What is the reason to exceed iPage web host CPU usage?

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Question I have... What is the reason to exceed iPage web host CPU usage? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... This may not belong in this forum, sorry..

I've found a few really nice DHTML Nav bars that I would like to use. All of them have fixed location settings so that I have to state left position, top position. Does anyone know how to get around this so that I can force it's location to a cell in my page layout table? or can someone explain why not?.

Also, I'm still learning my style sheets, can a DHTML menu be placed in one so that I can configure it once? If so, is there anything special that needs to be placed before and after the code in the sheet...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I see what you mean jonn, if I even as much adjust my window size it throws your menu off..

I'm using coolmenu3 from, aka Bratta. I guess we may be in the same place because I want a left nav bar and I could leave my table left justified but I want it center on the page (I know I'm picky)..

I'm having another problem with coolmenu3 in that the coolmenu3.js default location in the script is "up one level" from the page it resides on and I cannot find where in the script to specify the location I would like that file to be. is an outstanding iPage site but there's not a lot of response going on on the forums..

Dr. Web I'd show you my example but until I bypass the problem above you couldn't see it...

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If you are calling an external script then somewhere in your head tags you will see this..

<script language='JavaScript' src='script.js' type='text/javascript'></script>.

You could try moving it to another directory but you might run into problems on calling teh script. I have done this with a couple of Dhtml menus and I had to keep the files together in order for it to work. but that is just a suggest as you might not...

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Thanks scoutt,.

The call was - <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="../coolmenus3.js">.

And I was not looking at the ../ I removed that and it works great..

Now let me finish off an example of my earlier post so Dr.Web can see what I'm talking about as far as the location of the menu...

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Ok, first off this was done in FrontPage (sorry).

If you go to.


You can see how I would like it layed out centered and there is a java script menu where I would like the DHTML to reside..

If you go to.


You can see how I have everything aligned left to prevent page resizes in moving the DHTML. On about line 88 is the line for the position. Sorry, but it still has all of the referances in the script, haven't cleaned it up yet..


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