What's the difference between personal and business iPage web hosting?

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Quick question: What's the difference between personal and business iPage web hosting? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... Arg!!! Whatever I do, something always goes wrong. Now, I put font attributes into the A:link, A:hover, and A:visited tags, and now it's giving me spaces again. Please help!!!.


<Mod Edit old code..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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You can't put font attributes into the A:link, A:hover, and A:visited tags. ??.

Just color values...

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Thanks. That works. But now I don't know how to change the font faces on the left side. If I put a font tag, it adds a space. If I use CSS and use either the p, div, or span tag, it adds a space. Any ideas?..

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Doing a span tag does not add spaces. it is very hard to test what you have without images so it has to be what you are doing. I added this and it worked well, but then again I don't have the images to see if it added a space..

<span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS; font-size: 8pt; font-weight: bold">Home</span>..

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If you can't FTP it post the code here again so we can look at it with an explaination what you are trying to do...

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Ok. I just uploaded the site. Here it is..


See the space on the left, under Home? I want to beable to change the font, without that space being there...

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Screen shot>.

Everything is scrunched up against the left so I do not see a space to the left, the only space I see is under home..

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Ah! WTF. Your browser settings are strange. The text size should be much smaller and the color should be black (I only have defined Home's size). This is how it should look...

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IE 6.0.

Screen settings at - 1024 x 768.

What I see is what your code tells my browser to display..

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Most people have their font sizes set to medium, and therefore the text is larger than what you have it set in your screenshot. you'll have to specify a font size so it looks the same on other people's computers...

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Well it is messed up as I couldn't even move the home text up or down. I did fix it by using 20 for the image height instead of 15. but your tables are messed up for some reason. something is pulling it down so it creates the space you see. not sure what KW saw as all the links had spaces in it..

When I get back later I will look at it more closely..

And I would use font-face instead of font-family..

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Just did not see the space to the left that he was talking about that was different than all the spaces..


Yep, that could be part of the problem.

My old eyes need the font settings on my browser at "larger"..

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It was not easy to see what was wrong..


Put this in the head:.

<STYLE type=text/css>IMG {.

VERTICAL-ALIGN: text-bottom.


A:link {.



A:hover {.



A:visited {.



.info {font-family: Trebuchet MS; font-size: 8pt; font-weight: bold.



And now change the height of main_end1.jpg.

To 20 ( 15 is to low).

Use <span class="info"> to get the Font.


<TD width=150>.

<span class="info"><IMG height=20.

Src="GBA _Extreme_bestanden/main_end1.jpg".

Width=50 border=0> - <A.

Href=""> Home.




<TD width=150>.

<span class="info"><IMG height=20 src="GBA.

_Extreme_bestanden/main_end1.jpg" width=50 border=0> - <A.


Affiliate </A></span></TD>.



<TD width=150>.

<span class="info"> <IMG height=20.

Src="GBA _Extreme_bestanden/main_end1.jpg".

Width=50 border=0> -.


Href=""> Forums.




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Yes, it's easy to fix if you increase the vertical of main_end1.jpg.

The text at 8pt has an invisible space around it that causes the spaces in between the images. so by increasing the graphic's vertical, you can avoid the space..

But if the larger space is unwanted, there is a simple solution to this.. I know in the other thread I told you to put each on in it's own cell, but now i'm telling you different. you can do it simply by using two cells, or if you want to put each word in it's own cell, you can use a ROWSPAN attribute on the first cell. i'm just going to do it the simple way..

To get this:.

Change this:.

To this:.

I didn't do all the linking.. but it's just an example to show you how it works...

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Two minor changes to the suggestion directly above.


Posts above, as someone else posted while I wrote this..

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I've never had a problem with caps in the attributes, so why the lower case? I do it mainly to distinguish the code more easily from the rest of the content...

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HTML 3.2.

You can write tags and attributes however you like; lower case, upper case, or mixed case. It is a good idea to.




All attributes, but the rules aren't entirely clear..


HTML 4.01.

It is recommended to write tags and attributes completely in lower case. Attributes that contain other than.








Should always be.




, but it is also recommended to.




All attributes whatever their contents. Certainly all.




Colours (contains # ), all.


S (contains : and / andand maybe ? or other characters), all.




Sizes (contains % mark), and all.


Definitions (e.g..










And so on - contains / character) should be quoted..





All tags and attributes.


Be written.

Entirely in lower case.

, and all attributes.







You are just saving yourself from yet more work in the future if you adopt the lower case only method sooner rather than later..

Someone please FIX the freakin' thread stretch...

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I removed the old code, but new code from ablindtomorrow is still keeping it spread out and not sure if conspiracy has looked at it yet...

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Haha. I just got back from Chicago. I spend about 5 hours down there, and this is what happens. I'll look over this and see what I'm going to do...

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Right now, I'm working with ablindtomorrow's code, and so far it's working. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully this ends this issue...

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I cannot see any HTML [.


] that would cause problems. You do have a lot of errors in the code, but all are very easy to fix up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.