What's the difference between a godaddy hit counter and google analytics visitor tracking?
Got a quick question: What's the difference between a godaddy hit counter and google analytics visitor tracking? Thanks for any answer. My other question... Hi,.

I thought of a TLD for a long time that would actual be good. I finally thought of one, .mov or .movie. You always see movies having there .com taken, so they have to go to something like.

(fake movie name.).

If there was a movie extension it would really help movie makers out and even people because they would know everything would be legitimate..

What do you guys think of this one?.

All comments are welcome!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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This one wouldn't dilute values because I'm saying it would be only available for movies. No one else it would be able to register it because then it would just defeat the whole purpose of making it...

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Does anyone else have some opinions about this? The thread got lost yesterday night...

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I think if we only allowed the motion picture industry to register them, that'd be a great idea...

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That's what I mean't. Do you think that ICANN would even listen to me or do you think I need to have a lot of money for this?..

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It's way better then all the ones they're considering and the ones they already accepted:.




.mail (I think it would ruin email).

.mobi (This is one of the only ones I think is acceptable but it's still not even that great.).


.tel (Wouldn't that be the same as .mobi).



.Movie actually has some thought because there are tons of movies and tons of domains that the movie makers don't get to use because of squatters..

It's even shorter than .travel, unless it got turned into .mov..

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It's an alright idea. I kind of like .mov or .movie better. If I could edit the poll I would put it into there. I was thinking of another option like that but I never did think of it. Anyways it could be useful because it's only 4 letters compared to .movie, which is 5...

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.mov is a file extension. I think it might be a little confusing. I don't like .movie though. So I vote neither. Good idea, but what about independant film makers?..

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Well, I have seen a .com file extension before. I guess it would be better to do .movie or .film then. Anyways I think whoever makes a movie and has a trademark for it should be able to get one. Maybe there should be an exception for independant film makers but then the samething might happen. I'm leaning more to the trademark ones only because then anyone could just register one..

Good comments!..

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Any reason why? Just because it's shorter or looks better?..

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Both, I don't like full words as extensions like .name .travel .whatever.

I think .mov is much better..

A good bit of domains are too hard to remember and type in, extensions need to stay short and simple...

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I guess that's true but since it would just be for movies, wouldn't it be kind of obvous..

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Personally, I think .info works well..

I don't like long extensions like .movie with 5 characters, even though it does elimiinate confusion. Also, what's next after that?, .series, .documentary, .painting, .art, .realityTV, .gameshow,....

.arts or .ent (entertainment) would cover most of them in a broader or .vid(eo) may work as well. One would probably have to be an (unpopular) limited use sTLD to really keep it to it's intent...

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You have some great points there! I never actually thought of them. I know movies have been having a real big problem with this though. Other entertainment like books, paintings, and arts aren't really the same because a lot of them don't even have websites. All movies have a website to show off the movie and their trailer.RealityTV and .Gameshow wouldn't be neccessary because they alreay have .TV, which isn't a real sTLD but still it's promoted as that and it does look like it.Documentary could be under .mov or .movie as well because it's pretty much the same thing. There always would be a way to shorten the extension though, that's really not a problem..

Great post, I love a challenger!.


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The film industry could certainly afford to sponsor it's own HostGator name TLD if they wanted. However, I think sites like sony often prefer to have you directly on a subdmain or directory of their main GoDaddy site to show their other products..

Adult movies will soon have a fitting TLD, anyway......

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Great points again! You probably are right about sony having their movies on sub domains but you do see a lot of domains like " (that's the actually site)", wouldn't it be better like "" Some other examples are:.




These are just three movies that I thought of and searched in Google for, I know there are thousands more that would fit the extension perfectly..

I think that would be way better and it would be a huge success, well at least compared to the other TLDs.

Adult movies will have a TLD soon but I'm not really speaking for them, I'm speaking for "normal" movies.

I will be away for about five days, so hopefully some other people keep this thread active..

I just registered.


I will be trying to get ICANN to listen to me and others. Hopefully I can get some support from the movie industry too..

Bye for now!..

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I think movie cuz when someone tries to seach 5 a name in the address bar they wont enter mov.

I think movie is the best cuz it's weasier to be pronounced although it's a long word..

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Thanks for your opinion! I think it's best too because the movie makers are already registering the domains like that (e.g., so I'm pretty sure they would like .movie better...

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I'm a sucker for shorter extensions so i'll go with .mov. however, .movie is only 2 characters longer so by all means, it will be fine too...

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How about .avi? Just would be better than .movie, but I'd rather not see such an extension. The movie companies are not going to buy into their own extension, just like the adult industry isn't gonna buy into .xxx as their primary HostGator name. Let's face it, people only know about .com and maybe .net. The other extensions shock them and are not mainstream. We know all of them, but the general public doesn't (knowing only .com) and if that is your audience, then that is the extension you will use. So it will be a waste of time and resources I think...

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.com is a file extension as well. I like .mov better as it's shorter...

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.mov could mean other tings, so I voted .movie..

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Waste of time as Sunken mentioned, too limited like .name..

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The extensions are supposed to be limited now. There trying to make certain extensions for certain things. They have recently been adding more extensions like this, it's sort of like organizing the Internet..

I will be trying to make .movie happen at.

, if anyone else would like to help..

Thanks everyone for the great comments! More would be appreciated!..

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