What's the basic idea of Nutrisystem diet?

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Quick question: What's the basic idea of Nutrisystem diet? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Size 32 Jeans, dude..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Hey Steve!! Glad to hear from ya! We're practically neighbors and have gotta stick together. Keep fighting the good fight, man! Actually, my advice (if you care to hear it.

) is to.

Quit fighting.

I know that feeling, it's NOT FUN and virtually impossible (for me at least) to win. Go back On Plan 100% and after a few days, it will stop being a struggle. Set a goal and watch the lbs melt. It won't be a fight, it'll be.


Again. Kick the last few out the door!.

I only boght 1 pair of jeans and work khakki's 'cause I'm only going to be in 32's for 1 week..

Starting a 2 week vacation/travelling/series of hosted feasts next week. Reallly looking forward to it because I love to cook for others and that was a big part of the Nutrisystem cost for me this year. Gonna try to moderate just a tad, but will go up at least 10 or so by New Years. No worries. Wife and I are both THRILLED at anything under 200..

The good news is that I've pretty much decided that I LIKE the New Me and the 32's are acturally comfortable! Really surprised me! I honestly did not think it was in the realm of the possible or desireable when you threw down the gauntlet last summer. LOL..

I have found that 32's are my low-low limit since my belt is pretty much hip-bone constrained now. I last wore this size as an extremely lean jock in high school 36 years ago! I'm going to head back to the low 180's again in 2010, but for now, the 32's are temporary..


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Well it tuff..

Like you the upcoming weeks consist of Hanukkah, the wife's 60 B-day and our 34 anniversary. Add to that FREE tickets to the Redskins/Giants Monday night game and ..... well you see the problem..

Food centers around all or most social events. Add to that the wifes comments that all she wants for her birthday and anniversary is for me to stay slim.....................

In the past, I just told the youngest daughter to go out and buy mom some nice stuff from me, use my credit card, don't worry about the expense. JUST MAKE SURE MOMS HAPPY. It was so easy in the old days. (PS, she doing that this year too, but the slim part is mine.).

Did I mention that her birthday, our anniversary and the game are all the SAME DAY (Dec 21)...

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Hey! How cool is THAT!! All on same day=Get It Over Quick!.

Funny, but Dec 21 is our big party day as well. Daughter #1 and grandson #1 Bday on same day. Annual big family party/carol sing. I'm making a HUGE prime rib for all, plus all the extras. Strategy? Stayin on-plan up till then. Enjoy the special events through the season, but stay on plan otherwise.

You're doing GREAT, Steve. 203.


Staying slim, dude. Maintaining Monster, even if it has been tough. Wife is just scared of the OLD 312lb you. Tell her you've done it for her and will keep it off for her (knowing it's for YOU). "Happy Birthday, Dear" and then after the season, hit it hard and get that.

180 GOAL.

And join me for a shopping day up here at the outlets for a full set of 32's when we're both into them to STAY!!.

Let's shoot for Febrary, OK? Now THAT would be a cool Valentines gift to her! We could do Tony Wangs after the shopping..


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Gordon that is an incredible result! Honest, man. You being 32 is as if I were 30 since you're taller. (And I never went all the way down to 30. Hmm...makes me wonder if it's possible/desirable.)..

Comment #5

Let your hips be the judge, Poly! Frame size, not height. Great new avatar pic! You're THERE, well cut Man!! Impressive. Embrace the NEW YOU!! We're dancing in the end zone, but remember it's only the first quarter..


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I still think your 32 is incredible as a big guy..

That's what I'm at now...maybe 31-32. But definitely not 30..

And my frame could handle 30. Was at that when in my 20s. Have a closet full of dress slacks from those days. Even have one out with me. (I think my hotel scale reads low and I'm really at ~160, not 156.).

I am very scared of going back to the way I was. Not worried that pounds of fat will come on like a light switch (I know it takes time), but that I still need to burn some good habits down into my brain. I mean I still haven't learned to keep my room clean despite parents trying to beat it into me...and I'm 44 now!.

Maybe exercise can be my salvation (just keeping head in the game). Am feeling the maintenance challenge something fierce with a change in emphasis from diet/exercise at home to burning the midnight oil for a corporate client and staying in a fancy hotel. It is good for me intellectually and professionally. And dropped into my lap (was not planning on even going after anything until after Xmas...but when an angel just pro-actively calls you...)..

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