What is the Medifast Diet, and does it work?

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First question I have is What is the Medifast Diet, and does it work? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Morning!.

Ali - I think we have rain in our forecast now, not sure.

Last week of October isn't that crazy?! Got a lot of stuff done yesterday but not everything (LOL). Didn't get my shorts put away, I need to do that to make room for my sweaters and cooler weather gear. I'll get to it though. Ran errands and did some Christmas shopping (took advantage of a good sale). Found a pair of everyday shoes but not in my size, isn't that how it goes. Last week of BC, thank heaven above!.

Will go to my Uncles on Saturday for the annual family candle pouring. Bought 1 dozen Ball brand preserve jars yesterday with lids for my candles. I don't burn them much anymore so that's really all I'll need a couple for here and the remaining for gifts. We'll also celebrate my Mom's birthday at the family gathering. Her birthday is Friday, she'll be 71..

Did pretty well yesterday, my sin was not getting all my packets. Today will be a better day as I'll make sure it is..

Have a good one!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Morning Ladies.

Did well myself yesterday, today makes a week on 5&1 for me, started @ 193.8 today 188.2. That's 5.6 but 3 of that I lost in water the first day, so technically I"m back to my start point. I jumped 5#'s in one day when I switched my HRT to pill form. Will see what the next week brings as that will be "real" weight..

It looks like snow today, not going to happen probably won't even rain but the wind is supposed to get up to 50 mph Good day to stay inside LOL.

OK lots to do Laters..

Comment #2

CHARLY - I think your candle parties sound like so much fun. I don't know anyone who does candles in our area. Hope you have a super time. NA..

Comment #3

ALI - Your rain sounds like the one we had in the mountains in the California Gold Country Saturday night and all day Sunday. The weather report called it a nice soaking rain - - it was much more like a deluge for sure. But I love a good rain storm, especially when I am in the motor home and can listen to it...

Comment #4

MONICA - Are you saying you gained 5 lbs of water with the hrt change? That must have been so frustrating for sure. But good for you for sticking to it and being OP all week. I am sure you will see some good results this week too. NA..

Comment #5

Prayers again, please. And prayer for me and my 9 hour trip tomorrow and then back again two days later. NA.

Joyce asked me to send this letter to everyone who has faithfully prayed and carried good thoughts these past 5 years. As you can imagine, my heart is very heavy, even though I knew this was coming and it is the best for Joyce..

I am breaking off my trip and driving from Roger's brothers to home tomorrow and will be gone for 3 days. Hugs, NA.

To all my wonderful prayer warriors. I want to let you know I am now on hospice and am very happy with that decision. With hospice I will no longer seek curative care only comfort care. The goal is to stay as pain free as possible while living out what days I have left in dignity and joy. My team is wonderful and I am sure they will be very helpful as we journey these last days of my life together. My older brother Ron and his wife Judy are staying with me during the days and are going to be my primary care givers as I am pretty weak and not wanting to stay alone.

Remember my family in your prayers too. I am doing as good as possible right now, am as comfortable as meds and stuff can make me, and I am content. It can't get better than that. Again, Thanks to all of you and God Bless..

Comment #6


- Oh my, what a sad thing but what a wonderful letter she wrote. I can actually read the relief in that. I will continue to pray for sweet Joyce and will pray for you as you travel home. xo..

Comment #7

I did it, totally OP yesterday!! YAY ME!! I totally broke away from the normal last night. We went out to the local country restaurant (new) and I had a salad (no dressing) and a Bison Burger!! It was YUM!! I ditched that bun, had a slice of tomato on it and about 3 slices of pickle. It was YUM!! The buffalo ranch isn't far from my house so I've decided to go get a bit for special for me. Rob won't touch it but I'm happy for something different. And to have that in the freezer for a change up now and then will be nice..

Up early as I have 'things' on my brain that once I woke up started invading me. So, headed to coffee and then who knows. Winds to be 60mph here today they have high wind warnings plus rain.........could be an interesting day...

Comment #8

My plan of 'attack' for the day.


Hot coco.

Chicken soup.

Shake cake.

Shake cake.

Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Water, water water..

Comment #9

Morning Girls!.

NA, thank you for sharing Joyce's letter...I continue to keep her in my prayers. As Charly said you can feel the relief in her letter and it was a courageous decision on Joyce's part. Be safe on your ride home NA!.

Charly that is wonderful! A new place to eat is great to break the monotony. Sometimes you just get so sick of grilled chicken salad..

Congrats on the totally OP day! I'm still hoping for one of those this week..

Winds are horrendous rain but they are gusting around 60mph. We have a tornado watch in effect until 11am. Tornadoes in OCTOBER! What is wrong with this weather..

Be safe back later!.




Chicken Noodle Soup.

Coffee Ice Cream.

Grilled chicken salad for my L/G.

Water, water and more water!!..

Comment #10

Ewww just turned the news on and ComEd our electric company is calling this the worst storm in ages. Great! Electric goes out, I'll have no internet.! Waaaaa! Oh 3G on my cell phone will work! LOL There are already 5600 customers without power and it's only 5am...ugly day!.

Be safe!..

Comment #11


- YOU be safe. They are predicting those winds here today as well. Had charlie outside around 4a and though it was breezy it hadn't kicked up yet. Hate this type of weather, hate it for Charlie, hate it for me..

Hey, how is your daughter doing?.

You will get an OP day, I demand it (LOL)...

Comment #12

OP day for me..yes ma'am! Well the tornado warnings are out, satellite dish is least my internet is running..

O'Hare Airport has canceled all inbound flights. This is going to be a mess. Halloween decorations from the neighbors yards have been blowing by my kitchen window! Thank Goodness I didn't put the airblown Frankenstein out this decorations for me this year..

Child is doing well in CA, she loves it although I'm not too sure from the tone of her voice when I talk to her, but it was her decision, I'm out of this one.....

Later...stay safe everyone!..

Comment #13

((((NA)))) safe trip sweetie, hope it doesn't wear you out to badly. My prayers are with Joyce too, may her last days pass in Peace and Love..

I was short meals yesterday ugg and had too much salt in my L&G I guess was up today over a # no wonder I get so frustrated LOL, but am going to use Charly DETERMINATION and finish this out.

Today probably won't be OP either though LOL have drums tonight so by the time I eat will be late (might get a salad) I did start earlier so maybe can get everything in..

Off and running, hVE TO GO INTO TOWN TODAY..

Comment #14

Hey Friends,.

NA - Safe travels and may Joyce have a peaceful passing, it is very sad as she has really put up a good fight. Prayers for you and you good friend at this time Nancy Ann..

Ali - I saw your weather on The Weather Channel. WOW, please be careful!.

Charly - Congrats on staying OP and staying strong! Have fun at your candle get together!.

Monica - The scale - UGH - worst invention in the world! Hope all is well with you besides the dang scale..

Hi Sandy if you are around, hugs and good thoughts to you and your family..

We are fine, went to see "Secretariat" today, cried like a weenie in about 5 parts, I am such a sap for animals. Oscar worthy, great movie. Peanut is wonderful, sassy somedays but that is okay. It was so hot today, I think it hit 90 degrees, sick of it!.

Weight is not good, I go up and down constantly, can't seem to stay on MF, just tired of it and feel like eating food. The problem is carbs, always has been. I crave them, not sugar or sweets but pretzels, baked potatoes (weird), bread, black bean soup, just very odd stuff. You know I could live on Mexican food, but have avoided it like the plague..

So I am up about 7 pounds and feel bloated, but alas don't seem to do much about it...

Okay, enough moaning and groaning - LOL.

Take care and be careful in the weird weather! Hugs to all!..

Comment #15



- that weather hit here about 11:30a. suffice it to say the tornado sirens were running fast/furious. Charlie and me spent about an hour in the closet, I kept peeking out, it was crazy. No wind damage here, thank goodness..


- determination does fall now and then, take me off that damm pedastal (LOL).


- glad to see you. We had that carb discussion here last week, such evil sh**. Doesn't matter what form the carb comes in it always shows on the body regardless the definition. Can't wait to see that movie too, I'll know now to have my tissue box ready..

Did BC last night, gave it my all which wasn't so tough knowing it's over soon. I feel a sort of 'calmness' within to know that I will call it done soon. I've signed up for spinning, figure 3 times a week @ 20 miles each, now that's some cardio to log..

100% again yesterday, if I can just keep this momentum going. I want to think that the antibiotic caused the water retention and do feel better body wise. Now just to keep pushing through with MY FRIENDS!!!.

Today is:.


Hot coco.

Chicken soup.

Shake cake.

Shake cake.

Not sure about the L&G.....will give myself sometime to think on that one. For certain it will be salad & something..

Have a good day, make it a 100% day and kick some bootie girls!..

Comment #16

Morning Girls!.

Nice and calm this morning, what I can see of it's pitch black out there. I know they have wind warnings downtown again with the high rises but all seems calm here for now. They are saying that the wind gusts are supposed to go over 50mph again starting at 7am. We did have "they think" 2 tornados touch down about 15 miles south of me. Problem is down there, it's all farm country and they have no alarm system to warn the residents. The airports are a mess because they closed them down yesterday...ahhh ya gotta love Chicago..

The menu for today:.






L/G salad with something.. LOL either Mahi Mahi burgers or grilled chicken..creature of habit.

Have a great day everyone! Be back later....

Comment #17

Charly antibiotics can mess with you big time, spinning sounds good. I can't find anything like that here, 1 that I can afford, 2 that are even at a time I could do them. Almost all the classes like that here are during the day, go figure. I was looking into some swimming, don't remember why I stopped now LOL it's just down the street..

That wind here got up to 90mph, I can see why tornadoes in the rest of the states, it did spawn a few down south but here in the mountains 70 mph was enough. The heater is on.

Tomorrow morning down to 22 brrr. Already told Kiddo that I need her this weekend to seal the house up. I need new windows on this house big time and no way can I afford that. I did have the great idea of putting the lastic on the outside of the house, will keep the wiond from blowing in and the cats from tearing the plastic up. Outside plastic and heavy curtains should give me some good insulation and my deep window sills won't be full of dust like last year..

Patti GREAT to see you sweetie.

One of ythe things that helped me with carbs was fiber, Atkins got that right, 'sugar balanced with protein..

Not that that helps much now am not to happy scale has gone up the last 2 days anfd am now up a full # grrrrrrr and am starving. If I kicked myself out of ketosis have no idea how, will just have to hope it's a climb before a big loss, we have weigh in on our challenge friday..

Time to get moving am unmotivated today, only got on the Wii to weigh myself..

Comment #18

Oh yea Kiddo drama LOL they are still attached at the hip but nothing may ever come of it, after all. When I first meet him, I told her Mom I thought he would drive her crazy, well I asked her if she would want to have a relationship with him. "Well maybe, he tends to "help" with a lot of things. I don't know, he might act differently if we were dating".

So it may never happen, I say this as she spent the night at his house again LOL. His house is closer to school and if she has her early class (I live on the other side of the river and there are only 3 bridges, traffic vacuums) or wants to run before classes..

Ok now I'm done and late LOL..

Comment #19


68 out now but dropping to low 50's today.......ugh!!.

Cramps........need I say more..

Comment #20

Meds for cramps, things are looking up (ROFL).

Good day yesterday. Finding that I'm full 1/2 thru my L&G, that's a good sign........

Ali - get it sister!!..

Comment #21

Morning Girls!.

Current temp.....42 degrees with a high of 50 today. Can we say HEAT WAVE? LOL Wind is still whipping around out there. My front yard looks like a recycle plant from a newspaper factory. ARRRGGHHH!! Those sale paper things come out on Tues and no one picks them up from their driveways..

Wish I was full with 1/2 my L/G gone..NOT THE CASE! Oh well, today is another day! Jesus I've been saying that every day this week. Not a good sign..

Running to do with the nephew back later chickies!.






And Lord only knows what's for my L/G, cuz I haven't a clue!..

Comment #22

Dang almost 11 before I can get a break.

But it's nice, there's some money in the bank I can answer the phone now LOL A big check supposed to show up next week, I might even get caught up to just a month behind LOL.

Not to bad here OP yesterday and totally today as tomorrow is weight in for the challenge. I started at 189.8, was at 188.2 (again.

) so am hoping to be at 187.8 and be down an even 2#'s LMAO knowing my luck I'll be back up to 189.8 again (that's what I weighted yesterday) I just have to keep reminding myself no matter what the scale says I'm not quitting till it's all gone, no matter how frustrated I get..

Yea for meds Charly.

Ali LOL on the flyers I hate those stupid things.

OK back at it, I"m avoiding a nightmare of a bookkeeping entry I"m still not quit sure how I"m going to make it work. I have about 20 entries I need to do individually and take tax and shop off then make it match what was posted on one end and what actually got paid on the other. It would be soooooooo much easier if they would do it right the first time, well maybe not, they would mess it up and I would be doing it twice I'm sure. Job security right LOL..

Comment #23

CHARLY AND ALL - Tuesday I drove 9 hours to see Joyce, probably for the last time. I visited a total of 4 hours with her Tuesday late afternoon and Wednesday morning. Then I drove 9 hours back here, getting in at 9:45PM. I am whacked today..

But, we had a super visit and talked about all the fun things we have done the past 36 years, all the bible studies we did together leading different groups, all the meetings we attended, all the fun trips, etc. It was a wonderful 4 hours and I left content that our friendship will never end. She will still be there for me and I'll be there for her also and we both know we will hug again sometime down the years. My heart is now at peace. NA..

Comment #24

The Rotary pit bbqed a buffalo on year for the Tulaleke fair. It had a great taste, but it was dry...they basically have NO fat. Just right for MFers. LOL My neighbor had 2 in with his cattle and they were so fun to watch and pet. He could not kill them and they lived out their lives in comfort on the farm...

Comment #25

MONICA - I did find out that at 70 it is very hard on me to do two back to back 9 hour drives....I am totally physically wiped out today. But it was so worth it, I would do it again today. I should have gotten a motel last night part way here, but I was not tired last night. LOL..

Comment #26


NA - I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit with Joyce. The drive for you was a snap because that the way it was supposed to be. Bless your heart for seeing her and spending time to capture those memories with her. She is blessed for having you and you are blessed for having her. My prayers continue for her peacefulness..

Nothing much here, PMS of cours and yesterday wasn't too bad, more irritable than anything but I've learned to keep that on a down low. It's Friday WOOHOO!.

Did well yesterday with foodies so it's not to bad here. PMS makes me nauseous the first couple of days so it's hard to eat like I should. However, hot drinks suit me totally. Weather is cold..........

Ali - how is your nephew? and you?.

Monica - have a good day, pay those bills and x-ing my fingers for you to show a loss on your challenge...........

Rock on sisters!!..

Comment #27

Morning Girls!.

Cold one out this the 40's here. It actually felt like snow out there last night..

Oh well I live in a state where the white stuff is just another way of life. LOL.

NA so glad you were able to spend time with Joyce. It had to have been so hard leaving her but as you said you are now at peace with it. God Bless both of you!.

Nephew is doing well, next Dr appt on the 8th so we shall see what happens then. Hopefully they will be getting him to bear a little weight. Crutches are driving him nuts! Daughter is doing well in CA, said it's been raining and a little cooler so that's a good thing, I guess..

Other than that just plugging away on this Medifast thing. Not weighing for another week, don't want to jinx myself. LOL Monica good luck with your weigh in today! I know all too well about that roller coaster scale that's why I'm staying away..

Charly keep up the good work! As always you can be looked upon for inspiration!.

Later girls!.

Shout outs to Patti and Sandy too!..

Comment #28

Morning Ladies.

My scale actually cooperated and I weighed in at 187.9 down 2 #'s I'll take it LOL stepped on my other scale and it had me at 189.8. Interesting they were the same for a bit. What's really funy is the Wii used to always weigh heaver then the scale. I'm sticking with the Wii since it's the one I"ve been using for the last month or so, but just another reminder that scales vary..

NA so glad your visit with Joyce went so well, it takes so much Courgae to face the end like she is, I continue to pray for her Peace..

I have to agree on the 9 hour trip and I love road trips 5hat's right at my limit, I"m actually looking forward to my yearly tri to my folk's grave, even if I just went, but may need to find another trip just cause..

Charly hope the PMS goes quickly, can't say I miss that at all LOL even if I do feel a few of the symptoms since starting HRT just a hint though I used to be really bad..

Ali it amazes me at how hot 73 is when it's 90 outside and how freaking cold it is when it's 20 outside LOL House gets sealed up this weekend, hate not having fresh air even if it is cold, Oh well hate the outrageous gas bills more..

Carp it's late and I still need to clean the litter boxes and get trash out.

Laters Lovilies..

Comment #29

Bored out of my flipp'n mind, things to do and don't want to do them................

Comment #30

I'm bored too! Things to do and don't give a rats bottom if they get done. LOL I'm tired, I'm hungry and it's cold outside. Ok, done whining for the day. LOL..

Comment #31


Headinging out for spinning soon, BC is over and I for one am dammed happy about that! Too much for too long (LOL).

Checked on Sandy last night and as I told her my timing was impeccable. She had just gotten home after having taken her Ma to the doctor for the follow-up of her radiation. Unfortunately they have found 2 suspicious areas mid-chest and are now looking at Chemo for her Ma, her Ma doesn't want it. Sandy is just numb and totally feeling helpless. She also stated Ed has an appointment next week with a surgeon as well but she didn't go into a lot of detail. I'll call her tommorrow evening, I didn't want to burden her with more questions as I'm sure she needs time to absorb things..

Of course I'll keep all of you posted. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers..

I am in charge of the birthday dessert for my Mom today. She wanted peach pie, I made a peach cobbler (close enough.

) first time for that. Let's just say that 'it doesn't matter what it looks like, matters how it tastes'..

Hugs and smoochies!..

Comment #32

When you talk to Sandy, give her my love, this has got to be so hard on her..

Nothing much going on here just the sealing of the house and if Kiddo ever gets home cleaning out of the garage, need to reorganize it. Got to get the Christmas lights checked out..

Got an eye appointment today, need to get checked out, and glasses for night driving. May have to have lasik on my left again it seems. They only do touch ups once a month so hopefully I can get in Nov if I need it. Makes me glad I spent the big bucks and got guaranteed surgery..

Time to get moving..

Comment #33

I will Monica, she and her family are forefront in my mind..

24miles spinning, not sure if that is good or not but makes no difference. I kept moving and am sweat drenched. Heading to the shower and then onto my Uncles for the family gathering which includes candle pouring, birthday celebration and the kids will go trick or treating @ 6p..

Have a good day, love, hugs and smoochies to all of you.


Comment #34

CHARLY - I adore anything peach and peach cobbler is my very favorite. I have gone without for two summers and next summer, no matter what, I am making a fresh peach cobbler. LOL Hope your Mom had a great birthday...

Comment #35

CHARLY - Give my love to Sandy and tell her prayers are continuing for them all, and adding Ed to the list too...

Comment #36

MONICA - Sorry your eye surgery didn't hold, but glad you can get a 'touch up' under your guarantee..

What do you mean by sealing of the house? Is that paint or something spiritual?..

Comment #37

Well, I had a little surprise for the family and it fell flat. I bought patterns and carving sets so we could all do clever pumpkins. I thought it would be fun..

Roger's brother Lloyd said he didn't want any holiday decorations around his house. Cora is not interested in carving and Roger said he would do it with me, but I could tell he was just saying it so I wouldn't be sad..

I'll just take the pumpkins home and eat them and feed the seeds to the birds and squirrels. Sure glad I didn't but really expensive ones. I got 6 for $18.99...

Comment #38

NA by sealing the house I mean for winter. Plastic on the windows, got smart and put it on the outside keep the wind and dust out of the house, then will put up heavy curtains. Hopefully keep my heating bills down. I hate it, love fresh air, but am happy with how it's going so far..

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.