What was iPage web hosting site did mark zuckerberg (creator of facebook) use?

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My 1st question is: What was iPage web hosting site did mark zuckerberg (creator of facebook) use? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Hello guys!!.

I ran into trouble again....

I'm trying to setup 2 different groups of links kind of..

I use style sheets to have two groups of links, they should have different link colors and different hover colors..

One class of links I called it "menu", the other "centralarea"..

However looks like those classes don't work the way they should. At least the centralarea class. the links in the centralarea class should be orange with a white hover effect. Instead, the links in the centralarea class are the same color as the other links, they have the white hover effect however. My question is why they are not orange, as they supposed to be. What am I doing wrong there? I just can't see the mistache..

Here it is the link to my webpage:.


Thank You!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Thank You Very Much Dragon!!.

Darn that's the way I wish I would see it on IE 5.5, but is not, that's the way it should look, but it looks messed up, with underlines where they shouldn't be and so on....

I checked on two computers, both have IE 5.5 and for me on both of them looks different than yours, one computer at home, the other here at work. Looks like is something with Ie 5.5 and the codding that I put in. Maybe hte codding that I use is not compatible with IE 5.5.

I wish I could make it work with IE 5.5 and even 5.0.

Thank you Dragon!!..

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I would try stcking your clsses in with the relavent tags and not at the table level..

For example....

<a class="centerarea" href="">Beginners FAQ</a>.

It also good practice to write all your tags in lower case. Also drop the text decoration in the links as you have already defined this in the inline style...

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Hello Entimp!.

Yes, I will follow your advice and stick the classes with the relevant tags, if I cannot declare them at the table level. That is what I was trying with text decoration, because in IE 5.5 if I have to declare them in the relevant tags, otherwise they won't take effect..

I ussually put the tags in upper case because is easier for me identify them..

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I 'll try to stick the classes in the tags as soon as I get a bit of time... I'm at work now.....

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Hello Entimp!.

I put the class into the tag, like this:.

<A class="centerarea" HREF="">Beginners FAQ</A><BR>.

But that didn't fix the problem... I'm gonna play more with this.....

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I am at home now and going to play with it as well... t you know what happens...

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Mannnnnn what a mess your html is... first of all go back to square one and learn some. Not being horrible but you are running with expensive nikes before you can walk. If you have any questions when comparing my code to yours then fire away. The follow is just a basic but cleaned up version of yours... you will need edit it a bit to get it how you want it...

Ok... do you know how to use external style sheets. I have included the code that you will need to use for it. If you don't then ask and I will give you a quick walkthru on it..

As for the solution, there seems to be a quirk in Explorer that I never knew about and it won't let me use two pseudo styles for the links... it does work in Netscape 6.2 tho for some obscure reason. I am still looking into this. If someone else knows then fire way, I am stumped. Here is ya code all tidy and correct..

Ohhh Next question what editor do you use for html?.

If you have one get a new one it aint working for you... try some of these:.


Or for a real safe bet get a copy of this kick ass one for free....


1st page 2000 one of the best free html editors out there..

So Any questions fire away..

The style sheet, you will need to add your scroll bar and other stuff....

You will need to save the style sheet as default.css.

I am looking into why explorer did not work and netscape did as of this moment and will get back to you as soon as I find out...

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Use these links to see what is wrong with the [.


] and the [.



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Hello Entimp!!.


Sorry that my code is messy..

I pretty much understand the code that you put in, the only problem is indentation. That indentation I know makes for good readability, usually, but myself I'm not sure if makes it more readable or harder to read, I think is just me. However I'll try to use more that style... maybe I'll get more comfortable with it..

I never used external style sheets, but I understood what you've done there, and I setup that page such way that now it uses your code and your default.css file. Anyway generally speaking I never played a lot with style sheets before..

As for the editor what I use is not a fancy HTML editor, but is my favourite because there is nothing to install and is extremely simple. I use this all the time, because at work I cannot install things on my pc (I shouldn't anyway) and that's why it is great. At work I do most of my web pages, whenever I have a minut I work on them. It's a Browser Based Real Time Editor, here is what I use, download it and tell me what you think..

Again Thank You very much. You have helped me a LOT! As you see right now I have put all your code there, and I'm looking thru it..

Hi Giz!!.

Thank you for those links, very helpfull to see about what needs to be corrected in the code..

Thank You!!..

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Hey the orange css works now... I wonder why that is the case... maybe I needed to refresh my cache... Ackkk web design hurts sometimes..

External spread sheets are good cause if you are going to make changes you only have to do it in one place. So when you have a few pages down but want to change the link colors you will only have to change it once in one place..

Sorry I didnt mean to sound harsh in my longer post, was just tired this morning and need to get to bed. I will keep on looking at your iPage site over the next few weeks and offer some tips n hints where I can if you want..

Good luck and keep on with it, don't burn out by over doing it...

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Hello Entimp!.

That is ok, your code look much better than what I had there, is just that I have a bit of trouble following the indentation that way, but i'll have to get used to that because that is considered good manner of codding and everybody is using it..

Well the problem is that looks like is working if you refresh the cache, but after you click on the link, and after a while you turn back... they are not orange anymore... well I know that from before actually, but let me refresh now, clear the cache... let me see actually..


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I emptied the temporary internet files, the cookies... and still all the links look blue to me... well maybe I just have to go with that the way it is... what can I say... I need to work and redo all the other pages as well. I guess I'll have to turn back to this later....

Entimp you've been a great help with this!!.

I'll upload the pages as I finish them to that website... who knows what other mistaches I'll do, so it would be great to have you watching over...

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I think that html validator doesn't work properly... because it was saying that I have to put end tags for each <br> tag, well I tought that is strange, but I put all those </br> (end) tags for each <br> tag as it was saying... and now look at the result!! (.


) everything is double spaced, like there are two <br> tags. So the HTML validator it gives now less errors, but obviously the browser (IE5.5) interprests the </br> tag same as the <br> one..

So I think that HTML validator is not that reliable..

According to the HTML validator before there were over 80 erros, now there are only 24 left, not only that is not good coding to put </br> tags (I think) but the page doesn't look any better of course, actually looks worse, and before today never knew that every <br> tag has a coresponding </br>... obviously that's wrong..

The 24 errors left are also awkward, and they don't really make sense to me... it says that those are errors, but myself I don't see them as such..

Maybe somebody can explain those errors to me? Maybe Giz? or maybe I shouldn't take for good everything that the HTML validator gives away as a result... and myself I think that's the case: HTML validator is not perfect..

Please guys let me know what you think....


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There is no closing tag for a line break..

The XHTML Strict DocType requires.


Tag to be closed with either the closing tag (ie..






, etc.) or in the case of a tag which has no closer (ie..




, etc.), they must be closed with a 'space slash' within the tag like:.

<br />.


<hr />.


<img src="whatever" alt="whatever" />.


<br> </br>.

Is treated like two line breaks; hence. the extra spaces...

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Thank You Android!!.

I didn't have a clue about the fact that somehow there is a way to close tags such as <br>... now I fixed the scripting with the <br/> and that is working, no double spaces in the page and no extra errors, just the old ones that have to do with font, size, color etc..

Thank You!!..

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This site.

Shows all the differences between HTML and XHTML...

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Thank You Dragon!!.

Good link!.

It looks like most of these errors were occuring because I was using XHTML 1.0 Strict as my DOCTYPE..

I just chnged that to TRANSITIONAL and now I got down to only one error..

Somebody suggested that and it worked very well!!.

Thank You guys!!..

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Though the <br/> markup is correct... I wouldn't worry too much about this... you have far bigger fish to fry at the moment..

Forget XHTML etc... not being horrible but I would really concentrate on learning html 4.01 first. Get that down to a fine art then move on... It really is a mistake to learn too much too fast. HTML 4.01 without errors isn't an easy task but easy enough to learn. After correcting the first code I would strongly suggest you start here...

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Well Entimp... you're right!.

For now I'll move on to correct the other pages that I already have (all the pages for the iPage website were ready before I posted this subject), get them ready and correct them as you corrected my "Admin Tutorials" page, and after that I will worry about css links and all the other stuff. You've been a great deal of help!!.


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