What Medifast recipes can you make with nutella?

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Got a question... What Medifast recipes can you make with nutella? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Hi my DS friends, I have another question.. I have to have my gbs as an open.


Now instead of lap.. I am scared as hell for this.. I have 2 little boys (one turns a year old 3 days befor my.


, and the other turns 4 one month later) and I have limited help at home..

My husband can only take one week of work off and then I'm on my own.. I bet your in the hospital for 1 week so I imagine I will be on my own from the day I get home on. ( I have taken eggfaces advice and pre made tons of meals for the family so that will help).

I cannot lay around all day and do nothing, but am super nervouse about having this done open..

So I'm wondering about your guys experiance having this done open.. I have had a ceserian and didnt take it well at all..

Anyways thanks so much for your guys's continued support I'm almost at my 1 month count down!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I would definately have a long talk with your surgeon about what to expect and the concerns you have. Being able to know what to expect in detail and plan ahead is very empowering. You have month, so it is time to rally your support system and put some contingencies into place. You can do it, and you are brave for being willing to do whatever it takes to get healthy...

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I have to be honest... your posts are terrifying to me!! Why the sudden change to Open.


Now? usually that only happens during the.


Itself if they can't get under your liver. If your BMI is under 60- it shouldn't be an issue and if it is over 60- they should be recommending the sleeve before bypass which is still laproscopic!.

DO NOT RUSH FORWARD ON THIS!! You are not getting enough education from your surgeon!!..

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Education is the key. There is a misconception that there is only a couple of ways to do this.


And that is not true. Definately talk to your doctor and make a list of questions and make sure you ask until you understand completely. Yes it can be confusing because we all have our own experiences and opinions. Here is the website of the dr I used and his procedure. It explains it better than I can.

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I had open. Incision was quite long 9" over 44 sutures. I wore an abdominal binder which helped. I had no real pain, uncomfortable, awkwardness but no pain (I have a pretty high tolerance) I had.


At 9 am, was watching soap operas at 2,.


The halls slowly the next morning. It was hard getting into a vehicle (passenger of course) the twisting motion and I couldn't lift much. So no picking up the whippersnappers for awhile, no jumping on Mommy either... something to explain to the 4 year old for sure. Show the 4 year old your boo-boo that helps them be more aware. I could have gone back to a sit down job within 2 weeks (I was.


Around Target & stuff) would have been wiped out a bit but it was doable. I was lucky I got to take more time..

Ask about that abdominal binder... it was my best pal! Kept everything together and was like a safety force field LOL from things getting too close...

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My surgeon is one of only 3 doctors in alberta (canada) who preforms wls. He is very very good at what he does, but does not offer much (or any so ive been told) pre or post op care..

He doesnt do ANYONE with a BMI over 40 lap. he has never lost one patient in over 25 years of preforming this.


I have been on a waiting list for 4 years to have this.


Done so I have researched a TON, and am def not going into this blind..

Canada is alot different than the states when it comes to this. If you have a bmi over 37 you are almost always gauranteed the procedure. No waiting on insurance and that sort of thing.. I have to get my after care from my family doctor but when I ask questions about Medifast food and stuff they tell me I will get all my info in the hospital... I just like to be prepared and am terrified of getting this.


Done open.. I wanted so badly to stay under weight to have this done lap.. but quit smoking about 6 months ago and gained 10 pounds.. which has taken me over the bmi of 40..

I have no pre op diet, and have not been booked into see a NUT yet.. so I'm researching on my own until I get to see this nut. and have been thinking about putting myself on a.

Liquid diet.

For the last month to drop the weight....

I am not worried about my doc he is super qualified and has been doing this for a very long time.. he does 3 gbs every monday at our hospital and my family doctor highly recommends him and tells me I am over thinking everything and that everything will be ok in the end...

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It comes down to you get what this Dr has to offer: Open.


And follow up with your GP..

There certainly are other surgeons in Canada who perform laproscopic.


And have follow up programs. Distance and time are not your friends, of course..

What are you willing to accept in order to save time and not have to travel farther? There are other options, are they worth the sacrifice?..

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If I were you, I would have another conversation about any weight and activity restrictions with your surgeon. Then have a long conversation with your spouse so that it is understood clearly. I did not have open gastric bypass, but I have had 2 c-sections and several other abdominal surgeries. My concerns for you would of course be certain activities like picking up your babies, vacuuming, making beds and even getting laundry out of the drier or washer. If your spouse understands he may have to do more than he usually does and is able to help you when he gets home, you should do fine. And like with the c-section,.


Will definitely help you! Talk to some of your girlfriends. See if they can come over to hang out with you when your hubby goes back to work. You may have to treat yourself gently, and insist on help initially so that you recover quickly and can get back to your regular life!.

During my recovery I have to say I have enjoyed all the naps my little one and I took together. As for my house....well it still hasn't recovered....In fact I should go get busy! :0)..

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First- please take everything I am about to write here with a grain of salt. I am not you and I do not know your situation or your past or your struggles..

I did not mean to be negative but it is still very scarey to hear. The point is that you shouldn't HAVE to be doing all this.


On your own and getting Medifast diet info in the hospital is way to late. You have the right to know what you are getting into ahead of time..

Refusing to do LAP if over 40 BMI is ridiculous but again- that is my opinion. I live in Colorado and most bariatric surgeons here will not even DO the.


Unless your BMI is at 40 or higher or if you are at 35 and having illness and problems because of the weight..

Honestly- I would call your surgeon and say, "I am uncomfortable not knowing what to expect and would like to know if you offer any classes about nutrition,.


, mental peace of mind and anything else I should know.".

Just FYI... this information is the same from Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and the National bariatric institute..

Guidelines to qualify for.

Gastric bypass surgery.

You must meet certain medical guidelines to qualify for.

Gastric bypass surgery.

In general, you must:.

* Be unable to achieve or maintain a healthy weight through Medifast diet and.


* Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher (extreme obesity).

* Have a BMI of 35 to 39.9 and also have a serious weight-related health problem, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Pre-surgery requirements.

If you're approved for.

Gastric bypass surgery.

, your health care team will give you instructions about how to prepare in the months or weeks before the.


These may include restrictions on eating and drinking, undergoing lifestyle.


To help you cope with big changes in Medifast diet and.


, quitting smoking, and starting a supervised physical activity program..

Even after.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Is scheduled, it can be delayed or canceled if your health care team determines that:.

* You're not psychologically or medically ready for.


* You haven't made appropriate changes in your eating or.



* You've gained weight during the evaluation process, which makes.


Too risky.

Laparoscopy may not be safe for you if you:.

* Have had abdominal.


In the past. This is because you may have scar tissue from earlier.



* Have severe heart and lung disease.

* Weigh more than 350 pounds.

Laparoscopy may not be safe for you if you:.

My BMI was 54. I had laproscopic done. I did the 3 day.

Liquid diet.

Before hand and my surgeon said my insides were BEAUTIFUL! He also said my liver was nice and small and easy to maneuver around and my.


Lasted 1 hour and 20minutes. I came home after one night. I have not had any major complications and I am ready to go back to normal living in another week. In another week, I can lift my child, push a vaccum, drive my car and not depend on anyone else. I can honestly tell you I may not have had this.


If those would not be the cases..

I truly wish you the best and encrourage you to seek stronger medical help...

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I had general council with the nutritionist before and detailed meal plans where given to me in the hospital. If your Doc has this kind of success what they must know what they are doing. You as should be are just a sponge for information, they will probably come your way in due time. Call the facility that sets these things up and ask if there are any educational clases that you can sit in on that will answer your questions or if there is a mentor.someone who has been through this in your area that can talk to you about what to expect and when you will be receiving this information. You have great questions it's just hard to answer because every program is different. Good luck and I'm glad you have confidence in you Doc and his experience, that's the most important thing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.