What is the least expensive site to register a Godaddy domain name?
Quick question: What is the least expensive site to register a Godaddy domain name? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hello,.

I was browsing ebay for domains, like I do every so often, and came across a new HostGator that's making some interesting claims..

First, the HostGator is

Second, the ebay listing (which I'll try to include below) says that that HostGator has a #1 listing in google. I searched for a few things - and it didn't come up. The only time I could get it to come up was when I typed in megacollege. Then it was 1st..

Third, the guy says he's making thousands of dollar from the HostGator (even showing himself holding a check) - but I went to - and there's no product there. I'm guessing he took it down before putting it on ebay, since ebay doesn't like websites to be "live" and taking orders when they're being listing. But I don't know what I'd put there to make money. Maybe a college grant affiliate program..

I'm just wondering if anyone here thinks this is a good investment - and what's the most I should bid/pay for this domain. If it's getting traffic and making sales, it might be worth it. I just need some feedback..


Oh yeah, if it works, here's the link..




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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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This guy is a 26 carat scammer..

Look at the facts.....

In the pic, the cheque is blurred. Bidding starts at $0.01 and the HostGator ONLY comes number one for MEGACOLLEGE which is no surprise...

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I have poor little PR3 GoDaddy site named “” guess what? If you type in “keysheet” at google it’s #1…big deal…who types in keysheet?..

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Why are you guys doubting him? He's holding a check. That check must be from all the money he earned. Obviously he can't write his own check and take a picture of it...

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Typical ebay scum. Went to and it has no history..

Go down & buy some powerball tickets. At least you can get some ntertainment watching the drawing..


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I'm certainly not supporting the auction but I figured I'd chime in and mention that I have roughly 4 websites that have been up around 6-7 months, are listed in the search engines, ranked by Alexa, etc. but still show no history in the archive...

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There is a 6-12 month lag between the date a GoDaddy site is crawled and the date it appears in the archive....

Agree 100%, I hope he gets his account closed...that 'type' ruins it for the rest of us.....

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Ahh, that may mean it has a google PAGERANK of number one, and that isn't very good.

Oh, and also he says the only keyword he searched that he got a number I rank in google is the HostGator name with out the estension.

Don't trust him I say lol..

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It's obviously a scam .....

But my guess is that the name is worthing something like 30 usd..

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The guy replied to my question lof proof for his statements, alltough nothing new (same as stated in auction)..

I invited him to NP so he can post here..

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Max would be about 15-20 USD, but if he is making alot of money like he claims, why would he sell the domain..

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Exacly. Who will even typ ein megacollege. What is megacollege or even mega college? Nothing. OVT tool shows 0 searches last month..

And I laughed violently for 33 minutes after I read....

Good one. Think we'll see him in here?.

You're right. I will be bidding at least $X,XXX.XX...

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Don't trust him like they said if he was making that kind of money why would he sale it? And there is no history for it. And it is not that good of name anyway. Don't trust him I have been screwed before by ebay watch out...

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Oh yeah, I know this guy.

"Also I just bought if you type in ofvndvodkmokf you see it come up first!!! At least I do... My Google AdSense is thru the roof, earning me $7,000 a day with 15% clickthrough, but my mom broke her finger so I desperately need $5,000 to cover her expenses. FAST SALE pm for details." <<< type thing..

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Yes it is just the EBAY version of the old Scam.

"I know how to make Money on (whatever) and I will tell you the secret if you send Money to ImaRipoff. PO BOX Sucked. IN 12345"..

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If I had the money, I would probably bid on it...

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