What is the difference between Nutrisystem ,weight watchers and la weight loss?

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First of all What is the difference between Nutrisystem ,weight watchers and la weight loss? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: Anyone do these lifts? Looking for tips on form. Also if people think that it is useful or a silly little lift..

I am starting pretty light (40# dbs) since I'm worried about the "pull" on my right bad shoulder, just from holding the dumbells. I have strength to do more like 60#ers, but will work my way up watching the shoulder. Was almost wondering about using the calf machine thingie to do shrugs with. Anyone do that?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Thanks, Gordo. I think I will keep them in the workout. If my shoulder starts hurting will move to calf machine...

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I really want to do shoulder press and lat pulls too. But I am already getting a lot of shoulders and have seated rows (similar to lat pulls). And worried about my shoulder from the higher risk exercises..

Gotta get in and do my swim and leg lift now....Y closes at 1800...

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Please don't shrug inside a standing calf raise (assuming it's the machine you're talking about). That would not only look rediculous but it would put even more stress on your shoulder..

Shrugs are great - and dumbells are fine. I use both - dumbells or a barbell, just depends how I'm feeling. It's a great bulking move to give you a couple of nice lumpy traps..

Also ... if your traps are feeling a strain while you're doing seated rows, you're more than likely leaning.


While pulling the weight in instead of.

Slightly forward.


If you need some direction on technique or a list of alternate exercises that may benefit your shoulder development (w/o screwing it up even more) check out the EXERCISES section on - huge database of text descriptions and really brief accompanying instructional video files showing you how to do everything from the most basic exercises to ones that seriously advanced lifters use. I tell everyone I know that starts a workout program to go there. They also have a huge database of workout routines. You really need to mix things up..

Pretty cool site - and no, I don't work for them - I just go there every few weeks to get more creative and to mix things up. the wost thing you can do is go through the same damn exercises for the same number of reps over and over again. Your body figures these things out very quickly and won't grow - you'll plateau. I do many different routines a year and change each individual routine up on a weekly basis - it's all about "muscle confusion"..

Good luck in there..


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1. Thanks man. I will stick to the dumbells for now. The calf thing was just an idea if I need it of something to feel out. The shoulder issue comes from a dislocation that was not properly repaired and a deficient anterior labrum. I do sometimes feel that "pulling" on the arm in the socket is not a good motion (also some things like bench at the bottom).

I don't care what I look like. People use the machines in all kinds of different ways anyhow and no one seems self conscious. I never have been an iota..

2. Shrugs are new for me. Going to have fun with them..

3. I will check out that forum. Have been using this one:.


4. I am pretty resistant to trying new exercises as I am still getting gains on the program that I do and it feels safe. That said, it is neat to occasionally do something new (like just getting into the Smith was new for me, shrugs new, etc.) There are definitely alternate exercises I could do. I just really feel safer working to capacity at something when I've had the time to really feel it out, given my bad knee and shoulder..

5. I am getting some upper back strain from seated rows (and maybe also from standing V-raises). Feel it in the middle of my back. I don't really break form on the rows. I do think the standing V raises, may just be putting stress on the back. It is kind of an unnatural motion. My PT really recommends it for my shoulder though...

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Thanks for taking the time for that advice! good stuff..

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Yes...thank you for a very long post. I hope I did not come across as not valuing it. It's totally the kind of discussions that are helpful!.

Have already been over to the forum you mentioned and bookmarked it. It is huge...kinda need to figure out how to get around it...

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Thanks for sharing re: your shoulder. A deficient labrum, anterior glenoid is going to make you feel apprehensive with motions that externally rotate and abduct it (THINK THROWING motion). I am not sure if you ever had any rehab, as there are many things that can be done to beef up stability..

The shoulder issue is one more reason that you may want to book a few sessions with a trainer to set up a program that will get you to your goals in a safe manner. Good technique, whether on a dumbbell, a machine, resistance bands, or floor work will make you stronger and more developed. We have all seen those guys at the gym pushing what seems to be big weight with crap technique. I would put it to you that great technique, even with much smaller weights, will hit your muscle group harder..

Finally, it is OK to do multiple exercises on the same muscle group. It will hit the muscle in a different manner and develop the whole muscle. You can do this within your workout, or from day to day..

To illustrate:.

I lift 3 times per week. Day 1 (back, hams, biceps, core), day 2 (chest, shoulders, triceps, core, thighs) and day 3 all over. Every muscle group gets trained in a primary fashion on 2 days, and as an accessory muscle on the "off day"..

For example ( ands I mix this up) a back day might be:.

First triplet.

Pullovers, seated leg curls, core exercise.

3 sets of each, doing 15-12-10 reps each.

Second triplet.

Seated row, straight leg dead lift, back extension.

Reps and sets the same.

Third triplet.

Lat exercise, biceps, core exercise.

This takes an hour or so and really gets your heart rate up at times..

Good luck...

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Hey Poly,.

Since I know that you are interested in adding muscle I'm going to suggest something different. Rather than doing these isolation type exercises, have you considered doing a strength oriented/total body routine, where you do a small number of compound lifts? I've been having fantastic results with Rippetoe's Starting Strength, and having a ball with it. It's all old school barbell exercises, and I've found the linear progression and focus on very strict form very helpful for my beat up old body. I think you'll find like me that this style of lifting is far more effective for rapidly building your strength and adding muscle..

Even if you don't do the routine I still recommend the book. I've been lifting for 25 years and learned a lot, plus Coach is a riot. Highly recommend it!..

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