What is the most reliable iPage web hosting?

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My 1st question is: What is the most reliable iPage web hosting? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... I went in to my pages and started changing the thumbnail size to the correct size......well all I'm changing is.

Width="120" height="87" to width="127" height="97".

That is *all* I changed on a page and it gives me a border around the image despite me having border="0".

What could the problem? I so so need to get this iPage site done and can't if it's adding that danged border!

This is one of the pages so you can see the code and stupid border that shouldn't be there..



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Ouch - because I'm right. hey, laws of probability say that I have to be right at some point of the universe's existence - you're just lucky that you witnessed it.

I only remember this because there was a time when I had it the other way round and was arguing with the guy who said I was wrong - d'oh!..

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So if doc is so wrong, then why isn't it working as he does have the border in the img tag.?.

Hehe, we mods have to stick together...

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Hmmm I don't know why it isn't working. Perhaps a look at the way the iPage site is coded right now would be good. But horus is still 100% correct... no two ways about it...

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Here is an example of your code. What do you notice missing?.

Close the speech marks after the height data and it will work... where the smiley is.

<img src="images/Thumbnails/glenstonetn.jpg" width="127" height="97.

Border="0" alt="Click for larger Glenstone Lane image">.

Also you have lots of tiny errors all over the place, have a good look at the code again...

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I was going to say something about it maybe being the text-decoration of the links or something, but then I realized that none of your height attributes are closed. You have.


There is no closing quotation mark. That should take care of it..

Doog Xela..

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Looks like entimp beat me to the punch. Oh well. I've found that it is much easier to review code with a text editor that recognizes HTML files. I use TextPad. It color codes everything so that, if I miss a quote mark, everything after the quote mark is green and I know it isn't supposed to be..

Doog Xela..

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K so did we decide/agree on where border="0" resides?.

Thanks so much everyone for your help it's much much appreciated!!! It's sometimes so hard to see your own mistakes in all that messy code...i plan on cleaning it up too..

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I was just making sure you people are on your toes.

Actaully I even missed the " in the height attrib...

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Horus, you are correct. I'm not sure what I was thinking... but thats what I get for answering questions late at night without coding the answers!.

I did notice that the page was a dreamweaver page, no? How did those quotes get left unclosed? Usually DW does a pretty good job.....

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Part of it might have been done in dreamweaver...i'm not the original part the part we have been working on here is hand coded thus the missing " thanks!..

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Since ya'll were so great helping me here's another q about the same page.



I need to incorporate the page moretable.html into the almaden_valley.html page.......except....I want the whole moretable area to start about half way across the the left edge of it starts under the areas like in the image here.


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Draw a table..

Dont laugh, I mean it..

In the page where you want "moretable.html", draw a table..


| | |.

|sidebar | top bit |.

| ++.

| | |.

| | iframe |.

| | src="moretable.html" |.

| | |.


Hope you understand where I'm coming from..

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Another q I have about it possible to shade them? or do we just add a very light background color like I have?..

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Sorry - I can't seem to put in more than one space - I tried to draw out the table in text...

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Thanks entimp..

Lexi - you draw it by doing:.

For more info about <table>, <td> and <iframe> - look at these pages:.




Just one more thing - <iframe> is not part of the "strict" standard of html 4.0. It is part of the "transitional" standard. This will probably mean that it is going to be in a future "strict" standard. Also, be aware that older versions of browsers may not support <iframe>...

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