What on earth is a Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... What on earth is a Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Morning peeps. Yup, too early,,,more coffee. I'll go take a peek in MC to see what all the fuss is about.


Time. Nice work, Penny!!..

Comment #2

LOL TGIF! I love the banner, Penny..

2 hour delay here we only got 4 inches. I wish we had gotten more. I love the stuff...

Comment #3

No School in the 614! First snow day of the year..

I can actually play (and stir up trouble) today..

As, yes, wearing the banner makes you a target anywhere you go on the boards. The reputation is doing nicely, thank you very much..

Penny - Snarky Banner! hehe..

Comment #4

Tramp, congra rats on the snow day! I almost wish we had one, but if we did, I'd have to drive an extra 30 minutes and pay $30, so I'll take the delay..

Morning, MT & Jan!.

My husband left for work ten minutes ago and came back - I heard him on the porch and I got worried, but he just forgot his cell phone. He said people are sliding backwards down the hill near my house. He has AWD in the Durango, but my Saturn Vue doesn't. I probably won't be taking THAT route when I leave. Hopefully by then the plows and salt trucks will have made a few passes...

Comment #5

Stay safe all of you with snow. We had some here last week (4 inches and we got 3 days off town, living in souther coastal beach town will do that)..

I'm ready to get moving into Friday.

Have a great one, can't wait to read the funny around here..

Comment #6

Hi Everyone,.

Would really like to join this group. Started Medifast on Jan 4 and so far so good..

Reading about all your snow and was 28 degrees down here in South East Texas (Houston) and we all think that is plenty cold! My son lives in ND (attending school) when we skyped last night it was -22! How can that be possible?? That poor southern boy!.

Penny, be careful, would not want you to be the next YouTube sensation sliding down the street..

Anyway if you'll have me, I'd love to join..

Thanks and TGIF.


I need much more coffee..

Comment #7


Hey, folks, we have a newbie! Let the hazing begin! <snicker>.

Seriously, do we still require a push-up?.

Just a few notes about our group:.

-We mean what we say - and aren't afraid to say it..

-We're nice, normal folks. (HAHAHAHAHA!).

-We like pickles..

-You never want to eat/drink at the computer while reading posts on our threads. Too many computers have come to their demise in this manner..

-Watch out for random Richard Simmons pics. They seem to come from NOwhere! Gremlins, probably...

Comment #8

Good morning, 100%ers! I like the new banner, too, Penny. Wish I could stay with you all today but work demands my attention. Hard to goof off when you're the only employee. I hope everyone has a GREAT 100% day to set us up for going into the weekend the same!..

Comment #9

Morning TLers.

I'm heading out to the airport in about 10 min, but wanted to stop by and check in..

De and I will have our usual coffee/catchup time whilst I am in AZ..

I'm flying my momma in to meet me there. Her Parkinsons is pretty aggressive and we don't how many more times she will be able to travel, so decided to snag her whist I can..

Have fun playing in all the snow with all the closures and delays. I hope YOUR weather does not mess up MY trip..

Kim (and all the other newbees that sneaked in while I was busy (werking) the past couple days. Tramp is right and let me add, we are a crazy bunch who laugh together, cry together, spew together, and can get a bit nuts and joking. But one thing we are dead serious about is getting healthy and taking off this weight the Medifast way. So if you can handle our style, then this IS the place for you. If you get offended easily or need coddling, then there are so many teams out there that might be a better fit..

I'm not sure if it was all the laughing or the smacking that got me to goal, but I do know that committing to 100% was what worked for me. And being able to say that I have been AT GOAL FOR 2 1/2 years is something I never thought I'd be able to post..

Teams such as this are rare in Medifast Land as you have noticed if you have been around for awhile..

Waving to all of you and Huge Hugs and Many Smooches...

Comment #10

I just want to add I'm so happy to be part of this group. I feel like I hang with the cool kids, now!..

Comment #11

Good morning TLers!.

Apparently I've missed something. Not exactly sure what got Penny's knickers twisted to make a snark banner, but frankly I love it and want it NOW!!! Somebody PM me and fill me in, 'k?.

Coffee not taking hold just yet and I woke with yet another headache. At least I think I know why now. Apparently in addition to my thyroid levels being off, stress in my life has made my blood pressure go up as well. I believe I apparently stress in my sleep too, as sometimes, like this morning, I will wake up and my pulse will just be racing and I'll have a splitting headache. Think I might see about leaving early today so I can get some time hanging in my sky chair in the back yard and enjoying some of the beautiful weather here with a good book..

Can't wait to see Miss Chatty this weekend!! WOOT!!!.

Try to catch up later...

Comment #12

Safe travels, Chatty! Give De a SMACK from all of us, OK?..

Comment #13

I don't know the whole story behind the Banner, so I'll let others fill you in..

De - remove stress. I tell, you kidnapping would be less stressful...

Comment #14

Oh Tramp, don't you know it!.

I missed something, I did not see any other Banner from Penny..

Shoot, don't have time to go find it now..

And Nancharity, YOU ARE hanging with the cool kids..

Up Up and Away...

Comment #15

And that's why she needs SMACKED! We'll remember this - next August...

Comment #16

Nothing witty to say this Am. 2hr delay for school today and we all slept in. Now it's time to get to work..

Have a Snarkie day!..

Comment #17

Safe travels Chatty and "mom". Enjoy the time with her, I wish I still had my mom to be able to do anything with......Enjoy your visit with De now that we know from Nori she isn't the least scary.

Penny-I miss all the good stuff too...Hmmm will check out the boards in a minute..

Got stuck in the driveway, woke the boys 21 and 20 up, sometimes I guess it is nice they still live at home.....They got me out so I could come to work.....

Welcome Kim, morning everyone.......

Comment #18

Lynne - you're wrong on so many levels. It's NOT good to have 20-somethings living at home. It's NOT good to be able to go to werk..


Comment #19

Hiya all,.

Just read through yesterday's posts... lots of chatter and things going on..

Hey is nutella considered a condiment? I'd like to put some on my wheat toast (it's healthy not a bad bread)... and wash it down with my chocolate milk made from the chocolate shake (thot that would be fine as well.).

Bacon? Did someone say bacon? If we can't eat it, use it as cologne for those men in your life. Just a little dab will do you. Oink like a pig when he gets close... drives them over the edge. No man can resist bacon. None of them!.

Rachel - sorry to hear about the breakin! That sucks! I know the feeling very well as about 3 years ago the house was broken into right before Christmas..grrrrr! Bastages! Got most replaced but it's those things that can't be replaced that sucks the most. Pure violation..

Penny - Woo a cruise! I love cruising! In fact, we have one planned in March to Mexican Riviera and another one in January to the Caribbean. I have been to Cozumel (love it.. one of my favs) and Grand Cayman (pretty but a little hoity toity and more expensive than other ports). Definitely looking forward to some sunshine..

Chatty - I'm gonna be a Grammy too (for the first time). The wives of the two oldest are both preggo... due in April and May - 2-1/2 weeks apart. Both boys and THANK GOD normal names... Alexander Paul and Mason Eli. I'm sooo excited I can hardly stand it...

Comment #20

Not to mention De IS mean. Just on her best behavior because we were with Nori's family! Jeez people. Ask Tramp and Steph. They know the truth!..

Comment #21

Validation, I love it....I keep telling them they need to drag their ***** and they don't listen. So we are selling our house and totally downsizing.....Right now they have way too much space and comfort. A little more couch time with mommy and they might get some motivation..

If I don't go to work then I gotta use a vacay day and I don't want to waste one shoveling snow.......

Comment #22

OK. Now I get it! Had to go back to yesterday's thread. While there, did I notice an AZ Tough Lover wannabe? Steph in AZ?? KEWL!.

Mele - About the banner - Yes this is how it was with the Rogues as well. Wear the banner and become a pariah. We also used to get people reading. This is why I think we need a disclaimer (Yes Rachel I know they're not supposed to be allowed) to make it VERY clear that we are pretty much going to be off color, say what we want, be offensive and give them fair warning. The haters are watching and reading and we need to make sure that they can't say that they were offended by something we wrote here...

Comment #23

Oh man-I guess you are going to have to prove it when we have a TL get together (AKA Medifast cruise)LOL..

Comment #24

Holy crap, you took my breath away (I thought you were totally serious about the nutella and healthy wheat bread).

Congrats on being an almost you and Chatty. You are both getting two little ones how fun...

Comment #25

Safe travels Chatty and enjoy your time with your mom. As far as time with De is concerned, well there are no words...

Comment #26

Ok now I'm in maintenance and Nutella is a crave food. I love it. chocolate and can you go wrong... except it's not on my plan. I'd eat the jar in a sitting..

ROFL on the eau de bacon!!! Crack me up! That was spew worthy...

Comment #27

Happy Friday TLer's..

I have Friday's off, so life is good. All of you with snow days - enjoy. I live in So Cal., no snow days here..

Love the new banner. LOL.

All of the sudden I'm cracing nuttella. It's a protein, right? I think I will have some on my chocolate chip cookies. I bought the cookies at a bakery that was in a mall that had a GNC. So they're on plan...

Comment #28

Nuts are now a snack option, so should be OK.

MT - Unfortuanatley, for the couple months that I was in transition, I insanely thought that nutella could be on.


Plan, spread thickly on girl scout shortbreads. Took a week and a pound or 2 to finish the jar.

Which is why I'm back on 5&1, hanging with the cool kids with 18 lbs to goal...

Comment #29

Eeuuww....I just made an I don't know what!!.

I typically make my oatmeal with 1/4 water nuked in a brownie tray. Makes a nice dense muffin/bar thingy. Halfway through stirring it up, I noticed it was pretty creamy....and it smelled kinda sweet. Uh-oh...not an oatmeal packet. It's a vanilla shake. I'm at werk, so cant' turn it into one of those old shake cakes....remember those before there were brownies? Looks kinda weird.....

I guess another warning is not to be 'cooking' while reading..

And to hose of you that missed it the other night....if you're going to eat while reading, make sure you <spew> on your keyboard - you can put it in the dishwasher. Not laptops though..

Comment #30

Hehe. So, are you going to EAT your vanilla whatever it is? I'm still amazed that I can put a keyboard in the dishwasher!! Need to find an old one I can use as a tester...

Comment #31

Jan, oatmeal = blue packet; shake = red packet! I'll bet it's still gonna taste good..

As far as a disclaimer, I'm with you, De. In the good ole days, we could always say, "Well, if you read the first post, it clearly states...".

I like what Chatty wrote:.

"One thing we are dead serious about is getting healthy and taking off this weight the Medifast way. So if you can handle our style, then this IS the place for you. If you get offended easily or need coddling, then there are so many teams out there that might be a better fit.".

I think it should totally be incorporated into the first opening post. Respectfully submitted for Emily's approval..

That other banner wasn't due to anything bunchworthy! Freya mentioned a banner saying something to that effect last night, so I told her I'd gladly oblige. Love making banners, I do!..

Comment #32

Yeah, I ate it. Not bad, but you know how you get your mouth set for something? I've been wanting my oatmeal muffin for a coupla days now - thought I had a packet at werk, didn't, forgot to bring one, etc. So, maybe I'll drink the oatmeal for my afternoon snack <barf!> I was gonna have a rootbeer float....oh well. Lunch is still intact - made my soup at home..

Comment #33

That banner stemmed from a thread on Connection last night where someone asked about using non-MF shakes to supplement the Medifast program and save money. Freya pointed out that this is a Medifast board, so it seems to make sense to talk about Medifast on it rather than ways to skirt around it. That got another bunch all stirred up and in a tizzy while we weren't even looking!..

Comment #34

Hey all! Lots of snow of here today. Yes, this is getting old. Although we do not have nearly as much as some of you I would say..

Have fun with your next travel adventure Chatty!.

So, I have my second date this evening with Mr promising junk collector. I am going to go see his art studio and music studio. He is a pretty creative guy, which makes me very pleased. We had another very long conversation last night. I am falling pretty hard for this person, I hope they are not messing with my head, yes I am a bit of a paranoid type. My mom doesn't help, telling me he could be totally lying.

Getting ready for the guy here in a little while. It is now full of biggest loser contestants and they are annoying me. They have 200 contestants. That is a lot of new people to be in the gym! Its wonderful if they want to lose the weight, but I am sorta jaded as to the level of motivation for many..

I love the new banner! You guys are really funny. I wish I was as witty as most of you! Welcome new TL'ers!!!!!..

Comment #35

Getting ready for the gym! I have that dang guy stuck in my head and it is driving me slightly nuts!..

Comment #36

On second thought, it looks like people figured this out without my help...

Comment #37

Agree: Chatty's "statement" needs to be on the first post..

Penny - can you put it on a banner, too? LOL.

Jan - Shake...???? Blob? Mass? Let us know how it was - you may have the next bestest thing!.

Nutella - never tried it, never will. My hazelnut flavored coffee feels like a cheat to me..

Back from the gym - rocked the elliptical for 30 minutes. Doing laundry (darn Lucy still has shown today), cleaning the crud out of the house, and then PACKING FOR THE CABIN!! By packing, I mean Medifast packets and books..

I'm told the roads are ...ok... (Only a Level 2 Snow Emergency)...

Comment #38

Look more snow.....and another snow day......

....if I shovel for three hours, can I eat nutella?..

Comment #39

Penny - I like Chatty's statement too, but I think we really need to be a bit more direct on this statement. Her statement is more for people wanting to join the team. We need to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR to those who are looking to cause trouble that if they are going to be offended, they need to stop reading now..

I'm seeing a very familiar pattern happening with regards to our banner (BTDT). We need to COA here so that MFS has absolutely NO grounds to take someone's potential complaints against our behavior on team threads seriously. I truly believe that this is one of the main things that kept us from being banned permanently as a team..

This is what we had at the top of every first post on the Rogue threads. It's civilized, but very direct and says exactly what we need it to say..

Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Team Rogue (insert Tough Love here) threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..

It's to the point and not nasty in any way..

Ultimately, it's not my decision, but this is something I feel strongly about and don't believe that this statement should be sugar coated in any way. It is for our OWN protection...

Comment #40

Only if it's fried in a wonton wrapper and sprinkled with powdered sugar...

Comment #41

Holy carp, wonton fried nutella covered in powder sugar sure sounds good..

Annnnd that's my cue to go eat breakfast, isn't it...

Comment #42

Thanks for the welcome!.

If by, "push-ups" you are referring to a device to elevate the girls....I'm all over that..

If by, "push-ups" you are referring to a type of self induced pain - not so much, not yet anyway!.

BTW who is Kim? I want to welcome her too!..

Comment #43

KJM welcome!.

Jan sorry to hear about the mix up, but what a great positive attitude you have..

All with snow, wow be safe..

Today we are encapsulated in frozen fog, visibility less than 50 yards. I am opting to stay in and be adventurous in my new shipment of MF. So far today I have battled scrambled eggs and won (has anyone ever experienced an upset tummy after eating them? Is this something that will go away?). I have conquered the oatmeal (read I need to soak it, will try this tomorrow and a muffin on Sunday). Next up is COT soup.........

Have a great day all!..

Comment #44

We thought your initials were KIM....oops our bad..........


Comment #45

Jenn, COT soup is one of my favorites. It's a great day for soup. I'm getting ready to have some beefybeef stew with a smidge of Marmite. Love that stuff, but only in tiny quantities..

The roads were a mess on the way here this morning, but not as bad as some of the other storms we've had lately. This is a very snowy January for us..

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'm giving a client presentation tomorrow to a local women's group and aside from that, just staying OP and walkin the walk...

Comment #46

Good gravy! What a bunch of troublemakers!.


Just need to check in on the carb status of spit. The Husband and I went to dinner last night and given the stink eye I got from the waiter when I provided explicit instruction about my food preparation I think my shrimp may have been sauteed in it. Should I count as condiment?.


Comment #47

Spit might have immune system boosting properties...kind of like homeopathy! So, any carbs in spit would be a wash!..

Comment #48

Damn enabler. I could so do that... I have the makings...

Comment #49

Sorry. Lost my mind for a moment. (SHUT IT Tramp!)..

Comment #50

Oooh yes I have fun plans this weekend! This afternoon I am going to the optometrist for my annual contact lens exam!!!.

Wait, wait, hold up, that's just a plan. That's not fun. Let me start over..

TONIGHT, I am attending, along with DH and 7 of our awesome (and 1 kind of annoying guy) Ballpark season ticket holder friends, the Texas Rangers' Annual Winter Awards Banquet. This is a swanky event where the handsome ballplayers not only show upthey dress up! And we get a fancy meal and great speeches are made and Josh Hamilton prays the invocation because, hey, it just makes sense, right? I cannot for the life of me remember what the main entree was last yearit was the same meal for everybodyso I'm saving my L&G for dinner with Medifast food in my purse just in case, and need to go shop for L&G-able food to have at home tonight if it's not something I can work in to being on plan..

AND THEN! Tomorrow (after the first of only three on-campus meetings for my advanced nursing research class) starts the 2-day Rangers fan-fest event. This usually gets held AT the ballpark, but last year was so cold they moved inside to the convention center. So I'm not sure how much fun that will be in comparison to getting to go roam around the ballpark for the first time all year, but it's better than getting teeth pulled, I bet!..

Comment #51

My plans include doing as little as possible and may include some tequila and cheez whiz while reading in my sky chair. MUST have an OP day, you know!..

Comment #52

OK. My blood pressure has just been forced into the red zone! I really need to stay off the MC forum. I'll talk to you guys later when I calm down a bit...

Comment #53

Yeah I saw that. I think I'm about to expand my "ignore" listand with a name I used to respect a lot...

Comment #54

This is the kind of games she played before. Like a dog with a bone. Just refuses to let it go...

Comment #55

Oh Lordy, De- I need to read and wee what is going on over there! So, I am crazy busy today and haven't ahd a chance until now to get on here. I haven't read anything but the posts on this page, so I can't even comment yet. But, I wanted to check in and say hi to my new snarky buddies!.

For lunch today, our fabulous chef made "Brunch for Lunch" - meaning no salad, not lean protein. So, I had him go get me a wrap from the back and I just ate the turkey out of it. Grrr- oh well- I survived and am proud of that! And after my first 3 days OP, I am down 5.5 pounds baby! WOOOHOOO- I am in a new "decade" too! My 180s- they will be fleeting, but I am glad I am there now!.

Alright- gotta run again- darn kids!!..

Comment #56

Fun this weekend? Another weekend of painting, we are working on the kitchen without having to replace the cabinets. Only 4 months till this puppy goes on the market..

Tomorrow night is cuddle in and do a movie and on plan appetizer dinner (I know AWWWW-I love it) I am not totally a pollyana...........

Then to finish off my weekend I guess I gotta start working on the taxes.......UGHHHH..

Comment #57

Lucky me - I was asked to run an errand which will get me out of the office a little early and give me about ten extra minutes to complete another errand FOR ME before racing the school bus to the house!.

I'll try to check in later, but it's gonna be a crazy afternoon - errands, then wake #2 for the week, then a nice sashimi dinner with the family to top it off. Whew!..

Comment #58

I'm going home. I feel like crap and just don't want to be here. Just about everything I have to do right now I can do from home..

After my last post, we got an email from the General Manager to all the admin personal, requesting our presence in his office IMMEDIATELY! Blood pressure went through the roof and pulse started racing. Ge there and find that it was sent from his computer by one of the admin girls because she wanted to share some treats from a local place that is supposed to do really good cakes. Picked up one for my kids to share. Cursing her for going about it this way. <sigh> Going home to my sky chair and tequila..

Smooches kids...

Comment #59

Too much steamed broccoli around for a Friday afternoon. I prefer to unwind. Think I'll join De with the tequila and cheez whiz. No sky chair, but I do have a hammock.. it's buried under about 8 inches of snow.....

Comment #60

Oooh that would have made me mad. Reminds me of a few weeks ago at work when one of my favorite nurse co-workers came and found me in a patient's room where I was supervising a patient care tech in the removal of a femoral sheath and told me to COME HERE QUICK. I ran out, thinking my other patient must be in some dire situation (that's the only thing that could justify me leaving the tech unsupervised during that task), and RAN up to the front of the unit. No, she was just excited because one of our favorite ex-patients was visiting the unit. I about threw a clot!..

Comment #61

Sounds good to me! My hammock is on our front porch, which faces west and it's a bright sunny day bad it's in the single digits.

We haven't had way excesses of snow here, but it's been awfully old and frigid. I am SO ready for spring!.

Fun this weekend - I'm with Lynne - taxes.

, but also have some lazy sit around the fire and read time in the works. If I'm lucky, I can stay in my jammies all day Sunday..

Comment #62

Hello all! Grandbaby is waking up (I love baby monitors during nap time) so no time for anything but a 'hello'..

Sib lived (this is a good thingROFL)..

I lived (maybe a good thing)..

Life is good...

Comment #63

Glad to hear life is good, Talien!.

I just spent 1hour 45 minutes shoveling $h!t (also known as snow). Much lighter and fluffier today than the other two storms we have had in the last week. But there is no place to put it.

Heading to nap. Got a period headache. I'll stay away from MC if it will worsen the headache...

Comment #64

So busy at werk lately my TSFL order got shipped without me changing it to add cheez whiz & tequilla (yes, it's available through TSFL, but not MF) ....that's OK, I can put order in. BUT, it.


Have a couple boxes of the pretzels in it..

Before I put them on eBay, where I know I'll get TOP DOLLAR, I thought I'd offer them here, giving all my TLer's a chance. Money is no object - I would rather pass them to my friends here cheap than make the BIG BUCK$ on eBay....I think there'll be some of each....anyone? I'll throw in the cheez whiz...

Comment #65

I'll offer you 2 cents. My 2 cents... but then they're not welcome everywhere......

Comment #66

I'm sorry, it's against board rules to trade or sell Medifast on these boards. <snicker>..

Comment #67

Send me a pm on what you want for them............Sans cheez whiz thank you very much..

Comment #68



Comment #69

I have to envy those of you who hold your tongues so well. I just joined the fray up there... you know.... up there... connections..

Now I will get blasted, possibly ostracized and then excommunicated from the Medifast community as a whole..

But Lordy people..... there are some people who just, as you all say, steam my brocolli!!!.


Comment #70

Not much exciting happening around these parts - DH going fishin, DS has school activity and music. I may skip out during the school activity and get a pedi.


Just plan on staying busy - No snow to shovel -.

Have a great weekend!!..

Comment #71


Kind of an inside joke Nan. A few people were wishing for an Medifast cruise. I mentioned that Medifast used to offer one, but they haven't for a while. Set off talk of reviving the Medifast cruise. Lynn and I talked about how much fun it would be to have a TL cruise, kind of...

Comment #72

I wish!.

We tried to get a commitment for a Rogue cruise once. We found it's not that easy trying to juggle kids schedules, school breaks, etc. We were so spread out over the country, we could just never come up with a time that worked for everyone. Different regions have different fall and spring break time. Makes it really tough to nail down a specific date..

If you want to try, I would probably go, as long as it was TLers/supporters only!..

Comment #73

De I hear you about trying to get everyone on the same schedule! But I love the idea. Dreams......

Comment #74

Yeah, I dream too. We would have an absolute BLAST!!..

Comment #75

Just got caught up on the other thread again. How wrong is it of me to hope that, like at the gym, the level of annoying will decrease once a bunch of New Year's stop hanging around?..

Comment #76

OMG, 4:30 and I'm JUST logging in. No time to read everything now - work is nuts and I have dinner plans with hubby followed by a movie. No chopped tofu..

I'm going to have to send some serious time tomorrow getting caught up!!.

(Side note, my jeans literally almost fell off today, so I need to get new ones!)..

Comment #77

I read the other thread and it just goes to show you people are stupid (and I would now like to recomend everyone who likes fantasy novels to read Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series...that's a quote in there by the way). I'm not talking about intelligence just "mob" mentality. Aarrg. I just would like to say I completly back the idea that if you want to talk about non-medifast products don't do it on the boards. And even if someone didn't like that idea they shouldn't have started a cat fight. In other more pleasent topics: I would so be down for a MF/ TL cruise.

Too bad that I'm on the East coast since I see that most of the crusies left from california. I need warmth! LOL way too much cold and snow around these parts. Well this is day 13 of me being on Medifast and completly OP all the way! I'll be back later to comment on other postings but I have to go find a printer that won't rob me with ink cartridges...

Comment #78

Only the Mexican cruises leave from CA. The majority of the Caribbean or Bahamas cruises leave from the SE (Florida, SC)..

Comment #79

Oh my......I woke up from my nap with the headache being gone....thank God! (I hope these go away in menopause.). I am avoiding the drama thread to keep the headache away..

I am having about ten of my fellow aerobics instructors over for brunch tomorrow. I am making an eggbeater souffl with spinach and tomatoes and some RF cheddar. I will also serve a fruit salad and a spinach salad. Yum. They are bringing assorted baked poison. I am picking up bagels and cream $h!t.

Let me tell you, my fellow instructors and trainers LOVE to eat.... They had better bring all the naughty stuff home with them, otherwise it is going in the garbage...

Comment #80

Hello darlings! Just a drive by to say I'm really having an epic wonderful time with Morty. Not sleeping, looking a little haggard, but he still seems to find me charming so it's all good..

Also, just wanted to point below at the ticker-tape and jump up and down a little bit. 140!!!!!!!!!!! 5 to goal!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I will hope to catch up someday, but not right now. Have a great day, loves!..

Comment #81

Not too much time to read, but saw a cruise mentioned. Please? Somewhere warm, no snow, in the winter when I need to thaw out..

Em jeans are falling off....please don't run Em run...

Comment #82

Just got off the phone with Chatty. She's arrived safely and is staying not to far from me. We are going to get together tomorrow for an early lunch, and possibly for dinner during the week with our men. Can't wait to see her...

Comment #83

De, I hope you two have a great time. Temp is going down to single digits tonight. I might be your next visitor!..

Comment #84

De - if you're at goal it isnt too likely that you have sleep apnea, but the waking up with a splitting headache is often a sign ,and not everyone who has it is obese (although the majority are). Before I was diagnosed, I was in a hotel room, and woke up about 3am - PIS*ED OFF - because I was certain someone was running a jackhammer next door!! Turns out it was all inside me. LOL..

Comment #85

Grats Em on the pants on the floor!.

Yay Freya for the boy toy! RAWR!.

De, enjoy!.

No cruise for me thanks. Not my idea of fun. Get together does sound intriguing though. I can just imagine the snark-fest. (pictures paranahs)..

Comment #86

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.