When one signs up with a iPage web hosting company?

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My question is When one signs up with a iPage web hosting company? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... This is probably not possible but i'd like to hear that from someone who knows better than myself..

Imagine I have a table with one row and two equal sized cells, both side by side. The left cell has a graphic for the background and I use no-repeat in my style sheet. The content of this cell is a column of text links..

As I add content to the right cell, it expands vertically with the left cell. My grpahic doesn't repeat but the column of links move downward. Is there anyway to make these links stay in the same precise position?.

Thanks to anyone that can help...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Ok.... I have one more idea! start your page with one table with the alignment of top. inside of that table, have 2 tables side by side and have the alignment for the menu to top also. that should fix the problem! if not I have one more idea....


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How about seeing some code? Then I could give it a go!..

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The page is at.


As you can see there is a cell to the left with the graphic and text links. A cell, the same height to the right..


Oh yeah, please don't laugh too much at my iPage site and the crazy way i've done things. It's my first site. I'm trying to code as much as I can by hand and loading into Dreamweaver to generate any code i'm unable to accomplish myself..:-)...

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There is something wrong..

A table has to be square, this means:.

Every TR has to have the same td tags..

I've taken the first table -the menu table included- and with the border=10 it in easy to see what I mean..

After every </td> tag you put a number, so you can see where the td tags are..

Then you can put a new td where needed..

Get notetab on.


A text and html editor, a great tool...

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I dont see any extra tables on the right, and all seems good when I view at 800x600... then expand to 1200x780...

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The links are on top, and you can see the borders..

I hope this is ok...

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I'm not sure which cell you are refering to but if it's the cell on the left with the register, edit profile, search links I see this:.

<td valign=middle width=144 height=310 rowSpan=2 align="center" background="/itc_layout/nav_bar.jpg">.

<div align="center">.

Valign=middle, change to valign=top and see if that helps..



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It doesn't seem to work though. That is the correct cell you refer to Kevin. There is a cell adjacent to this one. When I add content to this adjacent cell and it forces the cell to expand vertically, the text to the left slides down the page as well. It's not really that big a deal though. I can just make sure that I don't add too much content to the cell..

Thanks for taking a look anyway, appreciate the help...

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Ok, I gotcha! Try this:.

In the td use valign=top.

Then nest a table with a fixed width/ height inside the td..

Then when you add to the other cell, it wont change the layout of the fixed width/ height cell. There are other ways, but this is the 5 minute, duck tape and bubble gum fix. I just used it today to patch together a poorly written frontpage document!..

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Thanks DR Web. Sounds like a great solution. The only problem would be I don't want this text aligned to the top of the graphic, it didn't look right...

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You have to use nothing..

And then you can give it a little room, like you wish..

Nothing is nothing, because it is space, blank space..

It is a image called blank.gif, or space.gif.

You can see what I mean:.


At the bottom you can pick the blank space and save to your comp...

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Instead of align=top just skip it then. See how it works, it will remain fixed..

Using only a transparent gif wont stop the cell from expanding.... which is whats causing the problem here...

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