What program will work with uploading pages to 123 reg?

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First of all What program will work with uploading pages to 123 reg? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I've been getting names off Snap for the past two weeks only..

I've frankly been very amazed at the quality of the names being dropped..

Sure, there are the names like that will drop always, but I've been wondering why quality names like (currently at Snap..8000k right now) drop. Surely a domainer wouldn't forget to renew a name like (it would be the pride of my portfolio...a 100k name)..

So I've been wondering...why do names drop?.

Some answers are obvious: The /img/avatar5.jpg forgot to renew them; The 123 reg website using them shut down; They were owned by a non domainer who doesn't understand the value of the name etc. etc. blah blah..

But still...thats not enough reason for names like dropping..

Why do you suppose high quality names drop?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I think this is a fantastic domain.and it sold atleast few $xxxxx..

Comment #2

This is very serious issue.

Have you thought if this happen to u? I have (and I dont have an illness and I'm 31 years old).

It is not fine to think or talk about this but is very important as we have hundred names, others have thousand of them and you have many accounts in many registrars where r your names and you have sites and you have this and you have that... it is an investment but we know that domaining isnt stock market where, if you die, your wifeand kids will be the owner of everything you had.

And WHO else has your accounts info but you?.

And HOW MUCH would your family lost besides YOU?.

Thinking about this is take care of that ones you love.

And I'm doing this!!!.

Sorry for the incovinience (some can think it is) but this is a very necessary topic..

Comment #3

I have a "just in case" envelope in my filing cabinet. It details how to maintain all three of my online interests, 1) domaining 2) retail store 3) affiliate marketing..

My family will have the choice of selling off, but maximizing the sale amount, maintaining the businesses indefinately, or handing off the business to one of my kids for them to grow into..

I've spent years growing this business, I'll not see it just disappear to a snapnames regular for sixty bucks apiece...

Comment #4 is a 100,000 HostGator any day..

.info is only increasing in value, and Sports is as good a keyword as you can get. 700,000 OVT is no joke, and the .info goes with the keyword...

Comment #5

This is an excellent topic, and one we should all think on. I think I will do what Rogue does and detail everything about my business and websites, and how to maintain them-then store those documents away to be found with my other important paperwork after my passing. Also, what about a will? What if someone dies with some valuable names, but willed them to someone else? How would the registrars handle that? This whole field is SO NEW that these questions don't have a definitive answer, yet...

Comment #6

I agree. How do registrars handle a deceased owner?.

Transfering requires access to the owner's account, and what if the person who inherits the names doesn't know the password/username for the account?.

Some people here own names that are more valuable than homes and other properties..

There was that case some time ago about the HostGator whose owner died and the HostGator was stolen from his wife, and consequently sold for $3500 on Sedo. This was a 100k+ domain, and the thief got away with it...

Comment #7

I will include user names and passwords in the documents too, then. Good observation sashas...

Comment #8

I think we all should make a will..

Trouble is that our portfolios are forever changing with new purchases/sales etc. Keeping the will specific (as in, xxx name goes to abc person vs. all names go to abc person) will be hard..

Btw, I just checked out your website, really slick..

Congrats on that..

Comment #9

Thanks sashas, your comments are very appreciated. I started it just to have something up, and love the way that it looks, but unfortunately it's all flash, so will not be.


Friendly. I am going to replace it with another site that is mostly html with a flash buttons and a banner in about a month...

Comment #10

Im finishing mine just today; it was a coincidence this thread....

I included every detail (this means my accounts info as user names and passwords, how to creat a new account for the other person that will be in charge of the process and how to manage it) that can help who will deal w that if something happen.

Im sure many people here have done that but I think the major part didnt and when they realize they r taking an unecessary risk they will do this..

Comment #11

Domains drop because buying a HostGator is easy, developing a useful site that makes money is not. If you don't make money from your domains, it is better to let them drop...

Comment #12

Bad domains drop everyday because they can't be sold..

But good domains dropping is something serious. Today dropped. Thats a killer 30k name right there. Why would a name like that drop?..

Comment #13

You may have the best HostGator in the world, but if it does not make money, your funds are blocked. The number of domains that are sold is miniscule compared to the number of domains that are registered and parked. Transactions are very time consuming...

Comment #14

A few times, I almost forgot to renew the names, I have many names scattered.


This is all about probability, it is like some junk LLL domains, you would think no one.

Would be interested in them, but it happened someone would be, it is all about.

Probability, there are so many good names, some will drop..

Comment #15

Not to mention that you might constantly change your passwords to your accounts..

I've read an article somewhere but I couldn't recall the website. It goes along the line as below..

The trick here is to have 2 seperate documents..

The 1st document will be your will, detailing generally what can be done with the domains, websites, or businesses or your online accounts such as Paypal. No need to include specifics. You also include in the will, how and where to access the 2nd document..

The 2nd document, which you will constantly update, will list all your accounts, usernames and passwords. If you change your passwords, you just amend this document. No need to amend the will. If you bought a new domain, simply include it in this document and details of who should own this HostGator incase you die. The beneficiaries may challenge each other as to who owns what but at least they know the accounts, usernames and passwords. This will save them alot of hassle to get custody of your accounts (if they even know you have one)..

By having 2 seperate documents, you avoid the need to change the will everytime something specific changes...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.