What was the most expensive Godaddy domain name ever sold?
Quick question... What was the most expensive Godaddy domain name ever sold? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Can you please show which is better extention in retail market, beside com?.

For example.

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Does .us worth anything? From what I see here nobody mentioned it. why?..

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Thanks for answer..

Also, for not open a new threat I will ask here..

Is word "the" on the beginning of HostGator name droping price, and if yes, than how badly? for just example.

Whats a difference in price betwen and if exampleword belongs to card games business?..

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For me ,I will try to add other word like net online etc. other than the!..

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If the .com is taken....



Then, .info..

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But I think .info is making a run at moving up the list the more I see them...

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.net is good but I like .infos because they are cheap (a bit like me really.


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I am looking at .info's here now because of that reason..

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Can anybody explain why .info extention is so cheap? Nobody buying? Or whats the reason?..

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Depends on usage, industry and target country among other things I'd say...

It's pretty long (4 letters) and used to be given away for free for about 10 months ago. You could register 25 .info domains for free, just to boost the extension. Now, many of the .info's will expire....

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Hehe, it's great people have .info in that group!.

Last year people were very skeptical during the .info "25 free" period..

Well, well. Look at whats happend. Seemed to work.

Sorry for being slightly off topic..

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Dont get many list or members here letting on about the .info's that are about to expire..

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I personally regard the .info as #2, then .Net ,.Biz , .org, .Us.

I love the .info extension and I really love the fact that a lot are expiring in a couple of months..

I am buying as many as possible for a song (as little as 30NP$ ) from people who got them for free and aren't renewing them ..

Because most Registrars renew and Transfer at higher prices then New Reg. for .info's.

I then transfer them cheaply to my own Reseller Site..

(Over 40 in last month)..

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I have to go with about everyone on this one, and imo the .net is the next best ext. to .com if the .com is takin...

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I'm not sure .info is that good at all. It doesn't enjoy much of a reputation as most of it's uses are for websites which want to get perfectly optimised domains as cheap as possible. I would order them .net, .org then country based domains...

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I like .net, since it has a more personal feel. But maybe I'm just looking for a HostGator for my blog. Hmm....

I also think that .infos cheapen your site. Since you can get it for so much more cheaper than other extensions. Its almost as if you couldn't afford a proper domain. But that's just MY opinion...

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