What kind of Medifast recipes is pinhead oatmeal used for?

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First of all What kind of Medifast recipes is pinhead oatmeal used for? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Every year my husband goes thru something this time of year. I finally talked him into getting on med. a couple of years ago. He got so bad it almost cost us our marriage.

Well his biggest complaint was that I never wanted to do anything with him work wise with his coworks, christmas parties and what not.

Like we use to go out to eat more and could sample tons. I told him we can still enjoy those things just differently. I asked him if he liked me better heavy. He said it didn't matter to him. I told him I want to be more active and do more things but he is not willing.

Finances are terrible this time of year which doesnt help. I have been on SSi for social anxiety for about 5years but I would like to try to get a job or go back to.


I think I am ready. But who is going to hire some one that has been at home for years with no work experience. I feel so stuck.I miss my husband when we do get intimate it is great but he doesnt touch me nearly as much as he use. I asked him if he finds me attractive and he says yes. I know one issue I am having is I have lost my d boobs to like nothing. My hubby was a boob man and it bothers me cause they are not their.

I did go out the other nite and had a drink or two. I got told I was hot more times than I can count. Mind you these are people that knew me before and never said this when I was heavy. I guess I have an attitude about this. Especially with men I have known for years hitting on my cause now I am thin.

I wanted this exceptance all my life not just because I am thin. My husband has even thought about splitting up. I think he wants freedom cause we married so young.Although he won't admitt itIm so cofused spent a good part of the weekend in tears. I just can't make him happy. His mom told me to.


Him. I love this man but sometimes I am fighting a losing battle. My mom and aunt said I can do better and not put up with him. I know I could find some else. But it's not that easy just to walk away. I have been tempted though.

I told my husband I love him no matter whether he is rich or poor. If he only loves me when we can buy things or do things he is in this for the wrong reasons. Well just need to vent. Havent' been on here lately been bummed.Angie..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Angie... so sorry you are going through this :(.

As for working... maybe you can register with a placement agency. I took 2 yrs off when my children were born and this was a life saver for me.. got me back in the game..

Good luck to you and your hubby..

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Angie, I to will be praying. what you are experieincing is quite common. When one of the partners looses weight the whole relationship changes and it is different. All of a sudden you have more self cofidence and you feel better physically. I agree.


Together would be a great place to start..

There are people out there who will hire you! You may not get the dream job right away, but any job to get some experience and a resume together would be a great place to start and you can always keep looking for the ideal job..

Good Luck,, Keep us update..


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Angie I'm not married and cant even dream of how much it must hurt but threw your medical coverage maybe you could get councling and as far as getting a job thats always a good thing and most jobs will train you. I will pray for you and I.


The two of you can come up with the best answer for both of you...

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Your post really made me think so I am going to be very honest here..

I am in a bad marriage.I know it's not acceptable to say that but what can I do, thats the way it is..

I made a mistake to marry this man and I know now that my weight played a part in that decision..

Losing weight will not end my marriage but the realization that this is a truly bad marriage and that I can move beyond it will..

I can't say what your situation is but I think in your heart you know..

It has been said that the.


Will not end marriages but will make a strong relationship stronger and a weak one fizzle..

I am still here in this house due to finances but my marriage is definately over..

One thing alonesurgery has shown me is this, my husband stopped sleeping with me as soon as we married 5 years ago. I was curious to see if the weight loss would change this situation..

It has not..

This is not the only reason there are many many more..

I wonder why I chose someone who was so emotionally imature and unavailable to me in the first place..

Was it because I felt I could do no better?.

You need to make your own decisions but I believe that especially now that you can see without the weight you will know in your heart what is the right thing for you..

Go slow, take your time and think about it. All the best,.


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I haven't been in your shoes so can only tell you from my personal experience. I have been married for 26 years and it is a lot of work. I think one is to consider that you have no options so you must make it work. That is what I do. It doesn't mean I am unhappy, it is just when we go through periods like this we just tough it out and keep moving..

Temping like sweet sal mentioned is a great way to get back into the work force and re-build your skills. Lots of companies will accept staying at home with kids as a viable excuse to be out of the work force..

Let him know you are willing to do what it takes to work through this. Just give it your best shot. People are always here to help you...

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WLS is a tool to fix your body, not your life. You still have to take all measures necessary to make your life work. You two need.


At the very least you need someone to support you even if he refuses. The only person you can fix is you. That is enough for now...

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Well I love all you chicks, skinny fat or morbidly obese. You see I only see your souls and your hearts. Yup I think your all peaches and I'd eat everyone of you girls alive..

Jus giving you girls a little Monday morn boost!.

Luv Lu.

Angie, you'll do what is best for you!..

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Ah tyou guys are great. Yup going keep plugging away. Your all right I can only fix me. I have been so consumed with dh(darlinghusband) sometimes I forget about my happiness. Well not any more. I can either spend the rest of my life trying to figure out what the hell he wants and never succeed or just keep going and enjoy all my new accomplishments.

I want some of the attention. LU you are a sweetie it's great to see a guy who looks past the physical body. I think being on both sides of the coin probably be more understanding. You always make me laugh. Best always Angie..

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I have been in your shoes. Not because of wt loss but with a husband. You said "I just can't make him happy." That is not your job to make him happy. You can only controll yourself. He must find his own happyness..

I would check out the job obtions. Check the temp agencies etc. Get your life were you want your life to be. Then stop and see if he want to be a part of it..

One councelor said a marrage should be like two strong trees standing side by side. You should not be leaning on/holding each other up. That is not a health relationship..

If you can, go to a counsler and see if working to get the relationship 'upright' is what you both want..

My prayers are with you..


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