What would happen if I fed my dog Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: What would happen if I fed my dog Nutrisystem? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... WHen you have eaten through your day of Nutrasystem and your still hungry should you have reg food or some additional nutrasystem.?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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If you are still hungry EVERY Day, after a few weeks, call a counselor, you may need more protein or carbs. I DO get hungry these days because my job is VERY high energy and at this time of year I work A LOT. I sometimes do an extra protein serving (a string cheese perhaps) and it really helps..


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Give us last day's eating (all the details). WE can likely help you bulk it up..

Also give the record of weighins (so we see loss rate)..

Also your activity level (exercise and non-exercise)..

We can likely help you decide if you want to add a little more food. My recommendation if we go that route is to do it programattically vice ad hoc though. I think it's safer for your discipline and compliance...

Comment #3


Nutrasystem Cereal with Fat Free Milk.

Nutrasystem Muffin with Black Coffee.

Nutrasystem Soy Chips.

Nutrasystem Ham Soup with Side Salad w/ff dressing.

Celery and Carrot Sticks with FF Dressing.

Nutrasystem Chick Caccatore Dinner.


I worked out for about 45 minutes all treadmill and was running around all afternoon with the kids playing ball..

By 9pm I was going insane so I ate a Nutrasystem Candy Bar..

I probably drank a gallon of water during the day..

The weight is comming off I just dont like the hunger pains...

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I see no carbs and no fat..

You need to list everything you ate...and if that is all you ate, you aren't doing the program correctly...

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Doing a Nutrisystem snack like you did is a good solution, especially if you're losing rapidly. A protein drink would be good too. A cup of raw mini-carrots also works well. An apple. Basically, anything that keeps you from binging on something bad is good!.

Like Moe said, don't skip anything - especially the fat. That's critical to keeping satisfied..


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Moe, I used my fats as the olives I through in my salad..

I did not have any fruit yesterday..

That was everything...

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Do the fruit, man! Gala apples this year are amazing..


Comment #8

Try eating EVERYTHING one day, go to the max on calories for the Protein/Dairy (100 calories, 3g fat, MORE than 7g protein)...maximum vegetables (not little carrot/celery sticks, I'm talking cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage...filling things. Eat HUGE salads. Eat more HUGE salads. And don't skimp on the fruit. Bet ya feel better. Oh, and when you get finished with all of the eating out and get on track with the program, that will help. The Low GI Carbs, etc., will get those blood sugars in balance...

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Still not seeing any carbs...and you are supposed to eat a fruit at breakfast and morning snack..

You are not getting all the foods you are supposed to eat and I'm sure that is why you are hungry late in the day...

Comment #10

I didnt do that..

I will make sure I add that in. Thanks Moe I really appreciate it...

Comment #11

Follow your booklet that they send you or fill out the program online here..

I usually don't get hungry at all throughout the day..

Of course there are times that I do get a little grumble in my stomach...I just fill it with water or have a 20 calorie popsicle or something free. You do get up to 3 "free foods" per day also if you get hungry..

Pam can help you by posting those for you...

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I think that Moe nailed it, you're not eating enough..

Also, you can check the free food list and eat a few of those things late at night. I've been into pickles lately, the no-sugar bread-and-butter are good...

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You're screwing up, rainmaker!.

I thought you had this all figured out, but evidently not!.

You need to be doing Bellavita omelletes for brekkie, two huge salads a day (having one a couple hours after dinner with your snack works well to avoid late night superhunger)..

And where the heck are your protein addins?.

Your carb addins? (Arnold's double protein, toasted, no butter is the shiznet for taste and the protein will keep you satiated also.).

Your fruits?..

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As everyone else has said...You need to add more vegies and fruits..

When I was losing my weight, I didn't limit my vegies at all. They are very filling and very low in calories content..

I also was generous on the fruit. I would eat a whole banana instead of the 1/2 banana. You can over do the fruit, but as long as I was losing weight at an acceptable pace, I didn't worry about it..

I would review the plan completely to ensure you are doing it correctly and call Nutrisystem if you have question (or just ask here)..

Best of luck,.


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Thank You..

Added the Fruit to the morning and morning snack and veggies to lunch and dinner...

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Just follow the book. If you do, you will loose weight and not be hungry. Sounds like with your job you are busy and on the go, and this takes a little planning to make sure you have access to the add-ins. Can be done...

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