What is the difference between Medifast Diet,Atkins diet, Weight watchers, and Jenny Craig?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the difference between Medifast Diet,Atkins diet, Weight watchers, and Jenny Craig? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Good morning all!.

I would like to connect with other WAHM's (Work at Home Mom's) who are on MF..

I KNOW that ALL mom's are workers everywhere.

But I think if we are trying to run a business from our home AND stay OP we can face unique temptations. This might be a good place to connect, not only about Medifast but also to share tips on how to make it ALL happen..

I'll start, and maybe you can find something on my list that YOU can connect with!.

1. I am 55 yrs old.

2. I am a wife of 33 yrs.

3. I am mom to three AMAZING children through adoption-ages 22,11, and 10.

4. I am caucasian and my babies are African American.

5. I am an author/speaker/editor.

6. Two of my kiddos are special needs (mild Aspergers/LD)so I spend a LOT of time advocating for them.

7. I have been on Medifast for 7 weeks and have lost almost 35 pounds!!.

8. I have ADD and am challenged every day to be organized.

9. I have fibromyalgia.

10. I am a Christianit might seem strange that I put that one at the bottom of the list, but actually it is my foundation.

I would love to connect with othersso share your 'stats'.



Child of Promise Ministries..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Wow Jaynie, it looks like I hit the jackpot with you! LOL Is it ok if I pick your brain (private message) re: IEP/504?.

Welcome to WAHMS!.


Comment #2

SurePM me anytime..

Would love to "chat".

I think if we changes the thread to Working at home moms on Medifast folks might join in. Maybe the acronym is hard to understand. I found you by looking at new posts..

Yet I imagine there are lots of Medifast women who work from home who would love this support. What do you think?..

Comment #3

Id love to join in! Im a SAHM/WAHM too. I run a online business. I am a wife of 7 years, and a mother to 4. I to have a special needs child that has Arthrogryposis. We are a Christian family as well with Christ as our foundation!.

Ive been on Medifast for 4 months and have lost almost 60lbs. Im a friday weigher and love MF!!..

Comment #4

I'm a WAHM, just turned 58, married with 4 boys, ages 26 down to almost 15 (his birhtday is the 31st). Three still at home. The oldest has mild Asperger's, but is doing very well, in grad school, and has a part-time job. The youngest is in high school, which requires full-time parenting! He and I are active in Boy Scouts, as well. I have a new business, started last spring, that is limping along. Marketing is not my strong suit..

I have been on Medifast this time since the end of July. Slow but sure. I was on Medifast before the birth of my last, but gained it all back while pregnant. This time I'm sure I won't wind up pregnant, so I'm thinking I can learn to keep it off...

Comment #5


Welcome, Jaynie, Stephanie and Kerry!.

Question for discussion:.

What are some of the challenges you personally face when you work at home? Do you have set hours or work as you can? Is it too tempting to hit the Medifast cabinet (or even to cheat?) when you know it is right there in the next room, calling your name?.

My 'schedule', such as it is, goes like this:.

Up at 7try to have a shake or bar while the kids are getting ready for school..

Deliver kids and home by 8:30.

MF oatmeal at 9 am.

Work on projects (finishing my next book/editing a client's book) this is where I get in trouble. I often forget to eat until around 1 p.m. I'll have Medifast soup or chili, maybe take a short nap (fibro is exhasuting somedays). Run any errand that are needed from 2-3.

Pick up kids at 3:15 have Medifast snack aorund 3:45.

Dinner at 6 ish... and finish with a Medifast snack at 10...bed sometime between 11:30 and ! am..

I know, I stay up waaay too late most nights. I want to work on that, but I am a night owl....

What are your schedules like?.


Comment #6

Hi all..

Year 17 for my business. I run a social marketing firm with a MD and NY office. My company VP runs the upstate office. I've got an at-home office and an admin who keeps the lid on paper work. That is a HUGE help!.

At home? I stay on a tight Medifast schedule. And I eat on a regular schedule and fit in my 10 waters throughout the day. I have set times so I don't forget7:30 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 8:30 pm for MF. 6:30 for dinner. Every day. Like clock work.

10 glasses of watereach day. Sofairly easy at home..

Very hard when I am on the road with biz or have a day full of meetings..

Then it takes much planning. The water part is the worst to fit in! Also, biz lunches are very tough- because I really get hungry by evening when I eat early and finding Medifast safe stuff is not always that easy. Must be a mindset thing..

Family life....

We've got 2 kids left at home (13 and 23. Our 13 is our grandchild and we are co-raising him with his mom who lives across town). In townour kids are 26, 26, and 29. Out of town, 28 and ...28! Not 2 sets of twinsadopted and birth kids.

So my days of big frenzy (kid's church and community volunteerism, homework supervision, along with the years of dance lessons and dance troupe, drill team practices, drama lessons and being in plays, piano, flute, guitar, gymnastics, lacrosse, art lessons, volleyball are now down to 1 sole kid's church activities, football, homework, and swimming. WHEW! Doable!)..

Still hectic- but not nuts hectic..

To balance the kid stuff... I used to travel with my laptop to all their activities and take conference calls in high school hallways while I was the drill team mom or pool side as they swam and in the outer studio as they danced or did the gymnastic bar or in the stands as they played sports... you get the picture..

Oh mythose were packed days! and funonly days were very long - 6:15 am until midnight. And work Saturdays in-between their kid stuff. UGH!.

Today? At desk by 6:30, but out of the office most days by 5:30 or 6:00. With stops for exercise and doggie walking in-between. Sometimes coffee or lunch with friends..

I home-schooled our 13-year-old last year - now he is doing well in the public school just down the road. I'll have him full-time in the summermy busiest season. So, need to rely on day camps and my 23-year-old teacher daughter to help me out in the summers. Those tween years are so toughso, we have lots of kids in the house so I can keep good check. We do 3 library days a week in the summerso .... again, have laptop, will travel!.

That's my schedule. I am very grateful for an extremely helpful and loving husband. And my crock pot LOL! Or else I could never have run my biz and we could not have raised good, caring kids..

The toughest part of being at home and having my kiddo? The stop start when I am in writing mode. I find I need to be very, very disciplined. And I have to tune out the boys (cal and his buddies) in the lower level or the door opening and closing as they race in from playing to grab a snack. Cal is a really good kid who even helps me file or do other office stuff like stuffing envelopes some days after school. So, we are blessed..

I know one thing... my faith and my family make me smile each morning and be grateful each evening before I drift off..

Working at home has enabled me to attend all the children's school functions and daytime programs, be a room mom for many years running, participate in booster club and jazz booster at their schools, and go on all field trips my kids would "allow" me to attend.

Before I started my biz, I worked 3 days a week (out the door by 7:30, home by 4:30) and still found it very hard to fit in the kid time as my husband and I had envisioned for our family. Working from homeworks!.

Would I do it any other way? Nope..

Also- we see friends in the evenings and week-ends or at church activities. We tend to do a lot of pot lucks here. Or have friends over for movie night. A plain and simple life...

My goal? To get down to the 35 hour work week by 2012 and delegate more to staff. Alsoto stay at a size 10 or 8..

As a night owl talking to a night owl-Debbi, DH and I know vow to be in bed by 11:00. We just feel better. Hard to change my night owl waysbut much easier on the weight loss. DH is very buff- but he was also getting tired out mid-day. Now I am caffeine free..

The other beauty about being your own boss? I just took a 15 minute break to write ya'll and no one was breathing down my neck. How cool is that?.

Ot oh- Cal needs a ride to the library. Gotta get my laptop and head out the door. Ain't technology great?..

Comment #7

Hi, all. My biggest challenge with working from home is my self-diagnosed ADD. I am terminally disorganized. I sometimes forget to eat and wind up going 4 hours between Medifast meals. Never forget to drink my water, as I always have it with me..

I love my job, but a lot of it is done on the computer, and it is so tempting to come here or go to Facebook or something like that while doing my work-related searches. I am so happy I am self-employed, as it gives me the time I need with my kids. I get to set my own hours, pretty much. I couldn't do it without a husband who is employed full-time and carries the benefits for the family. I don't make a profit, but am hoping things pick up this year..

Well, that was a rambling trip through my brain. Hope you enjoyed it!..

Comment #8

WOW Jayniewhat an exciting and BUSY life! It also sounds like you have an amazing familywhat a blessing! I have a sneaky suspicion you can teach me a thing or two about being organized..

Kerry, I am with you on the ADD. My dr. put me on ADD meds one time and the first day I was almost in tears it was SOOOO wonderful. I kept thinkingthis must be what everyone else feels like every day. I just moved from job to job and actually FINISHED before I moved on! Sadly, the side effects were too hard and I had to stop the rx..

I also tend to have OCD, so I am consumed with all things organizing, to the point that half my clutter is from unused plastic boxes I bought for 'storage', and from dozens of organization books/tools. I love to watch those shows about Clean Sweep and Clutter Control. I say it's to get ideas, but reallt it's so I can tell myself I'm not as bad as 'those' people! LOL.

Have a great evening all!.


Comment #9

Hi folks. DebbiI just have really big CLOSETS to hide stuff.

In earnest, I think that disorganization often goes hand in hand with creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a struggle for meand I really need to plan and stay on point..

Here is what works for me in organization land and 100% OP on MF.....

1. I organize my foods in a plastic shoe holder placed on the back of my pantry door. Easy to see and grab and it limits ALL THOSE LITTLE boxes!.

2. I drink the water right before or right after my Medifast meal. I had to do that or I often forgot. I read on another post where people set their cell phones as reminders to eat or drink their H2O..

3. I make extra L&G veggies or double meals and freeze or refrigerate so I just have to reach and eat my evening meal..

4. I track all my food and water on the MY Planner. This way I make sure to get everything in each day!.

As for the house.....

Too hard for me to fully concentrate when my house is unkempt ... and I have some drop in clients soit needs to be fairly pristine all the time. With working and familynot so for us is it?.

1. Each evening the family helps me pick up clutter from the day for 20 minutes. Started when the boys were toddlers and we asked them to put their toys in bins. Now it is a good family habit. If it is still laying out? It goes into a bag and into the closet for a few days. It only took one kid not finding his LAX shoes for practice one time before he got the message if it lays there, it may not stay there..

2. I also donate 2 items for every item I bring in. We keep a Goodwill/Church yard sale bag at the bottom of our coat closet. The Goodwill is right next to the grocery storeI have a drop off a week or two..

3. I time getting on the Medifast forum with my morning and afternoon tea breaksso know I will only be on for 15 minutes- twice a day. Not so bad..

Do others find they are more productive when their house is really clean and organized?.

Like all of youworking from home is a blessing... and sometimes a challenge to stay on track...

Comment #10

Hi folkswhere is everyone?.

Hope you are having a great OP day and wishing you a successful week-end..

Today is my anniversary- so no fancy dinners out. We are going to a play tomorrow night..

Still fun... and a "foodless" choice..


Comment #11

Yesterday we had a foot of snow. A good 7 inches when I got up and it continued through the day. Unfortunately, Thursday morning is one time I have to go out and work. I managed to get there with little difficulty, although I drove really slowly! My clients were semi-surprised I had ventured forth in the weather, but if I don't show up, I don't get paid! Today I get to work at home, which is nice, considering the weather. No more snow, but the temp is very cold, and the roads are still a mess..

Hope you are all ready for the weekend!..

Comment #12

Morning all-brrrr..

Not sure of today's temp, but yesterday it was about 8 below. Still not as bad as Minneapolismy oldest ds is in college there and it was around -32 this week! My poor baby!.

I have had a STELLAR Medifast weekbest loss since my first week! I'm not sure what I am doing differently, but I LOVE it! The only think I can think of is, I started drinking one little packet of strawberry/ lemonade metabolism booster. I mix it in my 64 oz jug of water and drink through the day..

I lost over 7 pounds this weekand I am on week 7. This gives me hope for those times when I seem to stall for weeks at a time, since I only lost 1.5 pounds over the first 2.5 weeks of January..

I am still broken out a bit from the soy, but it's not bad enough to make me quit!.

I'm editing a book for a client and the deadline is looming, so I will pop in again Monday..

See you 'lighter'!.


Comment #13

Good Morning Ladies,.

Just returned from the gym and had a good workout. I see alot of you are suffering from snowy weeather. We havent had snow all year but thats typical where I live. Im in NM and we get cold and have a mild wind chill but thats about it. Its a miracle to see some snow. I hope everyone is having a great saturday, I have everyone home today and I have alot to work on...

Comment #14

Morning all. Taking a bit of a break since I have been at desk since... 5:30 am... on deadline. But getting there..

Debbi- my son went to college in MN and now lives there as a musician. He loves the people and the hot music scene. Who would have thought? Congrats on your big weight loss..

Stephaniegreat that you have lost 60 pounds and are in your home stretch. You should be so proud!.

I finally bit the bullet and went out and got a new dress for my DH's upcoming wedding. Was cutting it too close to fit into the one I bought last year when I was working out 5 days a week..

Back at the gym though and I am liking it!.

Good OP day all!..

Comment #15

Debbi and Jaynie, I have lots of relatives in MN. It is cold and snowy there! My sis said it was -9 this morning, and today is a warm day! Yikes!.

Lots of work to do today, as soon as I can blast my son out of bed so he can get to classes. One more annoying visit from mom should do the trick..

Have a great day!..

Comment #16

Meeting with a potential new client this morning, so I have to put on real clothes! Yikes! At least the weather is better. Still cold, but the roads are clear..

Have a great day!..

Comment #17

Good success with your new client Kelly. Hope you get the contract..

Real clothes... ahh, the beauty of working from home. We can work in our PJ's or today... I am in sweats!.

YetI am getting to love dressing up...even at home! I recently discovered consignment shops in addition to our Gucchi Goodwill (I find Talbots, Chicos, GAP, AND Coldwater Creek there! Often with tags and under $7.WOW!).

This week-end I went to a consignment shop about 45 minutes away and bought an Alice and Olivia brand $400 jacket for a mere $30. Mint condition. Very cute..

I am discovering that I am wearing lots more than BLACK. My former closet was a sea of black. I discovered I love hot pink, turquoise, purple, and apple green. Who would have thought?.

DebbiI recall those days of getting the kids up. Sympathies! My daughters were always dressed and ready for breakfast before my sons hopped out of bed. In the winter, I started making steel-cut oatmeal with craisins, cinnamon, and dried apricots in the slow cooker the night before. Or whole wheat waffles. The scent got the boys out of bed sooner than not. And it was a bit easier to get everyone out the door.

Fortunately, my 14-year-old (B-day last Sunday!) is an early riser. Not my eldest boys. No way, no how..

Not so cold here. Sunny. But still a day to make chili. I eat my Medifast chili along with the family. Not as good as my tofu, black bean chili from scratchbut, still tasty!.

Take care ladies...

Comment #18

Wow, Jaynie! I wish I had a Goodwill like that!..

Comment #19

Hi all!.

Well, I'm back from the land of looming dealinesso stressful! My PC is really old, so I was using my laptop to do some of the editing work for a client. Between those two OS and the client's OS, we couldn't get her computer to open the file. 50,000 wordsweeks worth of work...and she couldn't read it! ARGH!!! Fortunately, the publisher can, so all is well. Now I need to get my blood pressure back down!.

Also I have been stressed about my dd, who is turning 10 tomorrow. She has dyslexia/dysgraphia and several other LD's, but is too smart to qualify for special ed. So we send her to a private school and two tutors every week. But the teacher is somewhat reluctant to make any accomodations, so I have the added stress of a smart little girl who is almost failing 4th grade. This has been a week when I have really been tempted to eat to relieve the stressnot that eating would accomplish that goal!.

I'm can also tell the differecne when I don't check into the message boards as oftenI seem to lose focus. I am facing a two-day visitation/funeral with LOTS of food, so you guys may have to be my lifeline to get through!.

Kerry, what part of MN? My younger bro lives in Brainerdbeautiful area. Other sis-in-law is from Wilmar; her family used to own the company that supplied Jenny-O turkeys..

Ds loves Minneapolis...I am definitely a country girl thoI love looking out my window in the summer and seeing corn fields, soy beans and pumpkin patches. Do you ever watch the comedy show The Middle? At the opeing every week you see a country road with a mailbox and corn fields on either side. I SWEAR they took that pic right outside of my house!.

Well, off to pick up dd from tutoringhave a great night all!.


Comment #20

Hi ladies - I'd love to join you! My name is Sarah - I'm 36, married and have two girls - 2 and 4. I work 36 hours a week as an Actuary (from home) - and I also run a photography business that is doing quite well - too well, sometimes - because I'm often found at my computer from bedtime (8pm) until 12 or later - trying to fit everything in. I'm working on doubling my revenue this year - if I can do it - I'll be quitting my 'job' and just doing my business, and spending more quality time with my kids! My youngest is in daycare, and my oldest is in pre-K 3 days a week at a private school - and has to 'hang' with me the other two days, while I try to work!.

Tomorrow will be two weeks so far on Medifast - and so far, so good. Ever since my oldest was born - I've not been able to stick with anything for more than 2 days - so I'm so grateful to have found something that showed me some fast results, which keeps me motivated to stick with it. My first week - I lost 4.8 lbs - really exciting for me!.

Last thing about me - today marks 4 weeks since having hernia surgery (two hernias). My recovery is going well - but I started picking my camera back up last weekend - did an event at a local business - and I sure paid for it - I can't stand to sit and do nothing and 'rest' - but I've learned I need to take it easy, and start taking care of myself!..

Comment #21

Debbi My sis works at Wausau Paper in Brainerd. They live south of Deerwood. Her husband is from Marshall, I think. I have cousins in Faribault and Minneapolis, and my aunt lived in Northfield until she passed last November. My mom lived on a lake near my sister until her death last year. We go to "the lake" every summer.

She just HAPPENS to live on a beautiful lake in MN!".

Re: your daughter, you need to find out what rights she has. Some teachers/administrators will tell you that your child doesn't qualify for accomodations, but if she has a.


LD, she does. She should have an IEP and the teachers should be held accountable to provide the services she needs. I went through this with my son and let myself be snowed, but then when I returned to college, I took a class in educational psych of the exceptional child, and found out he should have been receiving accomodations. They will generally.


Provide accomodations if the child is doing well in school, but if she is failing, she needs help. You may already have gone through all this, I don't know, but I feel for those poor kids that basically fall through the cracks..

Welcome, Sarah! Put yourself on your to-do list!.

Today is another client visit, so I have to go get dressed...

Comment #22

Welcome SarahI can guarantee you will feel so much better each week as your body adjusts to the program..

Jayne, I would love to go consignment shopping with you! I used to have some nice clothes when I was on the book tour, but lately I am definitely 'dressing down'. I AM looking forward to a fun shopping trip when I am at goal..

Kerry, The puiblic school did the eval last year (3rd ) but as you mentioned, her grades were pretty good. I don't know if they would do another so soon. The problem is, she MUST attend the private school and they are not held as legally accountable as the public school, as far as I know. I did meet with the teacher yesterday and she is finally making some adjustmentsI just hope it helps..

My 11 yr old son has Aspergers, and he is doing great (honor roll) in the 5th grade, so I hope next year will be easier for dd, also. The real challenge for me is that BOTH kids have ADD (son ADHD) and organization is a HUGE problem. This week they both left crucial work at school, (several times) so they couldn't complete their assignments on time..

Keeping them both on task is another challenge. Evenings and week-ends are almost like homeschooling for me. Can you tell I am looking forward to the summer! LOL.

Well, another busy day here in the Heartland...have a good one all!.


Comment #23

Debbi - I hear you. #3 son is ADD and LD, and I spent 4 or 5 hours a day with him on homework so he wouldn't be flunking, then the school said because he makes A's and B's they wouldn't make any accomodations! So I'm supposed to let him fail in order to get the help?.

I am not sure how private schools handle special needs. That is one area I know nothing about. Hopefully you can reach some agreement with the teacher and staff. Good luck!..

Comment #24

Morning all..

Will need to play catch up to all your cool posts this week-end..

Like DebbieI am on a fierce deadline and also planning DD#2's May wedding..

Small world here. 5 of our 7 kids have learning disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD. Dinners are always quite lively and spirited!.

Tutors lived at our house LOL..

And yesit is stressful Deb to raise bright kids who have learning challenges..

A lot of prayerand some very big notebooks!.

I need to get to the gymyet my "excuse" is these deadlines..

Only I know that taking off 2 hours is smarter than working 14 hours without a break..

So going swimming at 9:30 today. Hope the water isn't freezing like last week. BRRRRR..

Has anyone tried Curves? I used to go and loved it. Thinking of going back..

Good OP day all!..

Comment #25

Boy, am I glad I don't have to commute in this weather! One of the perks to working at home...

Comment #26

Me too!.

Ice storm in MD..

And kids had 2 hour delay..

Working from home mom question... Does it throw you big time off schedule when schedule is off?.

I was ready to scoot the litte buggers out the door so I could get to my deadlines!.

Hubby too LOL!..

Comment #27

My kids are older, and my schedule not very structured. So snow days aren't a big problem...

Comment #28

Yep, Jaynieit does get to me if my schedule (such as it is) is thrown off by snow days..

Fortunately, I finished my project late Sunday night, dd's big school project was turned in on Monday, so I am actually looking forward to relaxing through the blizzard. We even set up a generator for the first time, in case we lose powerwhich happens a lot in the country..

This AM I baked a large turkey breast and sliced it up for dinner/sandwiches. Visited the library, and grocery store yesterday, so we are set with everything we need. I even baked some low carb pb cookies to satisfy my craving for comfort food. It's all good :^).

Which of us are in the path of the storm? I am in central Illinois and it has started hereexpecting up to 18-24 inches by Wednesday night, then a lot of blowing, with winds up to 60 mph!.

Stay warm, everyone!.


Comment #29

Hi guys..

Home alone!!!!! YIPPEE!.

14YO is at library with friends. DD#3 is at the gym. Darlin' DH is at a meeting..

My other in town kids are at their homes. I am in bliss land..

Just wrapped up 2 big deadlines at 5 today. Ain't that a good feeling ladies?.

Making tilapia with salsa in the oven with steamed broccoli and cauliflower "fried" in my allotment of oil oilYUM!.

We got bypassed on the snow. Ice and snow is nearly melted..

I love to look out the window to see our pines all snowly and bright. But will I welcome spring? Ya betcha!.

Deb- I am originally from Southern INBloomington. Miss the mid-west in many ways. The East Coast is fast. Nice, yet fast. My sis lives on a farm (they raise soybeans and feeder corn on 1,200 acres. Big farm that my sis, her DH, and her DS run.

And I back to 40 acres of parkland. She loves it flat!\.

MD is actually quite hilly. Mountains to the west. Ocean at our east. Lots of farmland out here. I like that actually. And I also love being able to run to Marshall's or TJ MAx's in 20 minutes..

All you snow bunnieshave fun!.

Me? I am gong to finish watching a chick flick with my doggie and my Medifast cheese puffs..

Have a good OP day tomorrow crew..

TogetherWE CAN DO THIS!!!!.


Comment #30

We were supposed to get 10-18 inches of snow, but instead, we got about 3 inches of sleet, followed by maybe 6 inches of snow. They said if it had all been snow, we would have had 2 feet! Yikes! We spent yesterday digging the cars out of the driveway (DS still got stuck on the way into the garage last night, but we pushed and got the car inside the garage). No school again today, but I am hoping they will go tomorrow! I have a meeting at 10, so better get my ducks in a row...

Comment #31

Hope everyone is having a good OP day today..

I'm finding I really like the soups during this cold/snowy spell..

I'm going to try the Medifast Maryland Crab tonight. Got a new order..

Has anyone tried the new ice creams? I have a blender, but it isn't making them over the top yummy. I find it best to just freeze the pudding. Very yummy..

Can you tell I am getting ready for my late night snack? LOL!.

What are everyone's fav foods?.

I'm thinking it is a tie for me for the brownies and the nacho puffs!..

Comment #32

Had to sharethe scale finally moved this week..


Down 1.4 pounds..

6.4 to go to goal..

Getting ready for DD#2's spring wedding. Now I will fit into that mom of the bride dress..

Woo weeeee!.

Good OP week-end all!..

Comment #33

Hi all, just wanted to say hi. I am a fulltime WAHM- I am a nurse who does case management for a big insurance company, right from the comfort of home.

Medifast actually hasn't been a big challenge for me during work hours. I am on a very structured work schedule, so it keeps me in the office away from the kitchen 8 hours/day..

More about me...I have 3 children 11, 7, 4 and married to a fabulous man for 10 years. We are in VA, right outside of Richmond, and what else can I say? Other than I am your typical suburban soccer mom, and I love it! Hope to talk to you all soon!..

Comment #34

Hi Ladies,.

I'm also a WAHM who also travels. I'm a nurse too that works for a healthcare vendor doing software demos. I do them via the web and then also in person and at trade shows. I've been doing it for 7 years now - can't imagine going to an office ever again but sometimes I think about it..

I have a daughter who will turn 2 in April. She is a twin and we lost her sister who was stillborn. I think I gained at least 60 pounds while pregnant (I was told not to worry about it because I was high risk). I struggled to get the weight off bc I really couldn't get my portions in gear and was also depressed..

I started Medifast in July and made goal in January. I'm on week 2 of transition right now. I started doing it to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My DH also did Medifast and he is on week 4 transition..

Glad to see so many WAHMs!..

Comment #35

Hi all, and WELCOME to our new membersthe more the merrier!.

I am just across the river from Peoria, Il and we got about 14 inches of snow over Tues/ Wed with huge drifts in my front yard. The kids were out for three days, then back to day, just in time for the week-end :^).

Cabin fever drove me to eatnot really OFF plan, but more than I have been, which is just under 800 cal and 60 carbs a day. Consequently, I GAINED two pounds during these three snow daysARGH!!!.

I also have a slight problem with a soy allergy, so I can't exactly do 5 Medifast meals a day, which is causing some of the problem. I am trying to find a way to get the nutrition I need..

SOOO frustrating when I find something that really WORKS and then I am allergic!.

I am kind of excited for my Dr. appointment on Monday. I haven't seen him since the week before Thanksgiving, when I was 40 plus pounds, will he be surprised!.

Have a great week-end everyone. Congrats, Jaynie, on being soooo close to goalthis week for sure!.


Comment #36

Morning all. Welcome new WAHMs!.

Cabin fever is tough! I feel ya Deb! I remember getting snowed in with the kids for 6 days about 9 or 10 years back. We were temporarily in a 3-bedroom apt while waiting for our house to be ready for move in (remember I have a quilllful of kids...). My DH was "stuck" (lucky man) in California on a biz trip and no flights were coming in to MD. Airports down. Streets not plowed for a long time since we Marylanders are NOT snow savvy..

I was on a fierce deadline for the CDC and the deadline was not negotiable. Fortunately my best friend was within walking distance! Yeah for adult time!.

And I remember answering the phone.... "Day 4 of the hostage situation"... "Day 5 of the hostage situation"... LOL! Too funny. The kids and I remember putting on plays, doing LOTS of arts and crafts, sledding, hot chocolate, cooking together. In realitythey look upon it as a very fun time.

Snow aside... Deb, do you have a health coach? She or he could really help you through this dilemma about the soy. AlsoI know when I get my calories that low (800) I don't loose weight as rapidly. And... I end up eating a bit off program because I get hungry..

I aim for around 900 calories and 80 carbs a day. Might give that a try. My coach really helped me through the rough times. Also- I bought that Medifast book by Dr. A and pull it out now and again for good advice. And have called Medifast a few times to get advice..

As I get closer to goal, I am finding it more of a challenge to stay on track. Doing itbut not so easy. It is now easier for me to say.. "almost there.. this little bite or that little bite won't hurt.".

DH and I going on a date tonight and I am resolved to stay 100% OP. I got to carrying a little note in my purse that says "Nothing, but nothing tastes as good as thin feels!".

Will it work tonight? I'm hoping so!.

Good week-end all...

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I am 43, a WAHM with my own business, a great DH and 3 kids - 2 girls ages 10 & 7, and a son who is almost 6 - his birthday is Monday! We live on Long Island in NY. MY DH works in NYC, which is about an hour commute by train and subway..

My business is a jewelry & accessories company. We do home parties, are located in a bunch of salons and clothing stores, and have a website. I am disabled by multiple sclerosis, so I can't drive these days or handle stairs. It definitely complicates things!.

We are Catholic, and our faith is very important to us. My kids go to Catholic school, we volunteer a lot, and we sincerely try to live the values we believe in. The Mother's Rosary group from my church meets at my house..

My kids are all in karate, and seasonally in soccer and baseball. My oldest studies guitar and voice, is in choir and loves horseback riding. Both girls go to drama classes, and my younger daughter takes dance class. Life is kind of crazy but a lot of fun..

I am a GS Leader for my elder daughter's Juniors Troop and DH is Cookie Manager. 'Tis GS cookie season again! Thin Mints are DANGEROUS.

My day starts at 5:45 am and typically ends after midnight. Working home based is great, but tough too because as you know, the work is always Right There. I try to plan my Medifast day, but when things get stressful I swear the cookies inside call my name, lol..

I look forward to hearing how other WAHM's handle our unique challenges..


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Welcome Denise..

BTWI think the chocolate mint bar tastes JUST like the GS thin mints! I especially like to freeze the barsthey last longer and are yummy that way..

I've notice one thing about our group... the long hours! and lack of sleep..

It is killer on weight control because it contributes to added cortisol that results in .... the dreaded belly fat. Pluscravings of fat and sugar. I know-not getting enough shut eye truly contributed to my weight gain..

I'm trying to get more sleep and finding it easier to stay 100% OP that way..

Not all that easy though...

Deadlines still loom. Kiddos schedules get filled. House still needs cleaning (Fortunately I discovered a work chart did the trick for the kid's chores.).

To help make my day less hectic and long....

My sons were doing family towels and sheets by age 11 and that was very helpful! Besides- when the older boys went to college they were a handful of guys who knew how to separate whites from jeans! No blue T-shirts LOL). All the kids got in teams of 2 to cook supper 1 time a week. So todayeven our 14-YO is a good cook as he often wanted to tag along with his older sibs..

The days of much activity were fun and... hectic. 5 on their own now, we are down to 2 children at home. With only 2 kids out of state, we still get together for dinners often with the "in-towners" and their significant others. That often translates to 11 people at dinner on a week-day. Stillfun.

Do I miss when they were stairstep little?.

Some days. those of you with the little biddlesenjoy. The time zips by!.

Still... Are DH and I happy to have one 8th grader to scoot out the door? Yep..

Working from home for the past 17 years meant being available. And it was a very good ride!.

Gotta run. Teen needs a ride......

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Wow, I am always amazed when I read the posts on this threadyou are all SO accomplished and busy! Anyone who calls women 'the weaker sex' is not paying attention!.

I completely agree about the lack of sleepI was just thinking this morning when I was trying to un-pack the bags under my eyes" girl, you gotta get more sleep!" I have tried recently to move it from 1 am to 11:30 (or at least no later than midnight.) The computer is my downfall in that areaI hate to lose any of my down time by sleepingironic, much?.

Jaynie, I do have a coach, but other than a few questions at the beginning, I haven't checked in with her lately. It's a catch-22 for meI love Medifast because it takes the guess work and planning out of my food choices; on the other hand I am facing at least another 6-8 months OP and I am getting bored, fast..

One thing I have been doing that I regret I started drinking diet soda a few times a week, which triggered me to want more diet products. So I bought some diet ice cream bars and started making diet PB cookies and other so-called diet goodies. Even when I stay within the cal/carb limits, I can tell I am not feeling as good and I am craving more and more.....

So, it is back to the beginnning for mewhen I started I wasn't using any of my snack options other than some almonds (rarely). I need to detox from splenda, I guess. In the past I seldom ever used the stuff, so I am sure it is messing with my loss..

Well, DH just came in and wants me to watch Human Taget with him, so I'm off to TV Land....

Have a great evening, all!.


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For some reason my computer is double posting all my messagesanyone know the cure?..

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Morning all. Well-our new puppy kept me up last nightso much for getting more sleep! Little darln'- but oh the work of a new doggie! DH and I have been up on and off all night..

Getting some down time before the crew gets up and ready for service..

Debbiyou are one funny lady. Loved the bags under the eye comment. Too humorous!.

Yesthis is an accomplished group. I was thrilled to see 2 nurses are working from home. Nice to see the many at home options. My DD#2 is a nurse at Hopkins and working on her NP degree. She aims to be a WAHM when she has her kiddies. right now we are planning her spring wedding.

Diet drinks .....

Debbiethe diet drinks were my downfall because... for whatever reason the caffeine triggered me to be hungry. I had read where artificial sweeteners also can do that.For me-it was true. But some days I needed the caffeine. It was a VERY tough habit for me to break..

The good newsthe weight came off once I left the diet sodas behind. And I agree is tough to stay focused all the time. Glad we have our support threadit really helps!.

Take care folksgood OP day today!..

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Morning all!.

I had a GREAT Dr. visit todaythis was the first time since I started Medifast and he was thrilled with my 40 + weight loss. Also, my bp was 120/64I will likely be cutting back on my bp meds at this rate!.

I am between projects and I am taking the next two weeks to work on organizationespecially for my kiddos. Does anyone have a workable plan to get my 10 and 11 yr olds to pick up after themselves?.

I send them through the house once a day to pick up their items left in other rooms, but within an hour it's a MESS again. The sad truth is I have spoiled them in a lot of waysalthough they are the sweetest, most loving and generally obedient kids around. I just got a message yesterday from someone after church saying how well-behaved and polite they are. BUT, they leave the WORST messes. HELP!!!!.

Well, it's lunch timeI am having 2 oz of Taco Bell steak on shredded lettuce with a bit of cheese, salad crunchies and some lite dressing. Yum..


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A boy in my daughter's 5th grade class lost his father to cancer last Thursday, after a painful 4 year battle with cancer. The father was just 51. He leaves behind a wife and son. I took my daughter to the mass. So, so sad. Please think of Colleen and Eric when you pray today..

I am reminding myself that chocolate will not make me feel better, or help me be healthy for my kids..


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Hello all. Decrese99sorry about the loss of your children's dad. Losses certainly jar us to count our blessings and remind ourselves about what is important in life..

I find it is always easier to be kinder. Send a smile, do a favor. Just a better way to live..

Debbi- sounds like you are doing great on program. Good for you..

I had kiddie mess syndrome in my house..

This REALLY WORKED VERY QUICKLY. Give it a tryI swear by it woman!.

1. Make sure the kids have a "home" for their items. Bins for their little objects, hooks for their coats, shelves for their bigger items, a handing bag for their stuffed animals..

2. Put on some good music and have a "family" pick up to get 10 to15 items each and put them away. Give everyone a non-food reward (remember how we got fat)extra time reading, computer game if you allow it, more time on phone, 10 minutes later bedtime etc..

3. Let kids know that ANY item left out after family pick up (yes, this includes school books too!) will be put in a black plastic bag for 24 hours. They can't get it back until then (It only took 1 missed homework assignment and one pair of Lacrosse shoes to get the message to my kids... and several have ADHD or LD...).

4. Stick to your guns. Yepdon't back up even for homework. Let the kiddies know you love them wellbut can't live in chaos..

5. Sit back and smile that your united family is also organized. Alsofighting kids? I ALWAYS put them on the same chore. Wiping down the table legs, doing dishes etc. They got it together and stopped fighting fairly quickly when they needed to cooperate..

I made a work chart and my kiddos got stickers. A very pos reinforcement thing that worked for our big family..

Hugsand happy OP day!..

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Morning ladies!.

Well, I have a sick kiddo (dd) home again today :^( Sore throat, mostly, and feeling very 'puny'..

The scale moved a bit for me today, so I am happy. I can tell when I am sticking to the program, rather than fudging here and there (not LITERAL fudge, tho!).

Jaynie, thanks so much for the tipsI have tried a variation on some of those, with the exception of not giving back the school workit might come to that! Actually my ds has misplaced his assignment book, and gets marked off each day he doesn't have it. When we finally find it again, I hope he has learned something..

Confession time: I am such a push-over when it comes to my kidsat least in the area of personal responsibility. They are sweet, loving, polite and obedientbut they count on me to 'do' for them waaaay too much. My ds, age 11, is getting more independant, as far as chores and homework and making his own food...but he is really forgetful about where his things are, and I find myself packing his book bag just to make sure he hasn't fogotten something..

My dd is organized and never forgets things, but she is very dependant on me in other waysoften clingy and always wants me to take care of hercut her food, butter her bread, things that as a ten year old she should want to do for herself..

Part of that is attachment disorderdd was 8 days old when she came to us; she lived with her birthmom for the first six days as the adoption decision was argued between her family. Then she spent a night with a foster family and finally landed in my arms..forever :^).

She is extremely attached to me, which is wonderful in so many ways, but it also concerns me at times. She HAS to physically be in my arms or cuddled up to me at least some time every day or she gets very weepy and insecure. She also struggles with a weight issue, even at 10; she doesn't eat a lot of sweets and loves healthy foods, but she eats ALL the timeand a LOT..

Do any of you deal with children who are overweight? How do you handle it?.

Well, break time is overback on my head...(old joke :^)..

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Hi Debbi. On weight stuff- hard when it is the kiddies..

2 of my 7 struggle with weight. The other 5 are very active, eat very well, and avoid junk food like the plague..

Good news thoughDD#1 just joined WW and loves it. I offered to pay for MFshe tired it for 3 days and it wasn't for her. I am gifting her WW and some help with groceries (she lives on her own in town) as long as she attends meetings and tracks food. I don't ask her about her eating habits, nor do I comment as she is 28. It was very hard to watch my once size 3 kiddo become obese. She is now also working out at the gym at her job..

I feel the 6 years I was heavy set a bad example for my kids and I regret it. DH remains buff and active. I am now active. Due to costs and nutrition, I rarely if ever buy processed foods. No sodas at all, no chips, cookies or the like. 100% wheat bread etc.

My son said to me "Mom, I am worried you won't be around down the road".

I joined Medifast the next day and never looked back..

I feel badly for the "lost years" of avoiding hiking trips with the family due to my lack of stamina from my weight. Now? I feel 30- I mean 30! Truly..

If nothing else, I am doing this for my family as much as for me. I don't ever want to slip back to that place where I had to hold back on vacations (even 3 or 4 flights of stairs used to wind me badly!) or skip out on activities because I was too heavy to participate fully..

No looking backonly forward now..

And the future looks bright for ALL of us WAHM!!!!.

Let's congratulate ourselves for a job well done in joining Medifast and working toward goal!.


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Hi everyone!.

Happy Valentine's Day!!.

I'm curious to know how you deal with such a 'sweet' holiday? Are you able to stay OP?.

I have had some battles with emotional eating the past few days, but hopefully I have it under control now. I stayed within the cal/carb allotment, but did eat things that were off program. I need a jumpstart! :^)..

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Hi everyone!.

Happy Valentine's Day!!.

It's the dreaded double post...wish I knew how to fix it!..

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My ever lovin' bought me a plastic measuring cup for my scale..

True love!.

In earnest, I appreciated the gesture because mine was broken..

Think some mind changes are happening on my end. I've stopped associating celebrations with food..

For my b'day? We are going to a home show during the day and then to a movie.

For our anniversary? We went to a play.

Etc etc..

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Hi all!.

Jaynie, I got a shrimp ring for Valentine's Day! :^).

I really like the idea of celebrating without a focus on foodthose sound like a lot of fun!.

I have been stuck for about 2 weeks nowI really expected a loss this week, too :^(.

I want to get out of the 60's soooooo much! That is really a psychological milestone for me, so I am hoping it happens SOON!..

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Hey Debbi.

Don't despair about the weight stall..

The stalls are VERY hardbut they do pass!.

Try this instead....

1. Drink more cold water. About 1/2 ounce for each pound you weigh. Not easy to dohave a bathroom near by LOL!.

2. Go for the lower carb veggie choices- review your list.

3. Try fish, chicken, shrimp, and crab for the week. Some times that moves the scales..

4. Add a bit more exercise..

I had to do all 4 things when I was trying to get off my recent plateau. Worked... finally after 10 days..

Wishing you good success!.

How are all the other WAHMs out there? My kiddo is out of school 1/2 day today, off tomorrow and Monday for teacher conferences. Going to leap off work to take him to the museums. Need a wintery break (or break from the wintery weather!)..

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My DS is off today and Monday, as well. He is going on a trip with the Boy Scouts. But my weekend will be busy, anyway. Going for a massage with my SILs tomorrow. I'm excited about that! DH and I are getting together with friends tomorrow evening, and want to do something together on Sunday and/or Monday, but haven't figured what yet. Depends on the weather, which has been beautiful around here.

If not, change in plans. I've spent the week getting painting quotes for my greatroom..

Business-wise, I've been courting two new clients, but haven't heard back from either. Guess it's time to give them another call. I hate making these calls!.

Have a great weekend, WHAMs!..

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Week-end getting tougher. My b-day is Wed and I'm getting a good amount of invites for dinners and lunches. Managed to make other suggestions for most of the "eating" events..

MF is sometimes hard around celebrations. I need to get my family to think celebration does not have to include food....

Wish me success on staying OP this week-end..

Good success all!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.