What is your opinion of Limewebs as a iPage web host?

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First off, What is your opinion of Limewebs as a iPage web host? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. The only Way they will Ever make Netscape work is when all you Smucks who use it Stop Using it!.

Its Pants!.

I Cant see why you all put up with it!.

IE is free and it works!.

I just cant imagine any other type of software where you would put up with this kind of ch|t.

I know I got this great Mp3 player, but it makes silly Whistley noises when you use it! hey but it aint by Microsoft! so who cares!.

Grow up , if it wernt for Bill gates wed all be using Apples!.

Ps. Dont get Offended it's just my Opinion..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I see your points, but what about college students? and Linux users? sometimes NN is the only option. However, I too agree that several of MS products are worth a persons time..

It's just "what job you have and what tools you need".



Shouldnt this thread be in the Lounge?..

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Personally I hate Netscape's Browser, it seems way to slow for me. I sticly use EI, the only time Netscape gets fired up is to review a Website. I really dont know how people can use it with the IE option...

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I use Netscape because I like the bookmark feature better than the favorites, always have and always will. I don't find it to terrible hard to write code for Netscape, sometimes you have to do some work arounds, but other than that it works. but you have to take in that AOL made NS6.1 which is a lot better than the previous versions. so they did improve on it and in some references it handles code better than IE..

But then again that is my opinion...

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C'mon Doc......don't go giving away the monkey's secrets for web designing!..

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It is twice as quick using two wrenches!.

I think MicroS should buy out netscape and sun, and just create a netscape skin for internet explorer to please fans of NS. NS is useless for css anyway, and it makes my machine crash like a monkey who has drunken a truck tank full of banana vodka..

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Thats the ONLY MAIN reason I like netscape, otherwise I prefer IE...

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Netscape can't be all that bad. I feel that the 2 browsers are quite similar and NN is not a bad browser on it's own. NN may be behind IE in CSS and some other issues, but then again, isn't that the job of the webmaster to ensure that their visitors receive content properly?..

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Lol..sounds like you really dislike Netscape! I don't mind it, but do use IE exclusively. Every time I popped into netscape and roamed around in it for a while for a change of pace, when I have had enough and attempt to close the window, I get an error and my entire computer freezes up. I have to manually shut down and reboot. I don't know why this happens - it never happens when I use IE, so I now just stay out of it...

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Netscrape sucks.... all browsers should workt he same, liek IE (only not so slow)..

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The very important thing I don't hear is that IE don't work good with SSL (Server Secure Layer). The "https" protocol..

Specially for IE have the credit card companies downgrade the SSL. Still it's not working good. this have cost tons of money for all kind off persons rich and poor..

And that only because Microsoft don't want or can fix it..

And every time the same story.......

Rerereinstalling .....

After all that years I found windows still BETA..

Win95 Win98 Win2000 WinME it still crash..

Every time they come with a new O.S..

And every time they believe Bill, Windows is even better than before..

Well.... afther all that years, I don't think so!!!.

Linux is running for more than a year on my computer..

But that is my.





This iPage domain is still free....

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