What Medifast recipes can be changed to make something completely different?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What Medifast recipes can be changed to make something completely different? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. My younger sister just had the.

Gastric bypass surgery.

About 3 weeks ago and she is up and smoking again and not just a little alot like a pack or so a day I need to know if this can cause problems and if this is a bad choice for her to do this? I thought that you coundn't smoke at all after you have had this.


? Please let me know if anyone has an answer to this..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I just think that with her smoking it is going to slow down her healing process and drive her to her old habits...

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I say this respectfully- -but there are certain people that look at gastric bypass as an easy solution. I personally believe that if individuals are not ready to make LIFESTYLE changes then why pursue this?.

I am not a smoker but living with someone who does smoke while my son and I have asthma is ridiculous..

Smoking pre-op and post-op (especially this early on) can cause serious risks as she is still healing. Everyone is different and there are great variances with the bariatric programs..

Here's some information that was provided to me from my program regarding smoking..

Smoking decreases the blood supply to your healing tissues, increasing the risk of incisional hernias (which may require additional.


) and leaks (which can be life-threatening). It slows the healing process, making your recovery time longer and more painful..

Smoking can contribute to ulcers, and after a gastric bypass, you are at increased risk for ulcers. If ulcers occur in your new pouch, it is particularly dangerous because your pouch is so small. And if ulcers occur in your old stomach, it is particularly dangerous because your doctor can't really get to the old stomach anymore..

Smoking also increases your risk of developing gall stones, and you are already at a pretty high risk of developing gall stones after a gastric bypass..

After the.


, the number of blood vessels to the stomach is reduced. By continuing to smoke following.


, a patient may experience a host of other complications, including:.

Ulceration of the pouch.




Pulmonary dysfunction.

Increased shortness of breath.



This helps you..


Comment #3

Amen, I can't believe that smoking can help at all. I'm a 22 year vet from the Army. I'd been smoking since 17. Like the man said this is a change in lifestyle! It's not the "easy way out". Trash the coffin nails!..

Comment #4

My doctor told me that he would not do.


If I still smoked because of the side affects most of wich Josie mentioned it sounds like wls isnt being taken serious I stopped smoking for a year befor.


To make sure I wouldnt go back to it this April will be 2 years since I stopped so try to tell her she needs to stop..

Comment #5

Insanity - doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. From her smoking to us wanting to straighten someone else up. Pick the battles you CSM win in life, focus on you. Christ I have three grown kids that I'd love to dummy up but once adults make adult decisions that becomes mine of my business..

Jus sayin.


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It is classicly difficult to deal with more than one addiction at a time. Imagine trying to learn to play the clarinet and the piano at the same time..

It is also classic for addicts to suffer a period of regression in old addictions, when tackling a new one..

Smoking is definitely not healthy, neither is compulsive eating or an alcohol addiction. They must all be addressed, but if Medifast food and alcohol are under control, smoking may have to wait a little longer. Many addicts stop smoking after 6 months to a year after attaining sobriety. Some never do,,,.

The most important thing for addicts who are working on multiple adictions is to be in therapy, rehab, spport group, or meetings and have a relationship with another, more stable, recovering addict..

Negative feedback, and any attempt to control the addict's behavior is not comfortable, healthy or productive for you or them. Offer your suppport and recommendation to seek outside recovery and support options...

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Thank you Josie it helps me understand it and I talked to my sister and she understand the risk so I guess that is all I can do...

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I am a firm believer that.


Is power and I have read everything little thing that was given to me, made sure that I dotted my "i's" and crossed my "t's"..

This is her journey and I know that you are trying to do in your power to help her but as addicts whether it's food, alcohol, smoking, (whatever the poison is) we have got to want to help ourselves..

Its a nasty habit to pick up and even harder to break, but she needs to battle one thing at time..

Both GBS and addiction in general take a great deal of discipline, self-control, and an honest step forward to admitting they are wrong..


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It can cause problems. When you smoke it stimulates your stomache acid production so it can lead to ulcers. I only know this because I am a smoker and they yell at me all the time for it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.