What low-budget Medifast recipes/meal ideas do you have?

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My 1st question is: What low-budget Medifast recipes/meal ideas do you have? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... heard me....

I keep.


People in here, saying oh...I never had to do any kind of pre-op dieting, no liquid diets pre-op....

I'm not angry that I did...not by a long shot...I am so grateful that it was required of me, cause by the time I got to.


...I had a grip on the head huinger issue...

Head hunger is the hardest thing in the world....

It will seriously make you go nearly insane sometimes....

People please....

By the time you get to the decision to have this.

Surgery. ought to be prepared for these changes up front...waiting til afterwards is just plain stupid....

Sorry to be so blunt, and I am not blaming anyone here, but I blame your doctors for not having you do these things sooner...They are setting you up for some really long nights....

SO...with that being said....all you pre-ops out yourself a favor...stop hitting up the goodie can...the fast Medifast food joints....and all the other crap we like to indulge in....

All the "last suppers"...they are ful of crap really think that is gonna make it all better for you???.

Not even gotta start this early, cause then if you slip, or have a bad day, or whatever it is that causes you to go apeshit this will not be in a situation to where you are potentially gonna hurt yourself, and/or be sick....

Plus...I know you don't believe this...but the smaller your liver the better off you will be...Don't think your doctor is surrounded by a cloud of gold, and is so gifted, that he will never even have the chance to make a mistake, cause that just shows your unavailability to.


...the chance for error stands with everybody's you want it to come from him/her not being able to see around your fatty liver???.

You should want to give him/her every clear avenue you can to decrease the chance for this kind of error....

You should want to give yourself every safe option there is....

You should want more for yourself....

You should want the very best....

Thats what I want for each one of you...the very best there is to offer.....

I think we desewrve the best care and advice there is to be had..

We are a special group of people...we are people who know the meaning of true self sacrifice..but when it is all over...we also know some of the most heartfelt joys....

I just want everyone to be safe and healthy and know that I love each one of you greatly, and deeply...To think of someone struggling, because of something that could have been just makes me madder than hell....

Sorry to step on anyone's toes...that is not my intent...I am sure some of you did just fine with no pre-op requirements...good for you...but many people, including myself at one time...need this extra time to get our heads in the game, and out of the damn cookie jar...or chip bag, or drive thru window,...whatever the case may be.....



That you see that my anger is not at you, but to the doctors who let this kind of thing proceed..

I also.


You can see that my concern is truely for your safety and comfort post-op....

I love you all family...y'all should know that by now.....

If you don't then you haven't been around very long...I never sugar coat shit...never have and never will....

But you will never have to wonder where you stand with me, cause I am gonna be straight up and blunt about it all...I don't shoot from the hip, but I say what I mean, and mean what I say....

Y'all are so special to me...and you are special to many others too...I just needed for you to listen and make an informed decision about YOUR OWN health...sometimes doctors do not know best.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I didn't have to do a pre-op.

Liquid diet.

, but did have to follow a pre-surgery Medifast diet of mostly protein, and no carbs, like the Medifast diet would be afterwards. We were told at an informational meeting that if we went into.


And the doctor made the cuts and went in there and saw that the liver was too fatty, he would close us up and make us lose more and come back! That scared me straight! I was so afraid of not getting the.


I stuck to the Medifast diet as best I could. It did help, but 5 months after.


, I still struggle with head hunger and regular hunger. I know I will have this struggle the rest of my life...

Comment #2

Great post! After I went to the first dietician appointment 5 months before.


I started dieting. I put away fried foods and started on the protein shakes. I was diabetic and started using my Glucerna shakes with the protein shakes to substitute 2 meals a day and I lost 44 lbs before.


Which reduced my BMI and shrunk my liver..

Your advice and positive anger is appreciated and much needed. I agree with you it is important to change our behaviors in order to be successful with this.


It is a major.


And a change of life. Great job Elizabeth and well said. We love you too!..

Comment #3

I have been waiting 11 long months to have my.


I had to go to 7 monthly dietary sessions, 8.


Sessions, and appts too numerous to count. I start my.

Liquid diet.

Next week and.


On Nov 2nd..

I boggles my mind that some people breeze through the process without having to do any pre-op.


, without.


Everything you need to know before jumping into this life changing.



I think people lose sight of the fact that GBS is just a tool. It's not a solution. When I came to the realization that I could still screw this up for myself, a lightbulb went on. Learn the process, use the tool, be informed...

Comment #4

All bariatric programs are not the same!.

I too was amazed this year how many ppl get this procedure and have absolutely no clue what to do on day one?? WTF?.


Comment #5

I must be one of the lucky ones. I was required to attend 6 months of classes and support group meetings pre op. Also required to lose 10% of my weight and be on a.

Liquid diet.

Before suregery. Also encouraged to eat as if I had already had the.


(no liquids during meals, chew Medifast food to a pulp, etc.). It was definitely worth it. I think my post op road is much smoother because of that. So, even if your doctor does not require these things, do them. It is for your benefit..


Comment #6

Elizabeth...i agree I have been on me preop Medifast diet for a while now. Have lost 16 lbs. You have to have your heand in the right state of mind to be successful. I know it has helped me out tremendously. The first 4 days were torture but I would do it again. I think everyone needs to trust the surgeon to do what's best for you and to make it the safest it can be.

I have noticed a change in my appetite and I get fuller faster. I am alloed fruits, veggies, and 4 oz of protein a day. I found by changing it up in the order you eat them makes a huge difference..

Thank you for not "sugar coating" anything...

Comment #7

I have been on the liver shrinking Medifast diet for over 3 months now. My.


Is on Nov 3. I used this time to get to know myself better. The Medifast diet has been anything but easy. But I am serious about GBS and am going to do whatever it takes to make it the safest.


Possible. GBS is a tool. There is still a lot of hard work I have to do to make it work. I agree if you aren't commited to this 100% then it obviously is not the way to go. I have contemplated GBS for several years and before now I was not ready. This time, I am and I accepted the commitment to change my life.

It is a process and one that should not be taken lightly. Pre-op friends, please, we all care and want what is best for you. Have your soul searching done before you take this step. It may be the difference between life and death...

Comment #8

Far from being mad a hell, I am happy as a heck that my team made me lose 10% of my weight before.



At the time it pissed me off cause if I could lose that much weight w/out GBS, why have.


But their advance was golden and helped me become successful. I do know others that had GBS and were given no pre or post op guidelines. Some did well other failed. Plus I know just because there is a great pre/post op plans in place, some people still fail to lose the unwanted weight...

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I was in the same boat Paul...I was required to lose 40+ pounds pre-op, so I lost 127....

I was mad as hell at first also, want me to.

Lose weight.

To qualify for weight loss.


??? am I missing something here?.

But in retrospect, I am so grateful to my surgeons office for making me do has made the transition so much easier...I now know what signals my body is sending, when I am truely hungry and when it is just my head.





You guys understand I am not griping at anyone in particular...but at the lack of sincerity from the doctors who don't give their patients time to get use to the idea of having to give up so much, so is not fair for them to throw you to the wolves like that, when it is so not necessary....

I know my opinion doesn't count for squat...but it truely...I mean TRUELY, makes me appreciate my bariatric team and what they have done for me...and what they taught me in those many months pre-op..(16 months from start to finish)...also for what I taught myself in the makes me more accountable, it makes me less defensive to what I have chosen to do, it makes me grateful for new beginnings...and it made me less hungry when it was all said and done.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.