and then go home w/ them to cook a surprise meal for their spouse/roommate/SO/etc. He's soooo purdy! I'm afraid if he picked me, DH's surprise when he got home might not be a happy one. (okay, I'm kidding..



Today was day #3 of subbing during standardized tests. Thankfully the schedule went back to normal today so I didn't have to sit with the same kids all day. And double thankfully the teacher for whom I was subbing finished administering makeup tests before lunch so I got to come home at noon! Yesterday had me seriously wondering whether I want to teach full time... It was seriously the most emotionally draining day I've had in the classroom in three years, even including Kindergarteners who totally wipe me out. But I woke up feeling much better today!..

Comment #86

Hi everyone!.



! Trust me, I won't shop anywhere else!!! And enjoy Maui!.

Hi to.

Debra & Marygrace.



(and that's for that great attempt at the perky thing, good job. Really!!!!).



Have fun with the pretty boy!.



Did I congratulate you on the fabulous loss?.







Great job on the loss.





You didn't say that, did you? I'm.


Telling -.


I'll be back in a bit - waving hello to all I missed..

Comment #87


- Wow - it looks totally like cooper from here. It could be me - anyone see it that way or am I just color deficient?.

I'm PM-ing you...

Comment #88

Thanks, De! I am actually color deficient - my father was color blind, and I see lots of colors as the same, so I never know!.


Comment #89

Hi Ducati! I'm new to TL, too, so I don't feel too comfortable as a welcoming committee. The rules are posted in first post of the thread. I think they ask you wait before adopting the banner because some people end up dropping out of the group. Also there has been some trouble with trolls coming in who disagree with the Tough Love approach and I would think the group would want to be careful that any newbies are really committed..

Anyone else want to jump in here?..

Comment #90

Ducati - I apologize for not jumping in sooner and saying hi! Carolyn hit all the important points. As she said, we are a little gun shy today, so please forgive us. If you embrace the program as written and are determined to do follow the plan 100%, you are most welcome here. We don't discuss off plan foods by name, we call it sludge. We also ask that if you feel the urge come on to go off plan that you come to us first and let us talk you down...

Comment #91

Heya Lovies!.

No shout outs right now 'cause I am sneaking in TL time on work hours. Though I am able to lurk, just don't have time to type out a long message..

But here's to all of the losers today!.

I'm down another 2.5 pounds from last weigh-in. Yipeee..

Two questions:.

Are there certain days that you feel more hungry than others? Today I feel like I need more. Is it mental?.

Living in the middle of Oregon's nowhere always makes our mail late. So today I checked the tracking of my order and it looks like it is hung up in the UPS system somewhere. I.


It is going to be a day late. If this happens what am I going to do?..

Comment #92

*waving at Ducati* Welcome!.

News to share: I'm getting laid off within the next couple/few weeks. I'm thrilled to be jumping off a cliff and shaking up my life again. I'm freaked out because I'm single, have a mortgage, and don't have a big cash reserve. However, I do have inspiration and my faith in God's plan for me. While the stress makes me not want to go to bed, the inspiration has me waking up excited to tackle what's next..

The next little bit at work is going to suck, because I have to find the motivation to clean out my desk and files, catch up on odds and ends, close down the things we're discontinuing, help come up with a transition plan, and hire and train my partial, part-time (much cheaper) replacement..

Good news is I don't seem to be diving into a plate of sludge. While my transition plan is still in the shake-down learning stage, it's not off the rails yet. Phew...

Comment #93

Alright ladies - here's a report back! He's GORGEOUS in person! Super funny, nice, tall... ohh and that accent!!!! I'm still drooling. Here's a picture from today.

Wedding announcement to follow!..

Comment #94

Freya I love your attitude about this big big change coming your way. I have a hunch some really wonderful new opportunities are about to open up for you!..

Comment #95

ToniMarie, if you're gonna completely run out of food, there are some things you can do to tide you over. It's in the Medifast FAQs on the main site. If you can't find it, email me at the address in my signature and I'll be happy to send it to you. I had to send it to a lot of clients last year during the bad storms that hit the mid-coast area..

See? It's silver!..

Comment #96

Ohh Freya! I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it sounds trite, but it will all work itself out. It's got to be so difficult but you're a strong woman and will get through this, and come out of it probably in a better position than before. Praying for you girl!.



Comment #97

Thank you, Nannette and Lisa. Wow, saying it here really made it real, in a way just telling my BFF did not. *shiver* So much to do!!!!..

Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.