What is yahoo iPage web hosting and how much it cost me?

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First of all What is yahoo iPage web hosting and how much it cost me? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. Does anyone know how to make it so when they submit a form it will bring them to anew page and send me a email?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Positive. it's eally easy with PHP or Perl though. if you still want to know I can tell you how. all you would need to do is have the form's action as "blah.php" and i'll make blah.php for you. it wil mail info (in whatever layout you choose) and redirect to a new page. not gonna do it until you request me to, don't wanna waste time. i'd be glad to if you ask..

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No there is no way to do it with plain HTML, and like pyrexyn said he can make you the script, but there is heaps of free ones out there..

Also if you want to get really technical you could have a PHP page that displays what the person has sent to you..

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I'll be glad if you could make me one..

All I need it to do is have them fill out a form and when they subit it it will email me and bring them to a new page. And a reset button.

I need 3 text boxes one labeld account name, password,and email addres and I need a check box labeld I have read and agreed to the rules..


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Pyrexyn Can you please make me a php script...? I need it soon people are getting confuses how to make an account I need some forms please.

Thats is if you stil want to make it......

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Sorry sorry I can't tell which forums I reply in and I just read this... i'll get to work right away. it's past 1 AM, and i'm sneaking online (pfft parents) so this might take a bit, i'll finish before 6 am hopefully. it's very simple, but you'll have to learn a lil php while your at it. just read what I give you carefully. well... here I go.....

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My god... perfect timing for my webhost featureprice to go out of business eh? now I have to go download something to run PHP on my compy ....

(i learned php a week ago, I never tried mailing, so I need to test. but this shows you how easy php is to learn..


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Ok thaaat dint work. just messed up my computer... I guess PHP can only be installed on servers... time to find a free web host with PHP support....

Advice: don't install PHP on your computer if you don't know what your doing. especially if you have windows ME...

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OK follow aOK follow along. I am writing a book here. Read EVERYTHING carefully, unless otherwise told..


Basic Contents (Your Requests).

1) User inputs account name, password, and email.

2) Information is sent to specified address.

3) User is redirected to specified page.

Advanced Features (Things I Felt Were Good to Put In).

1) Retype password and check to make sure passwords are identical: error message included.

2) Password boxes have asterisk text for security.

3) Proceed only if all boxes are filled out and user checks the "agree" box, otherwise have an error message..

4) Email is sent to you.

5) Confirmation email sent to person.



Contains the forms..


Checks to make sure information is valid, and displays error messages if not..


Sends two mails and redirect..


You may skip this section..

2:29 AM Test 1:.

Hahaha forgot to put a submit button....

2:31 AM Problem:.

FTP for PHP host malfunctioning. Waiting to retry..

2:39 AM Test 2:.

"Parse error: parse error in /users/ on line 4".

Forgot semicolons....

2:41 AM Test 3:.

"Parse error: parse error in /users/ on line 21".

Forgot another semicolon.

2:45 AM Test 4:.

"Parse error: parse error in /users/ on line 23".

Forgot another semicolon, damn these freaking semicolons! Also forgot 5 closing brackets. OK, so PHP is not so easy. Only because it's so strict..

2:52 AM Test 5:.

Whooooooo! "You must input an account name. Please hit back on your browser and try again." One aspect of check.php works!.

2:53 AM Test 6:.

"You must input a password. Please hit back on your browser and try again." 2 for 2..

2:56 AM Test 7:.

"You must retype your password. Please hit back on your browser and try again." 3 for 3..

2:58 AM Test 8:.

"You must input an email address. Please hit back on your browser and try again." 4 out of 4..

2:59 AM Test 9:.

"Your passwords do not match! Please hit back on your browser and try again." Whoa... I doubted this part would work but... awesome!.

3:00 AM Test 10:.

"You must agree to the terms stated in the rules to continue. Please hit back on your browser and read/accept the rules." The last test has passed for check.php! Moving on to the actual email part. I set up the forms so that it emails to my email address, and I'm using my second email address to see if I get the confirmation..

3:02 AM Test 11:.

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mail() in /users/ on line 2".

3:08 AM:.

So mail() didn't work. I thought it was a php version problem. So I made phpinfo.php which is supposed to return php information about versions and stuff, but that didn't work either. Then I go search for help in my free host's website:.

"Why I can not run functions mail() and phpinfo()?.

For security reasons those functions and all sockets functions are disabled. Please do not use it in your PHP programs.".

3:34 AM:.

Still searching for a host with PHP support..

3:54 AM:.

I give up. Tell me whether or not the scripts work..


This file has been tested to function perfectly..

You MUST change things in.


You MAY change things in.



This file has been tested to function perfectly..

You MUST change things in.


You MAY change things in.


To be continued.....

Comment #9


This file has NOT BEEN TESTED and is questionable whether it can function or not..

Please test it with two email addresses you can accesses, and reply whether the two emails work or not..

You MUST change things in.


You MAY change things in.



1) User loads signup.html.

2) User inputs Account Name, named acName (shown below).

3) User inputs Password, named psWord1 (shown below).

4) User reenters Password, named psWord2 (shown below).

5) User inputs Email Address, named emAddress (shown below).

6) User checks the checkbox for the agreement, which triggers the string "yes" into the variable "agree" (shown below).

7) User clicks "submit" (shown below).

8) Variables acName, psWord1, psWord2, emAddress, and agree are all sent to check.php. The form uses "POST" which will secure information better than "GET" (shown below).

9) If acName is empty, an error message is displayed (shown below).

10) Otherwise, if psWord1 is empty, an error message is displayed (shown below).

11) Otherwise, if psWord2 is empty, an error message is displayed (shown below).

12) Otherwise, if emAddress is empty, an error message is displayed (shown below).

13) Otherwise, if psWord1 is not equal to psWord2, an error message is displayed (shown below).

14) Otherwise, if agree is not equal to "yes", an error message is displayed (shown below).

15) Otherwise, psWord1 is stored into psWord (since we are sure that the password has no mistakes) (shown below).

16) Next, the user is redirected to mail.php (shown below).

17) You receive a mail (set at.

Subject: Confirmation.

Thankyou! We have received your email..

20) Another redirect code brings the user to a specified page. (shown below).


1) Please notify me whether or not this works.

2) If you are wondering why there are \" they are simply ways of saying " without screwing up PHP scripts..

3) In the meta tags, the number after "content" is the number of seconds before redirecting.

4) Should've made sure before but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PHP SUPPORT ON YOUR SERVER.

5) mail() function needs PHP 3.0 or higher.

6) You will not be able to run PHP scripts on your computer most likely. Upload on server before using..

7) If you decide to change the names or move around the files, make sure you use "replace" (Ctrl+H) in notepad (Win XP) to get every single file name. I suggest leaving the file names alone, and putting them in the same directory..

Well that was 3 and a half hours of hell for me, but I learned a lot from this, and I hope you did too...

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I've been working on this from 1 to 5 AM, possibly the worst times to pick. I probably made a some errors, so anyone who finds one please point it out.


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If that doesn't work, I think I might know why... first try it. if theres a problem (assuming you have php support including mail()...) it must be a php configuration thing. I heard something about needing to setup smtp settings in php.ini.....

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Yeah I finally found a host that works: here's what you want.


Everything works..

Except the email.

It might be because i'm using a free and crappy service I don't know. I wish my freaking host didn't ditch me..

Well the redirect works too, after 4 seconds - you can change the time whenever..

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OK COOL man thanks alot.

Only thing is.....I use frontpage xp...and my web host is centurytel And I use FTP will it work.....and ummm I heard that it send players a email....Can I have it so it justs brings them to a new page and it emails me the info?..

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Take out this line from mail.php to take out confirmation:.

I have never used frontpage - I know what it is but i'm not sure how I can help. but all you really need to do is copy and then paste into notepad, and then save as "main.php" or "check.php" WITH THE QUOTES. It won't work on your computer, but they will work if you put them on your server (if it has PHP access). Then you upload the files with FTP, it'll be fine..

Specify the URL of your iPage site please or give me a link to the service that you use, I don't know if you have support for PHP. if you find out you don't, and if you get my own server running, i'll just upload the php files to my server, and you can make the action point to my server. Nothing will be different, I'll just host it. And i'll make sure it doesn't move or anything. or you can get your own free serice somewhere with PHP...

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Here's mail.txt - open it, save as (including quotes) "mail.php"..

Comment #16

Here's check.txt, open it, save as (including quotes) "check.php"..

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Umm....what do I do with those......I put that script into my frontpage web stuff and it doesnt work... I even tryed it on my web host...I guess they dont support PHP.


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To test if your web host supports PHP, make a text file with the following in it:.


<?php phpinfo(); ?>.

Save the file as.


And upload it to your webspace. Then call the file up on your web browser. If you see a screen full of information, then your host supports it...

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Are you sure you have php support?.

Well right now I can't to anything: I still have no service,... but i'm getting one within a week..

Once I get it i'll test it (it really should be working).

I think you just don't have php support... or mail() function support..

Can you tell me what parts worked? (I'll remind you again, the files MUST be on the server. Cannot be tested on the computer).

1) If the form validation (stuff like "you must input a name, please go back") worked and mail didn't, you do not have the necessary php support..

2) If the form check worked but the mail dint... (redirect works) either you have no mail() support, or theres something I don't know about mail()..

3) If theres any error messages, post it here..

If your server doesn't have php support, I'll give you an account on my new iPage domain (when I get it) so that you can put any PHP stuff in it. Just set the action to the right URL and everything should work. (btw it can also support perl scripts).

Sorry, I couldn't help much. however, there's no easier way to do it. CGI is next in line after PHP, and after weeks of trying I never quite found out how to do CGI. many sites go "get free CGI scripts blah blah" and you might find a mail script there, but it's still hard. thats about as far as I ever got with CGI. because even with the code in your hands you have to edit it to fit your server properties. if you haven't lost interest, I will continue to try after I get a domain..

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King, when you tested the script on your host and tried it did it show anything?.

For Example..

Did it show a blank screen or did it show the codeing??.

Anyway if you decide to go for a CGI formmail script.


Is a free one, although alot of free servers won't allow it to run. Because spammers link to it...

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When I put in the script pyrexyn made it just hsowed a blank screen : / and for the other one just a blank screen again. But ill give CGI A try.

And if I need to use php Ill post again here to let ya know ^^ or do you have an email or something I can contact you?..

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Yes you do need a server!, i've got apache running on my windows Me system (.


Apache, mysql, phpmyadmin - runs nicely)..

King, seems like you don't have php support, there's plenty of perl.


Handlers here!.

Yes you could do it with just html but it doesn't always work, using the old action="mailto:your address".



To learn how to do one of those..

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I couldnt find how do I make it so it will go to a new page and email?????..

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Hey if nothing works, i'll set everything up on my site. just give me the email address you want the messages sent to and the redirecting URL, and put signup.html on your site. you MAY NOT change the names of the input/password fields (i need them for the php script). you MAY change anything else on that page (even the name "signup") for example add a link to the rules that people need to agree to..

I signed up for a new host, and i'm getting DNS changed so I can start my iPage site within 3 days. then i'll set it up, give what URL to put in "action" of the form tag, and you'll be done..

I'll keep that on my server without changing path or deleting, etc. so you don't have to worry about it disappearing. if you decide to change the form (add or remove stuff) just contact me..

For now just keep trying to find other stuff if you'd rather use your own stuff than my service.

Good luck..

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Ill email you soon I'm sure....Im going to talk to the host real quick that is iPage hosting the shard I made. But if he cant help Ill email you.


Comment #26


(thats what I put in my profile I think) - my sites still down...

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Hey I found a html script form it seems nice but can you possibly get this one to go to a new page and email....

< d e v h e a d : s c r I p t l I b r a r y >.

Script: 0058.

Type: JavaScript.

To install this script, follow these simple steps:.

1. Cut and paste this script into the HEAD of your document:.

<script language="JavaScript">.

<! Hide this script from old browsers.


This script came from the 24 hour JavaScripts Site.

Located at.


It is brought to.

You by Eric Jarvies, Lewis Sellers, Giuseppe Lombardo,.

Kurt Anderson, and David Medinets..


Function everything(form) {.







Function allblanks(form) {.

If((isName(form) && isEmail(form)) && (isHomepage(form) && isComments(form))) {.



If((isName(form) == false || isEmail(form) == false) || (isHomepage(form) == false || isComments(form) == false)) {.




Function compose(form) {.

Var text = "You forgot to fill in correctly:".

If(isName(form) == false) {.

Text += " your name".


If(isEmail(form) == false) {.

Text += " your e-mail address".


If(isHomepage(form) == false) {.

Text += " your homepage's url".


If (isComments(form) == false) {.

Text += " your comments".




Function isName(form) {.

If (form.yourname.value == "") {.

Return false.


Else {.

Return true.



Function isEmail(form) {.

If (( == "" ||'@', 0) == -1) ||'.') == -1) {.

Return false.


Else {.

Return true.



Function isHomepage(form) {.

If ((form.homepage.value == "" || form.homepage.value.indexOf("http://") == -1) || form.homepage.value.indexOf(".") == -1) {.

Return false.


Else {.

Return true.



Function isComments(form) {.

If(form.cs.value == "") {.

Return false.



Return true.



// End Hiding Here >.


2. Cut and paste this into the BODY of your document:.

<form name="kurt" method="<i>your_method</i>" action="<i>your_action</i>">.



<dd><input type="text" value="" name="yourname" size=30></p>.


<dd><input type="text" value="" name="email" size=30></p>.

<p><dt>Your homepage: (must begin with.



<dd><input type="text" value="http://" name="homepage" size=30></p>.


<dd><textarea rows=7 cols=40 name="cs"></textarea></p>.

</dl><input type="button" name="thesubmit" value="Submit" onClick="everything(this.form)"> <input type="reset" value="Reset">.


ZDNet (c) 1999. DevHead and ScriptLibrary provides.

These scripts as a free service to our users. The.

Scripts have been provided by the author for use.

Within the resource and are "freely distributable.".

Scripts remain the property of the author, unless.

Otherwise indicated...

Comment #28

2:30 PM.

... too much javascript.... brain dying... ahhhh...*dies*.

(gonna go eat breakf... err... lunch... and then i'll check the code out to see what it can do. I already looked at it, and I kinda get it. but I highly doubt javascript can email.)..

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Ok thats not a email script..

That script justs checks to make sure that the email is valid (makes sure there is a @ somewhere) and stuff like that. when you submit it nothing happens. you need php to email it..

Choose one: the old one I made, or the one you showed me today. when my server is up, i'll make your thing on my site, but now i'm not sure which one you want. in the old one, if you want, I can put in validation stuff like the new one, I was just lazy last time...

Comment #30

I want the PHP one you made. you think you can change the fit my web site...heres my website..


Oh and....pyrexyn....If you can help out more on the web page....You can have a staff postion on my Ultima Online Shard.

Ill be glad to have your help. It would do a great deal for the shard...

Comment #31

Ok background for headers is #C0C0C0 and font color is #000080 I got it. I checked out your "join" link - i'll make it so that it fits nicely and viewers won't suspect that the iPage site changed. I won't be an asshole and put "copyright xdemi" like some *******s do either lol.

I just thought of something: my new host lets me make web users. i'll make a user undefinedlegends (or whatever you want, like "ul") and it'll have FTP access so you can manage stuff there. it's like your own webspace, and it even supports Frontpage 97,98,2000,2002 (although I don't know anything about Frontpage). If you don't know FTP just ask. I'll make the page for you, but this way you can edit it anytime. And upload whatever you want.

Ummm I don't know how to set disk quotas, so i'll just trust you - don't use tooo much space, give you maybe upto 20-30 megabytes. I won't make a big deal out of it if you pass that though. I have 20GB bandwidth per month and i've never gotten past... two lol so don't worry about bandwidth. some specs you might wanna no once you get an account on my server.

Front Page Support.


Unlimited FTP Access -.


Perl -.


PHP4 -.


ASP -.


SSI -.


Flash -.


Uptime 99.9%+ -.


Monitoring -.


... so you know what to put and what not to put (database stuff, python, C++, etc.) in the FTP..


PS - you don't have to put me on your staff thing if you don't want to, I really don't mind doing this stuff for you, I feel like my iPage site is useful after helping lol..

Comment #32

I really do want you though as a staff member. But if you dont want to thats ok : /.

But I use FTP thats how I get my web pages up right now..

But uhhh...I dont know what your talking about setting it all up like C++ and what not....All I do is sign on FTp and log out.....Help : /.

I dont know what to do.......

Are you sure you dont want to be a staff member? I would enjoy having you with us. I really would like it if you would be a staff member. But if you dont want to I understand...

Comment #33

Oh I don't mind being staff it'd be pretty cool, just dint wanna make you go through the burden of adding me to the page lol.

Just finished:.


The URL would be.


Once my server is up. user name for FTP is legends, password... email me at.

For it.

Ignore stuff about c++ I said a lil too much..

Comment #34

Thanks man your the best.

Im glad you want to be a staffer were going to have alot of fun.

Oh and I emailed you to ^^.

Talk to ya later...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.