What is the difference between Web Designing and iPage web hosting?

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First question I have is What is the difference between Web Designing and iPage web hosting? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hello now I'm having troubles with aligning text nicely within one table cell. the heading of this table cell is linked and therefor has a different style attached to it as the rest of the text (css style) and the remaining text, the explanatory text has another style again (and not linked) and this is causing troubles somehow. instead of the "body" text to follow on the next line after the heading there is a huge space between the heading and the body text, the body text aligned at the bottom of the table cell while the heeading is on top. how do I get rid of that annoying space in between? havent even put a <br> tag in there!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Don't know about you, but I found that so hard to read... did you get aprrox 25 /tab things in there? As well as other bits? I did, something wrong in the download if I was the only one..

Anyway... Was I right about the <tr> tag. Would be nice to think someone else saw it and it wasn't my eyes at 3am...

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Scout! if I take the <p> out I'm losing the css definition for the text, how do I add style to the text then? simple html definitions does not give the full advantage since you cannot give the text size accurately for instance. is the only way then to make it an image to get it exactly as you want it?.

Entimp! your so rite! the code is so messy (ups my first web page and my boyfriend already called me a loser!) now you gonna laugh, the table size I put to 1500 since I wanted to make sure it's full sized on everybodys screen. ok, the right way to that is simply making it 100% but how do you then avoid the table to shrink when the user is making the browser window smaller, then it looks funny too. well on netscape 4 something my html looks like a nightmare!.

Here is the thing aved as a text file.....

Thank you guys fro your time, gosh I wish we could live in the same city, I would take you out for dinner! you nerds need to get out sometimes also!..

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Ok replace the <p> tag with <span></span>. Span isn't a block element so you can do it this way. Look up the definition of span at W3C if you get the time..

As for making the table fill the page, replace 1500 with "100%". Try to put all your numerical data for widths and heights in " " if you can..

As for loser, nahhh, don't be silly you are doing fine, as for the html I saw I thoguht you were fairly experianced, due to your use of CSS. That is a compliment by the way... stick at it.Nerds, LMAO, man I have a cracker of a hangover... maybe I should take you out and show you how a nerd has a good time... Damn those girls gave me a run for my money last night..

You know you girls should really by your own drinks..

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You are still missing a </tr> between lines 37 and 38...

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Ok yes entimp I got the /tab and /par all over the place. thank god for text replace.

And yes you are missing a </tr> in the second table. also you can't do this.

<td "line-height: 1px".

As it isn't doing anyhting. put it in a class in your css if you want..

<table width=1500 height=110 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 border=0>.

<tr><td width=1500 height=90 bgcolor=#ffffff colspan=9></td></tr>.


<tr> <td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle height=20 width=100><a href=#>yhti</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>ratkaisut</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>tuotteet</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>rekrytointi</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>ota yhteytt</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff width=100><a href=#>&nbsp;</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>in english</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff align=middle width=100><a href=#>p svenska</a></td>.

<td bgcolor=#ffffff width=699><a href=#>&nbsp;</a></td>.



Also don't you know us nerds have a better time then normal people.

Dharma you are doing great so far just a couple of things you need to edit and we all make mistakes...

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