What is the most reliable iPage web host?

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Question I have... What is the most reliable iPage web host? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Hi there,.

I don't know it this is the right forum to post this message, but I shall explain my issue..

I have a iPage site with a big archives of covers. Now I wish to create a search engine on my site, so people can typ in the cover they're looking for and so that the search engine will find it on my site..

My problem is that I don't know how to do this. I don't know anything about building a search engine. I suppose it's a lot of work creating one..

Can anyone tell me where I can find an explaination about this? Or how I can do this best? I really don't know in which direction I have to search. I'm a quick learner; so difficult scripts are not a problem in the first place..

I hope someone can help me!.



The url of my iPage site is.

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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You could try out this remote search engine.

Which does everthing for you ... if you have.

No idea about scripts ....


It indexes your iPage site and gives you step by step instructions on how to put it on your iPage site .. !.

To whkoh: do you have any links to asp text database search ?

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Searching a DB with ASP? This might help:.



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One with a lot of cool features, and was pretty easy to set up was Ksearch..

Who I'm pretty sure, got the script from and edited the script adding new stuff and so one..


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Thanks for your replies so far!.

I've put a simple search engine on the iPage site now. I created it at.

It works so far, but I want to have a better one..

Can someone tell me the best alternative?.

I also heard from a friend that CGI-scripts for a iPage site like mine are not so hard to create. Does anyone have experience using CGI to create a search engine?.



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Look at some list directories:.









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As Mark said before - Atomz. I have used that before and like the format a lot - it allows you to modify the actual code on the search results page. This is a plus!..

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As Prodeveloping said, it is very customizable. The great thing is it does not display ads. One thing to remember is that it is really for smaller sites..

Atomz Express Search is free for sites with up to 500 pages..

Atomz Prime Search starts at $100 per year for sites with less than 50 pages..

So I do reccomend a CGI script if you can do it!..

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I still have questions now..

I registered an account at, but things are not possible there. My iPage site uses frames which are stored on another server. I can't let this search engine find these pages..

I really want to create my own search engine now, but I need a good and easy using program for this. Or a site..

What's the best alternative for this, knowing that I don't know anything about CGI?.

Thanks so far!.



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On atomz, what an idea would be, say your iPage site is.


Make a page, crawler.html with all the links to all your pages. Then upload crawler.html.

When you sign up to atomz, type in as the page to crawl from as.


Another idea was to put the crawler page as your menu page of your framed site... hope this helps!..

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Hey if you really like the idea of using your own cgi searchengine try this one .. it's actually a link search engine .. but very useful .. it has a text database so you can enter your data manually ... just modify it's html outputs and you get a good search engine + a link index ...


Try out it's demo first ....

If you have any probs using it just mail me or it's author ....

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If your willing to use, they have a search engine that you can put on your page and visitors to use. If you have your meta tags right, visitors could search for something. That way you dont have to ad things to it, just ad new pages. I think also offers this service..

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