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First of all Whats is the best website hoster 123 reg or? Many thanks for any response. My other question... I just went into my Registerfly account to change the account settings so my WhoIs could be seen and found my WhoIs info on my domains had been changed to:.

Domain ID.


Domain Name:64836.INFO.

Created On:30-Oct-2005 17:07:17 UTC.

Last Updated On:02-May-2007 20:28:21 UTC.

Expiration Date:30-Oct-2007 17:07:17 UTC.

Sponsoring, Inc. (R318-LRMS).



Registrant ID:tu9bOU39OSAMJQbh.

Registrant Name:.

Robert Mahlert.

Registrant Organization:-.

Registrant Street1:210 Bryn Mawr Ave.

Registrant Street2:.

Registrant Street3:.

Registrant City:Auburn.

Registrant State/Province:MA.

Registrant Postal Code:01501.

Registrant Country:US.

Registrant Phone: +1.9737362545.

Registrant Phone Ext.:.

Registrant FAX:.

Registrant FAX Ext.:.

Registrant Email:.

Name Server:NS1.64836.INFO.

Name Server:NS2.64836.INFO.

WhoIs THIS?! and how was this info put on my domain? I think if you have a HostGator at Registerfly, you'd better check your domains!.

Meanwhile, I hope ICANN comes up with a solution to this mess and gets our domains transferred out safely.. I'm afraid to try a transfer at this point on my own.. has anyone been having success transferring out of Registerfly?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Seems like this could be a deliberate "slash and burn" attempt to confuse the whole issue.. someone has apparently deliberately sabotaged the database...

Comment #2

Kevin ? .

Screwed-up whois is nothing new at registerfly unfortunately....

Good luck with your names..

Comment #3

And since I posted the info earlier...this is what I'm seeing now.

On the whois....keep in mind, this is in the middle of a transfer.

(shortened it up).



So it looks like you have to check it every 2 hours ......pfft..

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I just had a HostGator at RF go to this guy too. Funny because I just started the transfer. Luckily the guy forwarded me the auth link. So I don't think it's RF trying to steal the domains as much as RF being incompetent once again. One has to wonder how long domainers have to suffer from ICANNs inability to get the bulk transfer out to happen...

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I has similar problems happen as much as a year ago. I don't think it's intentional on the part of any other user. It's probably not intentional by RF either, but just caused by their bug filled software and database..

As I've said before...go to your RF account and screen print EVERYTHING, including lists of domains in your account, payments, reports, etc. If you still have names there, you may need them to help prove the HostGator once had your name on it...

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Hi All:.

I am the original registrant and the rightful owner of two domains at

For some unknown reason, the HostGator registration information for these two domains were changed to the following person shortly before the collapse of Registerfly:.

Winter, James.

[other info deleted].

The domains are now with GoDaddy, but I have no control over them. I called 123 reg so many times, and pleaded with them but to no avail. They say they don't believe me even though I have sent them my RF screenshots and renewal records. They said anybody can make up bogus screenshots..

I did a Google search and found that several other people at RF had their domains transferred to the same person as well. So I am trying to find out how everyone got their domains back..

GoDaddy told me to file a legal challenge with WIPO to try to get the domains back. But that will cost a lot of money! The minimum cost to file a HostGator arbitration case would cost me $1500 with WIPO, and they are located in Switzerland!.

Gosh, this has been a total nightmare!..

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At you may be able to find cached whois info for the HostGator in order to back up your claims...

Comment #8

Thus the statement NameCheap and DomainSite for the win...

Comment #9

Unfortunately, I was using protectfly and no whois information was publicly available. shows no data from 04 to 07 for my domains..

GoDaddy is becoming another RegisterFly-like nightmare for me. They are totally unsympathetic and unresponsive to my requests, even though they know there are problems with the whois database from RegisterFly..

They keep saying they don't believe me even though I have sent them my RF screenshots and renewal records multiple times clearly showing that I own the domains at RF. They said anybody can make up bogus screenshots..

I even told them to log into my RF account and see the domains themselves. They said they can't do that for legal reasons. Can you imagine how pissed off I am? They are beyond reasonable...

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