What was valerie bertinette's starting weight on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... What was valerie bertinette's starting weight on Nutrisystem? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... I've seen a lot of guys back here over the past month or two. I understand gaining 10-15 lbs. back because I've done that at least 3 times over the last two and a half years since getting to goal.

I set a maximum weight once I hit goal. It was 195. Once I see that number or see that I'm getting close to that number, I go right back on the box. But to do that you have to be diligent about tracking your weight...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Frankly, I was not trying to maintain. From having been super obese, there were a lot of social activities on which I had missed out. I found myself being much more active and socially engaged. With it came visits to local eateries, dinner parties, drinking at local sport's establishments and lowered vigilance overall. It was one meal per day but it was pretty much every day..

In July, I had to make the difficult decision to walk away from my home since I couldn't get Bank of America to play ball. Had to give up my Rottie. While I think I handled it reasonably well, I now see that I did turn back to food for some comfort..

That same month, I moved to a condo in a nicer part of town. I had started working out with a trainer but I failed to control my caloric intake. While I did not give in to eating massive amounts of crappy food as before (I simply cannot eat how I used to even the 1 or 2 times I tried), I realized that I would still crave the pint of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra ice cream or a stupid large order at Carl's Jr. To make matters more difficult, Whole Foods and Paradise Bakery are right down the street from me. While you can go there and make good choices, mine were not always so. And I find I still have a weakness for Taco Bell when my BAC is anywhere near, or over, the legal limit.

I recognized what I was doing but I wasn't stopping. I became frustrated when I could no longer fit into a couple of the suits I had bought in the spring. Finally, when I could barely squeeze into a couple of slacks I use for work, I decided I needed to get back on NS..

NS is my lifestyle but I have not completely changed my view of food. More to the point, I do view food differently but my feelings and reactions toward it have not changed as much as I would like. I really do need to treat food as my addiction. Oddly, because of my success on the program, I became overconfident. Now that I have been reminded of my vulnerability, I am back on 100% and have no doubts I will reach my goal by year's end. However, I am keeping a little bit of that fear with me.

My new thought toward food is, "I used to love her but I had to kill her." Thanks, Axl...

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Windy - I hope you don'tmind,I'm sharing your avatar with friends. it made me laugh!!! in a sardonic, pessimistic way!! lol..

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Larry I have about 17 lbs back from my low 18 months ago and the last 6 were in the last two weeks. I am back on the box because I need that disipline!!!..

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I have missed you and your honesty Mike. It will be great seeing you reach your Goal!!..

Comment #5

I stopped visiting these forums...and lost that support system..

Sure, I didn't do enough push-aways from the table..

Sure, I ate too much Christmas and Thanksgiving foods..

But bottom lineI lost the accountability that posting here gave me. Even if all of you are just bots and not real people (I know that can't be true), the act of reading all this stuff, and posting my journey, just plain helps...

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I was like a snowball rolling downhill: 5 pounds gained in 6, 4, 3, and then only 1 month..

I stayed on the boards, exercised and kept the right foods in the house but ate too much, too often..

I'm heading back to the basics including a full Nutrisystem shipment and a review of the Mindset Makeover...

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I stopped the weekly logging of my weight in w8 book, stopped checking these threads, and lost all personal accountability. Since I am always very active (hockey at least 2x per week), I could always rationalize a little extra food here or there. It was a real wake up when I saw 219 on the scale after about five 8000kcal days in a row. I was far from perfect on Xmas and New Years, but I was at least able to go minus 1 lb over that stretch instead of +5-10 more. Now I am back to drinking the water and doing the program. I am just glad that I know this works, it is healthy, and I can stick to it..

Glad to see everyone is manning back up and recommitting to the program...

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Thanks for sharing your experiences guys. I had yo-yo dieted for several years but had never been able to maintain for anywhere near the amount of time that I have been able to maintain with what I learned with NS. Even after 3.5 years since I started Nutrisystem I still eat the food quite often. I've got a few holiday pounds that I'm going to shed before my next beach vacation in early February..

For you new guys, listen up. Getting to goal is just a minute part of this program. Maintaining is a whole different animal and truly doesn't end until you get to your end..

Anyone else that wants to share feel free to jump in..

One more thing. Something that I've noticed is that when the alcohol comsumption rises, so do the pounds. It's a combination of the empty calories and the "I don't give a **** I'll eat whatever I want" attitude that it brings out in me. The first thing that I do to drop the pounds is to give up the wine, liquor and beer altogether until I get back to goal...

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When I am drinking I am picking. It is that simple. My face is in the fridge for another beer and a hunk of cheese or in the pantry looking for some sort of nuts..

When I am not drinking and I am active on these Boards I am not!!! Sounds simple...

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Having put back 100+ lbs I should be an expert at this question. The problem is I really don't know what caused me to get so off track. I had lost 125 lbs but was only about half way to goal. I originally wanted a break from the regiment of the program. I know I can't eat boxed dinners all of my life. I wanted to transition to my own program.

I originally plan to stray for a short time knowing I could take of 25 or so real fast..

The problem was I never made the transition back to the program. Even when I was up 50 lbs I rationalized that I could lose A big chunk the first 2 weeks, so I really only needed to lose another 30No problem a month or 2 and I would be back on track. Might as well slow down a bit and then get back on the program..

Well I didn't get back on program. Exercise and activity dwindled to 0. The second fifty came fast and furious..

Anyway, here I am today. I feel really foolish. The a$$hole who put 100 back on. I really can't believe I did this. I have lost 11 lbs this first week and am once again committed to taking it off. Will have to rethink this whole "transition" away from nutri-food when the time comes again.

This part is easy. Stay on program and the pounds will come off..

Larry you have been sure and steady as long as I been coming around these boards. I appreciate you sharing your story and helping us with your.



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My problem staying at goal began by focusing on an event where I wanted to look good (daughter's hs Graduation) once that came and went, I continued to lose for a couple months. After losing 100lbs I felt pretty invicible. I quit paying attention for a couple months. When I finally weighed myself and had gained 30 back I told myself it could come off easily; then 60 was back on, then 90. At this point I was pissed enough to get back on autoship. This time around.

Someone else here stated that they were always going to keep a two week supply of Nutrisystem on hand, and will go back on if 5 lbs over desired weight-sounds like a good plan to me!.

I will also add that through all of this I have had marital, financial, and employment problems; none which are excuses, but things most of us have to deal with during the course of one's life...

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Larry - GREAT Thread!!!! This is something that has been scaring the crap out of me as I creep towards my weight goal. I never want to go back to what I was..

Watching the show the Biggest Loser last season they had the guy who won a few years ago but had put all but about 40#'s back. The thing I learned from his story was he went back to his old lifestyle. From reading the posts here so far it sounds kinda the same. I have experienced this before. Something happens and we reach for our old comforts. We need to find new comforts that are not food related..

Thanks to all who have posted here!..

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Great post is right...scary stuff to lose it all and bounce back so fast....

I think the idea of maintaining with a combo of Nutrisystem and healthy choices of foods is a good you are not on Nutrisystem every meal - but it's still a daily remonder of what you need to do - open up at least one meal per day or something, I dunno...NS will be happy we did.....

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I get kind of tired and fatigued with eating the Nutrisystem for too many months in a row. Around Halloween I started to each a few more meals a week off plan (I have a weakness for chinese take out) and picking up some deserts at the store when I should not have..

Being "the holidays" is a convinient excuse too. I did not gain a bunch of wait from Halloween to New Years, but my weight loss went to a complete stand still and I've been fluctuating between 220 and 225..

Well, Holidays are over, I threw out the deserts and left over chinese food and it's time to reach that big sub 200 goal..

I found for myself that even a little cheating triggers cravings that lead to big cheating. I think it's best to stay strict on the plan, with maybe one meal a week as a cheat meal just so you do not go crazy..

I've also found the V-8 low sodium veg. juice to be very helpful, just pour and drink.. veggies done...

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A timely question... I just restarted Nutrisystem this week. I've stuck around the forums even though I've been failing for a while because I knew if I kept the link eventually I'd get back in the right mindset..

I gained back an embarrassing portion of the weight I had lost. I was sidetracked some time ago by emotional issues and wasn't able to do more than maintain, but then over the last few months depression retriggered in me and that triggered overeating. And when I overeat...I mean OVEREAT. I can do 5000+++ calories a day easy, often more (picture grabbing a couple donuts for breakfast, something fast food for lunch, maybe some snacks during work, then a pop and chips for the car ride home, stopping at mcd's for a meal, and then ordering in dinner from somewhere bad for you, and maybe a half bag of cookies at night to snack on).. It doesn't take long to have none of your clothing fit again...which makes you more depressed... it was a bad cycle.

It was right back to the way it was when I was young, my body had forgotten how to easily throw up so I was using the old first aid tricks, which are more than a little uncomfortable. As I sat on the floor afterwards I realized I was an idiot and I restarted my autoship. I intenteded to start during the break but made too many excuses. I kicked off yesterday for real..

I have to work on dealing with stress in a way other than food. It's been my method since I was a little child. Its a form of self punishment I need to stop if I hope to live to see my little girl grow up, and more importantly, it's something I need to stop before I pass it on to her...

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This is a great thread, and I am so appreciative of all the re-starters sharing their stories with us, and I know it's not always easy to do. I was embarrassed with the 8 or so pounds I gained over the holidays, can't imagine what it's like fessing up to gaining back all the weight I've lost. I'm trying to keep a healthy level of paranoia/fear as one of the things to keep me from gaining back. I know from previous experience how easy it is for it to happen. I've also come to terms with the fact that in order to keep the weight off I have to maintain a very high level of physical activity, because I think my body's physiology demands it or I just store a lot of fat. Maybe that's just an excuse to not be ultra-anal with my diet, but certainly my current level of activity gives me a huge buffer where I don't gain weight...

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I am back as well..

Over the past six months or so I have fallen off the wagon pretty badly. I have still been eating Nutrisystem breakfasts and lunches during the week for the most part, but at dinner time and during the weekend it devolved into donuts for breakfast and eating off plan. I have also engaged in bagels, snacks and various "pot luck" lunches at work. As it turns out, eating in moderation is still not my strong suit. My water intake fell off as well. I rationalized my increased eating because I stepped up my exercise some, but I can obviously take in many more calories than I burn..

Over the past month, I returned to my old habits pretty badly with fast food, pizza and much holiday overeating..

So, my 34 pants and large dress shirts that I was so proud of stopped fitting and I moved up to 36s. Now the 36s are fitting more tightly than I would like. I hesitated to even get on the scale for a while because I knew it would not be pretty..

I stepped on a scale this morning and I am back up to 262 from my low point of 209 a couple of years ago..

As of yesterday, I am back on program 100%, but I have to admit I am frustrated and ashamed of myself for letting it get to this. I honestly had stepped back from posting on the board because I knew I was not doing the right things..

It is good to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones..

Good luck with your own weight loss and maintenance journeys...

Comment #18

Vader It is good to see you but not good to see you back, if you understand what I mean..

Great choice in returning. You did it before and you can do it again!! Good luck..

Comment #19

Hey Vader! We never made it to Bone Daddys House of Smoke. Maybe later this year we can go there and have a salad for lunch?..

Comment #20

Larry, The one thing I see that most people didn't that I promised I would always do is Weigh Myself Every day without fail. I think everyone that posted a response mentioned they were afraid to step BACK on the scale. While I have only been on Maintanance a few months, I continue to step on that scale to hold myself accountable. Vigilance seems to be a big part of not gaining it back!.

Just My opinion!..

Comment #21

You are right about that. Although I don't weigh every single day anymore I still step on the scale 2 or 3 times a week. That way I'm always in tune to where I am weight wise...

Comment #22

It is shameful isn't it? We know we have control and yet we do these things to ourselves so we only have ourselves to blame. Doctors have told me that it's like telling an alcoholic that they have to have three 2 oz glasses of alcohol per day, but no more, and no less, and expecting they won't fail sometimes. At some level that makes sense, but it doesn't make it any easier to succeed or stop from feeling ashamed (and thus sink lower) when you do slip...

Comment #23

I understand those negative feelings but I believe that the food issue can be a lot harder than dealing with alcohol. While alcohol is enjoyable and has it's place in moderation, you can go the rest of your life without touching it ever again and you will survive. Not so with food, obviously. And it's not that we should look for excuses as to why we're fat, as some do. Rather, the numbers indicate that most people that lose weight have a hard time keeping it off. That is why I never get upset at those that doubt a weight loser's long term success.

In addition, our relationship with food begins much earlier in life and usually encompasses a larger number of relathionships with family and friends..

It's up to us to show ourselves and others that we're not through fighting even if suffer a setback. And recognizing the ease with which the fat can come back should remind us of how seriously we should take this fight. If you're horsing around but the other guy is trying to kill you, who is in more danger?..

Comment #24

Vader! It is getting to be a bit of a reunion around here....

One thing that I'll add is although I reached original goal around 4/08 & haven't ordered a BBB since 12/07, I still check in here every day at work; checking in seems to keep me on top of my "good" eating habits. I also weigh myself once a week (every Thursday)..

The only time I didn't was early last year, when I started eating & drinking whatever I wanted. Then when my 34s starting getting tight I bit the bullet & stepped on the scale. 204, up from my norm of 185-190. DAMMIT. You can see the spike in my ticker..

I like what someone said earlier, "it doesn't end until YOU end."..

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I thought I could lose the weight and keep it off on my own. I have been up and down most of my adult life. I would maintain for a while then fall prey to those bad but tasty fast food chains...Now I am back on the right track and feeling great again......

Comment #26

Hey, man. It is good to see you doing well and maintaining. Kudos to you...

Comment #27

Football, having another child, the Holidays. All tend to drive up beer consumption and drive down excercise. I found the rate of weight gain acclerating quickly after a few months on not gaining anything after I went below goal...

Comment #28

Thank you.


, your comment is very important to us, please stay on the line and we will help you shortly...

Comment #29

GREAT thread, Larry!.

I've got Michael's curse, but using Larry's technique to deal. Cooking and eating special things on special events are very important pleasures in my life that I refuse to give up. I have indulged enough to know how quickly I can put it back on when I want to. 15 lbs in 15 days. Twice!!.

So.... I don't fight it. I intentionally drive to below my upper limit (200 lbs) BEFORE allowing an indulgence. Enjoy the indulgence, embrace the bounce, then go back to 100% NS. I may be odd, but I actually enjoy my on-plan times as much as the off-plan times. Feel much better and energetic than when my system is continuously full of crap digesting.

I'm only 6 months post-goal, so the jury is still out on this approach. So far, I'm loving the ability to have my cake and eat it too! It gives me honest hope for the future..


Comment #30

Can you spell Men's Room!!!! Stay in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!!..

Comment #31

Time to fess up..

I've updated my charts and I'm showing a 15 pound gain from my lowest. Slowly but sure "the demons" as coin by another member here (by the way where is he?) are taking over..

It's easy to be lazy and the weight comes back much faster than it leaves..

I'm back and my mind is out of my A$$..

Nuff said..

Checking in here daily and NOT recording my weight doesn't work. I need to "follow the plan" I recall that being said once or twice here. Drink the water (regardless of polys statement) and do some type of movement (yea both on the pot and also with my body)..

Will be out of town next week, but traveling with a friend whom knows of my fight over fat and will assit me..

Good luck to all (including me), it can be done AGAIN and maybe, just maybe< I'll make goal for once in my life..


Comment #32

Welcome back, Steve!! YAY!! Those 32's are still waiting for you! Maybe we can do some boating together this summer and show off our new bods. I need an excuse to drag it down there sometime anyway. Been a while since I've been in the peke..


Comment #33

Oh, yeah. You're going to Bone Daddy's for a SALAD!!!..

(Like any guy goes there for food.) Maybe I can join you? If I'm in town, it's only about 4 minutes from my office..

However. To the point of the thread. I'm seein' myself in so many of these posts. One year ago I was griping because I was 4 pounds up from my low pre-holidays. Today I'm sitting about 30 pounds above THAT. I've been following breakfast guidelines every day.

And I've gotten away from one of the "selling points" of Nutrisystem for me - the ability to throw my food in my flight bag when I head out..

Time to get serious again...

Comment #34

Just a small point of interest. A guy that went to high school with me started both Razoos and Bone Daddys..

For the guys that don't know what Bone Daddys is, here's a shot of some of the wait staff...

Comment #35

I'm on a computer at work so I can't see the pic. But I've been there so I know what it looks like..

The tough part is finding a parking place at lunch time on a week day..

Didn't realize Razoos was part of the same chain...

Comment #36

If you ignore the fact that it looks like someone bounced a brick off her grille, I would have to go with #3 from the left. I'll be dining in, thank you...

Comment #37

Id have to vote second on the left. Simply gorgeous...

Comment #38

Sensitive topic, but good thread Mobay. Appreciate the insights from those who responded. I'm determined to maintain, but I know the odds are against me and that I have regained weight in the past. Hoping that the things I learned on Nutrisystem will help more than when I fasted on tunafish at age 29...

Comment #39

I agree that learning is the key. One of the things I lost away from Nutrisystem was portion discipline. The biggest teaching point from Nutrisystem that applies to me is remembering what size a meal should be. It is also a great reminder to notice how satisfied I feel when I have a properly sized portion as opposed to the sluggish feeling I get when I lose that discipline and eat too much...

Comment #40

I eat pretty huge portions actually. With all the salad and veggies and all...

Comment #41

It's all relative. Before NS, some of my meals were 2,500-3,000 of fat laden food. So a meal of a large salad with dinner entree, LOW GI carb and veggies seems relatively small. However, I am quite satisfied and enjoy my meals now as opposed to simply trying to inhale as much as possible. Even during my recent violations between Phases I and II, my portions were just much larger than they needed to be. Combined with being fatty foods, it's easy to see why I put on 50 lbs in 7 months...

Comment #42

This is a great solution, setting a maximum weight goal! WOW, love this thread!!!.

"You have to be diligent about tracking your weight" & "Getting to goal is just a minute part of this program. Maintaining is a whole different animal and truly doesn't end until you get to your end." Very true Larry, it's an eating lifestyle until you die!..

Comment #43

My vote is for the one on the far left with the red belt..

Comment #44

Sometimes I feel like a yo-yo! Started nutrisystem on 10/30/08, lost 81 lbs. in six months, gained back 40 lbs. in eight months..

Bend off the nutrisystem plan for eight months, slowly climbed back up in weight! Because I started working over 12 hour days and was having all of my meals ordered in for me by the company that was contracting me!(Free Food) No excuses, I just didn't stay on the nutrisystem plan!.

During the eight months off, I never once got on the scale because I was afraid of what it would say? My plan this year is to be more accountable; Ive been asking myself these questions every day!.

1. Do you post your weigh-ins?.

2. Do you eat per the plan?.

3. Do you log your food?.

4. Do you drink eight glasses of water?.

5. Do you get at least 120 minutes of exercise this week?.

6. Are you accountable to someone on this week?.

(Started back on the nutrisystem plan - 12/31/09)..

Comment #45

I like Larry's idea. My approach will be a little different. I do not have a weight goal. My goal is to get to 12-15% BF. Obviously, I need to get in that range to see how I feel and how I wear it, so to speak. But if it is sustainable, my goal will be to stay in that BF % range...

Comment #46

Excellent Jeffrey!.

I'd add 7. Look in the mirror and tell those can't fool yourself..

When I was off, I didn't get on a scale because I knew it was bad news. Now that I have committed to change my life, I get on that scale every day. No exceptions...

Comment #47

This is the approach I have adopted. I have no idea if my original goal weight is correct. Through this whole process, I have amped up the workouts, adding muscle and strength. My goal is to get the body fat % in this range...and that will be the right weight...

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I'm not really excited about posting on these boards, but I like this thread. I've lost and gained back 100 lbs. over the last 10 years. I started Nutrisystem in May 08 and lost about 40 lbs., and gained it all back between 7/09 and 12/09. To be honest, I have not seen this as a reason on the thread - I was having a hard time affording the $300/month (or at least I thought so), but now I realize that I spend that much on drive-throughs, C-stores, Little Caesars, etc. I probably spend LESS on Nutrisystem than I do without.

But if there is one cause that I can identify that starts everything on a downward spiral - it has to be drinking. Weddings, networking socials, football season - it all leads to a few drinks here & there, and next thing I know I am sitting in bars and closing down the social events. Then I stop going to the gym, and at some point I basically tell myself that it doesn't really matter what the f*** I eat. Tomorrow I am going to a traditionally lively social hour, and I plan to have 1 glass of red wine. I don't really like red wine, but I will definitely get agitated if I network without drinking anything.

The fact that I don't really like it means that it will take me much longer to finish it (then it would take to drink 4 beers)..

My question to the group is this - is the wine a good strategy, or am I simply an alcoholic?.

Either way - I have promised myself that there are some things that I am going to do differently this time. I plan to actively engage in the message boards, call the counselor, and generally reach out for help. I really get bothered by friends and family members that keep you constantly apprised of their weight loss, and then it discourages me more when I see them gain weight back. So I am definitely not one to look to family and friends for weight loss support. But I know that I need interaction and support, so I figure that this might be a great place to get it..

I appreciate anyone that reads this and can share their story with me or give me some support from time to time. Thanks...

Comment #49


U and I are in similar boats. i'm a drinker as well..

Do yourself a favor - stop drinking and drink the 8 glasses of water. I guarantee you will lose 10 lbs the first week then you will coast - it really works..

U want to get thru tomorrow, fine, you are already set with that - (i know about these things). after that, go 100% and watch what happens. try not to make up for the 1 glass of wine with a shot and 12 beers....

Also, make sure your lively friends know what you are up to - so when you have soda next time, they just ignore that fact...i personnally try to avoid those situations now - i'll see everyone in May when i'm at goal...that's my biggest feat about maintenance..

Comment #50

Given, you regained the 40 pounds, it's a no-brainer to avoid the alcohol entirely. I know what you mean about a social lubricant, but you just need to get past that. One glass of wine is hard to stop at and you are still having to have a buzz to function..

I used to drink 3-4 hard a night, every night. Have been clean the last 6 months and really think this was huge in me staying on plan, food wise...

Comment #51

Hey Kingfish - Welcome! Only you can know if you're an alcoholic. That is an incurable, genetic condition. If you are, then there is no choice but to completely give it up for life for reasons aside from the effect on weight loss. The fact that you ask the question is good. If you meet any of the indicators, get thee to an AA meeting..


Comment #52

Hey all, checking in after at least a month away, and the results haven't been good..

I hit goal shortly before thanksgiving, and in retrospect the timing wasn't so hot. I kind of had a mental backlash against all the Nutrisystem stuff, thinking that I needed to distance myself from it if I'm ever going to be weaned off of it completely. So on normal days I would do ok for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but dinner was my weak point. Nutrisystem is so easy, because I can just get home from work and pop a dinner in the microwave. Off of Nutrisystem I need to actually plan ahead, and would often neglect to do that. And if I get home with nothing to eat around, I would tend to gravitate to the fastest, easiest solution (aka fast food) with the rationalization that I was good for breakfast and lunch so it's ok.

And those were only the normal days. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's were all big family events, with tons of food around and plenty of people telling me I look too thin and needed to eat. And I succumbed and listened to them..

So long story short I've gained about 12 lbs back in a little over a month. Which scares me since that's a good deal faster than my rate of loss, especially when I was so close to goal and only losing 1 to 1.5 lbs a week. So now I'm back, re-focused, re-dedicated, and have re-ordered..

And I have to say to Larry and Gordon, you guys are even more of an inspiration now than before. The way you can rock maintenance and stick around here is phenomenal. Way to go, guys...

Comment #53

I've been off plan in maintenance since around September 2009. The first couple of months were easy for me in maintenance mode and I managed to stay within a pound or two of goal. Then the weather turned colder and my evil nature started kicking in and I strayed. One big cheat meal per week at first...that became a cheat day...that became a couple of cheat days. I've been super active physically, so through all of those cheat days and the holidays I've only gained 11 pounds...but I can easily see how if I don't get a handle on it now that 11 could easily turn into 30. I still weigh daily to try to keep myself accountable or at the very least see the damage that I did with my last cheat meal.

I definitely wasn't going to miss mom's cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I only get to eat like that 3-4 times per year, so I'm okay with that. What bothers me is the ease with which I can rationalize bad eating behavior. I am a master at coming up with reasons why it's okay to have a pizza or a burger. It's kind of amazing how adept I've become over the years at doing this. Over the past few months I've blamed my bad eating habits on being too busy at work, being too busy at home with the baby and studying for school and my CPA...but the truth is I'm addicted to eating junk and it's something that I'll fight for the rest of my life.

I learned the lessons of the plan very well...I just have to do a better job at applying them. I'm training for a half-marathon and my wife is starting on the plan this that should help keep me motivated...I hope...

Comment #54


Well, i'm not glad, but glad you are back! been wondering where you are....

U may need to stick with the boards forever too....

I'm glad you caught yourself early..

Brandon, good luck getting back on track.....

Comment #55

Kingfish. The wine won't hurt much as long as you don't drink it but maybe once a week. But if I were you I would just get the club soda with lime and a swizzle stick and watch the other people around you. It's really kind of entertaining to watch. I used to do that when I played in a band...

Comment #56

Welcome back, Gibbous!! Way to catch it quick!! 12 lbs in a month? No worries! I've gained up to 15 lbs in 15 days since hitting goal. Twice!!.

Larry's the Monster of Maintenance. I'm the Beast of Bounce!.

IMO, key is to continue daily weighing, posting, and public disclosure... and for me, always keeping a BBB close by my side! Won't really know how this thing works out until you count how many pall bearers you need..


Comment #57

Not really the Monster of Maintenance, I just get the weight back off as soon as it gets up there. When we go on one of our vacations to an all-inclusive resort, I usually weigh about 10 pounds more when we get back than I did when we left. I immediately get right back on program. Of course a lot of the gain is lost fairly quickly since I quit drinking once I'm home..

We've got a vacation coming up next month...

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Hey thanks for the help everyone. I ended up doing the club soda + lime, and just acted like I had a few too many. I've been back on since 12/29, andlost almost 10 lbs. Onr thing that I've noticed right away is that I am sleeping better and my Restless Legs Syndrome is improving as well. I feel so much better when I am on this program (or any healthy regimen), I don't really know why I don't stay on...

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Fourteen months away from Nutrisystem and I am back to where I was before I started the program. A 72-pound loss, great success and fantastic support from the fine folks here and I was certain I had vanquished my weight problem..

And I wondered back then about people who regain or relapse, because I didn't think it would happen to me, since I loved the progress I had made..

It isn't a simple answer to the great question that started the thread. But I think the social drinking and gathering was my personal kryptonite. One mistake I made before, the seven months I was on Nutrisystem I followed it extremely close and rarely agreed to go for dinners, or drink with friends. Jumping back out into society and simply eating and drinking my favorite beers, the gain started slow and then the scary part was a lot of the regained weight happened over the last two months..

I do recall the few times I had a beer or two while on NS, it would mess up my metabolism a LOT, and the recovery time would substantially slow my progress..

Regardless, the facts are I know Nutrisystem works. I know I can follow the program to the letter and I can find a lot of help here in the forums along the way. I will just need a far better exit strategy/maintenance plan..

I look forward to returning to my goals and watching everyone else earn or keep their success stories going..


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I love this thread. I look at the 9 pounds I gained over Christmas and realize how easy it is to gain it back. I have since lost 8 of it for those wondering. I have a cruise in April and I will chill out and accept a 5-10 pound gain again. But I will be right back here letting you guys kick my butt back again to lose it. I don't think there is an easy answer other than realizing that it is easier to gain than to lose. We must remain diligent and stay up on weighing ourselves and coming by the boards to remember what it was like to see losses and not gains...

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Great post, Brandon! Welcome back to the boards!! Congrats for catching it before you got too far off-track. Your daily weigh-ins and constant awareness is a GOOD thing!! Kudos to you for keeping on top of it, AND for maintaining without NS! That's more than I can do!! 11 lbs since September, no NS, and the Holiday's is NOT BAD! With your current awareness and supporting your wife On Plan, you should be able to get back where you want to be in time for your half-marathon..

I agree 100% about not missing out on the occaisional special family event. Challenge is to not let it become a slippery slope. Suggestion - set a range for maintenance with a HARD upper limit so you know WHEN you have to take it firmly in hand (the weight thing, dude)..


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Welcome back, Don. Bummer having to start back at square 1, but there's no foul here. You're BACK! We've all lost the same pounds more than once before, using one plan or another. With this experience under your belt (pun intended.

), you should be able to go into Maintenance this time with a different mind set..

Personally, having lost and gained numerous times in the past, I'm resolved to staying on Nutrisystem virtually for life as I don't trust myself. It's an easy solution (stay on autodelivery with delays) to a tough problem for knuckleheads who have trouble eating properly left to our own devices..


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Robert - You're doing it RIGHT!! Way to go, man!!.


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Thanks Gordon. Nutrisystem is easy, I just follow the plan. Now that I realize how easy it is to fall out of good habits, a really well planned maintenance, supplemented by some continued Nutrisystem food will help a bunch..

One of my concerns coming back was would I be burned out on many of the foods? Two days back in, the answer is no. Some cool new stuff so far, plus some old favorites and it looks like smooth sailing ahead..


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I'm back. Slipped then fell off. Story summarized below in my signature block..

At first I fell off....

I was maintaining well for about 4-5 months. Watching portions and types of food, but then I guess I hit too many of the "oh just this once won't hurt". Especially those infrequent days when I went back to the old ways full on. Tricked myself into thinking that just because the scale doesn't show it right away, or maybe for even a few weeks, doesn't mean eating like that is ok..


I tried compensated by exercising more, slipping into the trap of, "as long as I workout 20, 30 more minutes, I should be ok eating/drinking this or that." Then stopped weighing so often. I don't see it! I don't see it! Can't hurt me!.

Bottom line....

I took the training and knowledge I knew worked and threw it away. 9 months after my last Nutrisystem box I was almost 35# higher than my Nutrisystem low earlier in the year..

Back on the horse....

I had a lot of travel and family stuff from T'giving thru New Years (ridiculous excuse but it is what it is, since we've all proven that the holidays can be tamed) and got my a$$ on Nutrisystem starting 1/7. 19 days 100% now with the exception of a not-so-strict Friday night dinner out with my ex-girlfriend, um, I mean my new fiance..

New goals....

I lost 7# after the first 10 days. Next weigh in is 2/1. That'll be 25 days in. My previous Nutrisystem low was 194. I hadn't weighed that much since I was in my 20s. This time I'm going to blow through 194 and get back to 180 where I (and my doc) say I should be.


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GREAT post misaltis!! I see myself all over the place in it. You know the drill. Welcome back!.


Comment #67

Thanks Gordon! And congrats on your success. Nice looking W8Book chart. Quite inspiring..


Comment #68

Misaltas, been there, done that...welcome back. Reading your post was like reading my autobiography!.

Read Gordon's posts...everyday. He knows his stuff..

Visit this place everyday...sometimes more than everyday. It's amazing the effect this forum can have on your attitude...

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