What's the best way to loose weight for 14 year olds? curves? Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: What's the best way to loose weight for 14 year olds? curves? Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I was looking over the blogs and came to the conclusion that we have a distinct advantage over women when it comes to weight loss. It's easier for us to become "mentally tough.".

Before I started NS, I began the process of mentally preparing for the fight. Preparing to accept the notion that there may be times that I may be hungry. There may be times where I want to skip a meal. There may be times where I don't feel like excercising..

So... I looked in the mirror... daily..

Took my shirt off and looked at the rolls of fat..

Did this until I could visualize what I am going to look like when it's all done..

Repeating my mantra - "You can do this... this? is easy...".

I didn't think about starting until I put myself in the mindset that I was going to finish..

I wonder what the success rate is for people that mentally prepare vs. people that try this hoping for a quick fix?.

Just my thought for the day...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

I cringe at the thought of eating a head of lettuce, but... if that's what it takes!..

Comment #2

I do too, but I mean any free food, you know what I mean....

I also think of it this way, and i've said it before...if I am hungry - and i'm definitely not thirsty (been drinkng the water) - and I have eaten correctly - then I am losing weight right then and there.....

Comment #3

I think you are right. I think that it's not only women. I have gotten a couple of guys in my office to go on Nutrisystem and they have complained about the food and could only last a few months falling short of their goals. My belief that those like Poly, Mobay, Johnth, Hugebear and others have the mental toughness to do this..

The key we are going to need is to have the mental toughness to do what it takes to stay at our goal weight and we are off the Nutrisystem food...

Comment #4

1. For anyone, they have to get their mind straight and man up, to get it done. That's why I understand what Pam meant, when she said she got to a certain point mentally and would have gotten to goal on any of the weightloss programs..

2. The whole thing is WAY more fun if you look at it as a sport, a fight, a game. Instead of suffering..

3. Jumping in and doing things, makes it go better. I literally did not know how to steam or sauttee a veggie at the begining of this journey. Now it is old hat!..

Comment #5

Having your mind made up is definitely key. No matter how many people tell you they are worried about you, no matter how many pieces of furniture you break, how many family photos you avoid or how many airline seat belt extensions you use, a person will not take action and will not be successful doing this long term until they have ser their mind to it. As noted above, you can see it coming as soon as someone starts doubting before they even start or immediately begin to complain about the taste of the foods, the size of the portions, etc. They usually falls under 'looking for an excuse to quit.'..

Comment #6

I agree with all of you, men are "better" at setting there mind to achieve a goal. Failure is not an option! However, as Rick put it, there are men out there who have not hit "rock bottom" and will not succeed either. I also think that woman have a distinct disadvantage in there body make up. They can not lose weight as rapidly as men and this can be a tough mental excercise. Could you imagine how hard it must be to lose only 1-1.5 pounds per week. It would have taken me over 6 months to lose 30 pounds. I may have quite also!..

Comment #7

Right-On, Acoustic!.

I was prepared to hate it, grit my teeth, and struggle through. Was (and still am) surprised at how easy Nutrisystem is for me. I like the food and I LOVE the convenience. Honestly have very few "hungry" times. The formulations that Nutrisystem came up with are amazing. It was not nearly as hard for me as I had assumed it would be..

Was able to use some of that determination that I did not need for Nutrisystem to actually go to the gym on a regular basis for the first time in my life..

Between those two elements, I've had a complete life makeover with about a 25 year roll-back. Amazing!.


Comment #8

That's not fair at all. Women aren't any more or less weak then men about making the right choices. There are so many other factors in play that it's a completely different journey for men and women..

Women are judged way more harshly on their weight and that adds to the stress and mental hurdles. I'm not saying men don't feel any pressure to be in shape but when Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears gain 10 lbs and are publicly mocked, how are the rest of us supposed to feel?.

As Drive4Show said women lose weight at a slower rate than men, and more often than not have a lower goal weight than men. If your goal was 125 lbs instead of 200 or so and you were only losing 1-2 lbs a week, you might be staring down the barrel at an extra year or two on NS..

If for a few days every month your body turned on you and made you as starving and unhappy as you were the first day of the diet, you would be discouraged too..

I agree that it takes discipline and you do need to be mentally prepared for weight loss, but you can't honestly think men are better at diets because they just want it more. If you're reading more posts from women who are having a tough time with it, it's probably because there are more women on the boards...

Comment #9

Lol poor Rob, put quotes around it and everything, oh well, this is why it's the men's room......

Comment #10

Time to settle in and watch the fireworks...about time we had some excitement around here...

Comment #11

I won't get into the male/female thing, but I totally agree with Gordon..

I was surprised how easy Nutrisystem was for me. My wife struggled a bit more than me, but she also stuck with it and has done very well..

What I don't get is why physicians don't push their patient to Nutrisystem instead of surgery (at least to try)..


Comment #12

Wife and I are having the same issue - i'm much faster - but her schedule makes it hard...anyhow, i'm only about 10-12 lbs away from her so she's getting nervous now... :-).

It gave her a kick in the butt..

Comment #13

Hey, no offense here. Apparently all the guys in the Men's Room thread about regaining the weight lack "mental toughness," too. It's pretty easy to be mentally tough when you're in your first or second week...

Comment #14

When I come to the boards I usually look under "New Posts" and not by category, so of course when I saw this one I was interested. I didn't even realize it was "the men's room" which I have tried to avoid posting in out of respect for the he-man-woman-haters-club crew. But today, I just have to. I have seen amazing results from both men AND women here. Some people, regardless of gender, have lost enormous amounts of weight and I believe it does them an injustice to say only certain people have the right motivation or determination to be a success. I believe we are capable of it..but whether you are a man OR a woman you can also be a sniveling whiner who just doesn't like the food or the fact they can't drink their beer or make up 100 other excuses why this isn't going to work.

It is true that you do have metabolic advantages over women but I disagree with the statement of men being more "mentally tough". They may be more competitive, they may lean more towards an alpha sort of mentality...but I see as many fat men in the world as I do fat women. And that really is the great leveler..

None of us, men or women were that mentally tough to begin with if we are all now members of this site..

A little healthy competition is good for the soul though...and what I read today is fighting words. Mental determination? Oh yeah!..

Comment #15

Hey...this is our forum where we get to be sexist! You can stop by if you have questions about sports, electronics or how to eat a banana or are arranging dates for the single losers..

Stopping by to complain about how men are not fair to the ladies is not allowed. You got the whole rest of the forums to wax on about the curse of Eve...

Comment #16 just wish we would ask all of you advice on how to eat a banana.....

Comment #17

I have seen women with all kinds of guts despite their low lass rates. Also some women with very fast loss rates (young, active, 100% helps!).

I respect anyone who sucks it up and runs their program all out. Male/female, large/small, old/young, pretty/ugly. All I care (and I think all most people care) is what you do on the field of weightloss battle...

Comment #18

Also better than meds. Seriously, it is such an amazing difference in physical capability to shed the pounds. docs should be more hard core...

Comment #19

I was actually going to go the surgery route. When I learned I would have to change my lifestyle and eating habits, I figured it would be better to give a program a shot and dedicate myself to it. Glad I found NS. Thanks, Mike Golic!..

Comment #20

I'm not some uber-feminist lurking in the men's room just to ruin everyone's woman-bashing good time, I just thought it was a really bizarre thing to say about women. I thought we were pretty close to having the monopoly on constant dieting and wanting to lose weight..

If you wanted to say women aren't focused on...say.....vehicular maintenance..? Then maybe yeah you got my number on that one. But it's just not true that women aren't hard enough on themselves about their weight...

Comment #21

I thought your response was well reasoned, mature, and lacking emotionally charged drama. In short, I was disappointed! I thought we were about to get some good gender-war type bickering going on, but I guess no one is going to rise to the bait in a meaningful way. Oh well, nothing to see here, everyone go back to losing weight and/or maintaining...

Comment #22

I am disappointed as well. I was hoping to see boobies...

Comment #23

Now that's funny right there. You win post of the day!..

Comment #24

A couple of Blue Footed Boobys at your service...

Comment #25

Sorry! dare you! Sexist pig! I am womyn hear me roar! I want this men's room shut down for offending my delicate sensibilities!.

Actually... now that you mention it, with so many biological advantages, maybe it's MEN who lack the mental toughness! HA!..

Comment #26

Can we talk about cramps now?.

My previous doctor was probably about 100 pounds overweight. It was kind of hard to take diet advice from him (not that he ever recommended surgery, either). My current doc is a triathlete who I doubt would ever suggest surgery over diet and exercise...

Comment #27

Yeah...I was going to say something super dramatic like the toughness needed to get through childbirth, menstrual cramps (yes, I said CRAMPS), soothing male get the picture...but that would have just been immature of me...

Comment #28

I almost want to throw down some sort of boys vs girls challenge but I can't think of a really fair way to grade it. Judging by lbs isn't fair to the ladies..

"Who Can Stay 100% On-Plan Most Consecutive Days" ? .

"Who Looks Better in a Bikini on March 1, Us or the Men" ?

Comment #29

Go for it, throw it down. A little healthy competition is always a good thing..

Comment #30

U want a throw down? we'll give you a war you won't believe! (rambo)..

Comment #31

I was kind of hoping to see men in bikinis......

Comment #32

I'll take either of those pieces of action, bring it on ladies! Well, swimsuits anyway,.


Man should.


Wear a bikini anything. I agree a little competition could be very healthy, and you guys seem like good sports, for girls...

Comment #33

Did not se the last rocky movie....

And bananahammocks belong in south america only!.

They can't handle the truth is what it is really..

Comment #34

Ok I'll update my w8book thing (unless they want money for it now...).

When is the end finish line date?..

Comment #35

I still think most 100% days. That's mentally tough. (and honestly, they'll kick our butts dropping the weight)...

Comment #36

Dang w8book lost all my old info except for a check in last April. Is w8book the best way to track this thing?..

Comment #37

Just don't do weight lost, I'm not losing right now. Days 100% might be good, if we don't do the swimwear challenge...

Comment #38

I may be wrong but if you read the title it reads MEN'S ROOM>Dan Marino's Team. There are 25 other Boards you can talk about cramps and child birth and TOM and BOB and all other crap. Please take your sparkles and GTFOOH.

Unless of course as Michael said you want to show us your boobies..

Comment #39

Alright, how about this..

Who is really more 'mentally tough'? Who can have more 100% days in one month, men or women. We'll start Jan. 9th and end Feb. 9th. If we have an uneven number of men and women, we can do an average..

Anyone in?..

Comment #40

Gee, should we do the challenge elsewhere so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Rick? His offensive manner is so manly and virile. (or is that viral?).

<insert sparkly glitter here>.

I am up for the challenge. I do have, after all...amazing mental toughness for a mere woman...

Comment #41

No, I am laughing my butt off. And I was trying so hard NOT to lose my booty in this weight loss process!..

Comment #42

The number of 100% days sounds good but you would need to have an equal amount of males and females in the study group to make it fair...

Comment #43

We can do an average of days per person if it's uneven...

Comment #44

Bummer. I'm not on the program anymore (and really am only hoping to lose a couple more pounds), so I can't really participate...

Comment #45

Just do like me, and count days 100% on your maintenance plan/adherence to fitness regime, (I assume everybody's good with that right?)...

Comment #46

I'll set up a challenge in "Challenge Central" and ask my male brethren for participants. Perhaps you ladies could do the same? Now, we just need to settle the issue of stakes.....

Comment #47

OK, that I can do. And heck, it'd help ensure that I suck it up on Saturday and run my race no matter how cold it is outside (temp's supposed to be around 15, windchill bringing it to single digits - and I'm a Southern California girl living in Texas). But after that, my maintenance plan will be soup, soup and more soup..

So OK, I'm in. (And I'm glad MOST of the men here understand sarcasm and have a sense of humor. Too bad one of 'em doesn't.)..

Comment #48

Is this No, so you don't actually own the place...

Comment #49

You've had your little girl fun. Move along now. This is our fort...

Comment #50

Hey Lady, and I use the term rather loosely, read the sign on the door. I believe it says Men's Room and I am asking you to respect that. So, although I don't own the place, please move along now. There are so many other Rooms for you to play...

Comment #51

I think that's fair so we can include those in maintenance...

Comment #52

I am biting my tongue and will quickly leave....(I know my glitter will be pay back enough).

But I wanted to say I like the idea of a 100% challenge tracking adherance to workouts too(suitable for maintainers)~More for accountability....I don't think women have anything to prove...we are ALL equally capable of Mental depends on each individuals "mindset".


Our gender..


I'll quickly note: I'm Mentally Tougher than any man here..

Comment #53

Has anyone started a challenge thread yet? All the ones in Challenge Central are full of ***~~~~~~~ that I can't wade my way through the mess...

Comment #54

I was hoping someone would because I have been biting my tongue all day from posting in here with some snarky comment...was hoping to be able to do that in the challenge with the brave men that were willing to join...

Comment #55

Interestingly, I can bite my tongue and type at the same time..

Does that make me mentally tough?..

Comment #56

SInce it was so popular when someone mentioned it before Christmas, what about the losing team buying coffee for the troops?.


Comment #57

Love it. I'll bring it over to the Challenge thread. It's called boys against girls 100% come join us...

Comment #58

I'm in and since I know the ladies are weak, i'll post a bunch with donuts.

The men just laugh at donuts..

Comment #59

Come and join Us Boys! Sign up today for the Battle of the Sexes challenge...go to the first post to see contest rules..

Here' the link:.


It truely is all in good fun....and contrary to popular belief...we really don't bite(that hard anyway).

I know there's a lot of Metally Tough Guys out here so come and show us what you got..

It's really a personal challenge to keep that mindset accountable on attaining/maintaining our goals...and maintaining that "Mental Toughness" that we ALL have..

Hope to see you there...

Comment #60

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