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Got a question, hope someone can answer... WHATS YOUR FAVORITE HOME Medifast recipes PLEASE HELP!? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Holiday Plan Pledge.

Well here come the Holidays, like swift riding evil knights, trying to block our path to Weight Loss Success..

Halloween is the opening act of Holiday Season 2010! It's a good time to practice our "healthy holiday alternatives.".

Think of things you can pre-plan NOW, to deal with potential trip-ups, especially when the holiday falls on Sunday. It can make the weekend a Long Black Hole of over consumption, that for some, will not end until Jan 2!.

I plan to re-affirm the pledge I took on Labor Day, to stick to my program and join in purpose with the Group! I am taking the Bariatric Pledge:.

"I, RickyDee, pledge allegiance, to the plan, that I follow in my bariatric program. And also to.


, as much if not a little more, than a regular weekend. And to all my WLS friends, who support me, I will be loyal to our shared purpose.".

Will you join me?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I am most definately in else am I going to reach my goal of Onederland by New Years if I don't? I will be doing gross amounts of cooking and baking on Thanksgiving (which is also my birthday) so Medifast food will be all around me. One thing I have going for me is that the longer I spend cooking in the kitchen, the less I actually want to eat what I've made. Always have been that way. I am also looking into options to give the traditional holiday foods I make, a healthy spin without telling my family. I do.


That everyone joins in this always helps me more to put out there for people to see, it holds me accountable. Who else is on board??..

Comment #2

ALY! LOOK AT YOU! You look great. So down with the sneaky Healthy Holiday Menu for the fam. I recommend it all year. Let em know if you're cooking it, it's gonna be healthy, otherwise they can consider their options! lol..

Comment #3

I am with you! Have had a bad past couple of weeks, eating things I shouldn't have (interesting how those things don't cause "problems" in my new stomach)and not going to my book camp class. Have been "down".I have had major depression for 15 or more years, and it got to me again. But I am here now, and am joining in the pledge! Thank goodness for the DS and the support from all here!! :-)..

Comment #4

I am in. This is definitely a start to a new year..

Halloween doesnt really face me. I do have a 4 yr old and we will partake in the festivities but it is nice that I will be able to join them in this huge corn maze. His candy, I am not sure if this program is offered anywhere else, will be donated to our local pediatric dentist who in turns sends the candy to our men and women in the service and my son gets a free check up and cleaning..

Thanksgiving is my son's bday. Instead of celebrating with Medifast food we are actually going to take him to the circus. We are joining our family afterwards but it is nice to visit w/ them when they dont have tables, and tables, and tables....did I say tables? of Medifast food available..

I am actually excited for this year and the wonderful things to come..

So I pledge 130% of myself..


Comment #5

I'm in. I expect it to be fairly easy for me since I'll be having.


In 19 November. Pre-op Medifast diet until then. Then just sip, sip, sip!..

Comment #6

Josie, I am not a fiend for candy corn or even the little Butterfingers or Reese's. But, Halloween cookies, complete with snarky grin faces, laugh at me wherever I go! lol.

Halloween is so much more than a singular holiday. To me it was the annual opening of the Holiday Binge season. Somehow it's like wearing white after Labor Day! Eating between Halloween is not only acceptable, but consumers are conscripted by every business,.


And fast Medifast food out there!.

Teachers definitely have it the worst..


We hear from our teachers on this pledge list!..

Comment #7

I'm on board and.


To do my best :)..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.