What's this Medifast Diet? Worth it or no?

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Got a quick question: What's this Medifast Diet? Worth it or no? Thanks for any response. My other question... Happy New Year Ladies!.

My goal this month is to lose those 15 pounds before my cruise at the end of the month..

It is a new day. If you have gotten off of MF, today is a perfect day to start again. I will make goal by the end of the summer...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Good morning! I am home and back OP. I was a naughty girl..

I'm kinda dissapointed that I was so weak after doing so well. But i'm not going to do the usual beat myself up. I did gain 2 pounds but i'm actually grateful that it wasn't more..

I'm ready for the new year and to finish this journey all the way..

Comment #2

Good morning!! Hope everyone is past the holidays and ready to push forward into the New Year with new goals..

I had dinner out with friends last night and didn't stay 100%. I had a Mich Ultra and 2 small bites of creme brulee. My food was very close to OP, but I could tell there was oil used in the cooking, so definitely extra fat. I ate 4 oz salmon topped with 1/4 c fresh wilted spinach, 1 TBSP feta cheese, and 1 tsp bacon. It was served with 2 TBSP spaghetti squash and 1/2 c green beans...

Comment #3

Hello everyone! Braved the scale this morning and was a bit depressed but I had to get on.

Excited to make changes for 2011 and stop the same pattern and cyclical behavior. Have you checked out the blog of the month. Very motivating!.

HAving a 100% OP day!!.

Turning the pages to a new me!..

Comment #4


The past is just that. Don't beat yourself up about whatever ground you might have "lost". Just start fresh with renewed energy and commitment. You will get there. I have confidence in you. When you are totally ready, something with just "click" and you will be unstoppable. You just have to find the right "currency" to motivate yourself...

Comment #5

I have been feeling a bit frustrated with the slowness of my losses, even though I know I tend to lose more slowly than others experience. It takes me anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks to lose 10 pounds on MF..

The way I combat this is to take my measurements every month so I have another marker to document my progress. I have to say I am feeling pretty good at looking at my inches lost progress right about now. I am so glad it was time to measure and get a good shot of motivation in my arm..

Since September I have lost:.

3.5 inches in my arms.

5 inches in my chest (so glad the "girls" aren't melting as fast as my waist and hips!).

9.5 inches in my waist (yeah!! I am getting a figure back... Bikini season here I come!).

7 inches in my hips.

3.5 inches in my thighs..

Comment #6

Hello everyone!.

I have been lurking throughout the groups for the past two weeks and would love to join you if you'll have me! I'm somewhat of a commitment phobe I guess but this group's name seems perfect for me..

My goal is to be bikini ready by Memorial Day!.

I'm Liv, 33 years old, I own a restaurant in the South and this is my first and final go at MF. Tomorrow is my weigh in day and my energy levels are through the roof. I think I've accomplished more in the past two days than I have in the past year..

Looking forward to getting to goal with y'all!..

Comment #7

Good evening ladies..

Sarah so glad that you are back with us. Shauna that is alot of inches. Laura hope that you are doing well. Mary and Christine if you are lurking please stop in and say hello..

YaYa glad that you here. Jump right in. If you would like to post our banner in your sig let me know and I will post the code...

Comment #8

Hi Michelle,.

Yes, I would love the code! Thank you..

Comment #9

Welcome Ya Ya!.

I have decided this will be my final go at MF. I am spending way to much money to keep yo yoing Last night. I put up a big calendar in my room and wrote the reasons I want to lose weight. I am going to do a picture a week and measurements monthly! I am tired of me! So this is how I am going to motivate myself!! I need the visuals and am excited for this week to go by so I can see my progress!.

Make it a good one..


Favorite picture to start our day!..

Comment #10

Sarah I am with ya....I think I need to use the Medifast I have and see how I do this time around. As much as I love MF, I too spend too much not to use it correctly. It is not Medifast it is me. I love MF. So let's make this a great run..

I will hang with your group here, if I can wear a one I doubt I will ever be a bikini person...:-) But then again..never say never

Let's do this! hugs all!!.


Comment #11

Here is the code...Just take the * out of the beginning and end of it and post it in your sig and it should work..

Sarah I understand about the cost..that is my feeling too. I am in this to goal...

Barb glad you are here. I might do a tankini but no way a bikini lol..

Shauna and Laura hope ya'll have a great day. I will be back to post in a few..


Comment #12

Here is to feeling good in any type of suit! Heck I just want to look good in my jeans these days..

Comment #13

Sara, make it happen... You can do it..

Barb, I don't have a problem with one pieces.....

Comment #14

Good Morning everyone. Hope that everyone is doing well. In a hurry I will be back later to post...

Comment #15

Good Morning.

Yes 1 day down.

Keeping positive!.

Have an OP day and visualize yourself in a bikini, Tankini, sexy one piece whatever it is that makes you look your best!!Summer will be here before you know it. We are worth it!..

Comment #16

So true Sarah! If I am not at goal by the end of summer(or very close) I am going to be walking away from MF. I am spending to much money like you Sarah to be flip-flopping on and off. This is my last go around. I oredered all bars yesterday to come in for my cruise. Going to do the 4 and 2 while I am gone. I will be gone from the 20th till Jan 31st. Positive thoughts and energy to everyone today...

Comment #17

Good afternoon ladies!.

I don't want to be all negative and tell you the disappointment I have in myself these past few days. I do want to be positive and not look back and have a fully committed and successful month. I have a party to go to at the end of the month to kinda set as a goal. I know it's a lot but if I stay perfectly on plan I want to lose 20 lbs by the end of this month (which I have done before)..

I have been really struggling w/my depression which I think is why I can't seem to stay OP (being an emotional eater and all). But it's a new year and as much as people say that new year resolutions fail, I know that this time I will get this weight off before summer and be in my bikinis. I'm ready for a change in my life and I'm going to make that change happen this year. I have some goals w/me and my children, changes w/dh, budgeting and most of all changes in myself that I am going to make happen to make my life and everyone around me happier (and that may be w/or w/out dh.


Sarah and Michelle, I hope that Medifast works for you this time. First, I hope you two don't disappear if you do decide to leave MF...I don't know what I'd do w/out you. Second, just from experience lately....I have to be honest w/you...I haven't been doing Medifast completely. There was a month on and off between Medifast that I tried atkins, being desperate to be able to eat the foods I love and still lose. I did lose some but it came off so much slower and I didn't feel healthy like I do when I'm doing MF. So keep w/MF...speaking from's the best way to get this weight off...and fast.

I've screwed up royally but don't wanna talk about it yet.


Mary and Christine...hope things are well. I hope you are back on the wagon if you fell off and if not a new year is a perfect excuse to do so.

I miss hearing from you..

Shauna, thanks for your support while I was out of town. I was hoping for some words of encouragement (that you were so kind to do) but I think I already had my mind made up I was going to cheat. The being out of town, new year and dh convincing me we could drink and be merry and start fresh the first of the year just was to much to say no. Wish I had said no though....yes, despite what I said I am kicking my own butt now..

Liv, Welcome!!!.

Barb, I remember you from a while ago...glad you'll be hanging w/us...

Comment #18

Guess I need to take my ticker down.....

I'm gonna put a new one up tomorrow and put up my weekly losses. I always love reading others signatures who have their weekly/monthly weightloss...

Comment #19

Laura you are back and focused and that is all that matters. I WILL NOT be leaving because I am determined to make it to goal by the end of summer. WE CAN do this Laura. This lil group is like my extended family....

Comment #20

Laura I am always putting and taking down my but I will do the monthy/weekly totals too! Don't be hard on yourself. Unfortunately food has become an addiction for so many of us and it is hard to break away and change but we have not given up. We need to keep supporting one another and know that we have it in us to become our very best! 20 pounds is doable just stay focused. Maybe we can think of strategies/rewards to motivate ourselves or follow the 100 days of weight loss. I can post that here...that might help us. Just thoughts here..

Michelle We are going to do it this time and be posting on the before and after board.

Actually all of us are.

I like your plan for your cruise!.

Believe in yourself!.


Comment #21

Shauna you are rocking this program!Thanks for your support!..

Comment #22

I will do my totals for the week also.I am going to start mine from tomorrow. So every Weds..I will post my total weight loss for the week...

Comment #23

Weigh in Wednesdays!!! I am in too!! I like to weigh once a week because there is not so much drama with yo-yo-ing up and down on a daily basis...

Comment #24

Hey y'all!.

No one better leave, I just got here!.

I know how hard it can be once you start and stop, believe me. But they say the secret to successful weight loss is getting back on that horse - it can be done!.

I'm here to cheer everyone on. Sounds like there are some great goals to be met..

I normally weigh in on Monday, any other Monday weighers here? I think Wed weigh ins are a great idea, something to work towards mid-week..

It's been a crazy day and I'm off to bed, I'll write more later..



Comment #25

Not so great on my weigh in today. No loss for the week..

Next week will be better. I ate at restaurants twice inthe past 5 days, so I am sure I am retaining lots of water from the extra sodium. I'm not too worried about it...

Comment #26

Good Morning!.

Keep pushing through Shauna!.

Liv I love all your motivators/rewards.

Everyone Make it happen!.

Day 3 Getting it done!..

Comment #27

Shauna- Great for not stressing about it. You did not gain and that is the great thing..

Good Morning everyone...

Comment #28

Here are my food totals for my meals today.......





I used the My Plan feature and that is my total that I will have had at the end of the day...

Comment #29

Shauna, I feel you on the sodium. Last night I ate a salmon burger from Costco and come to find out they switched distributors. It used to be all salmon and very low sodium, and after I ate the new one I found out it was packed with fillers and had a ridiculously high sodium count. How disappointing. I'm going to try to get in 100+ ounces of water today..

Sara, thank you, hope your day 3 goes GREAT!.

Michelle, do you always track? I sometimes forget but I suppose it's a good habit to be in..

Happy Hump Day all! I'm just about halfway through week 2 with no loss yet for this week; one better be coming soon! I also think I have discovered that I cannot eat the bars. Each time I have one I'm sent running to the loo. Sorry for the TMI, this diet does things to me I thought I'd never have to think about..

Hope everyone has a great day, I'll check in menana!.


Comment #30

Good morning ladies!!!.

Ok. Today is day one and i'm doing well. You all probably think I might be crazy...who knows maybe I am..

But I took the kids to school and crawled back into bed until I had to go get them. I got no food in this morning because I was (and I always do this before starting a diet) to depressed and pouting about starting my diet to go out of my bedroom to eat. Yeah, I'm crazy....oh well. LOL But after getting my kids I popped out of my zombie funk and ate. I feel better about starting my diet and feel like I'm going to be real successful. I found a journal from the last time I lost 50+ pounds on Medifast and it's hard to believe but I lost 30 lbs in the first month.

I kept a journal of the foods I ate and every day weigh in (i cannot resist the scale so I weigh daily)..

I think i'm going to do the same this time only on my puter...

Comment #31

Thanks for posting that! I was just about going to go do a search on what I need to aim for. I can't remember w/all the different type of dieting i've doing, what i'm suppose to aim for...

Comment #32

Also, thank you all who put their week/monthly totals. Michelle, I saw you posted your weight. You've inspired me to do the same. I've been to embarrassed to do so. I guess I've been ashamed of my weight but I'm changing it so why not, huh?..

Comment #33

I'm going to also try and post my daily food log here. Anyone else want to do that, it would definitely help. That way I can get ideas and also suggestions from any of you are welcomed if you see me doing something wrong..

I think i'm also going to make Wed. my official weigh in. Mondays are my usual but w/the weekends being my hardest being that we sometimes eat out. If we eat out, I plan to stay OP but you can't control sodium or other things and Wed. I should be back to normal if I do eat Wed. it is...

Comment #34

Liv, this whole diet has me in the bathroom constantly. It never stops either. It is one downfall I have to deal w/. I'm lactose intolerant and it really does things to my stomach. But the outcome is to good to change so I deal w/it. I have heard some say that taking lactose intolerant pills might work and I just might give it a try this time...

Comment #35

What are the 100 days of weight loss?.

I think the more posting of stats, goals, weigh ins, menus, etc. are extremely motivating for me.....reading others and seeing mine...

Comment #36

Ok. I apologize for all my posts..

Off to change my ticker/siggy...

Comment #37

Ok. last one I promise. I noticed on top that I said morning. well I work nights and I slept all day so it's kinda like morning to me. sorry..

Well I have actually posted my weight. Yuck! Can't believe it's out there for everyone to see...

Comment #38

It's OK Laura, we are all in the same boat. The first step to losing it is owning it... Now you will get to have the joy of watching that heart march all the way down to the other end of that ticker!!..

Comment #39

I posted mine again too Laura. I managed to gain 4 over the holiday but took the 4 off these past 3 days.

I think it bothers the person posting the weight more than anyone else. Shauna your right watching the ticker go down is very motivating.

Yes Liv my day went well...Thanks! You'll see a drop soom.

Michelle your doing great too!!.

Here is the link to 100 days of weight loss..

It might be fun for us to do together!.

Comment #40


Sounds like an interesting activity to keep some structure and motivation in what we are doing...

Comment #41

Here is what i've had today...think it's kinda low..

651 calories.

13 fat.

69 carbs.

75 protein.

I have searched and searched until I have a headache and frustrated. I really couldn't find an answer. But here's what I've figured I should be aiming for:.

Calories 800-1000.

Fat 10-30.

Carbs 80-85.

Protein 80-100.

Does this seem right? What do you all try to aim for?..

Comment #42

I look at the pie chart in my daily nutrition section of my food log. I forget what the specific percentages are, but I try to keep about 20-30% fat and the other 70-80% split sort of even, but slightly higher in protein than carbs (like 3-5% higher). It seems like I am modeling that after something I read in the Medifast informational materials, but I do so much reading about nutrition I am not really sure where I got it from..

I remember reading somewhere in my research on nutrition that to determine the minimum amount of protein your body needs to keep from losing lean muscle when dieting is to multiply your weight by .37. That is the amount of protein you need to keep from slowing your metabolism because your body is shedding muscle instead of fat if you eat less protein than it needs to maintain the muscle you already have...

Comment #43

I am going to post the 100 day information in hope of keeping us on track, motivated or from going off plan. The first thing it says before starting the actual day is.

Create a vision for the future.

Think for a minute about why you want to lose weight. Create a list of.

At least 10 reasons why you want to lose weight and maintain your success. Then keep.

These motivating reasons handy where you can refer to them often..

Tape copies of this list to your mirror and your refrigerator..

Write your list on a small card and carry it with you..

Read your list daily for at least the first week or two of this program..

Any time you feel discouraged or tempted to give up, review the list and remind yourself:.

This is why Im doing the 100 Days Program and Im sticking with my plan!.


10 Reasons why I want to lose weight.

Here is my vision and reasons:.

1. I want to be social again and see old friend instead of making up excuses because I am embarrassed about how I look..

2. I want to wear the clothes I like that are cute and sexy instead of the same stretchy,frumpy black type clothing over and over..

3. I want to make love to my husband and feel good about myself..

4. I want to put on a bathing suit and go swimming in the pool with my children and husband instead of watching from the side..

5. I want to walk into a room and feel good about myself.

6. I want to feel pretty again and wear a cute dress or sexy pair of jeans..

7. I want my husband to be attracted to me..

8. I want to try new adventurous activities without being out of breath or shape..

9. I want to take a family picture and be happy with the way I look!.

10. I want to start living again and change my lifestyle!..

Comment #44

Laura this is what you should aim for according to MF:.

Cal 800-1000.


Carbs 80-100.


Hope that helps...

Comment #45

Good Morning ladies....

Here is what I am having today..and yes it is low..





Comment #46

Liv it is something that I used to do on my last go around on MF. It worked great I lost over 75 pounds. I just did not learn how not to be a emotional eater...

Comment #47

Sarah I am loving that list. I am going to make mine at some point this morning...

Comment #48

Top 10 Reasons I Will Lose Weight..

1.Want to be Healthy.

2.Want to be able to keep up with my GrandBaby when he or she arrives.

3.Want to be sexy again.

4.Want my confidence back.

5.Want my husband to desire me again.

6.Want to be able to buy sexy clothes.

7.Want to rock some swimwear.

8.Want to have control over my life.

9.Want to enjoy sex with my husband.

10.(most selfish reason but it is my fav) To be able to stick it to my sister n law...

Comment #49

Good morning ladies!.

I'm gonna make my list later since my puter's battery is bout out. just poppin on to say hi. I lost 5lbs so things are going well..

Thanks Michelle and shauna...that helps. I was so aggrevated by the nights end looking for that info. I am not good when it comes to doing searches on the puter. I even went through my book knowing it had to be there and just couldn't find it...

Comment #50

Good morning everyone! I would like to join the group as well! Liv, I would also like to be bikini reay by memorial day.

This is my second month on medifast. I kind of lost track over the holidays, but I am back in full force and determined to stick to it this week!!! I need to lose 30 more pounds to meet my goal..

Comment #51

Glad you are doing well.. Yay on the 5 pounds...

Comment #52

Top Ten Reasons I Want to Lose Weight.

1) I want to be, and stay healthy..

2) I want to fit into all of my size 6 clothes again..

3) I want to train for and run in a marathon..

4) I want to feel comfortable taking my clothes off in front of my husband..

5) I want to fit into the bikini I bought but would never have even thought of wearing last summer..

6) I want to be the fit and trim and looking good bridesmaid and matron of honor in my cousins' weddings instead of the chubby one..

7) I want to feel sexy..

8) I want to wear lingerie for my husband..

9) I want my husband to think "wow" everytime he looks at me..

10) I want to be able to wear and look good in ANYTHING I want...

Comment #53

How can I add the "bikini bound babes" banner? sorry, I'm new to this..

Comment #54

Go to edit profile settings on top of the page click on it, then go to edit sig on right hand side click on it and put this code in the box.....


Take out the * at the beginning and ending of the code and then save it. That should work..

Comment #55

Hey peeps,.

Just shooting in and out this morning as my house smells like something died in it from leaving a shake container in the sink overnight. Better go clean it before hubby bans those shakes..

Saw a 2 lb loss this AM, am thrilled with that. Also I'm waiting on a new shipment of food. I can't wait to get my hands on a brownie!.

I'm loving all of the reasons to lose weight, y'all have some great ones..

Gotta go clean my stinky sink, hope everyone has a great OP day!..

Comment #56

I am loving everyone's list!.

We are on our way!!..

Comment #57

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday season. I can't believe 2011 is already here..

I went offplan for the holidays. It was weird but I really felt disgusting if I ate any sort of non-healthy food. This makes me confident that I will be able to keep the weight off. I gained 2 lbs but I think that was just water weight. I am already past the 170 where I was before christmas, back down to 168..

I am going to a family funeral this weekend and I am worried about staying OP. My plan is to be open and upfront with everyone about my diet, that way they are able to support me..

How are you all doing?..

Comment #58

Mary, I am so glad to see you. Welcome back. Glad you are back down to where you were before the Holidays. I am doing well. Again Welcome Back. You will do great when you go into Transition...

Comment #59

Glad to see you back! Congrats on getting your holiday pounds off!..

Comment #60

10 reasons why you want to lose weight and maintain your success..

I want to be someone my children are proud of.

I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I want to be confident of how beautiful (inside and out)I am once again.

I want to be an inspiration and role model for my daughter.

I want to walk down to the water on the beach and feel confident that no one is thinking yuck.

If I run into someone from school, I want to be excited to see them instead of wanting to run and hide/avoid them.

I want to fit into my old clothes and know I look good.

And I guess most importantly to be healthy and around for my children and their children....

Ok. so that isn't ten but it's pretty much it for now...

Comment #61

Alright, i'm still kinda low on my food numbers here but it's hard to follow the diet and yet get into the numbers you're suppose to. I'm having my pudding for dessert tonight...would it be bad to maybe add some cream cheese? it'll probably put me where I need to be in numbers but maybe I should follow the diet strictly first and see if I continue to lose well???.

Anyway this is what i'm getting (w/out cream cheese in pudding):.

Calories: 667.

Fat: 12.

Carbs: 68.

Prot: 78..

Comment #62

Mary sounds like you are back on the right track. Just stay focused and have a plan. Welcome Back!.

Laura I too want to run into people and not want to turn around and hide. Last weekend I ran into one of my husbands friends wives. Not only did I feel bad I looked horrible in what I had on. I remember going out that night thinking I didn't care what I looked like UGH so bad. I should have cared more. I don't want anymore of those moments!.

It is nice to have a clear vision of what we really want and keep those thoughts alive everyday. I posted my list next to my bed so I can read it before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning...

Comment #63

Ten reasons I want to lose weight....

1. I want to rock a Summer bikini again.

2. I want to look healthy again.

3. I want to feel healthy again.

4. I want to preserve my skin as I age.

5. I want to have energy to "play" with my daughter.

6. I want to enjoy SCUBA again.

7. I want to enjoy hiking again.

8. I want to do adventurous things like white water rafting, sky diving, sailing, and skiing again.

9. I want to rock my pirate costume during Gasparilla parade season this year.

10. I want to wear my mermaid jeans the last day of school and be able to wear them any day I want for ever.

I am a teacher, so I have to make sure and keep all my motivations "squeaky clean"..

Comment #64

Good Morning. Hope everyone has a great day. I will be back to check in...

Comment #65

100 Day Challenge Day 1 I used to be that way....

Starting today, eliminate the belief that things always go a certain way or that you never.

Stay with your goals. Whenever those doubts creep back in, immediately give yourself.

This new message: I used to be that way, but now Im different!.

Then come up with a new statement that describes what you can do to prevent this..

If the doubts return, remind yourself that now you handle life differently..


Make a list of any fears or negative behaviors that have hurt your weight-loss.

Success in the past. Read each one out loud, and then say, I used to be that.

Way, but now Im different..

Then write new endings for them by completing this sentence:.

I used to ____________ (fill in your old behavior), but now I ____________.

(write in your new ending)..

Read these new outcomes often, and then live in a way that makes them true...

Comment #66

Fears/Negative Behaviors Here are some of mine.

1.Turning to food for comfort when overwhelmed, sad or anxious.

2. Not caring about myself.

3. Binge Eating.

4. Keeping my feelings in.

5. Not asking for help.

I can think of more but those are the ones that come to my head first this am..

I used to turn to food for comfort but now I come to the Medifast board for support, take a walk or make myself some tea to calm myself down..

I used to not care about myself but now I am focusing on myself and making myself a priority..

I used to binge eat but now I stay away from certain foods that trigger that out of control eating.

I used to keep my feelings in but now I express myself.

I used to try and do things alone instead of asking for help but now I turn to others for help..

Have a good one everyone! No school here in CT due to the SNOW that is coming!!..

Comment #67

My food totals for today will be....





Fears/Negative Behavour.

1.Not caring about me.

2.Emotional eating.

3.Eating when bored.

4.Binge eating(closet eating also-hiding bad food and eating it when no-one is around}.

1. I used to not care about myself but now I do..

2. I used to eat when upset, mad or stressed but now I write in my journal and turn to the boards..

3.I used to eat when I was being lazy which leads to being bored, now I keep myself busy..

4. I used to eat in binges and hide food in my room and eat it. Now I have gotten rid of all trigger food and am using OA to help me stop binge eating..

Stay warm and dry Sarah...

Comment #68

Sarah thank you so much for posting these every day. What a way to keep us motivated!..

Comment #69

I am fairly new to this, but my calories are never that low.....what do you normally have for your lean an green?..

Comment #70

It depends fish or shrimp and always salad for green..your calories should be between 800-1000 a day per MF...

Comment #71

Laura - I'd follow the plan exactly to a T before you start to worry about numbers. There's already so much to think about..

Your calories do seem very low since you should eat your Medifast meals and be around 550. What are you eating for your LG?.

Cpumphrey - Yay! I am excited to reach goal by Memorial Day, we can do it! Welcome! As far as LGs go, I had a really hard time with that my first week. I spent a lot of time analyzing weights, carb counts, what to eat, condiments, etc. So, I kept it really basic and spent a lot of time combing the boards for ideas. My current fave meal is Taco Salad: Ground turkey, romaine, a tomato chopped up with 2T of salsa and shredded cheese. It's delicious! I'm also going to be making portobello mushroom "pizzas," buffalo chicken salad, Burger Wraps w/gardenburgers, lettuce, ketchup & mustard, and a piece of grilled lean steak with peppercorn and salt and a big side of asparagus over the next few weeks..

It's been much easier to save all of my condiments and fats for my dinner meal. I'm sure as I get more comfortable with the plan I may spread them out, but the simplicity of 5 meals plus 1 LG works for me..

Sara ~ Thanks so much for posting the dailies for the 100 day challenge. I'm a bit behind, so here is yesterday's and today's..

10 Reasons I Want To Lose Weight.

1. To love myself again. I have a lot of self loathing due to my weight gain..

2. To love others freely again. Like they say, if you don't love yourself it's hard to be open with others..

3. To be able to run and play with my 3 year old son..

4. To gain more intimacy with my DH. May be TMI, but being heavy can kill your drive..

5. To regain my confidence..

6. To feel better when I'm out in the community representing my business..

7. To fit in all my cute clothes again..

8. To be able to walk a mile/climb stairs without feeling like I'm going to die!.

9. Because my doctor said I needed to..

10. To reclaim my life as a fit person, and say goodbye to the couch potato that has taken over..

I'll do the 2nd one later today, as this post is getting longer by the second..

Hope everyone has a fantastic OP day, and HAPPY FRIDAY!.


Comment #72

I just wanted to clarify that the condiments are not required food. They are optional. If you are starting out, I agree it really is best to stick to 5 Medifast +1 L&G. You might even consider "detoxing" your palate by abstaining from condiments for a few weeks..

For me, when I first began the Medifast foods weren't as sweet as I would have liked, but then my palate adjusted and now when I eat my Medifast foods some almost seem too sweet to me. I don't "need" (read want) the sweeteners any more which is just making it easier for me to make lifestyle changes that will help me keep on eating "clean" and healthy through and after transition...

Comment #73

1. ignoring the scale.

2. not planning ahead for meals.

3. keeping "fat clothes".

4. skipping breakfast.

5. this one is just for fun... It's a quote from my DD when she was 5 and my DH and I were doing Body for Life... eating candy bars.

1. I used to ignore the scale, but now I weigh weekly to keep a pulse on my weight..

2. I used to not plan ahead for my daily meals, but now I think about the food I will consume for the day and make sure I have what I need to be successful in completing my plan..

3. I used to keep my "fat clothes" in my closet in case I needed them in the future, but now I know my future does not include "fat clothes" and so as clothes get too big for me, I donate them to a shelter that helps women and families in crisis..

4. I used to skip breakfast, but now I have a Medifast Cappuccino, Hot Cocoa, or Chai Latte for breakfast every morning to jump start my metabolism..

5. I used to eat candy bars, but now I eat protein bars!..

Comment #74

Question for everyone. How did you decide on our goal weight?My goal is 157 BUT I know that I will want to be smaller than that. My best weight for me has always been 145. I am going to get to 157 then change my goal. 145 is just so overwhelming to me...

Comment #75

I chose 145 because it is in the middle if healthy BMI. It is not set in stone. I know from my previous experiences that 130-145 seems to be the optimal size for me to be healthy and energetic. I'll assess when I get closer and see if I want to get smaller, but I am thinking that at my age I should not be a "bean pole". When I am too thin, my immune system suffers. I got mono, step, and scarlet fever as a teen when I dropped into size 3 and 5 pants.

I have a few clothing items from my past in that size so I should be able to gauge it well...

Comment #76

Shauna ~ I totally agree with you that all of the Medifast meals are super sweet! I never do use any artificial sweeteners, but I must admit that I use my condiments up on salsa on my eggs and balsamic vinegar on my salads because I'm not a big fan of dressings, esp the fat free..

I chose my goal weight based on the weight I was able to maintain when I did my Body For Life Challenge. I felt great at 125 and that's when I was eating clean and working out six days a week. The workouts were easy enough to keep up with and I did 6 mini meals much like I'm doing now, but more along the lines of copious amounts of naked grilled chicken, plain canned tuna and baked yams or brown rice with some almonds here and there. I plan to resume that type of eating when I get to goal because it's very similar to MF, but without needing to buy/eat space food..

I may stop at 130 though, because that's where my body was comfortable at for years...

Comment #77

Good morning everyone. My DH is sick this morning so I need to get in the shower and get going to cvs. I will be back later this morning...

Comment #78

Day 2 Interested or committed?.

If you tend to start and stop every time you diet, you may want to look at the difference.

Between being interested and being committed. When youre truly committed to.

Achieving your goals, you stick with it, no matter what ..

Start adopting a no matter what attitude, then convince yourself you can stay with.

Your goals regardless of your daily challenges..


Decide that you will always be committed to your weight-loss plan, not just.

Interested. Write a declaration about your new level of commitment..

Now describe how you will stick with your program, no matter what ..

Do at least one thing today that demonstrates you are truly committed. For.

Example, take a walk or eat your vegetablesno matter what. Then write.

Down your action so you can celebrate it...

Comment #79

I am thinking that in the past I have been more interested than committed. This time I am committed. I am adopting a no matter what attitude..

Here is my declaration!.

I will stay on Medifast until I reach my goal. I am committed to this program and to me!.


Will not let outside influences persuade me to go off. I will plan ahead, write in my journal and come to the boards for support. I will not take little bites and licks of foods that are not on my plan. I will continue to talk to myself in a positive way because I know I can do this.


I'll let you know what I am celebrating later in the day!.

Way to go everyone on your list! We are moving forward!.

Michelle hope your dh feels better..

We have so much SNOW in CT it is soooo pretty this morning. Winter Wonderland!..

Comment #80

Happy Saturday peeps! SO happy it's the weekend. Now if only my allergies would ease up so I can go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!.

Sara, thanks for posting the daily. Gonna catch up right now!.


Make a list of any fears or negative behaviors that have hurt your weight-loss.

Success in the past. Read each one out loud, and then say, I used to be that.

Way, but now Im different..

Then write new endings for them by completing this sentence:.

I used to ____________ (fill in your old behavior), but now I ____________.

(write in your new ending)..

Read these new outcomes often, and then live in a way that makes them true..

Fears/Negative Behaviors.

- Always self sabotaging, every time I have a big loss I do something to gain it back. Fear of never making it to goal and living in "diet hell" so I've often stopped mid diet and said forget it, I'll be fat forever..

I used to commit to something for a few weeks, and then give up on the program and myself. But, now, I will commit to Medifast until I reach my goal!.

I used to say I wanted to be like everyone else, eating and drinking 'til my hearts content. However, my happiness means more than that. But now, I will eat in a way that is healthy and nurtures my body...

Comment #81

Sara, it seems like we have very similar things going on in our weightloss mindset. One day at a time, we can do this!.

Today's Work (I gotta catch up, and this all is really helping me!).

Today, I will be fully committed to MF. I will maintain the level of dedication and excitement as I continue this plan and reach goal!.

I will abstain on holidays, plan ahead at celebrations and take responsibility for my actions, so that no matter what I will reach my fitness goals..

I've been trying to get 100 oz of water in, but falling short. Today I will track my water and get 100 oz in, and eat all of my meals on time..

I'm off to enjoy the weekend, hope everyone has a great one!..

Comment #82

Day 3 Do it anyway.

To improve your commitment, learn to focus on your actions, not just your feelings. On.

Days youre not in the mood for exercising or eating right, tell yourself to do it anyway..


In your diet or exercise plan, identify a task you dont feel like doing, and then.

Do it anyway! Record it here..

Notice how it feels to accomplish a goal by taking a no matter what approach.

To it. Describe your reaction..

Make a list of several actions you plan to stick with today, regardless of how you.

Feel at the moment..

Liv I love this! " I used to say I wanted to be like everyone else, eating and drinking 'til my hearts content. However, my happiness means more than that. But now, I will eat in a way that is healthy and nurtures my body.".

I am not crazy about exercising especially during the winter when it is cold...but today I am going to do the elliptical....not quite sure how long I will be able to do it but I will get on it today!.

Happy Sunday!..

Comment #83

Happy Sunday Sarah.. I have caught the flu from DH...

I will be back to post from yesterday and do today's. I am still OP...

Comment #84

I did really well on the funeral weekend. Refusing to go out to dinner because it was chinese food, bring Medifast meals with me... ect. UNTIL the day of the funeral. It was a really emotional day that basically consisted of sitting around with family and, eating. I was 100% OP for the first 7 days of the year and now I am beyond frustrated with myself over my cheat.

I still have about 45 lbs to lose and I feel as if that is soo far away. Losing the 65 lbs that I have lost (35 on medifast) has taken me a year and it has been really stressful. Ugh. I am just going to keep pushing through MF. Once I break 160 I have a feeling I'll be remotivated..

Those are some great goals girls!..

Comment #85

Mary stop beating yourself up. You are back and will get OP. Come here and read the boards find that motivation and do it. I have been "doing it half azzed " since july 2009. I am tired of being fat, and unhealthy. I have wasted so much money on mf.

You have lost 65 pounds that is amazing...

Comment #86


Ay 4 Boundaries, not diets.

Picture your diet program as a road or a path. You can define the boundaries of your diet.

Road based on the number of calories, points, or other factors you choose to follow. As.

You walk on the road each day, your goal is to stay between the sides of the road..


Think about how you could define your narrow diet road compared to your wider.

Diet road. Be as specific as you can..

Under each of the two columns below, make a list of your eating and exercise.

Plans for that particular road. Include types of foods, amounts, and locations for.

Eating them. Also, write down your exercise plans for both columns..

Narrow Road.

Wider Road.

Decide on ways you can be flexible with each of these boundaries without losing.

Sight of the healthy road you want to follow...

Comment #87

Good Morning.

Mary don't beat yourself up is right. I had a few slips this weekend but I am not going to let this get in my way. We can do it!!.

Michelle feel better:.


Happy week!!..

Comment #88

Good morning ladies!.

Sorry I haven't been around much. As most of you know I deal w/depression. Since being on Medifast I seem to be feeling worse. The only thing I can think of is that my comfort (food) has been taken away and I don't know where to turn to deal w/it. So I basically just feel irritated and depressed. Can you tell I have some issues w/food??? Anyway, i'm hoping to pop out of this funk and be more supportive for you all.

I had a slight slip saturday but got right back OP..

Michelle, sorry about you getting sick...hope you get to feeling better soon..

Sarah, you are doing so great and you are so motivating! Thanks!.

Mary, don't beat yourself up. Trust me I have done enough of that and it doesn't get you anywhere but feeling worse about yourself. You have come so far and are doing well. Just focus on your goals and don't look back. You're strong and you can do this...

Comment #89

I hope you feel better Michele.

I was excited when I weighed myself this morning and I am down 6 more lbs!!! Great re-motivation after falling off track over the holidays. Mary, I've leard through the holidays that even if you fall off track, if feels so great when you hop back on and start to lose weight are doing great, keep motivated!!!..

Comment #90

Day 5 Create a Special Notebook!.

Create a special notebook or journal section for recording your favorite foods. When a.

Food thought crosses your mind, remind yourself that you dont have to act on it. Instead,.

Write down the name or even a description of the food, and then anticipate the pleasure.

Of eating it sometime in the future..


Whenever you think about a particular food you want, write it down in your.

Notebook. Practice this today by writing a couple of your favorite food in the.

Space below..

Plan that youll eat the food at another time. With the foods you listed above,.

Describe the amount youll have and how often youll fit it into your program..

Stretch the times farther apart for eating this food. You may discover that after a.

While, certain foods dont seem as important to you as they once did..


Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.