What works better Nutrisystem or Nutri-system?

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My 1st question is: What works better Nutrisystem or Nutri-system? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: I remember during football practice morning workouts we were forced to do aerobics for stamina. (Coaches were reaching, we really sucked.) So when I wanted a change from the Vaughn Hebron workout video, I started doing my wife's Nutrisystem workout video on days that I wanted to do something a little lighter. Yeah, I had to man-up some of the moves ( put a little tae bo twist to them.) but it's not bad. You wind up working up a sweat, and walking 2 miles at a quick pace. Not to mention the women are a lot easier to watch then Vaughn and his merry men....

Bottom line is now that I'm in my third month and 2lbs from my first goal of 50lb, loosing weight by just eating the food doesn't work anymore, so the more activities I throw in the better off I am.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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50 lbs in 3 months is nothing to sneeze at, Smitty! Way to go! I've had my loss rate apparently slow as well after a long string of rapid loss and it is very frustrating, making you wonder what you're doing wrong. Don't sweat it, you're really doing well! Mixing it up like you're doing is a great way to kick it in again..


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Turbo Jam works for me. Hey if it makes me sweat, why not...

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Try Yoga. I know....gaaaaaayyyyyyy. But it really is a lot harder than it looks. It marries the body, the mind and the spirit into one..

Want a more productive workout? Try stretching with Yoga positions prior...

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I have two of them...perhaps they sent me yours. Anyway, IF I can find one, I'll be happy to send it to you. I'll look for it this week and if I find it you can PM a mailing address to me and I'll send it to you, gratis..

Or, if you're in a huge hurry, just call NutriSystem and they'll send you one out...

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Tai chi is also good. It's a slow martial art...

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Oh man, Tai Chi is incredible, IF taught by an honest to goodness genuine instructor that has been properly trained and has been doing it for 10 years or more. Tai Chi is more than just moving slowly; it IS a martial always WAS for self defense first. There are several different styles, but the two main styles are Yang and Chen. The Yang style is what most people think of when you say "Tai Chi", and the Chen style includes quicker, more combative movements dashed in with the mainly slow movements..

Here's a great video on Yang Tai Chi:.


Here's a great video of a 10 year old doing Chen Tai Chi:.


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I studied tai chi (yang style) for about two years... one of those things I wish I had stayed with... it's surprising how much effort you can expend in slow controlled movements!.

Ended up dropping it because I also started studying karate... messed up my knee going for my green belt (yeah I know, didn't get too far) and never got back into martial arts.....

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I have been thinking of trying tai chi. Were you going to a gym? I need to find something like that I can work into very busy week days...

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Say what you want about the mythology (I don't believe a second of it), but most of the schools affiliated with this site teach GREAT Tai Chi:.


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How about finding a really good DVD or interactive CD-Rom about it first before you spend money on a dojo(or what ever it's called)and accessories. If you're like me I get all gang ho about new activities and spend a bunch of money only to get bored with it a short time later..

I'm not trying to be pessimistic, just relating my experience. Just ask the stair stepper, exercise bike and treadmill in the basement gathering dust next to the telescope, fishing lures, Bear-cat scanner and the short-wave radio...

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Send the stair stepper to Texas.... I'll use it......

Comment #12

That first video I posted IS an ad for a video series...

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Here's a great book on Tai Chi. It was written by Marshal Ho who has been called the "father" of Tai Chi in the US..


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The problem with tai chi videos that I ran into is, you learn to do everything backwards....

My sifu had a couple of karate dojos that he ran... he had started tai chi after an injury and just kept going... I actually found him through an ad in the local paper... he ran a classified ad inviting older folks to come try it... he was a real advocate of older people, heavy people and folks with various disabilities to get up, move and feel better as a result... I have since lost track of him but i'm sure he's still out there somewhere... he and the sempai he worked with were top notch folks who will always have my respect.....

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I want to start doing yoga. I'm pretty flexible and used to have good body weight exercise ablity. Plus there are so many damn hot chicks there. Plus power yoga is a total workout..

I have some joint injuries, plus I want to look good. So am doing my boring workout until I hit goal. Then will treat myself to some classes at the Y. Same thing with shirt off biking. Love getting sun, but am waiting to hit goal...

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When I was in college, I took yoga. My friends didn't understand why I took yoga. All through out that class I kept thinking, "Life is good."..

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Thumbs up to Yoga. It has helped my back stretch out...

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