What kind of Website is
My question is What kind of Website is Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Has anyone got a HostGator name(s) brainstorm late at night, bought them all, and then awakened in the morning and said: "Oh, no. What have I done?"..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I must admit I have reged some pretty bad ones while tiredlolI wont name any...but trust me...They weren't worth reg fee..

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Happened to me all the time when I just started..

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Happened to me as well....


Why don;t I just spend those money to buy myself some more mangas? XD..

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Oh yeah, my "portfolio" of domains is about 30 or so right now, and I would say at least 5 of them are worthless... and a handful more are reg fee or less... but hopefully there are a few good ones in there... what was I thinking ???.

Oh well, live and learn.....

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When I think "hey, this could be a good domain", I don't register it instantly but I write it in my list of interesting available domains..

Every day I check it and register/cancel some names; well, sometimes very good names where registered by others sooner that I made my decision, but at 95% of cases this avoided me to register crap!.

The only situation when I instantly register a HostGator as I find it available, is when I think that it will surely be registered some day after (usually it happens where there is a big happening and everyone is registering something about - let's talk about all those Vista names...


And this is the situation when I register the greatest amount of stupid domains - but I like all those 6€ gambles..

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I just put prospective names into my eNom cart, but not checkout until I've made up my mind, or just delete the name...

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I prefere the analogic way: the old good piece of paper..

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Try to avoid registering names when you are very tired, or been drinking heavily...

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Beer goggles..

Then that awkward moment when you're getting dressed and have to decide whether a hug/handshake/kiss/pat on the back with the HostGator would be the correct thing before selling it for pennies on some forum..

Then you swear to yourself no more one-night-stand-domains, until that next little beauty comes along..

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I agree-lol...A name that looks great and then turns out to be trash the next day is a nuicence to one acct..

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Picture this. A few years ago you are sitting (late at night) at your computer, registering domains. You look at the clock and realize it's getting late and you're all in. "ALL IN" Great domain!!!!!! The next morning you probably would have thought "Oh no. What have I done". Sometimes domains only seem like trash at the time...

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To avoid any temptations of doing this, I have this paper on my desk that I pull out that says "DON'T BE AN IDIOT! IT's YOUR MONEY!" I leave it there when I'm buying stuff online...

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Lol, I try to at least type it into google first then copy and paste after clicking whatever it says "Did you mean ______?"..

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I registered late one night. I felt dumb as a rock in the morning...

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I back ordered through pool one night (had good alexa rating).

Imagine my suprise when I won the name with no auction...

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I got WDIZ.COM ($29) and WZTA.COM ($59) from enom recently. I don't know what I was thinking. Myabe it was because I gave up coffee earlier and needed some kind of fix that night...

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A Disney and Sorority Radio Station / TV Station, not horrible..

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Me too, I got a couple that way, I was trying out Pool for the first time and I chose a few domains that seemed ok, when I got an email the next day saying I was charged $120 for two that I got with no auction I almost defiled myself.

All you can say is lesson learned.....

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No. We only think that we learned a lesson. We are all doomed to repeat our late night mistakes...

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I've been there before....many times! Infact, I have about 10 domains sitting in my account doing nothing..

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I don't have ANY domains of value. Cheer up..

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Happened to me all the time.

Happened to me all the time..

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Ahhh... the true power of greed. All you need is ONE decent sale and your right back on track...

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Well, someone bought off of me late last night. I'm pretty sure he's not going to be having any regrets, since I gave him such a killer deal.

I registered Hopefully people will start responding to my appraisal thread for it so I can see if it was a good choice...

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Have been out of the HostGator business for a while, been heavily developing my existing domains. When I first started so much money was wasted on junk domains...

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I use this technique, also. Every once in awhile, you get bit on the ass- on a few occasions I've gone back to reg the name and it was gone, (once within 15 minutes); but I'd rather miss a couple than have a batch of impulse buys that make me go "Ouch!" every time I browse through my portfolio. I ain't perfect, though. A name shows up in a search, the heart starts pounding and the fingers can't type fast enough to swoop it in. But, by having a "holding list", you can modify this behavior, and instead of having 10-20-? regs to sift through the morning after, you have maybe 1 or 2, plus a list of "potentials"...

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