What is the difference between the Adkins diet and the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is What is the difference between the Adkins diet and the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Morning all!!! I hope it's ok that I started this one, I figured I may be the only one awake for a bit..

Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


Here is the scale banner code (paste into signature then take out the * from the first IMG.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Hi Anna, Thanks for the new years wishes!.

I too am a daily weigher. I don't have a name for my scale yet. Will have to think of one but today I am at 200.8 lbs. Down from yesterday and almost to 1derland..

I will add the banner to my other banners but is there any quick and easy way to put all that stuff in your signature besides adding it all in one by one each time you make a post?.



Comment #2


Go to the top of the board where it says Edit Profile/Settings then chose Edit Signature.

Post them all in there and then save, they will show up in each post then. You will have to do that to change your ticker each week (it doesn't change in your signature just on your mypage), and for that you'll have to copy and past the new info, but otherwise once you save them to your signature they show up when you post. If you want to make sure you did it right before you save press "preview signature" check it and then save..

Woo HOo on being almost in Onederland!..

Comment #3

Hi Anna, Hi Lisa! Anna...I'll probably keep calling you Cali! Way to go on the scale Cali! Fabulous! Lisa....I crossed over just recently...the water is nice, c'mon in!!.

My scale's name is "Veritas" from Harry Potter. Veritas-serum forces people to tell the truth, and that's what my scale does. I was blessed with another .2 drop from yesterday. I had an absolutely incredible L&G last night...crab quiche w/ a couple pieces of center-cut bacon. So good, I thought I couldn't possible lose weight this morning. I'm glad I got my walk in yesterday!.

It's so cold here that the dog wouldn't go potty last night before bed, so she got me up at 4:38am to go out. It was sure great to wake up at that time feeling rested and clear headed. I'm ready to take the new year by the horns! I'm changing my workout program to much higher intensity and heavy I'll probably see a little pop on the scale in the next couple days...

Comment #4


, feel free, I use califred as my name on a message board I've been posting on since 2002 and everyone there calls me cali.


What are you doing for workouts? My oldest goes back to school Monday so the days my Mom isn't working (my youngest has off until the 10th since he's in year round school) I can hit Curves...

Comment #5

I made a signature... tried it out.. Thanks!.

I am going out today to get zumba for the wii. Got a gift card to use up! Hope they have it in stock! Hope they are open! I did curves for a few years and loved it but then they changed the hours and I couldn't get there. Have fun!..

Comment #6

I have been waiting for the new month, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, to start so I could join the Daily Weighers! Comin' out of the closet! HELLO, MY NAME IS MARY LYNN, AND I'M A DAILY WEIGHER!.

The Scale's name is: EINSTEIN. (I like to pretend that my weight is my IQ! At goal I may have to change that one....I'll be thinking of a new one!).

Today's weight: 211.8. I MADE MINI-GOAL #2! WOO-HOO! That means that I've lost 10% of my weight~TWICE! in the 71 days I've been on Medifast! ONEDERLAND here I come! I'm so glad I can be a part of this group! Thanks to Cali for starting the thread nice and early this morning. (I'm in Montana, it's still early here!).

Just to add my 2 cents to the above workout discussion: I've been doing Jillian Michaels' "Shred It With Weights" and "30-Day Shred." I'm ready to start the C25K, but my orthopedic doc says I have to get to 185 first as we are trying to strengthen some very fragile knees. I can't wait! I've registered for my first 5K as "training motivation.".

I wish us ALL Health, Happiness and much Success in 2011! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #7

WElcome EMT I see you a lot on the boards and thought you were in this group already. Lovec your scale name..

MY is named Phrog (the helicopter my dh flies) plus as someone pointed out it jumps around a lot.


I love to do vigerous workouts but I'll be waiting until my dh and I are together again and P90X, I did about 30 days of it before he headed to Iraq. I loved it. I'll likely have to move to 4&2 when I do that though, it burns a LOT of calories...

Comment #8

Thanks Cali! And thank you and your DH for your service! I think I'm going to have to come up with a better name for my scale as I get closer to my goal....can't lose too many IQ points. lol Love YOUR scale name too! I have to admit, the P90X scares the pants off me. I work as an EMT and sure don't want to have my co-workers come scrape me off the floor and take me to the ED! I'm thinking that I want to do it, but I'm going to wait until it won't take 6 firefighters to lift me off the floor if I die! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #9

I couldn't get through the whole DVDS all the time but I did what I could> oddly even though I've overweight a long time I love hard workouts better than easy ones...

Comment #10

Hey you guys! I have p90x...boy is it tough!! I still have back stability I'm avoiding it for now until I have a good 2 months with no back pain..

EMTso glad you are joining us!! Your post cracked me up (coming out)...

Comment #11

My dh took p90x to Iraq with him b/c he's bored and wanted something to do. he also wrestles/boxes or does MMA daily, I don't know how we ended up together b/c even when I was thin I was not a exerciser..

Sue I modified a lot of it..

Comment #12

Cali...I love what you said about hard workouts, me too! There's no better feeling that having really pushed myself..

I've been meaning to ask...when do you get to see your husband next?..

Comment #13

Thanks to the miracle of skype we 'see' him almost every day!! but in real life he'll be back to the US in March (only we live on opposite coasts) so hopefully we'll see him in late march or early april.. we've got to get some things fixed up in our house before we rent it out and then find a house in cali to rent!..

Comment #14

Hello DWers and welcome to the new friends too!.

I'm on a tiny netbook and checking in on the road from Granny's house in Florida. DH and I are here until Tuesday at OMG early, and then I'll be flying up to Rochester NY. DH goes home that day to spring the dog from "greyhound camp" and go back to work. I hate being away from WideLoad (my scale) - but I"ll make do..

So far I haven't been very great about doing 5&1 on this trip.. I have been careful to stay in ketosis (watch those carbs!) but have been doing sort of a loosey goosey 4 & 2 or 3 & 1.5 kind of deal.. I don't think I've gotten all 5 Medifast meals in yet, but as soon as I get away from family and up to NY I'll be back on the proper 5 & 1 plan. Very strange for me, I've been pretty nutso regularly OP all along, but the chaos of the trip just hasn't lent itself to being timely and careful about what I'm eating. We'll see what WL (short version of my scale name) thinks about all this on the morning of the 11th when I get back on it..

I noticed a scale in my granny's bathroom though... I might step on it just for giggles, not that it in any way relates to my scale at home.. but still!!.

Hope everyone had fun ringing in the new year. I'll be checking back as I can .. more time for it now and less in NY..


Comment #15

DW's.. Happy New Year!!.

Cali thanks for starting the thread..

Welcome to all the new Daily Weighers..

Dude ***? (my scale) has been on vacation. I had a nice loss for Christmas and then Tom came for a visit and messed things up. Well, I did give in today. I made a 10 lb lasagna. OMG! I must say it was my best!.

Tomorrow is a new day! Back to the basics. 5&1 and water galore! 160lbs, here I come!.

Have a great day...

Comment #16

Happy Sunday all !!!.

I'm up the half pound I lost yesterday. Today is all my water, and I have a flavor infuser in my water now. I think I'll do my muffin then all shakes and have chicken and a can of green beans for dinner. I think I'm close to TOM so that could be it too..

Hope you all have a great day..

Comment #17

Let me redo that I've actually gained .9 lbs back to 214.5, still hope they come off tomorrow..

Ethel I hope you're enjoying your trip!.

Mia, lasagna sounds good even if I can't have it..

Comment #18

Good Morning Daily Weighers!.

I finally came up with a name for my scale. I took a page from Sue's book and used a translation.. scale translated to French is Echelle. Which sounds really nice... maybe she'll get renamed later but figured that was good for now..

With that said... I have to say I'm not happy with her today. I was 200 yesterday but am 201.4 today (Sunday is my official weigh in day).

SOOOO close to onederland. But I know I'll hit it this week. I'm 99% on plan all the time.. sometimes I take a little taste of something my husband is eating. I think it helps keep me on track because I won't go crazy craving anything.. like Friday I had.


Mushroom in steak sauce off his plate.. gave me the flavor of the steak sauce (which I used to put on everything!!) but I didn't go crazy. (and yes I did log it!).

Anyhoo.. we played Just Dance 2 yesterday for a few hours which was a ton of fun. I have to get more strength training to try to keep the skin from hanging down to my ankles as I lose weight! Will have to do that today!.

Have a great day guys... check back in with you all tomorrow!!..

Comment #19

Hi Everyone!!.

I'm the same today, 194. It will be so great to see 193.x. I love seeing a new number!.

Ethelso glad you checked in with us!.

Hi Mia! on Christmas Eve I made a 25-pound lasagne! I couldn't even get it in the oven, had to have DH do it. I didn't have a single bit though. I find making a huge production like that takes away my appetite for it. Lucky me..

Cali and Lisa...those little gains will pop off fast. can be really tough breaking that 200 mark. Some people skate right through, but for others it can take forever. It's like our bodies *know* it's a key number and they don't want to let go. It took me about 3 weeks to go from 204 to was frustrating! But it finally happened. I think in one day I went from 200.2 to 198.5a big whoosh.

Well...I'm a bit anal (hate that word, sorry), about using up ALL of my previous shipment of Medifast stuff before I start on new stuff. Plus I usually order 6 weeks of stuff at a time. So, I have this HUGE box of ziploc baggies filled with all the good stuffmaintenance bars, puffs, pretzels, that has been sitting for weeks while I finish off all the old stuff, which is relegated to orange shakes and COB soup. 2 more days of orange shakes and COB soup and I get to eat fun stuff again!!..

Comment #20


I don't know how you do that, I just add the new box to the old box, although I've taken to only ordering stuff I enjoy a lot except I don't really like shakes but I order them anyway. I do like the dk chocolate antioxidant shakes made with diet sunkist though..

Comment #21

Hey DW's!!! I'm having a great week!!! Down to 189 even!! I had a few ups and downs this week but I am using the New Year to make a resolution to stay 100% OP. And I mean 100%. No more accidently not getting in all my Medifast meals. No more peanut butter(it's my trigger food), drink alllll my water and no BLT!!! 40 pounds gone in 2010 and 40 gone in 2011! I can't wait.

Cali- you have the up and downs like me. It all ends in a downward trend and that's what matters.

Did you have fun at the beach? It was 60 here!!!! Noone could beleive it. We played football and tried out new Christmas gifts. It was great!! I loved being outside and not so fat that I couldn't hang with the rest of he fam!!.

Lisa- I am so excited that you joined us. And even more excited that you will be entering Onderland any day now!!!.

EMT- So glad you joined us too. Like Cali- I read your post on the other boards and find myself agreeing or feeling very motivated after reading your post. Very happy you are out of the closet.

You are going to be in Onderland anyday now too!! It's Awesome!!!!!.

Ethelfleda- I didn't expect to hear from you. Glad you were able to sneak in for a minute. And even gladder(is that a word?) that you are sticking to your plan. Hey, my kids will be in Rochester this week too. Their dad is in the Army but got a couple weeks off to visit them. He's taking them to Rochester to visit his mom.

Hey Mia- I hate TOM!!! I wish I could just have 1 BLT of your lasagna but I am commited to being 100% OP..

This is our year everyone. The one we all reach our goals and feel fabulous!!!.

Drink your water and stay OP and we can do it!!..

Comment #22


That is a great loss.

We had a great time at the beach and if it wasn't drizzly we'd be there now too..

Comment #23

Hi Everyone,.

I'm new to Medifast but not new to dieting or weighing on a daily basis. Over the years, I've found that I manage to weigh every day when I'm doing well and avoid the scale like the plague when I'm not. I figure the goal for me is to weigh every day - no matter what. I don't have a name for my scale but think the names you've given yours are great!.

I couldn't figure out how to make the signature thing work..

I'm down 4.5 pounds since Thursday. Happy with that...

Comment #24

Hi Cali! I like making bread out of the COB, toasting it, and putting LC cheese on it. It's actually pretty yummy that way. But somehow I got to the bottom of my old box and COB was in every single baggie left. I'm pretty SICK of it! I'm definitely taking it off my Feb order. I did score a PB softserve in today's baggie! Mixed w/ WF Choco syrup it's like reese's ice cream. That will be my high point of the day!.

Awesome job Keely!.

Welcome TKD! It's confusing how to do the sig at first...look up above to the orange bar....see "Edit Profile/Settings"? That's where to go. Then on the left you'll see a link for editing your sig...

Comment #25

Good Afternoon DW's! I woke up late this morning (0845) and had to be at work by 0900, so no time even to pee! But, I did jump on the scale. +0.2. I'm ok with that bc had I taken the time to pee, it would have been less. I drank 1 liter of water at work, and had a Medifast bar so I don't want to re-weigh now. I'm sure it will go down tomorrow. I just look at it like I'm 0.2 IQ points smarter today! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #26 a closet Mensa girl...your scale/IQ thing totally cracks me up...

Comment #27

I know, right? I'm trying to find a new name for my scale....Einstein/IQ point thing just won't work for me once I hit ONEDERLAND! I'll feel stupid! If you come up with anything related, let me know! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #28

Dude was in a pleasant mood. Back to my Official 165.6lbs. Back to being Op. Well, as much as I can. I came home from work tonight to a Dead Refrig and one sick child. We ordered Chinese.

Yum! I will have to drink extra water just to be on the safe side. LOoks like I'll be shopping for a new one..

And new food to put in it..

I need to place a fun Medifast order. Pudding and brownies. My last order was shakes,bars and soup..

Oh what fun!..

Comment #29


Sorry about the fridge and hope your child's illness is short lived!..

Comment #30

Mia~Sorry to hear about the fridge, and the sick kid! Hope it's one of those "feel better after a good sleep" sickies. Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #31

Hello Everyone! I'm new to the Daily Weigher's board, but have been on Medifast for almost 8 weeks. I'll have to think about a name for my scale. Anyways, I love being on MF. It is the easiest and most rewarding "life changing experience" (diet) that I have been on. As you can see on my ticker I have almost lost 30 lbs, it's so unreal! I have a couple goals that should be met in the next couple weeks and I am so excited..

One thing I want to start doing is running. I am so jealous of people that are daily runners (ex. my mother-in-law). Finances are tight, especially after the holidays, so I think I will start myself on a running program...

Comment #32

I too am jealous of those that run every day. I have about 20 more pounds to lose, then I will be starting the c25k program. I don't know what your running level is, but mine is 0! If you are a true beginner as well, you should check it out! I just ordered my running shoes, and hope to start no later than mid-February! Best of luck to you! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #33

What a great morning it is everyone!!!!.

Phrog decided to be really nice, my weekly weigh in is down 4.4 lbs and since yesterday (when I'd gain a lbish back, I'm down 2.5, I hopped on and off four times to be sure.) this was my 7th week weigh in, 23 lbs gone.

If I ever say I want to do an all shake day again someone tell me not to. I forgot last time I did it and yesterday it hurts my stomach, I am sensitive to dairy and wonder if they have more in them than I'm used to (which is none but cheese really)..

My oldest is back to school today, I didn't sleep much so I hope my youngest will play Wii while I nap. Have a great Monday everyone!!!..

Comment #34

Good Morning,.

Way to go Cali!!.

Echelle must be sleeping still from yesterday because I was exactly the same... 201.4. I am very positive that this week I'll break through the 200 barrier. Also need to work on this year's goals and make some plans to meet them. Already have the "be healther, lose weight" one underway!!! Gotta work on the financials... is there such a thing as Medifast for your checkbook?..

Comment #35

Hi Everyone!!.

Cali...I see your new ticker! Fantastic news!!! You'll be in the 200's soon!.

Lisa-i meant to tell you that I like your scale name, it sounds so elegant!.

Welcome Lindsay! This is an awesome group!.

Mia...there's not much worse than a fridge going out (except some kind of flooding thing). I hope you didn't have a ton of expensive meat in it!.

Veritas was good to me this morning! 193.6...a new number! My losses have slowed enough that every new number so exciting! I'm now less than 10 pounds away from a "normal" BMI...that's just too hard to believe...

Comment #36


It seems like a lot of people have bouncing around right around that number, I wonder why. I hope you see onderland this week.


You are doing so great!!!..

Comment #37

So far, so good. The DH fixed the refrig. He took apart the back and found it was caked in dust. The funny little noise has stopped and it is back to being Cold. Thankfully I keep the meats and vegi's in the big freezer downstairs. Still lost about $200 of everyday food.

The kids drink about 1-2 gallons of milk a day. I don't touch the stuff. Now the refrig is done I have to re clean the house. The dust that came out of it is all over. Anything that was on the counters the Dh cleaned.

I just cleaned! oh well! I'll have more coffee and get it done! blah blah blah.

Ok! New Year and a New Day! Dude was not happy with the chicken last night. up 2lbs. Not to worry it's just water weight and stress..

Emt- what about "Epstein" for a name?.

Cali- good luck on the nap..

Sue- I'm with you every new low is a goal!.

Lindsey and Lisa-Welcome.

I would love to run! I have no coordination and I don't like being out in the cold..

Congrats on all the losses!!!.

Have a Great DAy!..

Comment #38


, glad you didn't need a new fridge! what was on your chx that made you retain?.

Have fun cleaning...

Comment #39

I've had my share of refridgerator issues!! Mine was about 10 months old when it went all most out. I had bought the extended warranty so I called them to fix it. After 4 months of ef-ing around they told me my warranty had expired and they couldn't help me!!! I was like, "uhhh no you didn't!!!" They were totally in the wrong about this. It was rediculous!! So I called my local 5 news trouble shooter and he and a camera man came out and did a story on it and What do you know?!?! The next day I had a repairman out to my house to fix it!!! I will NEVER shop at BEST BUY again as long as I live!!!! It was their fault it broke in the first place)they didn't re-install the door correctly when they set it up) and their fix was half *** and it ended up dying a year later. it was a pretty expensive fridge that lasted almost 3 years!! Sad!!!.

We have some nice losses this week!!! A couple people about to move to onderland too!! Wayyyy, that is a fun time.

Welcome, Lindsey and Lisa! This is a great group..

I lost 7 pounds this week!!! Good bye Christmas and the day after weight plus some.

I'm very happy. I am commited to being 100% OP this year. (Hence the big loss this week). I am hoping to lose at least 3 pounds a week. I was losing at least 2 and that was with being about 90% OP. I think I can do it....

Have a good day and drink lots of water!!..

Comment #40

Cali, Lisa, and Sue, Keely and Mia:.

Great job! I, sadly, am up 0.8 since yesterday. Dang Pre-ToM! I woke up feeling very puffy and stiff! My body feels like it's holding on to every drop of the almost 2 gallons of water I drank yesterday! It's ok...I always do this in my Pre-ToM time....When ToM does arrive, I usually get a big Whooosh! Hugs and Smiles!.

Mia-Great news on the fridge....and I LOVE Epstein, for when my IQ drops too low!..

Comment #41

I think the chicken was cooked in oil. Something I never use or even order. I will stick with the beef and broccoli next time. I never have problems with that..

Well the new refrig is on order!We decided to get a new one because the old one was still making funny sounds. I hope the old one will hold on till then. For now I will be very careful with shopping and buy only what I need for the day. Better safe than sorry..

Keely - Awesome loss in a week..

I'm having a bad time staying Op. I do great all day and then it's time to make dinner for the family. Bread is the number one culprit! I have to remember the basics..

I've finally got rid of the bigger clothes in my closet! No more wearing 18/20's or 16's..

12's and 10's are all that is left! yeah!!!.

Time to get to bed...

Comment #42


I hope the water goes away.


I hope your fridge hangs on until the new one shows up!!! congrats on saying goodbye to all those sizes!.

I'm up 1/2 lb today to 212.6, I think it's TOM and going by my hunger level I'll say she's on her way. This morning I'm taking my youngest son to get a tooth pulled, a cavity filled and sealants put on his teeth. He's going to be consiously sedated thankfully. He's 8 and he needs it or it won't happen. We leave soon thankfully since he can't eat before the sedation..

Have a great day everyone!!!..

Comment #43

Hi Everyone! Veritas was UP .8 today! But then I remembered that I took 5 advil yesterday for my bruised tailbone. Ugh. I hate that!! It always makes me hold water. But I just have to be the adult here in the relationship and do what I have to do to get it healed. If I'd taken the advil as I should have 10 days ago...I might not have to be taking it now..

I had a dream last night that Heather Locklear gave me 1/2 of a peanut butter sandwich...and I was thinking that 1/2 was just enough (vs. wanting the whole thing)! Funny, huh?..

Comment #44

Morning Dw's.

Sue- don't blame the advil. Blame Heather for the sandwich! hehehe!.

Dude was down almost 3lbs this am!164.6lbs I hope this holds for tomorrow is WI..

Water, Water, water! I think I feel like a fish.Or maybe a potted plant?.

Yesterday while I was running around shopping I swear I hit every bathroom possible..

Cali- I hope everything goes well at the dentist..

Have a great day!..

Comment #45

Dang Mia!!! That's awesome. I agree, drink lots of water and stay away from sodium. Your w-in tomorrow will be great.

Cali-Don't envy you one bit taking your son to the dentist! All 3 of my kids are past due for a check-up and I keep putting it off. Surprisingly, my 3 year-old is the best. She thinks it's funny and so she just giggles the whole time. The older 2 are okay but still not thrilled to go. Anyway, good luck and I hope all goes well..

Sue- Just make sure to drink extra water today and the weight will come back off.

And take it easy and HEAL!!.

Dory had me the same today. Wasn't 100% OP like I should have been. Not that I ate Off plan I just only got in 2 Medifast meals. That's not good. Today will be better..

Comment #46

Mia-I'm thinking COLD thoughts! 3 pounds!?!? Freakin' Amazing! I was excited about my 1.4# Whoosh! this morning, but that is.


Cali-I'm 41 and need conscious sedation @ the dentist. After my c-section I had nothing stronger than Tylenol, but touch my teeth....I better be OUT! I get valium for routine cleanings!.

Sue-Sorry @ the tailbone. I know that hurts! Benadryl makes me retain water and I have to take it frequently. I'm an EMT with a latex allergy!.

Well I had a 1.4# loss, finally! My IQ is going down! I really must change Einstein's name soon. That was the "fat-me" joke, and as I continue to lose, just not as funny anymore! I think I'll take the suggestion and go with Epstein! (is it ok to re-name?) I used the Einstein/IQ thing when I was really big to make myself feel in, I may not be thin, but I'm smart! Time to move on from that because I'm going to be Smart AND Thin! Well Happy Tuesday! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #47

Thanks everyone, he did great, he was walking like he was drunk out to the car, now he's on the couch playing his DS games.


I would always like a Xanax before getting my PAP but no one understands why, well I have no issues at the dentist but my yearly exam is totally different...

Comment #48


Cali - my daughter is terrified of the dentist and is 9. Sedation was the way to go! We have a great pediatric dentist who understands her fears and really helps put her at ease while we are there. Glad it worked out for him!.

Sue - My dream tonight will be to have Gerard Butler make me a pizza but I'll only let him feed me one slice! (or better yet Jensen Ackles now that my daughter has me hooked on Supernatural).

And btw you don't look anywhere NEAR 50!.

EMT - great job on the loss and I like the new name..

Keely - you have been doing great so far!! I started about 2 weeks after you with 4 more lbs than you and you are waaayyy ahead of me! You've inspired me to go fill my water bottle and stay OP!!.

Well Echelle granted me a little prize and gave me a .2 lb loss today. Still haven't hit 199, which frustrated me until I got dressed this morning and the pants I wore just last week actually fell down while I was walking down my hallway. Which was a nice NSV but not one I'll post on that board....

Hope you guys have a great day!!..

Comment #49

Morning everyone!!.

I lost what I'd gained yesterday so I'm back to 212.1 like my signature says. I have to brave Walmart today (I avoid WM at all costs) but my boys like one kind of granola bar only and my grocery store quit carrying them. I may try on some jeans too. Yesterday I went to a really cheap place and got a pair of 16 and pair of 14s, the 14s fit and the 16s are too small, but they are cheaply made, crappy jeans...

Comment #50

Hi Daily Weighers,.

I am sooooo one of you! I just started Medifast on Sunday, Jan. 2nd and despite being told otherwise, I weighed myself on January 3rd. I was down 6 pounds overnight! Talk about motivation.....

Unfortunately, though, I've done the same thing for the past 3 days, and the scale hasn't budged at all. Is this common? I need another loss to stay motivated! Also, how do you all deal with staying motivated in daily weighing (because I don't think I can stop) when you've been on plan 100% all day and the next day nothing happens on the scale? Or are you generally losing a little bit every day?.

Just curious...thanks for the support!..

Comment #51


Welcome and yes there are a few of us here that have whoosh weight losses and then either small gains or losses the rest of the week. Check my signature too for my weekly losses, loss is not linear. Just keep to the plan and you will lose!.

If going up and down is going to mess with your psyche daily weighing is not for you...

Comment #52

Hi Everyone!. glad to hear that went well w/ your son. I had my last pap about 13 years ago. I finally's MY body, MY choice...and I choose to never go through that again. I know it's rolling the dice...but I don't care. I can do a mammo every day of the year, but I just can't do that other anymore. I keep thinking they'll come out with a "home kit" one of these days...ha ha ha..

Knizek...funny! Congrats on the little loss! It's comin'!!.

EMTNice loss!!!.

Keelynothing stalls me faster than dropping below 800 cals. I know how easy it is to do though!.

Mia...that cracked me up about blaming Heather. Congrats on the loss!.

Well...I finally get to break into the fresh shipment of food today! Yay! I have cheese puffs and an oatmeal raisin bar for some variety. Scale is still the same. I've started heavy lifting this week and have sore muscles. When muscles require glycogen for fuel, each molecule of glycogen attaches to 3-4 molecules of water, so that's why there's a water weight gain when you increase exercise. I guess between the advil, and the exercise, for the scale to stay the same is pretty good! Tomorrow is my official WI day...c'mon baby! more water today!!! Also...tomorrow closes out the month for me (week 12)'s been a pidly month on losses for sure!..

Comment #53

Morning Dw's.

Dude was up a little from yesterday. WI day @ 165.4 lbs. it's a -.2. I'll take it. I know I did not have enough water yesterday. I did manage 100% op! oh and I got to the gym.

Great losses out there! We can do it!.

Have a great day...

Comment #54

Hey, DW's! So I read one other thread before I jumped in here and it seems to be the theme today. The scales are not moving for me either!!! I have been at 188.8 since Monday! I have never been the same weight 2 days is a row much less 3 days! I had a huge loss last week though. Even though most of that was water weight, I guess I am just evening out. I will just continue to stick 100% OP and wait for the scale to catch up..


-You do the same. One of the things I like about DW is seeing the scale move down. It's my reward for being OP. So it really stinks when it doesn't move BUT, we have to remember that it does eventually move if you stick to the plan.

I was so excited to jump on Dory this morning cuz I KNEW my 2 day "plateau" would be over today. NOPE. After a few minutes of pity party I decided that the first thing I was going to do is drink a shake and a bottle of water! I am bound and determined to get all 5 Medifast meals in today. Monday I only had 2 and yesterday I had 4. Today I will have 5!! And a nice L&G..

Let us know how you do on the scale tomorrow, Veggie..

Cali-Good job on your loss. I hate Wally-world too. I try to avoid it at all cost. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Sue-Nice loss and good luck at your official w-in tomorrow.

Mia-You had a loss, too. And you are only like 5 pounds from goal!!!!!!!!! You must be feeling so good! All skinny and tan!!! That's awesome!!!.

Welcome to all the new faces!! I'm glad more of us are coming out of the closet.

This is a great group and on days like today(well everyday really) I am so glad I have a place to come get it all off my chest without being judged. Have a great OP day and drink lots of water!!..

Comment #55

Echelle gave me another .2 loss this AM. Down to 201.00 on the dot. Pushing my water.. really want to hit under 200 this Sunday! (Thanks Cali!!!).

And my pants stayed up this my be-hind into a pair that have been hanging in the closet so long the dry cleaner bag had a thick coating of dust!..

Comment #56

EEK! I SO overslept today! Had an insane night, and am going skiing today, and teaching a class to the other patrolers while I'm up there! It's almost 9 o'clock! OMG!.

But to start my 'bad' day off GREAT.....EPSTEIN is down today! 209.2! ONEDERLAND, here I come! Will catch up tonight! Sorry to post and dash, but I am soooo late! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #57

Lisa and EMT!!! Great Jobs!! You will both be to Onderland before you know it!!! Great Job..

Comment #58

Hello DWers,.

Still no scale for me (wahhhh!) but I'm up in Rochester, NY now and will be here until Monday. I cannot wait to get back on WideLoad (my scale, for the newcomers) on Tuesday to see how I'm doing!.

The first part of the trip was downright awful for getting the right numbers of meals in.. I don't think I did a complete 5 & 1 once. Yesterday on travel wound up being 3 Medifast meals, 2 Leans and 1 almost Green. Sheesh - bad! I'm going to see if I can manage a 5 & 1 day today, and then tomorrow I'll be getting into what I hope will be a viable schedule of meals vs. responsibilities for the rest of the trip..

EMT - Wow, a latex allergy must be awful in your line of work! I know they have Nitrile gloves, but I suspect there are a lot of pieces of equipment that have at least some latex in them still... not to mention the general hospital environment must not be very viable for you. No wonder you take a lot of Benedryl! I approve of the changed scale name - and yes, thin and brilliant!! Way to be :-D.

Lisa - ONEderland is calling you! I bet you'll be dancing on the down low in the next few days for sure! WHOOOOSH or dribble.. you'll make it!.

Anna/Cali - I completely understand the avoidance of Wally-World.. I try to do the same thing. I didn't have much choice in Florida though, and my Granny needed a few things. Glad your son did well and is all recovered now..

Sue - I'm living vicariously through your updates, since I can't weigh in and we are scale buddies. :-D BTW - I laughed at your closet mensa mention a while ago. My DH is a mensa member - we keep his membership active for the hotel discounts, LOL. Yay for a new food shipment, and exercise for you! I'm sure "we" will have a great weigh-in tomorrow to finish out the month ;-).

Mia - LOL on the no sand.. I'm glad you had a perfect day yesterday, and am hoping the same for you today. (Sand is overrated anyway)..

Cheers to all - and I'm sorry for any missed shout outs. Between using a tiny netbook and needing to hook it to my cell phone to get online (awkward and SLOW) I'm sure I am only seeing half of what is actually out to be seen...

Comment #59


My sister had cervical cancer so I am VERY careful about going at least every 18 mos, and my doc here is awesome. Hopefully I can find one as awesome in San Diego..


, I hope you got to work on time!.


The light at the end of the tunnel!!!.


, your whoosh is coming..


I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

I know I missed a few, sorry..

Comment #60

I did get up the mountain on time...taught my class, and then had the most amazing day of skiing! Just me and the mountain! Most relaxing day I've had in months!.

I'm a little scared to weigh tomorrow....I had a banana/latex exposure (deathyly allergic) and had to take 4 benadryl a few minutes ago. Can you say water retention? Will check in tomorrow. I hope all had a very wonderful day! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #61


I hope the benadryl don't mess with you too much. I'm not sure how you can be awake after taking 4 of them, I'd be sleeping for the rest of the week..

Hi everyone!!! Phrog has be down .2 to 211.9, so many of us can see onederland. I love hopping on the scale late in the day and seeing even with my daily weight gain it's still in the 2teens, not long about my heavy part of the day weighs were inching up to 240.


I have pretty much nothing planned today, I should clean my house and take down the rest of the outdoor lights. Whether or not I will is another story..

Have a great one!..

Comment #62

Can I join the Daily Weighers?? I'm a bit obsessive about the scale. I love the name idea but can't come up with one that suits the scale....depends on the results each day I'm afraid! :-)..

Comment #63



! A good name will come to you, don't worry. Mine just had a name change, from Einstein to Epstein. (my IQ was dropping too fast! lol).

Cali ~ Good luck with the lights. I'm thinking my tree is coming down today. (Yes, I said tree! I like to leave mine up til Kings Day, or 1/6, which is today.).

The benadryl (?)....stayed the same today, but had some good losses this week so far, and it's still going in the direction of ONEDERLAND so I'm GOOD! Happy Thursday to all! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #64

Hello All!! Wow...I really slept in today! I'm usually up naturally between 4:30 and 5:30 am...I slept till after 7!!! I feel good though! I have the tiniest hint of healing in my butt (damaged ligament)! Gimme anything! Please!! Also...Veritas was nice to me, too! On my official WI day, and the last day of my 12 week mark. I dropped 1 for today. Still...I only saw 6.8 for the whole My personal OP is two snacks a day and lots of condiments, I didn't want to give that up when my activity level slowed down due to the that's the price (plus some water retention from advil). I'm still walking an hour a day, but only at 2.5 mph...barely enough to break a sweat. Hopefully the next 4 weeks will see increased activity and I can get off the advil soon..

EMT...I loved the description of your ski day. Growing up in Denver, I skied a lot! Those days when the mountain wasn't crowded (in the days before the snow-ruining boarders too!) were magical. I haven't skied in a very long time, 15 years? I-70 has become a nightmare. I've decided I like the solitude of snowshoeing better. But nothing beats the feeling of flying down a mountain..

Welcome Moot! There's a patience involved with daily weighing. Some of us (Cali and I) predominantly see losses only 2 days a week, and the rest of the week is "checking just in case" kind of thing..

CaliI'm so excited about your ticker! You are just doing so great!!! A few times a week I weigh at night too...I like to see lower highs along with the lower lows. Plus it gives me a sense of what I might see in the morning..

EthelI'm so glad you checked in! Look, I finally caught up to your weight...that is until you get back and blow me away again!! I have a feeling you're going to see a really fun number next week..

Everyone have a great day!!!..

Comment #65


Thank you.

I should change my weigh in time to 9:30 am b/c I weighed 210.9 then, hopefully I'll see that tomorrow am and can post it here.

If I can get to 210.5 I'll be at 10% lost!!!.

Where do you live that you can snow shoe? I love snow and it'll be awhile before my dh retires and we get to chose where we'll live. The fact that you are walking that much with an injury is awesome!..

Comment #66

Sue~Hope you heal well and fast! I so get the water retention thing with the Ibuprofen. I don't experience that particular phenomena but when I have to take the Benadryl, I wake up quite puffy with "water." The good thing about it is, that it IS just water. We can expect an eventual WHooSH! Hugs and Smiles!.

PS I LOVE to snowshoe too! By next year I can get a nice new pair of the womens' weight will be in the right range by then! WooHoo!.

No more unisex, ugly, s-shoes for me!..

Comment #67

Morning All!!! (although I know it's almost noon for me).

Been a busy day already. My poor 9yr old daughter got nipped by our dog when she tried to take a treat away from her. She had accidentally given her one that we think is causing her to have itchy skin, but apparently the dog thinks itchy skin treats are better than no treats and tried to take it back. She did break the skin and Allie's little hand is all bruised and swollen now. But I'm not sure who feels worse; me, my daughter or our pup..

But I did remember to hit the scale in all the excitement and echelle must have felt bad too and decided to give me a present of 200.6 this AM. Not sure if this is related but I've been getting in almost a gallon of water this week and I've had egg white omelets twice..

Hope everyone is having a great day. Glad you made it through Wallyworld Cali. Have you seen that people of walmart website... that site alone keeps me from venturing in to the place anytime after 9am....

Take Care!!!..

Comment #68

Hi Cali! I forgot you were going to Walmart...I wanted you to see if they carry something there (at the Super Walmarts)...I have found THE BEST low fat cheese, Cabot's 75% reduced fat cheddar. I can't find it anywhere here, so I ordered it online, but their website says Walmart might carry it. Be glad I didn't add anything to your list! I'm back in south suburban Denver...I back up to open space with a nice trail behind my house. Plus the foothills are close. But...we have no snow! We had our first big storm last week and only got about 3 inches. 50 degrees it will all be gone finally.

Wow...if you can pick ANYWHERE to fun would that be! One of my favorite places was Seattle...we had a boat on salt water 20 minutes away, and a ski area 20 minutes in the other direction. But...the weather was a bit tough. You seem be quite the beach girl though. What are you thinking as far as where to live?.

EMTI didn't know there was such a thing as cute women's snowshoes.

I'll have to check that out!.

Hi Lisa...terrible story! I'm a huge doggie girl. I had dogs that would get into fights on occasion and I've been injured trying to break it up. To this day, dog fights scare the crap out of me. I think they probably sound worse than they are. I hope your daughter is okand that she isn't too scared. Doggie got reprimanded I hope? You are SO CLOSE to 199.x! That will be an exciting day for all of us...

Comment #69


You are so close to 199!!! so sorry about the bite, I hope it heals quickly..


I don't love the beach as much as my dh who surfs, kite boards and now has just bought a stand up paddle board. (he takes up one new expensive hobby after each deployment). I just figure since we live 15 minutes away we should go, people come to where I live for vacation so we try to do the fun stuff too.

I grew up in St. Louis and would love to go back there, but my dh wants to live w/in 2 hours drive of either the ocean or the mountains. I'd like to live up in the PNW in a city. By the time he retires our kids will be grown and we want to live in a studio/apartment over shops in a downtowny area. We'll see where we end up..

I would have looked for your cheese for you..

Comment #70

You know...Colorado Springs is a pretty cool place to live. The AF academy is there, and lots of ex-military like living there. A nicer climate than Denver, smaller town, close to beautiful mountains...

Comment #71

Morning, I'm going to hold off on posting my weight until a little later in case I have the phenomenon I had yesterday. It seems like we're missing a couple of people, I hope they stop in..

Comment #72

Good morning DWers,.

Just sneaking a peak.. keep on keeping on!!.


Comment #73



, hope the trip is going well.

I'm down .7 to 211.2... I really would like to get to 210.5 this week, oh well it'll happen eventually...

Comment #74

Hi Cali! Hi Ethel. I had your yesterday's phenomonen (sp?) today! So...nice little loss today, .8 down to 192.4. I cut back a little on advil yesterday. And...tah dah! I'm feeling really GOOD this morning!! I see a much better workout in my future for today..'s an interesting tidbit. My dormant left ovary has awoken. Throughout my whole life i've had ovary pain on the left side when that side was ovulating. Despite not havine any meno symptoms at all, I haven't felt anything from that side in over a year. So I figured that side at least had shut down. woke back up this week.

20 years ago when I did this through a bariatric physician, he would warn me every single week that this diet increases fertility and to be VERY careful!).

Everyone have a great day!!!..

Comment #75


Nice loss!! The ovary thing is interesting.

I always want to rip mine out when I ovulate. Glad you're feeling better too!.

I'm still waiting for my TOM to show up...

Comment #76

Here's hoping you hit 210.5 by the time TOM comes! Hey...the tag line on your sounds familiar. The WW commercial w/ Jennifer Hudson?..

Comment #77

Happy Friday Everyone!.

I'm happy to report I'm down a total of 9.4 after my first full week on MF. I was able to see a change on the scale six out of the seven days. Very happy with that. I know the first week is usually always the best, but I am thrilled to have such a nice loss for week one!.

All the best!..

Comment #78


That is AWESOME!.


, it is in that commercial, but I stole it from Michael Buble..

Comment #79

That's terrific tkd. I know how motivating those kind of loses can be. addicting almost!!!.

Sue - I never knew that little fertility fact but I this past month my ovaries were killing me! They always hurt a little but it was very painful. Good to know that it's probably just diet related..

I love Michael Buble.....

WELL friends.. I am not ready to make it official yet but echelle said 199.4 this morning! I'm being cautiously optimistic that this will stay until my official weigh in on Sunday. Thanks so much for the encouragement!!.

Have a great OP day!!!..

Comment #80


YAY!!!!! I hope to be following you soon.

Michael buble is awesome we saw him last summer and he is hysterical too!..

Comment #81

LISA!!! You are a daily weigher claim it when ya see it! AND..."my" rule is you update your ticker when you cross overit is huge deal!!! Grab it!.

So...let me yell CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WAY TO GO!!!..

Comment #82

Morning dw's.

Dude and I decided not to talk today. After a long week and a bad start to the New Year friends and I got together last night. 3 bottles of wine and only 2 of us were drinking. My poor stomach! We had a lot of fun!.

Its snowing out! yeah. This is my year to take the kids every saturday skiing and snowboarding! I think I may even get back on ski's. I have my meals planned out for the day and I bought an extra thermos for soup..

Does anyone know if 'diet hot cocoa" is ok? I didn't order Medifast hot cocoa. I know it only has 25 calories. I forgot to look at the carbs..

Got to run. Have a Great DAy!..

Comment #83

Hey, Everyone!!.

I have been missing for a couple days. Ater 3 days of Dory not moving a single ounce, I finally figured it out...TOM!!! One of these days I will figure out my cycle so I can be prepared for him. But as soon as he hit, Dory started moving again. I am down to 186.4 today..

Cali and Sue- you both have had a nice loss. Sue, I am glad you are feeling better.

TKD- Congrats on your first week. You are right that the 1st week is always the best but stick to the plan and you will not be sorry.

Lisa-I was the same way as you. I hit 199.? and I was so afraid to go back up. Just stick to the plan and you will be able to make it official on Sunday!! I will definately look forward to that post.

Mia-I have no idea about diet cocoa? But skiing will probably get the scale moving again. That's funny about the wine. I had 3 glasses on NYE and contemplated finishing the bottle. Then my sister reminded me how much I would regret it in the morning. She was right. I stopped at three glasses and felt great to start off the New Year.

Have a good OP day and drink lots of water!!..

Comment #84

I think all of you must be on the east the time I'm up and moving around here in Montana, y'all have already posted and moved on with your day! I would also like to add that I am terrible at these shout-outs, I read every post, and cheer and smile, and feel everything each one of you is going through. Then I sit down to add my 2 cents in a reply and forget someone (or 2, or 4) Please don't think of it as an intentional slight. I'm a daily weigher, and I get out of bed in the dark to weigh and post, but I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! I lurk the boards til 2 or 3 each morning....those are my good remembering times. But here's this morning's effort..

Cali~Fingers crossed for 210..

Sue~Cool loss, I'm still puffy from benadryl...It'll take a couple days to get out of my system. (Call me the H2O queen!) Glad you're feeling better, enjoy the workout!.

Lisa~Now that you're in ONEDERLAND, watch out for the Mad Hatter!.

Tkd~Keep up the great work and wonderful attitude..

Mia~enjoy the snow....I got a great powder day in on Wednesday, thank goodnes....the last two days....rain! UGH!.

Keely~Stand by for the ToM WhooSH!. Epstein just spit out yesterday's number. I actually don't mind these days like I used to...just means a WHooSH is on the way! Time for my first shake of the day! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #85

Don't know how I double posted....Sorry all! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #86

Hey Mia...I do the diet Swiss Miss cocoa every now and's pretty yummy and only 25 cals. No biggie...count it as a condiment if you want..

EMT and others....there was a thread yesterday in the general connection area about how some people hate the shout outs. I think if people don't have time for shout outs that's totally fine. There's some groups I pop in on sporadically because I can only do so many shout outs in my day. So...never feel like it's something you need to do, especially if you're short on time! So, no worries!!!..

Comment #87

Keely...I forgot you. You are losing so fast, I can't believe it!..

Comment #88

Hi DW,.

I haven't had much time to post this week. Trickster didn't show much change (except a little upward trend) from Saturday until Wednesday, but has been kind the last two days and was 167.6 this morning! Tomorrow is my "official" weigh-in day so I can't wait to make it official..

Hope everyone is doing well!..

Comment #89

I am going to join this one. I am a daily weigher. It doesn't get me bent out of shape when the scale goes up and down. It keeps me sane, and keeps me from going down the river of denial..

My scale needs a name. I call it many things some of them not so nice..

I am from MD and REALLY am working on not slacking anymore and getting to goal. Putting out the money every month for Medifast can be a drag. I want to get to goal and start T&M..

My hope is to move further into the 180's. Right after Christmas and New Years I was back in the mid 190's. YUMM bottle of wine on New Years Eve...

I am 6 days into the program again and just hit ketosis yesterday. It feels so much better. I was a total GROUCH the first few days...

Comment #90


..I love playing in the snow but I seem to be destined to live by the beach for another 8 years..


You are doing so great! How long has it taken you to get to 186?.


About six more months and I'll be on that coast too.


Good to see you back here again, I hope you get a loss tomorrow.


Welcome to our group..

Comment #91

EMT... no mad hatter yet but I swear I saw a white rabbit... oh wait it was just big wad of fur under the bed...

Sue I can't do that! I'll jinx myself!!..

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.