What stores can I get liquid Medifast at in the U.S.?

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First of all What stores can I get liquid Medifast at in the U.S.? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES all those vertically challenged MFers..

We are newbies and goals met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced, we are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones. You know the ones - the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small, but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

To see September's posts, go to:..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Thanks for setting us up Shelly!.

I'm glad you're doing some sort of transition. I feel better for you now..

I guess I worry about my sister shorties too much...

Comment #2



- nice to have you around to set up the thread!.

MT Cup.

- I appreciate the concern you show for the rest of us shorties!..

Comment #3

Hello fellow Shroties!.

Thanks for moving us into a new month! Always refreshing to have a (re) start. The funny thing I have noticed is that I seem to type long e-mails just when a new thread starts, and I am often left wondering if others Shorties have had a chance to ponder (or if it matters?) what I wrote? With that said, I will indulge myself and recut/paste part of yesterday's passage that I excerpted from a website comprised of doctors who are more "cutting edge"/current in their thinking about how we define "healthy.".

MTCup's response about finding arguments to support most any perspective is worth remembering as you read what I have included below..

Otherwise, not much else to report. Will be away this weekend. First T & M weekend away from the safety of my home. Will bring my Medifast booklet to log meals and enough Medifast meals to ensure I can fall back on 3-4 meals a day if I get too nervous about being away..

Happy Thursday, Shorties!.

(excerpted from (2009). "Body fat measurements").

It's worth knowing that all body fat measurement methods have limitations. Some tools, like body calipers, may not sufficiently evaluate the fat that is stored around internal organs (visceral fat). This type of fat increases risk for heart disease and diabetes more than fat stored in tissue just under the skin. Further, individuals who are on the overfat side but who exercise consistently may be fitter and perhaps healthier than, for example, a skinny smoker who does not exercise..

Although you should feel free to monitor your body fat for fitness and weight management purposes, your doctor (perhaps with the assistance of a nutrition professional) is the best person to make health risk assessments. He or she will take all of your disease risk factors into account, such as blood cholesterol, glucose measurements, body fat, and fitness level..

Body Fat Charts.

Defining absolute healthy body fat levels is less desirable than setting ranges of acceptable fat percentages. Women naturally carry more body fat than men, and a healthy range could be from 18 to 25 percent for relatively inactive women and 12 to 20 percent for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, although the distinction is contrived..

For men, 12 to 18 percent for non-athletes and 5 to 12 percent for fitness enthusiasts are the normal ranges, even though some charts have higher maximums. For men and women over age 40, the percentages are usually adjusted upward, although this needs reviewing in my view..

Frankly, many of the professional body fat charts project an unfortunate spin on body fatness even though they are only meant as a guide. Some use categories like underfat," healthy, "lean, or "ideal. In my opinion, that suggests that being in the "underfat" or "lean" sectors is unhealthy. This is just untrue for many fit people. I dont accept that a 20 year-old woman with 15 percent body fat who runs more than six miles in 50 minutes and deadlifts 100 pounds should be categorized as underfat and by inference, unhealthy. The notation in these charts is plainly unhelpful and needs updating that's in line with current community standards of health and fitness...

Comment #4

Hi Shorties!.

I am fairly new, and wondering if I could ask you all a question. Other than the first week's loss (which I'm sure was mostly water weight), my weight loss has been super slow. I've read on here before that it seems to be semi-normal for some "shorties", but just need your vote of confidence. What if I'm doing something wrong...I just can't imagine what!.

Thanks for listening (reading),.


Comment #5


Most Shorties are slow losers. It's normal. Your signature shows that you're losing in the 1-1.5 lb range. Perfect for a Shortie. Keep up the great work!.

You need to remember that as a Shortie, your body naturally needs fewer calories. There's just not that much overall mass there to fuel compared to someone who's much taller. For example, Tall Tina is 5'6" and her body needs 2000 calories each day to maintain her current weight. She goes on Medifast and is now eating only 1000 calories each day. That's a 1000 calorie deficit every day. I'm 5'2" and my body needs 1500 calories a day to maintain my current weight.

That's only a 500 calorie deficit, half of Tina's, so I'll only lose half as much weight as she does (all other factors being equal). It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat, so that 500 calories per day adds up to about 1 lb per week. Typical Shortie weightloss. Sure, we want to lose as fast as the "normal" people, but it just isn't in the numbers. And don't forget - a 5 lb loss on a Shortie looks like a 10-20 lb loss on someone else!..

Comment #6

OMGosh! Thank you for the post. It makes total sense when you give some numbers and equations to it. That makes me feel better..

It was just really stumping me because I had totally convinced myself this week that I lost at least 3 pounds - because of how I feel, look and fit in my clothes. But, then I stepped on the scale this morning and Waalaaaahh! ...1 pound?!?!?.

Anyway, thanks again! There is such good information here on this Shorties thread I think I would like to subscribe and keep coming back, if you'll take me!.


Comment #7


- Welcome! Slow losses are the "normal" for most of us shorties, although I think you had a better week one loss than most of us!.


- the reason we make "categories" is to help our brains classify people (and companies - especially insurance companies) like that. The problem with any category system is that there are flaws - the main one being that we are all individuals with varying backgrounds, ethnicities, body types, bone structures, heredity, habits, etc. So we really need 6 billion categories..

Good luck with your out-of-town T&M venture..


- My next Medifast shipment is supposed to be delivered today - I'm down to the meals that I don't like, so I'm really looking forward to it!..

Comment #8

Love the math example Shelly. Doesn't that also hold true the closer we get to goal, regardless of height? I think everyone loses those last 5 pounds agonizingly slow..

I was also thinking that exercise might help us shorties. I know I lose better the weeks I diligently get in 3 days of walking and 2 days of resistance (I use hand weights to work my arms/chest/back/shoulders)...

Comment #9



! We are a club of slow losers in general. Listen to.


, she knows what she's talking about..


, how's the healing going?.



Nice new avatar, what church is that?.


, The last 10 pounds seemed to take forever. There are a couple of last 10 pound threads because they are so painful. LOL..

Sending hugs and hellos too all our other shorties, absent or lurking...

Comment #10


Where have you been? Don't be a stranger!.

Is that Hogwart's in your avatar?..

Comment #11

MT Cup.

- thanks, healing is progressing. The pain happens when I use the left arm/hand, and when I do the physical therapy exercises. But I'm making myself do it anyway. I used to open bottles of water with my left hand and (ahem) pop soda cans open with my left hand. Now, I'll unconsciously start to open them with the left, realize that it's more difficult, and then make myself finish with the left..


- welcome back..


- Down another 3 this week! I'm still "straddling" two scales - the new one is consistently lower than the old one, but I'm still measuring by the old one. Now I'm thinking that I'll continue to use the old one until I reach my original goal of 60 pounds lost, and then switch to the new one for measuring because all of that is "bonus" below the upper limit of the "normal BMI" range..

Okay, so I know it's all head games!.

I got my latest shipment yesterday. Good thing, because I was basically down to the cold drinks and I can only get them down at the rate of one per week.....

Comment #12

It's Hogwarts. My husband and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our honeymoon...

Comment #13

This is really embarrassing to admit but the last few months have been a free for all for me. I won't go into the details on what I ate or how much I ate but I went to bed almost every night with a stomach ache. As a result, I've gained back about 20 pounds. I feel like a total failure. The good news is that I finally got myself under control and realized that I have to come back to medifast before I gain back all the weight I lost. I am going to do this the right way this time...

I think I got cocky and thought I could do it all on my own but I'm overweight for a reason. I don't have all the answers and I have a negative relationship with food. I'm glad to be back and I really am ready to grow up and do what it takes to finish my journey properly..

Today was my first day back and I felt pretty crappy all day. I had a headache and felt tired and icky. It didn't kill me though and I managed to stay OP all day. I did kind of mess up my pancakes though. I need to read the boards and see how people prepare them so they don't end up as a crepe like mine did. It's nice that there are some new foods out that I never really tried before. Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I hope all the shorties have had a better time of things than I've had the past few months...

Comment #14



- I don't have any words of wisdom, because I've been a yo-yo all of my dieting life. Only I would wait to start again until I had gained back twice what I lost. So look on the bright side - you stopped it at 20 pounds!.

I admit, transition and maintenance are the things that have me concerned, too, because based on my current weight loss pattern, I might start transition right around the time that the next tax season hits. I'm a CPA and so that's really bad timing! I think I'd rather have the simplicity of 5&1 during busy season..

But no need to borrow trouble, as they say - who knows, my weight loss might slow down to the point where I don't start transistion until May 2011!.

Anyways, glad you are back and hope you get into ketosis soon! By the way, my pancakes are NEVER the same, so I can't comment on how to make yours better...

Comment #15

Hi Shorties - just doing a weekend flyby!.


- we are glad you are back! Don't beat yourself up, but congratulate yourself for getting back on track now! Sorry you are feeling the pain of the first 3 days though. I love the pancakes, and have just been making them per the package directions. Are you sure you used only 2oz of water (1/4 cup). I think too much water would make them runny/thin..

Hi Shelly, Donna, Adrienne, gkrism, woozy and all the other great Shorties, hope everyone has a great Sunday..

Not much going on for me today, the usual Sunday things, grocery shopping, laundry and maybe some crafting. I like to listen to my DH yell at Football as I do things around the house!..

Comment #16

Kimberly I make the pancakes as stated on the package, but I add 1/8 tsp. baking powder, and let it sit for about 30 minutes before cooking in a non-stick pan with Pam. They turn out just like regular pancakes. I love them!..

Comment #17

Thanks for the advice about the pancakes. I will give them a try again adding the baking powder and making sure I'm adding the correct water...

Comment #18

I made pancakes again today. Someone on the boards said that if you nuke the mix in a mug, it turns out like a muffin. I tried that today and it turned out really nicely. This is really convenient too because I hate dirtying pans everyday. I haven't tried too many of the soft serves but I'm sure they have a trick too...

Comment #19

Hi Shorties. It's going to be one of those days...

Comment #20

Autumn has arrived rather precipitously this year. Last week we had temps in the 80's and today it is in the 30's. That's the overnight low, and I know it will warm up throughout the day, but still it's a pretty big change in a rather short period..

I had a good weekend and am ready for a great week! Hope everybody has a great OP week!..

Comment #21

Hi Shorties!.

So, last week was full of many "firsts" for me since starting Medifast - testing me to stay OP. Yesterday, hubby and I took the kids to Six Flags. I am SO proud of myself; stayed OP perfectly all day...and believe me, that's not easy to do with the food choices at an amusement park!.

Also, earlier in the week a co-worker invited me out to lunch with a small group of our colleagues. They, obviously do not know I'm doing MF, and I like to keep this sort of thing private, but I was totally successful! I stayed OP that time too..

It also makes it a little harder for me as I am a vegetarian, so finding the right L&G while out and about can be challenging..

I'm feelin' so good right now, and so proud of my accomplishments this/last week!.

- Kat..

Comment #22

Oh! And I totally forgot to add - yesterday when we were at Six Flags, I was playing with my 2 year old on this big playground structure that went up nearly 3 stories. Up and down the stairs we went (partly him walking with me, partly him in my arms), and down all the slides too! And you know what? I had SO much energy! I couldn't believe it. I know it seem silly that just 12 or so pounds could put me in such better shape, but I swear it's true! In comparison, we were at the same place early in the summer (before MF) and I didn't even have the energy to GO on the structure with him, much less carry him around on it and go down the slides with him...amazing!.

(sorry for the lengthy post).

- Kat..

Comment #23

That's great, Kat! It really is a challenge to make good choices in social situations and you did an awesome job! I eat mostly vegetarian (used to be a vegan but added back dairy and eggs) and I eat a lot of Morningstar Farms burgers/sausages and lots of cheese. What do you usually eat for your L&G?.

Kerry, I can't stand cold weather but the heat here has been pretty much unbearable for months now. It is finally starting to cool down a bit. It's been in the high 70's for that past few days but I think it's getting back into the 80's next week..

I'm on my 3rd day OP and it's definitely getting easier again. It's so nice to not have intense cravings anymore. Part of me wishes I could stay on 5&1 forever because I feel like things are under control. Hope everyone is having a great day!..

Comment #24


I used to be vegan as well, but unfortunately found it too difficult to live so restricted. But hey, I gave it a good 3 months and tried my best before throwing in the towel! So, I also now eat eggs and dairy..

Like you, I tend to eat a lot of Boca Cheeseburgers, Eggs, Eggbeaters, Tofu, cheese and MS Sausages. It can become, on occasion, a bit mundane, but I try to change it, sometimes I will boil the eggs and add them to my green salads, or add some dill relish and a bit of mayo and celery to make an "egg salad". When I'm having the Boca burgers, I will make two instead of three for my lean, and melt piece of LF cheese onto one of them..

I wonder if that is slowing my weightloss a bit too...being a veggie I mean. I heard people who eat meat lose faster than vegetarians (not sure how much truth there is to that, though)..

Oh, and I can't LIVE without my light string cheese!!!..

Comment #25

Hey Kat, yes a lot of the vegetarians do complain of slower losses because it's harder to keep your carbs in the ideal 80-85g per day range. The leans for vegetarians tend to be much higher in carbs than meat. Eggs would be the exception. Pescetarians probably have it the easiest of the non-meat eaters on this plan, but it is doable as you know. I went through a vegetarian era or two myself, but I could not vegan. When I had considered it, I didn't feel I could get enough protein in my diet to be healthy.

It's much easier to be a healthy vegan now...

Comment #26

How wonderful to find a thread for Shorties! I enjoy reading your posts and would like to subscribe to this thread. I agree about the "little" my eyes, a "little" weight loss shows a lot on my short body and I sure am happy about that!.

Look forward to reading your future posts!..

Comment #27

Adrienne, I tried to find a cute emoticon to help get you through your tough day but I couldn't find a good one. I'll keep looking!.

Hello, Gracie! We shorties definitely need to stick together!.

I was a vegan for 7 years and it was definitely challenging. For me personally, I think it was an extension of my disordered relationship with food and it wasn't very healthy for me. I really do feel very strongly for animal rights though so that was definitely apart of it too..

Where is Grace/Fistooki? Did she go on vacation? I hope everything is okay with her...

Comment #28

Welcome aboard Gracie!.

Aww thanks Kimberly!.

It's the thought that counts. We do have a lot of shorties missing. I hope they're all doing okay. I worry about them too..

Hugs to all who need them. I'm off and running...

Comment #29

Hello Shorties - I am here and not missing.




On the vegitarian discussion (of which I am not), but I have heard others say that the MS items, etc.. also have a lot of sodium in them, so that could slow down things if you aren't getting enough H2O..


- glad the worst is behind you and you are back to feeling good on 5&1!.


- Congrats on all your success at 6 Flags and for feeling so good too!.


- hope your week is getting better!.

AFM, not much to report, which is good. Enjoying the fall weather, but not looking forward to winter! Work is good, home is good, it is just all good!..

Comment #30

Good Morning Shorties!.




MT Cup.

- hope your day is better!.


- great success! I'm not a vegetarian, so don't have any helpful comments in that arena..


- we've had the oddest weather here! Cold (for San Diego) in the 50's a few days, Hot (for anywhere) up to 120 a few days later, and then it rained all day yesterday..

This year we went from May Gray to June Gloom followed by Bummer Summer and now we're apparently into Fall Pall..


- glad you are still around, and enjoying the fall weather!.


- I'm contemplating the connection between the brain and pain - and wonder sometimes how much of what I feel is really just mental. If I have time, I'll do a blog about it later. As an example - yesterday I went to the dentist and she discovered that I have a cracked filling in a tooth. The tooth was pain-free until the moment she told me. How ridiculous that I suddenly feel pain just at the moment that she tells me there's a problem!..

Comment #31

The body/brain connection is a funny thing. If you expect to feel pain you will. If you expect it to be painless, it usually is. Kind of like the placebo effect. And then you have weirdos like me. I seem to have a higher pain tolerance than most folks - either that or I forget the pain very quickly.

A couple of years ago, I slipped going down the stairs, but caught myself on the railing before I could fall. I felt a little pull in my mid back, but thought nothing of it - must have strained a muscle when I caught myself. Five weeks later, I went to my chiropractor because I still had that little twing/ache. Turned out that I had partially dislocated a rib, a problem that sends almost everyone to the ER or doctor within 24 hours because of the pain. Huh..

Comment #32

Hello to all the new Shorties, Vettie Shorties and lurkiing Shorties,.

I am back from a 4-day weekend away. Boy, It was really interesting to watch myselfsort of felt like I was living my own reality tv show. Starting with the 6 AM flight out to the 6 Am return (4 days later) there were moments I could hear my inner Medifast voice and other moments when I was balancing the beauty of our trip/time with family and friends. Food choices weren't too great, but I managed, for the most part. Ate a few Medifast meals but came home feeling really out of sorts. Probably more of the time thing and not enough water.

(Good look for a 48-year old!) Glad to report I am refocused and back in my own stomping grounds. Went for a run this morning and starting to feel like my old Medifast transitioning self..

The whole vegetarian discussion is very interesting. When I was a young thing (23 years ago as an undergrad) I, too, experimented with vegetarianism. Initially I felt "virtuous" and as if I was doing my part to help the planet. Then, about 3 months into it, I began to fell really tired and cold. Turns out I have.


Halasemia minor.

(a recessive condition of the red blood cellsthough enough in numbers, just small in size). This is a genetic thing and does not usually express itself, but I think that the vegetarianism was just enough for my body to say, "Wait a sec! A little help here to get enough nourishment for me!".

So, I re-instituted animal proteinmostly chicken, fish, eggs; beef/lamb/pork more in the winter maybe 2 times a monthback into my world. I have felt stronger and better since having high quality animal protein back in my life. Heck, I can usually be found either running 4-5 miles each morning or spinning/zumba-ing at the gym..

Returning to my mantra, I think our individual nourishment needs change over a life time. Given that women have menses every month, we may have a tendency towards slight anemia. Couple this with any sort of disordered eating (I do not mean to imply that vegetarianism is disordered eating) and the body will soon start to rebel..

To be clear, many cultures have thrived on very little to no animal proteins. When executed with care and highest quality choices, any diet should be the way we can go about optimizing our health, no?.

AFM, I have found that as I am entering perimenopause, my body really does function more efficiently with a reasonable and balanced amount of foodslean animal proteins included..

Okay, another diatribe. Happy Tuesday Shorties!..

Comment #33

One pound down this week, but at least it is in a downward direction, right?..

Comment #34

Hey that's great.


! Down, not up is great..

Work is still busy so only here for sound bites. I except to have more time this weekend to catch up. Hugs to all who need them!..

Comment #35

Hello Ladies!.

Happy October!.

I just feel the need to share this and I don't know where else to share..... Ok so I was so excited that I fit (snugly) into this pair of jeans that I had, that I didn't care that they were snug...... well the punishment for tight jeans is soooooo not fun! Lesson learned.... wait till they really fit!..

Comment #36

Oh I wonder if any of you know..... when it comes to PMS.... for me I am hungry for TWO weeks!!! What is it about ovulating that makes me want to eat everything in sight? I started the plan in my two weeks of hunger last month and here I am again... I kinda thought by now that I would be over the hunger but no...... I don't even know where to start looking it up!..

Comment #37


- I've heard it said that sometimes the "hungries" are signalling that you'll have a big loss that week, as long as you can power through it and stay on plan. I'm not sure if it always worked for me or not..

I can't comment on the PMS issue - I haven't had it since before starting MF...

Comment #38

KerryYeah to be down 1 lb. Every one counts nearly double for us Shorties!.

As for the hungries and PMS, like a few of the other more "age-mature" Shorties, it has been a while since I've had my monthlies. Since being on MF, however, I can attest that when I feel super tired and/or hungry, I DO experience big losses (sometimes 2-3 lbs!).

While I do not think anyone knows a definitive reason for PMS munchies, my reading of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that prior to ovulation, the body is preparing to store energy (yin) for the likely arrival of an ovum/egg/future baby. The belief is that the lining and other support functions are preparing and storing=bloating=adding tension to our systems=heightening our senses. Once the period of potential ovulation passes and the egg is no longer going to be implanted, the yang energy releases it and we begin to feel an immediate release (post PMS)..

I am not sure if you buy this theory, but if it has been used to treat women for thousands of years, I figured it is as good as any other theory out there..

Anyway, when I get the hungries now, I load up on water (and an occasional diet soda AFTER I have met my daily water quota) and/or a super diluted zero-calorie drink mix (e.g., Crystal Light diluted to 3-4 times the recommended amount) or Medifast infuser powder. If it gets really bad and I want to chew my leg off, then I try to nap or go to bed early and sleep it off. Like so many others have remarked, learning to endure is the goal, one day at a time, one moment at a time..

Hope this helps.

Happy Wednesday Shorties!..

Comment #39

Happy Thursday to you too Adrienne!.

For work it is technically my Friday. I am taking tomorrow "off", and I use that term loosely, because I have 101 things to do. DH decided a Cook-out and Bon Fire would be fun on Saturday - and it will be, but a lot to do between now and then. Thankfully gorgeous fall weather is called for all weekend, so perfect for our outdoor entertaining!.

Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #40

OK Ladies...I think I'm going to mimic MT_Cup's loss pace. -0.2 for me this week..

BUT, I'm looking on the bright side:.

1. It's a loss! The scale is moving in the right direction.

2. As I type this, my wedding ring is so large now, it keeps flopping to the underside of my finger (sort of annoying, might I add, since I work on the computer all day!).

3. The pants I wore 4 weeks ago are no longer tight..

4. While getting on the scale this morning, I noticed some serious definition in the sides of my abs (obliques?). Nice..

I SO feel like I've lost more than 11.8 pounds, but what can I do? ...just be thankful I feel good and that I have the great support of you all, who will keep me honest and help me through these frustrating weeks.

- Kat..

Comment #41

Happy Friday Shorties,.

Yes, it is morning time and I am posting (not my usual some time after midnight!).

Keep up the good work kat. The losses, despite the slow and steady pace, are losses nonetheless. My wedding ring also spins around in the evening (during the day and immediately after a run, it is just right. Guess the body fluids are pumping at a different rate during the day) The looser clothes and other external measures are powerful too. Remember, Medifast is a FAT LOSS and weight loss program. While I have been hovering around 98-100 lbs for 3 weeks (my target T & M weight) let's also recall the discussion about body fat from a few weeks ago..

Case in point, when I last measured via the Medifast fancy body fat % scale and the counselor's tape measure, my weight was the same but my body fat % was 3.5% lower than 2 months ago, I lost an inch off each thigh, 4 inches off my waist (I have oblique muscles too!!! very exciting to see when it has NEVER been a part of my post-baby shape), and added .25 inch to each bicep. Not to worry, I am not intentionally bulking up, but my counselor suggested I add a few old-fashioned upper body exercises to balance my otherwise "booty-liciousness" (as we know, women will more easily develop muscle in the lower body and less in the upper body)..

So, I guess what I am saying is that while the weight loss numbers may be frustrating, make sure to use other gauges to mark your progress. The daily changes may be small, but keep track over the months and you will be pleasantly surprised when you work the PLAN..

Marble, hostessing a party can be stressful, no? What will you be serving? I like to see how I can subtlely (sp) influence others' food choices with my Medifast mindset. Not too hard when the focus remains on lean proteins and greens. The challenge is when others contribute refined, high fat foods. My lastest strategy? I bring out lots of recyclable containers/paper goods and ask everyone to make "party prizes" (plates) for themselves as a memory of the good food and friends. It is surprising how much of the food goes away! If I really want something off plan, I cut a small piece and freeze it. The funny thing, is once all the guests have left, I often have forgotton about the "special treat" in my freezer.

I have been known to throw it donn my garbarge disposal and/or into the canyon for the local animals to enjoy (if it is not too refined). On the occasion that treat still looks yummy, it takes me longer to enjoy it as a semi-frozen chunk-ette of sweetness,so I savor it and/or I get bored and may only eat 2-3 bites before tossing it..

Weird strategy, but works for me..

Otherwise, the weekend is here, the weather is.


And it it time for everyone to get out and play in some leaves..

Happy Friday Shorties...

Comment #42

Glad I stumbled upon this thread and would like to join..

Great info and encouragement! As a shortie (checking in at a full 5 ft) I feel some of my weight loss challenges are different than others. I have a large build and a short body and find the BMI charts and weight charts goal weight puts me in the mid range of overweight. Ugh!.

Love the positive energy here - Happy Friday Shorties!..

Comment #43

Welcome Tink!.

Those BMI charts are crazy-ness. Certainly, while they can be useful as generalized guidelines, you and your counselor will figure out where you feel best. Know that the ultimate weight goal may change as you apporachmine shift 3 times before I settled on my range. Being a Shortie brings different challenges. You will know when you hit your best, healthiest weight. In the meantime, keep focusing on how great you must be feeling as the program works it's magic..

Comment #44

Welcome Tink!.

TGIF everyone. Work is still demanding and I just can't wait for the weekend. I get a feeling there's a nap in Saturday's future. The weekend crash and burn. *sigh*.

BMI charts don't work for us. They're a great check point tool but not quite as accurate for us as other tools..

Hugs to all who need them! My all too brief lunch break is done...

Comment #45

Welcome to the Shorties.




- you are so right - a loss is a loss. Keep up the good work - sometimes I'll have several weeks of little losses, and then, WHAM a big one!.

MT Cup.

- hope you get some rest this weekend!.


- congrats on the additional fat % losses!.


- I left my Medifast meals on the counter today! I overslept and was scrambling to get ready because I had to try on so many outfits. Most of my new "smaller" clothes are now too big! I have some soy crisps here at the office, but no meals. I'll have to fix that. First time to forget my meals!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #46

Checking in and saying hi..

Welcome Tink. The longer I do this the more I tend to ignore BMI. Like my sig, the only number I really truly care about is inside my jeans. And ok, inside my bra..

Having a Friday. Much better than having a Monday. Of course, I have Monday's off so.......

Comment #47

Thanks for the words of encouragement woozy and gkrism..

I have been really nauseous today for some reason, so I checked out of work early. Hope I didn't guzzle down TOO much water yesterday!..

Comment #48

Hello Ladies~.

I would love to join your group. I'm 5'3 and have another 30 lbs to lose. I'm also a daily weigher and relish the love/hate relationship I have with my scale. I have a positive outlook on life and I love to have fun..

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you...

Comment #49

Thanks for the feedback all! What a great group..

Just curious...what other tools do some of you use as guidelines besides the BMI chart?..

Comment #50



! Looks like you are doing awesome!.


- hope you are feeling better..


- I hear you - I like seeing smaller numbers in clothes..


- I don't know what else to use - so, my target is halfway into the "Normal" BMI range, which will probably put me at the upper end of what a Shortie should be. I've also heard targets of 100 lbs for 5'0" and then up or down 5 pounds for every inch above and below that... At least I think that's what I heard..


- I survived yesterday - found a ready-to-drink and a snack at the office. And I was off on the timing of the meals, but still ate on plan. I'm down 1 for the week. I'm taking extra food to the office today, and will leave it there..

While I was doing a back up (can't use the computer), I went to a Kohl's near my office, which is not the one I normally frequent near my house. New variety, and found some 6 and 8's that I can wear. Not everything on clearance, but they were all on sale, plus I got 15% off of that. Finding cute stuff in 16's now that I'm not wearing that size any more....

Well, today is the last Saturday of the tax extension filing season. So I gotta get back into the office to finalize some of these procrastinators returns..

Have a great OP weekend!..

Comment #51

I keep tabs on my weight (only once a week), what my percent body fat is (my scale has lots of bells and whistles), how my jeans feel, how long it takes me to walk my usual 3.3 miles, how I feel after my walk, how much my belly rolls have flattened out - pretty much anything.


My BMI...

Comment #52

Shelly - what brand scale do you have? We are thinking of getting a scale like that for home use, but we are notoriously inept at choosing electronic equipment..

I also use the "how do I feel after, during, about" exercise meter. Because my neighborhood is hilly, my first gauge is how far can I go before I have to stop and catch my breath. Then it's "how far can I go before I start breathing hard". It is amazing how quickly one can improve with consistent exercise. (yeah, so why do I have so much trouble getting back into the routine?)..

Comment #53

Welcome to all the newbie Shorties and long-time Shortie bloggers!.

So fun to have all this energy, partifcularly during the fall season. It is a time of change and my favorite time of year. I just LOVE the smell and hearing the crisp leafes crunch under my shoes. I love the colors and the wind as the end of summer blows through my hair..

The BMI thing is really controversial, but only one of many measures. Like so many other Shorties, I also try not to get too neurotic about the scale number (I weigh once a week). I also look at how things are fitting. Most recently, the cute jeans I bought to celebrate my hitting target weight are starting to flop around. While I love that "Stretch" has been added to our jeans to make them more comfortable, stretch also seems to have a type of memoryonce worn after being freshly laundered, it almost seems like the jeans are a tad bit looser?.

Another measure to use might include a body fat calculator. You can find a free estimate on-line (just plug in your numbers)..

I have really been pleased to see more websites that have amended the height/weight scales to account for various racial/ethnic groups. In a previous blog I mentioned the Joslin Group (Harvard University) with regards to diabetes and Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. I know there are other websites that have adjusted height/weight ratios, as the increasing diversity of our society is vastnot one assessment is accurate for all peoples..

Of course the old-fashioned body calipers (pinch in 53-5 places of the bosy) usually performed at a gym or a doctor's office is another way to assess one's relative fitness/body fat %..

There is also a form of assessing one's body fat%, muscle mass, bones etc. via a water tank. This is usually done in a hgih end gym, or a sports medicine, or even some hospitals. This is purported to be very accurate, but also expensive..

In the end, I keep coming back to what my counselor tells me,"Trust your inner voice. When you have hit a comfortable and healthy weight, you will know it. You can always adjust up/down, but don't give up. You know where you'll feel best.".

Happy Saturday everyone...

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Welcome to all the newbie Shorties and long-time Shortie bloggers!.

So fun to have all this energy, partifcularly during the fall season. It is a time of change and my favorite time of year. I just LOVE the smell and hearing the crisp leaves crunch under my shoes. I love the colors and the wind as the end of summer blows through my hair..

The BMI thing is really controversial, but only one of many measures. Like so many other Shorties, I also try not to get too neurotic about the scale number (I weigh once a week). I also look at how things are fitting. Most recently, the cute jeans I bought to celebrate my hitting target weight are starting to flop around. While I love that "Stretch" has been added to our jeans to make them more comfortable, stretch also seems to have a type of memoryonce worn after being freshly laundered, it almost seems like the jeans are a tad bit looser?.

Another measure to use might include a body fat calculator. You can find a free estimate on-line (just plug in your numbers)..

I have really been pleased to see more websites that have amended the height/weight scales to account for various racial/ethnic groups. In a previous blog I mentioned the Joslin Group (Harvard University) with regards to diabetes and Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. I know there are other websites that have adjusted height/weight ratios, as the increasing diversity of our society is vastnot one assessment is accurate for all peoples..

Of course the old-fashioned body calipers (pinch in 53-5 places of the bosy) usually performed at a gym or a doctor's office is another way to assess one's relative fitness/body fat %..

There is also a form of assessing one's body fat%, muscle mass, bones etc. via a water tank. This is usually done in a hgih end gym, or a sports medicine, or even some hospitals. This is purported to be very accurate, but also expensive..

In the end, I keep coming back to what my counselor tells me,"Trust your inner voice. When you have hit a comfortable and healthy weight, you will know it. You can always adjust up/down, but don't give up. You know where you'll feel best.".

Happy Saturday everyone...

Comment #55



! Always glad to see another shortie here!.


, on MF, the tape measure should be your primary indicator of progress, even over the scale. The scale, like a BMI chart can lie. Medifast has you burning fat and fat is not very dense. So you might lose half an inch on your thighs but nothing on the scale. Still progress, right? As woozy mentions, body fat is probably the best indicator of progress on MF. The dunk method is the most accurate, but almost no one does it.

They will all probably give you different goal weights, but that's ok. It's giving you a more accurate range to aim for. Then, once in that range you can decide when you're done based on your body. Most of us have moved our goal weights up and down a few times as we got closer to our final weight range. Once we were close, we had a much better idea of how our body looked and felt to make a really good decision on what "done" looked like.

Happy weekend all my sistah and brothah shorties!..

Comment #56

We have a Tanita "Innerscan" scale. You put in your personal info (age, height, activity level) when you first get it (and after changing the battery) and it can tell you your overall weight, your percent body fat, lean body mass, and bone mass. I think we bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $100. I'm sure there are cheaper scales out there, but Tanita is a good brand, so we went with that one. I think the Medifast brand scales are also made by Tanita...

Comment #57

Hi fellow Shorties!.

Not much to report. Just checking in on a beautiful Sunday and taking a break from midterms studying. Hope everyone is well and making time for the priorites that matter most in our lives..

My newest fabulous food find? 5 oz of Organic Greek yogurt PLAIN-90 calories, 15 gr protein, 0 fat, and digestive probiotics to boot! Very thick and satisfying. A little tart but a good way to wake up the tongue and stimulate taste buds that are too often overlooked. A great way to get a dairy serving..

Happy Sunday one and all...

Comment #58

So, I think I found out why I was feeling so nauseous on Friday - whey... I just got a new Medifast order in and on Friday I tried my first Cranberry Mango drink; got sick. Then this morning I had a Cherry Pomegranate shake...sick again. So, I think I may return those and try to stay away from the Whey based proteins, and stick with Soy..

Glad I figured out what was wrong! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for a 100% OP Medifast week..

- Kat..

Comment #59



- sorry to hear that you got sick! That's such a bummer..

Hi to all the other Shorties too!.


- I bought the "summer splash" cold drink package (peach tea, raspberry tea, cranberry mango and fruit drink) to save some money. Well. I've been trying to choke down at least one per week. At the rate I've been going, I'll still have these 4 months from now. But somebody somewhere posted the suggestion to mix the cranberry mango with diet 7-up rather than water. Amazing, it was actually drinkable! So, now maybe I'll finish these by Christmas.

Oh, and somebody at church today asked if I was going to get too skinny. Hello, no, I don't think so. Nice stab at a compliment though!.

Have a great OP Week! My last week of this tax season. Still have 7 returns to complete, and information to do so for only 2 of them...

Comment #60

Kat, sorry the whey is bothering you, but at least you know what it is now..

Just checking in, got a lot going on right now. Preparing my house for sale as well as work and other stuff I have going on. I'm still boggled at how much of my time it's all taking up..

Good news is, still maintaining at 105 and the old stand by of egg beaters or miracle noodles are still filling the need on those extra hungry days and keeping me on plan..

Hugs to all who need them...

Comment #61


-glad you figured out the nausea thing. Not a great part of MF, but also interesting to know about one's self. Perhaps there has always been a sort of underling whey-related issue that has somehow contributed to your weight issues? Something to consider...


-I have also read about the Medifast drink situation. Adding some diet 7UP may just do the trick. In my case, I was not crazy about the shakes for a few months. Almost began to think it was time to toss them. Then I tried whirling up some with a bit of coffee and iceMF style frapaccino voila! Guess who couldn't wait to buy a box of Dutch Chocolate shake today after weighing in? Yup, yours truly...


- would you mind expanding a bit more about your reference to egg whites and noodles on extra hungry days? Not quite sure what you meant, but suspect you have wisdom to share, particularly as I am in the midst of transitioning away from 5-1 L & G, and battle the hungries on occasion as I am not in ketosis..

Hello to all the other Shorties. Met with my counselor today and am holding my goal weight. I am a little worried, though, as she asked me to drop another Medifast meal (now I will be eating 3 Medifast meals) and to add 1/2 cup more dairy and 1/2 cup more fruit. Given that my calorie range may be from 1250-1400 (depending on if I run that day or not) this seems a bit crazy. She also predicted that 4-6 oz more protein is part of the future, as well as 1/2 cup whole grain carbohydrates..

Seems like way too much and I am intimidated by this. Any hints from the veteran Shorties?.

Then again, I do not want to be eating Medifast foods forever, so I guess this is all part of getting back to learning how to deal with "real" foods in reasonable portion sizes?.

So much to consider. Happy Monday Shorties...

Comment #62

Hi Woozy, in maintenance it's all about calories in and calories out. We no longer count carbs/protein/fat (although I like to watch my fats as I tend to go overboard in that area). On days when I'm extra hungry, I make 1/2 cup egg beater mini-omelets (just egg beater and some herbs) as a filler between meals if I'm extra hungry. It's low and calories and the protein helps keep hunger at bay. Miracle noodles have about 27 calories in a 7oz package. I make them with a few capers, 2 tsp lemon juice and a little minced garlic is a very filling meal that lasts a long time.

I try to find ways to stay within my calorie budget and still eat healthy. Most days I am not hungry. I still eat on the same schedule as I was on 5&1 and I'm only using 1 Medifast packet a day (usually a bar first thing). Week 4 of transition is a lot of food and I talked to the nutritionists and they had me, as a shortie modify it so that I wasn't eating insane calories. Basically week 4 of transition is where you formulate your maintenance plan.

You figure out your true maintenance calories based on your exercise. You'll find yourself adding foods and removing them. Even rearranging when you eat what you eat. It's exciting and frightening. LOL Enjoy the ride, document it all and stay aware of your body..


Typical 1150-1250 calorie maintenance day for me:.

Breakfast: 1 Medifast bar (winter is Medifast soups for something warm to start the day, I hate cereal of any kind).

Mid-morning: 1/2 cup fruit mixed with 1/2 cup FF Greek style yogurt.

Lunch: L&G consisting of 4 oz lean, 1-2 green, 1 grain (my favorite for the summer months has been an open face sandwich of 1 piece of Ezekiel bread, 3.5-4 oz of chicken breast and a pile of salad greens. I allow myself 1 tbsp miracle whip light in the bread).

Mid-day snack: 3oz of broccoli slaw mixed with 1/2 cup FF yogurt. or a pile of celery sticks with 1-2 tbsp almond butter (amount depends on exercise expenditure)..

Dinner: L&G (3.5-4oz lean, 3 green).

Evening: air popped popcorn, or baby carrots or cup of tea with a little honey. A truly decadent night cap for me is a Medifast dark chocolate shake heated up (my go to hot cocoa). Once in a while I might treat myself to a vitatop (I keep some in the freezer as a back up to my Medifast breakfast bars)..

Hope this helps you...

Comment #63

Hi Shorties! I am trying to get caught up after my busy, but fun weekend..

The Bon-fire/cookout was very nice. Besides the stink bugs being out in force (once the sun goes down and it gets cool they seem to dissapear) it was a perfect day. A little too many BLTs for me, but we got rid of the leftover food as quickly as we could (by 11am Sunday morning I had gone around to all the neighbors and passed out goodies - returning borrowed coolers with various items in them)..


, you mentioned getting rid of the food and that is exactly what has to happen. One of my neighbors brought an Eclaire Pie (but in a 8x13 pan), and it looked (OK and was, because I had a spoonful, or two...) soooo good, but I couldn't get anyone to take the left-overs home, and I knew if that were around my house for any amount of time I'd be inhaling the whole thing - so in the trash it went..


- you are doing great! I love your "looking on the Bright Side" list. That is exactly what we need to do. I don't know if you have read the Beck Book - but she says, and is right, we beat ourselves up so much for "only losing .2" or if we do give in to a little cheat, but what we really need to do is remember all the accomplishments (ie bright side) we have made. So good job! Glad you discovered what was making you feel sick, I hope the soy products are working for you now..


- welcome and I love your namesake!.


- house for sale?! Did I miss something, are you making a big move or a local move?.


- yikes on the forgetting food, but glad you had enough stashed around to get through the day. I did that once too - but actually turned around 1/2 way in to work when I realized it and went back home to get my food. Since that day I keep 3 items in my desk at work, and one bag of puffs and one bag of pretzles (since they don't melt) in my glove box of my car.


- welcome to the shorties. I am 5'3" too! You are doing great, down 20+ pounds already!.

Hi Shelly and Donna and all the other great shorties! Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #64


- so glad the party went well. I love to entertain, too, and am even more relieved and pleased that [most] everything went well. Brava for tossing the temptation. While it may have broken your heart, it will not break your lovely figure..


- thanks for the sample off plan menu (and cute warning prior to posting.

This gives me a better idea about how my post-MF life is shaping up. I have seen those Shirataki yam "noodles" and will get some to try. Afterall, 27 calories for 7 oz sounds like a great bargain to me! Also, what about this house sale/move? A stressful time, no doubt..

Gotta runmidterm # 1 of two total for the week will be starting in 3 hourswant to focus and skim my notes one more time..

A shout out to all the Short-ettes out there...

Comment #65

Marble, glad the party went well. I'm with you on trashing the stuff that you don't need around. I do that too. I no longer feel guilty about starving children in China that I wouldn't be feeding anyway..

As for the house move, I've not been very vocal about what's going on here. I tend to be pretty private. I've asked my sabotaging and unsupportive husband for a divorce (actually did that this summer) and I'm moving out of this area to someplace I like. Work moved me here and now my work is remote from my home office. I can live and work anyplace that is in easy reach of an airport and has a good solid internet connection. So I'm looking at places around the US that I want to live and retire to.

I love hiking and the mountains so I'm looking in places where I have easy access to belly dance teachers, avian vets (for my parrot) and hiking. Nice thing is NJ is sooo expensive every state but CA is cheap compared...

Comment #66



- you go girl! I am sorry things didn't work out with your DH, but I don't think a little support is too much to ask. As you said, we don't really "know" each other here on the boards, but I assume this behaviour was just the tip of the iceburg. How exciting for you to get a fresh start wherever you choose! Enjoy this new chapter of your life, you have earned it!..

Comment #67


I'm starting the plan tomorrow am 5"0 and have EXACTLY the same about to lose as your counter says you do! Want to communicate and keep each other going?!.


Comment #68

Hey all-.

I'm new- 5"0 at around 144 lbs looking to loose about 35lbs or so..

25 years old and nervous about gaining on this plan etc....

Any words of advice or anything would be wonderful!..

Comment #69

Hi JBress! Sure, we can do this together. Good luck on your first week. I had a great loss my first. Just been inching along ever since....

- Kat..

Comment #70

Welcome Jacquiline! Glad you joined us here. Don't be nervous. In fact the great thing about 5&1 is you can go without stepping on the scale at all, just use the tape measure and your clothes to measure you success if you stay 100% on plan. It's really that simple. The major key to success is to make sure you're getting in all your plain water, your 5MF meals and your full lean and 3 green portions each day (and your healthy fat if your lean needs one)..

Make sure you download and keep with you a copy of the main food fact sheets so you always know what's allowed..



Veggies (green):.




Meatless (lean substitute):.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy!..

Comment #71

Wow -.

MT Cup.

- I wish all the best for you! You are right about CA not being a cheap place to live! But ohhh, the weather sure is nice!.




Comment #72

Okay all,.

So midterm #1 went well. Midterm #2 is looming large, but I will do my best..

With regards to the Medifast PLAN, as the Nike commercial says, "Just do it." It is natural to be nervous about that which one does not know, but figure it this wayyou have Shortie Power standing 1,000,000% behind you. Each of us is making his/her journey to a healthier way of life. The fact that you chose Medifast and are here on the boards with us tells me that you will be fine. We ask all sorts of Shortie-related questions and candid, respectful, playful responses (with smiley icons included for no extra charge) are often forthcoming..

This blog site, in particular, has been a secret weapon in my holster of Medifast tools. While we do not know each other face-to-face, the same level of distance has allowed me to be more honest than I might otherwise have been with myself and others if I KNEW we might see each other in person..

Case in point. As noted in my opening thoughts, I am in a bit of a stressful time-midterms are full bore and I am ever the "Honor Roll" mentality student. DH was also working on getting a paper done but he has been taking nearly 4 weeks! Suffice it to say, I HAVE KEPT MY COOL and suppressed my frustrations. To date, no emotional eating but lots of running..

Then had a mini blow-up last night. He finished his paper and then proceeded to sit and watch the SF Giants on TV while I fumed quietly away. I spoke up and let out some of my feelings BUT DID NOT TURN TO FOOD..

All this is my way of saying that life continues to happen despite the "magic" of MF, but now I know that instead of turning to chip, nuts, ice cream or chocolate, I just need to express myself, exercise, and chew LOTS of sugarless gum. Hey, maybe I should buy stock in Trident?.

Anyway, I wonder if shedding our exterior/excess weight is like a little caterpillar shedding it's cocoon? Do we slowly emerge as beautiful moths/butterflies after weeks of seeming quiet, only to fulfill our life's destinies?.

Happy searching MTCUP. You are clear about your parameters, so this will make the next step of your journey one that you will truly embrace..

Happy Tuesday everyone...

Comment #73

Thanks for the support, guys!.

I'm actually looking forward to my independence..

Woozy, good luck with your midterm. I know you'll do well. You're very focused and dedicated..

I think that's one of the good things about MF. When we learn not to turn to food, we have to learn to deal with our feelings in a more constructive manner. We go for walks, clean a closet, take baths, or we even learn to confront those situations that used to make us eat. We learn to handle those situations and start to meet them as challenges head on and put the issue to rest instead of burying it under food. It can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences but that too can sometimes be a good thing..

And today is my one year mediversary! I find it hard to believe I've been here a year and the success I've found here. It's due in part to all of you. Thank you...

Comment #74

Two pounds lost this week!!.

I'm over halfway to goal (but I may adjust that number when I get closer)..

MTCup {{Hugs}} It is amazing all the stuff we find out we have been suppressing under the food issues, isn't it? We find within ourselves the strength to do things we would never have done in the past. Congrats on the 1 year!.

This is a busy week for me, plus I have a sister-weekend starting in 2 days. That will be a major test for me. My sister is an unwitting food-pusher, never having had a serious weight issue. But I have all my bars and pretzels packed, and I CAN DO IT!.

Have a great day, Shorties!..

Comment #75

Woops - I said woozy in post #72 instead of MT Cup - sorry, had woozy on the mind. You know I meant you.


, at least I hope you figured that out!..

Comment #76

Thanks for the welcome everyone...I already have a few questions as I wait for my UPS man to bring my box today!.

1) How do you do holidays? Like Thanksgiving coming up etc... I know I can do fine with the meals every other day but sitting down to that great Turkey day feast with all the family and not having anything seems like it will be awful!.

2) I have started doing an hour of cardio a day 3-4 days a week. How should I account for that with food..should I just not eat extra and burn even more or is there somewhere I can find what to do in that situation?.

That's all for now- will post tomorrow after what is hopefully my first day!!! I'm happy because I magically am free with nothing but a little work tomorrow until Saturday so I can focus on jumping in 100%..

Comment #77

JBress - I'm sort of new as well (in my 6th week), but I'm pretty sure the Medifast guidelines state that you really shouldn't start an exercise program in the first three weeks of MF. And when you do, you need to limit your workouts to 45 min, FYI. the calories are so low on this diet....

All - I have a question for you veterans as well! Do you think it is a big deal to be 70-80 calories over (like total 1074 calories) once in a while, as long as my carbs are still in the low 80's? I think I'm having a day like that today, but didn't want to start fretting and adjusting if I didn't need to! Thoughts?.



Comment #78

JBress - you may find that the first week or three of Medifast you won't have the strength or stamina for that much exercise. After week three, 30 minutes 3-4 times a week is really all you need. When I started my exercise routine (walking 3 days, hand weights two days), my counselor had me add 2-3 ounces of protein per week. When I get back from walking, I usually have an ounce of protein, if I remember..

It's exciting that you are starting the Medifast journey - you're going to do great...

Comment #79

I mostly lurk here (just under 5'2"), but had to say to Adrienne what a huge inspiration you are to me each and every day, and that I wish you all wonderful things in this next phase of your life..

You know I also have parrots, so I hope this site is helpful in your search for avian vets in your preferred new hometowns!.


Comment #80

MT - Huzzah for the mediversary! It's nice to know that others have had success and stuck with it and stayed around online. I go through cycles of commenting alot and then being quiet for a while, but I am on every day and checking up on things. Sorry to hear your marriage is ending - HUGS. I'd love to recommend San Diego, but it can be expensive here, or it can be rather the opposite. DH and I have looked at property in So Utah for years but never had the $$ to buy what and where we'd like, so we are waiting to see where the DDs settle..

Kerry - congrats on halfway+! Awesome. And I know you can beat the pushy sister syndrome. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you..

Woozy - I hear ya about the Trident stock. I should've bought stock in a toilet paper company! Good luck on those midtermsnot something I miss...

Comment #81

Lurking Sue in RI-.

Glad to know that even if we do not see posting, there are others who are in the Shorties Vortex of Positive Power.


-Good to see you here, if even every other day. Keep on keeping on!.


-MEDIVERSAY MADNESS! Time to break out our Pretzels (or.

Another bottle of water and a walk)..


-Holidays are a challenge, but I've learned I can still be on the Plan. I make sure I have my L & G during then (Turkey and salad or veg). Then I save either a chocolate shake or bar for my "dessert." YOU CAN DO IT!!!!.


-If you are on 100% & on L & G stage, the calorie thing is not such a big deal if you stick to the general plan, right? Not to fret. As long as you work the PLAN, it will be fine on a day-to-day basis..


I concur with the rest of the Shortie feedback about exercising too early in the Medifast program. I was struck with surprising fatigue the first few weeks. Some days it was enough to get up and go through my daily life. Even now that I ahve been on Medifast for 1/2 year, I have an occasiona day of SUPER TIRED. If you are surviving on 880-1000/calories per day, you will likely experience soem drastic responses. Be patient.


Hello to all the other Shorites! Midterm #2 donedid well enough, but glad it is over. Nearly time to go to bed...

Happy Wednesday Fun Sizers!..

Comment #82


, yes I knew who you meant..


, The holidays are deceptively easy. First, Thanksgiving is full of OP foods! Turkey - OP, Veggies - OP. So strive for a Turkey day L&G of Turkey, green beans and the Faux Mashed Potatoes (riced cauliflower). Your plate will look like everyone else minus the yucky greasy gravy. For desert you can take Medifast vanilla pudding and mix in pumpkin pie spice. Viola! Put it in a parfait glass or some other fancy glass and add 1 tbsp of whipped cream (from the aerosol can).

Also, remind yourself that these holidays are about family, not food. We've turned them into food fests. What if we donated all our fancy foods instead of eating them and just gathered with family? Would that ruin the holiday for you? Put the holiday food in perspective..

As for the exercise, as Donna said, you'll want to put that on hold until you have at least 3 weeks under your belt. Give your body a chance to adjust before you start any exercise and remember, no more than 45 minutes, as per the plan instructions..


- we count carbs not so much calories on MF. If it's just a momentary one time blip on the radar, I wouldn't worry. Just find out why it happened and learn to ensure you adjust what you eat so you stay in parameters for the rest of your journey..


, good to hear from you and yes, I have that site bookmarked and have used that for all my moves (work used to move me quite a bit). Thanks and as always, good to hear from you..


, thanks. Southern UT is nice! Can't blame you for salivating over properties there..


, LOL thanks I broke out a Medifast brownie and celebrated with that..

As Woozy reminds us, we're the fun sized MFers. Have a great Thursday all...

Comment #83

Woot! Congratulations!.

Thanks for the support, Kerry! Food pushers can be difficult to deflect, especially when it's someone you're emotionally bound to and they're unwitting. Stay strong and try not to start a fight..

Enjoy your weekend!..

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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a total newbie (starting the diet today - YAY!) I'm 46 years old and have been short all my life.

- 5'1". I decided to do this diet mainly for health reasons (Type 2 diabetic), but in addition to that, I am so sick of having to wear clothes that DO NOT FIT ME right. I need to be able to shop in the petite section to find stuff that fits me correctly, and I haven't been able to do that in years. I'm sorry, but women's petite clothing? I'm old, but I'm not ready for shuffleboard on the deck of the cruise ship yet, for crying out loud! I just found this group this morning and I knew I needed to join - it is great to read posts from other shorties like me. It has been especially helpful to read that some of you also have the "slow loser" syndrome. With every other diet I have been on, my loss has been slow and I've usually gotten discouraged and given up.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to reading more...

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Day one complete- my day was weird yesterday because I started after having had one meal of some light canned soup before my box arrived. I defin already feel the effects of the nutrients in the food....

Quick question- this cappuccino is GROSS...I made it like the directions said...anyone have any tricks?..

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JBress Glad you found us Shorties! I have never had the cappucino. I know with some of the drinks, people recommend adding a tiny bit of water to make a paste, and stir all the lumps out, before adding the rest of the water. Other people make it with coffee instead of water..

Good luck!..

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, welcome! Yes us shorties have some special challenges when it comes to losing weight. Glad you've decided to make a life style change that's healthy for you!.


, make the capp with cold coffee. It's so much better that way. Also, try mixing it with a vanilla shake, it makes 2 meals but if you mix the powders, it's pretty easy to not have it twice in the same day. It will store mixed with water or coffee for up to two days in the frig too. I prefer all the Medifast foods made up at least a couple hours ahead of time and left to soak. Seems to improve the flavor and texture of the foods...

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MT Cup.

- happy belated Mediversary, and thanks again for all of the support that you provide to us shorties!.


- welcome - we started at about the same place (I'm also 5'1" and age 48) and after 5 months, I'm now shopping in the petites section. Yes, it's a thrill, and yes, you can do it too!.


- I'm not a coffee drinker, so I've never ordered the cappucino. Can't help you with that one. But they say that your tastes buds change - after a few weeks/months - try it again..


- nice to "see" you!.


- congrats on your loss! Nice going! And good luck with the food-pushing sister!.


- I'm glad for you that your mid-terms are over, now just back to the regular classes, huh?.

And hi to.

Marble, Tink, Shelley, Kimberly.

And any others that I missed, or lurkers that I haven't met..


- I'm down to the last two days of this procrastinator tax season - and just last night (about 7pm) I got a call from one of them, and then about 9pm got an e-mail from another. At this point, I feel like I'm ready to fire them as clients! Of course, once they actually pay me, I might feel better about it... At least I'm not eating my frustration in food!.

Oh, and the building complex that my office is in got foreclosed on this week. The major tenant left, so now it's just us "second class" citizens left. That means the on-site deli will probably close down soon too - of course, I haven't been going to the deli for the last 5 months, since I've been on MF..

Have a great OP day!..

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I didn't read through any other responses yet - but I don't think this is a big deal, especially if your carbs are still below 100. Don't start fretting!..

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Hi everyone - great to see so much activity from the familliar faces and the new!.


- welcome to the Shorties and welcome to MF. It works!!.


- I just had my one year MFanniversary too. I started on 10/1/09. Hard to believe it has been a year, but a great year. For those just starting the Holidays aren't that tough (see MTs earlier post), and remember, it is not about the food, but family/friends; it is your choice not to have off plan foods this Holiday Season, but next year, the year after, you can in moderation. And finally, most people will never notice what you are or aren't eating at any given event, keep your hands full with a water or Diet Soda (splurge.

) and enjoy the conversation..

AFM, just working 1/2 day today. Have a bunch of things that all came up today to do. 1) going to pick up my Moms car so I can get it serviced tomorrow. My Mom is 72 years old, in great shape physically and mentally, thank God. She has a 14 year old car that has 40,000 miles on it - LOL! Anyway, I make sure it is maintained twice a year and it is that time! I'll leave my car at her house (which she would never drive, but I leave her the keys in case of emergency) then drive her car in to work tomorrow. The Shop is about 1 mile from my work, so I walk to work and back to the shop for some extra excercise (as long as the weather is good). 2) I am giving blood at 4pm today - one of my favorite ways to do something good and 3) Vestry meeting at church to round out the day - I am the Registrar, and that really is almost torture if anyone has been part of a Vestry before (or any group of people trying to get anything done by committee)! Then tomorrow is Friday - woo hoo!..

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, thanks! LOL on firing the clients! Don't we all just wish at times we could do that. I hope you don't end up getting the boot out of your building. Moves can sometimes break a business..

Happy belated Mediversary,.



Your mom is lucky you live close enough to help her...

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You are all very inspirational women!! I am 5ft. tall, and have been going crazy trying to figure out why I have been losing weight soooooooo slow. I have learned a lot from reading all of the posts on this thread! Would love to be a "shorties" member!..

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- glad to have you here. Yes, that's why I post what I'm losing on weekly basis, because it helped to see that I wasn't the only SLOW-losing MFer out there!.


- I guess I missed your Mediversary too! Congrats, and thanks again for the posting that you do as well. Those of you that have met your goals, and are in maintenance, are an amazing inspiration to the rest of us. We also had my parents move closer to us, just in case they needed assistance eventually... and then I benefited when I broke my arm and my mom stayed with me this summer!.

MT Cup.

- I doubt they'll want me to move - I've still got 3 years left on the lease! Of course, if the services drop off, I may WANT to move, but I doubt they'll let me out of it..

Okay, enough of a break for me - back to the returns!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.