What kind of Medifast recipes should I use to keep a turkey moist?

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Got a question... What kind of Medifast recipes should I use to keep a turkey moist? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Hi everyone. it hasn't even been a week since ive had my.


But I need some advice about how to handle clothes shopping. With the weather changing I need new clothes but I dont want to and really cant afford to spend money on clothes that will only last me a few weeks and then will be too big. Please let me know if any of you have figured out a way to not go broke but also not look like a mess in baggy clothes!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Hi Amber,.

Value Village and Goodwill have been godsends for me. Dropping from a 28 to a 14/16 and I can get new stuff for under $20. You can even find new clothes, with the store tags still on!.

Have fun with your new self!.

Hugs! Patricia..

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Amber, I am having the same issue. I have lot 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks. I went on line and found a sale and brought some skirts and a few shirts. It is very easy to alter skirts if need be. I am very active in church and I am shopping for this too and.


To sell some of them at a consignment shop later. I have to go back to work soon and I am glad the style right now has a lot of shifts and a-line dresses and tops and not so much form fitting stuff this helps and maybe by Spring we will be closer to our ideal weight. Dont buy anything too expensive I suggest Walmart and I agree with Patricia on thrift stores...

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Since I have been losing weight I shop at the Salvation Army, consignment shops and Wal-mart for my clothes. Because everyone says that you are not in them very long before they are too big so not to buy brand new ones...

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I am having the same problem pre-op. I thought about a clothing exchange through here, but didn't get much interest. Some of the bariatric clinics have them once a month or so I'm told. Unfortunately, mine does not. Bad thing is my.


Is going to be when there are no garage sales. There are just a handful of second hand stores around too. I have checked out one stop shop, woman within, and several other on-line stores. If you go that route be sure to check if they have coupon codes to use...

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Get as little as possible. Walmart, Target, in plain colors that can be accessorized to look like different outfits..

I bought a ton when I got to 14/16 thought no way can I get any smaller from a tight 28. In size 4 jeans now so take it from me don't waste the $ the sizes once you are out of plus will fly too... seems like less of a distance between sizes in single digits..

If you have a local support group a clothing exchange is a great idea...

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This is so funny to me! Just today as I flush my waredrobe sp of anything a fatty might wear, I was thinking maybe I'm still just a closet cloth whore who is unable to admit I rape the goodwill, salfuckingvation army etc. I outdress every fat person including ppl that think their skinny than anyone else I know. I swear I don't have a shirt or pair of jeans that some fat fuck had to give away that doesn't cost 50$. The greatest thing that happen to me post GBS is that I no longer have a phobia about getting a bargin in clothing..


This helps you in your successful journey!.

I keep an eye out for you girl..

Luv Lucifer..

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I use my.

Support groups.

Clothing exchange to get smaller clothes and I also use a group called FREECYCLE.COM...look for one in your area...they list things that are totally free that others cannot use and want them to go to someone in need of the items. You can post a "need" for the clothing and you will get more than you need I am sure!.

Good luck.


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Second hand is definately the way to go. As happy as I am to be losing weight, it is frustrating to not have any clothes that fit. I can find some amazing deals at the Goodwill in my area, but I still wont buy the higher priced ones there even. I went about 2 weeks ago and got a pair of jean because all of mine look like saggy butt gangster pants now (haha). So I found a pair that I had to suck in to button and could barely breathe in thinking they would last awhile. Wrong...I can still get away with wearing them if I fold over the top of them, but they are already baggy. Thankfully they were only $5..

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Great Big Sale at JCP Big n Tall! I bought 2XL shirts, big bag full!..

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