Whats the best free iPage web hosting site?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Whats the best free iPage web hosting site? Looking forward for any response. My other question... What's the good versus cost wysiwag HTML editor for the PC?.

I use a text editor mostly and Netscape Composer. I have Word 2000 but it is a PAIN and uses style sheets which complicates things!!!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Search these forums and you will find this post has been posted before...

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I did the search but wondered what the latest software offered..

I'd prefer something that doesn't manage the files as well as edit. Even though my post here have been about multi-page sites, I use HTML for one page documentation of software also..



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I think 1st page 2000 or dreamweaver are good ones. it all depends on your style. personally I don't use one as I go with ConText editor, colorfull notepad really...

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The WYSIWYG type of program in my opinion isn't half.

As rewarding as getting familiar with the coding..

After messing about with Front Page,.

Dreamweaver etc. I've settled for EditPlus.

A real pleasure..


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I use HotDog Pro (.

)... the intermediate version is only $69. Dreamweaver & Frontpage cost a lot of money..

It is best to know the basics of HTML before using a WYSIWYG program, however I see nothing wrong with using it for shortcuts. I work full time and I a mother, so I don't have time to write out the entire code every single time in Notepad. You can also learn along the way more easily...

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Although I haven't used it personally, Dreamweaver is the best, but will cost the most (methinks.

). FrontPage 2002 (or 2K) isn't that bad, but is not as powerful. GoLive is okay, but not good for anyone looking into more advanced features...

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I'd forgotten about HotDog... I've looked at the others, pro editors, Dreamweaver, Adobe, wwaaaaaaaay too expensive for someone just dabbling..

Has anyone seen an editor as cool as Splash recently?.

I have someone that wants to make a page, and Splash was the fastest and easiest editor I've seen. Although you couldn't directly alter the html code, use Arachnophilia for that. I still use Splash to create a new site. It's so quick. Just drag and drop. And it has an FTP installed..

I just can't believe they aren't updating it. So, I was wondering if anyone ran across anything as easy. With Splash, you never even had to look at code. It did almost everything for you. And it only cost $30..

Oops, I just checked the site, I guess it costs $50 now...

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Ok, I guess that means either no one has heard of Splash before or, they haven't seen an editor as cool as it...

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I've never heard of it before. if it dosn't let you alter the html code itself, I still don't want to hear about it...

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That was THE major problem with it. But, it's still the quickest and easiest program to start a iPage site with. You can quickly create a multipage site. Slap, text, graphics, and some cool jave applets on it and be down with the iPage site in two to three days. Then, of course, some of the technical stuff, mainly dealing with frames, and targets, and some background programming would have to be done with an HTML editor. But, that's pretty simple..

The coolest thing about Splash, is you had no need to even no what HTML code was. You were looking basically at what the page would look like. And it has an FTP program built into it..

So, are there any other programs out there that you can design the site, strictly from the view point of what the page looks like? You don't have to see the code? Alot of the programs now a days seems to be heavily consentrated on the code...

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Sorry, Alaskan, I truly never did hear of it, but I'm so darned curious about everything, I'm going to take a look at their iPage site but don't think it fits my needs. Appreciate your mentioning it, though!.

Iudoe - that editplus sounds pretty darned good and the price isn't bad at all - would anyone know if there would be a distinct advantage in that over evrsoft's free editor? They sure do make it sound good here - SOOOO tempting!..

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And what is wrong with that. I have created an html editor (.


) where you just edit the code no WYSIWYG crap. Its recived 50,000+ downloads, was included in a magazine in Norway, and has gotten many good reviews. More people seem to want to hand code HTML now-a-days...

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