What's the best site for web iPage hosting reviews?

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First of all What's the best site for web iPage hosting reviews? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Hi,.

Can somebody please tell me which part of which file controls the display of products on the web site?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I think the trouble is the way your question is worded. There are several places where products are displayed on the web iPage site (new products box, specials box, product info page, etc.) and I can't tell from your question which one you want to know about. The three I mentioned are controlled from three different files...

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Or are you looking for includes/functions/html_output.php.

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What I mean is the listing of products once you click on a catagory...

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There's more about this problem in this.




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As this is a rudimentary part of osCommerce I'm assuming that somebody out there knows the answer to this..

On the web site, when you've clicked on a catagory, a table appears with the product listing in that catagory. On my iPage site this table does not appear. I'm simply trying to figure out which piece of code and in which file (I suspect: admin/catagories.php but I'm not sure) controls the display of that table in the product listing within a catagory. That way I'll be able to check the coding myself and find the error..

Please, I'm despirate. The development of my iPage site has come to a halt for three days now because of this problem..


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Thanks for the thought, Yesudo, but unfortunately this wasn't the answer..

I just put the product_listing.php of the PROD iPage site and the DEV iPage site through Beyond Compare. They are exactly the same. Yet it works in PROD but not in DEV, so I'm guessing there is something else in another file steering this display on as well. As I was working on admin/catagories.php I recon it's that one, but obviously I don't know..

Any more ideas?.


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Use beyond compare to compate the dev iPage site with the prod iPage site (yes it does compare directories). that works well, all you have to do is look at file sizes,once everything is displayed, to see if you really need to open it for further viewing...

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Thanks for the reply John, but that's not it either. You see, I already know there will be a difference in file size where catagories.php is concerned and also where index.php is concerned. I've installed UltraPics on the DEV site, which is not installed (yet) on the PROD site. So looking at file sizes is of no use at all..

What I did do was run DEV and PROD catagories.php through Beyond Compare, but due to the additional installed contribution (UltraPics) it becomes a virtually useless tool. There are so many differences between those files popping up, which is not surprising, that it boils down to the same thing as manual reading through the code trying to spot the needle in the haystack..

Hence my question which part controls the display of products when you click on a catagory on the site, apart from includes/modules/product_listing.php. That way it will limit my search to a specific section rather than having to go through near 2000 lines of code looking for that needle...

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When you are viewing the products what page is in the url? index.php.

It controls the way the main page is displayed, the way the categories are displayed and the way products are displayed. It also calls includes/modules/product_listing.php but most of the work is done in index.php. There are three main if else statements that display categories/products/main page in that order pending on category depth..

Look at the url next time you need to know a page, thats usually a good place to start then you can go into that file to see what other files that one includes..


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You are right of course, Ryan... I never thought of that, even though it's so incredibly obvious. I have now found out that for some inexplicable reason the product listing was commented out on the index page. It displays fine now..


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Can somebody please tell me which part of which file controls the display of products on the web site?.


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I can't believe nobody knows this... Surely this can't be too difficult a question for the seasoned osCommerce'er?..

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