What is the difference between Lean Cuisine and Nutrisystem's meals?

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My 1st question is: What is the difference between Lean Cuisine and Nutrisystem's meals? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... Hi to all,.

I am going to order my food, but before I can do that I just want some feedback regarding this programme. I would appreciate if someone who has been on Nutrisystem for longtime can give me some ideas/ thoughts..

1) I struggle to stay ona diet plan for long time. I mean, on weekends I like to eat out and drink a lot as well. Would that impede my weight loss?..

How strict will I have to stick with the meals? some nite I might go out with my work buddies and that way I will have to miss out on the meal and munch out in a bar..

2) I am 5.8 and around 175ish or so. Most of the fat is on the belly, will I see any difference in my pant size 34, if I stick to this programme..

If anyone of you'll can think of any other pointers, keeping in consideration about my lifestyle of eating and drinking out a lot, I would really appreciate it..

Thanks and hope to join NS...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Oh, you didn't read that part?.

Of course you can eat barfood!!.

You can booze it up on the weekends too!.

(I keep wondering why that's not in the advertisments ... huge selling point if you ask me).

Save your money, Fun guy - for lapband surgery in 10 years..



PS - Come back in here when you're serious about changing your lifestyle...

Comment #2

Here's some advice I was given by someone on here in response to a question I asked. It may be the single most important response that I've ever gotten here. It was a reality check to be committed and not do this half-assed! I underlined the section that might apply to you the best. Maybe it will motivate you too!.

You're changing your lifestyle right? Then how about this: get up at 7 or 8 and have a small snack, go for a nice long hour plus walk or bike ride, then come home and eat breakfast..

Rather than following your old habits that got you fat in the first place why not start some new ones that will help you get fit and healthy? If you do this you will go to bed earlier too, since you're not sleeping in, get more sleep, and be less tempted to do bad things to your body at night, (like drink or eat poorly)..

If you think about it, does sleeping until 10 on weekends help you achieve your goals or make it harder?..

Comment #3

Just like the guys say. Either commit and welcome aboard or dont waste your money...

Comment #4

Pretty funny thread actually. Put it this will take you a lot longer to loose weight if you continue to do what your saying, and it will cost you a lot more as well. Like everybody else has said, if you don't want to commit 100%, why even bother? If you don't go 100% you will ultimately fail. So get back to us when you're ready to do this the right way...

Comment #5

Meh, you would have spent the $300 on other food anyway. At least with this plan, even if you are having a good time, are learning portion control. - and that is worth value. It also depends on how much of a good time. A little bit of good time did not seem to affect my rate of lose. However getting completely 2-sheets to the wind did (i.e. a full week of progress blown in just one night)...

Comment #6

I thought the funniest line was: "I struggle to stay on a diet plan for a long period of time." Well duh, you do all the things you did that got you over weight ( I don't think 175 at 5'8" is terribly over weight YET) and expect to lose weight. IF you continue down that path though, you will be 200, then 225 , then 250 and you will wonder what the hell happened. For now save your money! We will see you back in 5-10 years!..

Comment #7

With only a small amount to lose and not really into committing 100%, the only benefit of joining will be as another poster has said - to show you what a decent portion size really is. The learning experience alone would be worth the $$. The key thing is your use of the word "diet". I can almost guarantee regardless of what you do short term now, as you age, you will pack it on and someday, maybe not until your 50's like myself, you'll wake up to what's really going on. At that point, you'll hopefully remember this exchange..

Good luck!..

Comment #8

Sounds like a company man to me. Do you get stock options along with other compensation for each new person you sign up?..

Comment #9

Hope you don't mind a lady jumping in...OK, my dh lost about 25lbs on this my eyes he did it sort of like this guy, and I didn't think it would work for him...but it did....and thats all he had to lose and continued to lose until he hit goal and keeps it and has even lost more not eating Nutrisystem anymore....He does however workout everyday...spinning and weightlifting...He drinks beer every week - usually about 2light beers 2-3night/week. At least 2dinners out a week, both are unhealthy in my eyes...But, instead of eating 12wings he stops at 6, pizza - he eats 1-2slices now instead of more...lunch - his salads are not what I consider Nutrisystem friendly (puts full fat cheese, crutons)...he doesn't really snack and doesn't eat all the fruit required...sometimes he skipped his Nutrisystem lunch, you can make it work, but first I suggest you learn how to do it right..

It doesn't work for me that way, but i'm not a man!! I always get pissed he can lose like that!! Just sayin'..

Hope y'all don't mind me butting in "your space", I happened to just see this thread when I was looking for something else!..

Comment #10

You do realize he's cheating on you .... don't you?..

Comment #11

Of course I do and it pissed me off, but it still worked for him, thats all i'm did still teach him what his portion sizes should look like and that he should eat breakfast, veggies and salads (which he rarely did before)...he personally felt/still feels like it wasn't worth it to him to totally cut the things he loves totally out of his life, so he made changes while incorporating the wings and beer....can be done and the Nutrisystem foods made it easy for him even though he could have done the same thing simply by counting calories...

Comment #12

Besides your cheatin heart, allison, I can agree a bit with that - for some it's all or none...for some it's a slow process..


: for extremely fat guys you need to go 100%..

For guys, lets say that need to lose 25 lbs - yea, this will work slowly, but don't expect it to stay off. two mindsets. very chubby - long term - one-two years to get to where you want to be and keep it off forever hopefully. someone with a bit to lose - it will owrk quickly with Nutrisystem - but don't expect to keep it off...then it's just a diet...imoo..

Comment #13

Well, not sure if I agree completely....or maybe dh is an exception to the rule.... in my dh's case, he lost 25lbs doing what I said "cheating" in about 3mos...was at his goal...he's started weaning off Nutrisystem foods for most part and has lost 5more lbs, so now is below his "goal" and even further, has lost more inches...his eating habbits have changed, not necessarily only what he eats - now eating veggies, salads and everyday eats a breakfast which he never did b4 - portions sizes is the biggest change i've seen in his eating habbits....also he works out like he never has before 6 days a week, so I know that helps!! Even though he won't give up his favorite foods, he does make sure moderation is key...He always says to me " a couple of bites won't kill you, ya know" he thinks i'm too strict with myself...maybe I am cause I can't lose the last 5lbs!!LOL.

Everyone is different, and the plans will work differently for everyone...I have def. found that out!..

Comment #14

Guilty! I'm so high on NS, I figure it can cure anything. Even bought some stock and got a great bounce out of it a little while ago..

I got buddy bucks 3 times so far and have NO idea who they came from..

Yeah. I figure $300 bucks is a cheap lesson in portion size and the concept at least for later in his life when he REALLY needs it!.


Comment #15

I thought they were privately owned. I'll have to check this out...

Comment #16

NUTRI or some such ticker. I forget right now. I already got the bounce. Check it out!.


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