What's the name of the person in the Nutrisystem commercial?

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My question is What's the name of the person in the Nutrisystem commercial? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. How do you guys deal with Lunch Meetings? I am in week 2 and felt a little weird pulling out my Nutrisystem Lunch when the lunch was provided by the Host of the meeting. I have seen where the Host has become angry when Lunch is brought in and people dont eat it..

So I just ate small portions and a lot of salad..

Just wondering some of your thoughts on this..


Week 2 pluggin away! Another belt hole down!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I agree with Acoustic. Engage those you're with if you can. I've done Nutrisystem in meetings sometimes. It can be fun as many are Nutrisystem curious. Other times claimed I had to run some errands over lunch. Other times I tried to carefully eat what was provided within Nutrisystem guidlines, but I'm such a knuckhead that I almost always failed miserably with that.


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I think most people will support you. Bring your ginormous salad as well (you are doing that, right)?..

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I get a salad for my lunch meetings with a low-fat dressing. Who cares what other people think!..

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Thanks guys! As alwyas sucha great support team!.

I ate small portion and loaded up on the salads and skipped all the treats before, during and after!.

Vendor dropped in today with his usual box full of danishes! Did good stayed away!.

What do Dansih people call Danishes?..

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Coach - I run into this every week. I always have Nutrisystem lunches in my desk drawers. I eat what I can at the meeting. ie salad with low fat dressing. It there is on ly sandwiches with mayonise and white bread or rolls then I hold back and eat my Nutrisystem entree after the lunch..

If I take clients out for lunch I order some type of salad with either grilled chicken or fish on it with lite dressing on the side. I just dip my fork in the dressing..

I use each of these situations to teach myself how I am going to eat after NS. I think we all hope to get off the Nutrisystem food to some degree..

Just my thoughts! Welcome and remember to always drink your water!..

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Email the host ahead of time, or tell him/her in person (and in private) that you appreciate the generosity but cannot indulge due to dietary restrictions. Something along the lines of "You always provide such great looking lunches. I'd like too let you know that even though I can't indulge due to dietary restrictions, your kindness hasn't gone unappreciated."..

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We often have attorneys and vendors come into the office to take us out to lunch, drinks or dinner. When it comes to lunch, most of the go-getters (yes, I mean the more successful professionals) usually eat healthy. So, being sound regarding your choices reflects well in addition to being healthy..

Eat a salad and consider the recommendations made by the fellas. Stay away from croutons, cheese and high calorie dressings. Use the fork dip method for dressing as mentioned. If the only soup they offer is creamy or fatty, skip it and have your Nutrisystem lunch when you get back. I often have some protein on the salad instead, such as salmon, chicken or even a nice cut of beef. Always grilled, of course...

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