What is you opinion on "Web Site Tonight" 123 website creation?

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First of all What is you opinion on "Web Site Tonight" 123 website creation? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I love this site - but for some reason I cant access it? Anyone else having issues?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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It maybe due to a DNS issue and your ISP has the older records therefore you can still get to it.

You will just have to PM everyone the names dropping..

Comment #2

Yah, last I checked it was working for me now as well......

Comment #3

Works for me, looks like Luc upgraded the member's control panel with little graphics, maybe that's why it was down...

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Hey guys, next time anything goes down shoot me a PM or e-mail.

Sometimes it's on purpose and sometimes I don't know about it...

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Thanks GOD you are available on this forum. I have been pulling my hair trying to get an.

Issue resolved for two weeks,I purchased a HostGator from but the HostGator was never pushed to my ENOM account. I have sent numerous email to support and left voice messages on your support numbers with no response.


I have just PMed you the details of the transaction. Could you please help me get my HostGator back...

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Site hasn't been updated in several days... and even when it was the last week, very sporatic.....

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Same here. There were times when the lists were loading extremely fast, but for the past couple of days, the lists have been very unreliable. Occasionally if you click on the XX,XXX domains under the dates on the pre-organized lists, you can pull them up, but searches and filters remove all names..

I just noticed this:..

Comment #8

Thanks Jorge for that tid bit... I hope he gets them back up so I can resume my Normal PD activities... =)..

Comment #9

Ye, I love PD!.

I use it all the time and is a very important site for me personally. Hopefully it's back up soon..

Comment #10

I recieved an Email from Luc, who just pointed me to what Jorge had already found..... ah well.....

Comment #11

Any updates as to why PD is still not producing lists?..

Comment #12

Which extensions are available for tasting with the prices ?

Comment #13

Man I wish they had their lists back up.... I keep checking every day... and nothing.. I miss the old PD.....

Comment #14

I know, me too. My referrals have suffered as well..

BTW, "coming" only has one "m"...

Comment #15

If I had a penny for everytime someone corrected a gramatical error of mine... I would own a lot of HostGator names.....

Comment #16

I guess this will have less people bidding for those ovt w/ext names. Is exody still working?..

Comment #17

Don't you already?.

Looks like there's an updated list for 06-08-2007 now. Enjoy!..

Comment #18

Rejoice!!! Digging Digging Digging....

If I said, "no", would anyone believe me?..

Comment #19

I just tried to access the site, and it is down, is there another good place to go for drops?..

Comment #20

Thanks for the update. I see it's up now...

Comment #21

It is up, but nothing like it used to be. Inaccurate lists, not displaying all the domains, etc...

This has been a few months now, is it safe to say is done for good pre-compiled lists?.

Any other comparable options?..

Comment #22

Still down - what a shame... I emailed last week - no response. They were moving to a new server last wednesday - but apparently nothing happened. Just a shame..


Does anyone know a similar service - Daily Drop Lists available for CSV export?..

Comment #23

These are 2 of them which I use frequently. I don't know whether they have the CSV export option. You could try them and see if it's useful..

Enjoy and REPS would be appreciated...

Comment #24

Rep Added - but not quite what Im looking for - I hope PD comes back online...

Comment #25

Has anyone had luck contacting Luc? I've sent him a pretty good number of emails over the past couple of months, no response...

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