Where can I buy Medifast Diet Pizzas?

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Question I have... Where can I buy Medifast Diet Pizzas? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Morning Rachael, or afternoon as it is over there.

Beth ditto to Rachael!.

Have a meeting at school for my son and then I may get a pedicure, we'll see. It's going to be almost 80 today! I think a weekend trip to the beach is in order while the dog is still allowed on the beach..

Have a great one everybody!..

Comment #2

Rachael Thank you for your service to our country and your service to the TL'ers for getting us up and going again..

Beth I wish you all the best in the world because with your warm heart you deserve it!.

Well, the bottom fell out here last night. 60% of my appraisal business just went away because my biggest customer went out of business. It's not the hit to me personally that has me so shaken because my husband and I have other income but this is my daughter and her family's major income source! This is the down side of family's working together. I'm just destroyed with worry for them and their financial future this morning and have been awake since 2am!.

I give you all this TMI because all this anxiety would normally send me to sludge-devouring hell. But instead I am keeping fairly calm and actually starting to think what we need to do to increase business from another source. I'm not used to these adult, rational thoughts, and I sincerely believe that not ALSO being 60 lbs overweight is a big reason for them!.

This too shall pass. Meanwhile it's 100% OP for me today. Anything else doesn't make sense. Thank you for listening, friends!..

Comment #3


I'm sorry to hear that, glad you didn't resort to the sludge. I'll be thinking of you and your daughter...

Comment #4

Thank you so much Rachael..

Thank you so much Anna..

I have invested so much of myself in this community (Ihave been a hermit/cloistered nun afterall) and this program. I hvae gotten even more back..

This AM I woke up excited to see what the day would bring. Excited? Me? YES! That's an NSV I never thought I'd feel again. But I did this AM..

So, reporting for 100% duty. It won't be a warm sunny day (61 degrees) like yesterday..

When I had this virus when my kids were little I would joke that God gave me this (mystery illness) because He knew I'd get into too much trouble otherwise..

True. Too true. I've never met a cliff that didn't call, "Jump!." OMG! If we do move to Trcukee CA I will be a deadman, or not. No, I'll be Grandma..

I was pretty tired when I bared my soul last night, so I'd better check on what exactly I wrote. Dear Heavenly Father, I hope we're all on the same page..

Enjoy your days to the fullest TLERS..

Everyday is a day to experience miracles..


Great link:.


Comment #5

Thanks, Rachael, for getting us going this morning!.

Good morning to Anna, Nan, Beth and all other sleepyhead TLers yet to check in..

Anna, we're going to be at about 60 degrees today, but back down intot he 20s tomorrow. Booooo.... gonna enjoy it today..

Nan, sorry about the loss of your client. One door closes and another opens. Stay strong. You beat the sludge..

Beth, you are a true inspiration. Whether your adventure keeps you around here checking in with us, or has you off and running doing all the things you want to do, I'm sure you will continue to inspire. We love your updates and hearing about the exciting places your adventure is taking you!.

My day is starting off on a good note, having already been blown a kiss from the school bus by my 7 and a half year old. What's better than that at 7 am? And my super-romantic husband kissed my hand this morning before he left! Whose husband does THAT?! (grinning) I felt like a princess!.

Ahhhhhhh..... Friday!..

Comment #6

Penny how sweet on both counts.

Everyone must be sleeping in today !..

Comment #7

Nan, "sludge-devouring hell" is a wonderful turn of phrase. Good thing you didn't go there, as that would have left you with two problems - the problem you started out with, plus the problem of getting out of sludge-devouring hell..

Good job..


Comment #8

Good morning Tl'ers.. Looking forward to the weekend I've been so busy I haven;'t had time to get anything done and feel like I am losing control....

Wish I had time to give a shout out to all of you but If I don't leave for work I never will...

Please know all of your posts are so inspiting to me and keeps me going throughout the day.. Now I just need to get on here more at night to keep the sludge away... Last night was not a good night but back OP today.....

Will check in later.


Comment #9

Good morning everyone. Feeling lousy this morning (m.s. really is crummy sometimes), but I know that the sludgy Girl Scout thin mints in the other room are certainly not going to make it better. Had my shake and am starting my first 16 oz of water for the day. It is going to be a very busy work day .. I work from home, have a staff member due here in 45 min and an interview coming in in an hour and a half. Hopefully being busy will help keep my mind off sludge...

Comment #10

I over slept this am. I was supposed to be up early to finish/start a project. This is a very busy weekend. Our family helps out at an Antique show hosted by the D.A.R., and the twins turn 13 tomorrow! Family party tonight and then parties all weekend and next week due to winter break for the kiddos..

Beth- Big Hugs and warm smiles..

Anna = love the outfit. have fun on the beach..

Penny- enjoy some of the warm weather for me. I'll be inside all day..

Oh, need coffee.......

Comment #11

Morning TL'ers!.

I've been absent here for about two days (I think). Been SLAMMED with work - night and day, but had to come check in because I think I "crowned" the immediate workload last night and the rest will be wrap up stuff. (It is like having a baby sometimes, ya know?)..

I had a big whoosh today, down 1.5lbs overnight. Love it. Always seems to happen the day AFTER my official weigh-in but it is just that much more I can claim next Thursday and that much further my ticker will move. My goal was to be in the 230's by my board meeting next Wednesday. Most of the board members haven't seen me since our retreat in Mid November - almost 40 to 50 pounds ago. People are noticing now so I know they will too..

In an NSV, I slipped on a old pair of Ralph Lauren size 20 brushed cotton pants this morning. And I mean slipped them on, without struggle. The pockets have a bit of a bulge and strangely enough the pants are a bit snug in the KNEES of all places. I don't ever remember my belly fitting in a pair of pants before my knees did. Must be gravity coming with age (sigh). Anyway, I'm wearing them today and they are comfy, but will be quite a bit more comfortable in probably about another five pounds..

Beth - I dont know what you must've said yesterday but are you leaving our group? I certainly hope not. You remind me every day to be grateful for what I CAN do!.

Good work on all the SLUDGE avoidance, gang!! Proud of you - and me!.

Penny, man the kiss on the hand and the blown kiss are so SWEET! What a nice way to start the day..

Nan, very sorry about your business. Financial insecurity is about the worst thing ever. Hard to focus on anything else. You definitely have a good attitude, so I believe the solution will come to you..

Marie - thanks for getting us started this morning!.

Morning Anna, NYCkitty, dec, and Cindy - and Mia too!..

Comment #12

Morning all!.

Just checking in before lacing up the tennis shoes to chase the grands around for the day. Hope it is a great day for all...

Comment #13

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!.

Had a rough night last night. This doesn't happen too often, but out of nowhere at 2am I had a nasty bout or reflux. It, of course, only happens when I'm asleep and makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. Thankfully, it didn't last long, but then I was faced with a snoring DH and ended up sleeping in the spare room that has a mattress that is way too hard for me. Coffee is my friend today!! At least I'm working from home..

Beth - I left you a post on yesterday's thread..

Penny - Too cute on both counts. You're a lucky girl..

Nan - Sorry about your client. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your family that you find another soon. That adult stuff really bites, doesn't it?.

Rachael - Thanks for starting us out this morning..

That's all I can remember right now...

Comment #14

Waaaahhhh!!! Work is getting in the way of my fun..

Worked until late last night and then started with my first meeting at 6am. No time to catch up, so I'll just offer.

To those who need it and.

To the rest...

Comment #15

MT - Stewpid werk! No respect for fun whatsoever!..

Comment #16

Morning TLers. Happy Friday!.

I'm in need of coffee..

I will return later...

Comment #17

Hi Tough Lovers! I hope everyone is having a happy Friday...or at least faking it until you make it!.

I don't spend as much time here as I used to...or even probably as I should, but I did want to say....

Beth...I think you are an absolute inspiration. I think the world of you. Many people would let the medical issues you were struggling with completely define them...and use them as an excuse to give you. Instead, you were someone who showed everyone here how to work a program, no matter the barrier. When I see people saying they can't work the program or stay on plan because of this or that complication, I think of you. I just wanted you to know I love and adore you...and wish you nothing but health and happines...and the very best! Hugs lady...lots of hugs! Much love!.

Hugs to you all...enjoy the day!.


Comment #18


, that is downright cruel to say it'll be 80 degrees where you are at.

Beth and Nan.

, you both have wonderful attitudes! Nan, you are so right that this too shall pass..

I'm a little bummed about being back from vacation. I went from 84 degree Maui to cold, snowy, gray Portland, OR. I do love Oregon but sometimes these winters kick my butt. I'm currently sitting here deciding if I really want to do this online dating thing before I hit goal. Hawaii was tough to stay on plan while eating out and the thought of eating out a lot while dating these different men gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course, Portland is MUCH more special dietary needs friendly than Maui was.

And then there's my issue with having a blind date while still being a chunk.... Sigh...

Comment #19

Well Sassy it'll probably be nicer at your house in August, if I was still going to live here it'd be 100 with 95% humidity then. I however will be in San Diego by then.

Morning/Afternoon everyone else..

Comment #20

Yes Cali, August will be beautiful. Oregon has the BEST summers-all 2 weeks of it..

Comment #21

Sassy - Chatty says the weather was beautiful there while you were gone! <snicker>..

Comment #22

Good morning/afternoon (depending where you are), everyone!.

Speaking of the weather, it's been glorious here (50s, in comparison to 20s and 30s). Yesterday was my birthday, and it was such a nice day. I think I'd like to take a walk...

Comment #23

<snicker> So I've been told, over and over again!.

Penny - It needs to pick up speed!!! WANNA GO NOW!!!!..

Comment #24

Okay, girlfriend, let's look at some various parts of the above stream of self-defeating anxiety, shall we? *grin*.

1) Dating while still a "chunk": YES. Yes you can, yes you should, yes you are a beautiful woman with a few extra pounds, and who gives a sh**? Put a current photo on your personal ads, or if you're shy, email it privately to any guy you're considering meeting. Never put yourself in the position of being a surprise for a guy, because then you will always know that the guy you're meeting is attracted to you just as you are. And I promise you, at 180, there are TONS of guys who will be attracted to you. My default "skinny weight" for YEARS was 170-180, and I never had any trouble finding men. Wear it proudly, know you're beautiful, and start loving yourself now.

2) Eating out on plan: I managed to make this happen just fine. Since I have my L&G at lunch when on 5&1, I just had a rule that if I had an evening date it would be a 4&2 day. Then I ordered the way I always do, and made no apologies or excuses. Just a joke about being "high maintenance." It's really not that unusual to order something grilled and steamed veggies, and on the first couple dates it's none of their business why. No need to talk about Medifast until you're spending enough time with the guy that you can't hide it anymore. *grin*.

3) Lonely: Yes. Being a prisoner in our mounds of fat leads to some loneliness, or is the result of our loneliness, or both. But as we take off the weight, we naturally want to start rejoining the human race in some ways that we've been neglecting. This isn't a "magic moment at goal" sort of thing. It's more of a gradual re-entry. If you're lonely, reach out! If you have energy to do something, go do something! Go on dates, go out dancing, find a chess club, it doesn't matter what.

For me, in November it felt like I needed to have sex again, RIGHT NOW, or I was going to get stuck in my lonely-too picky-perfectionist-misanthropic place. So I made that happen, perhaps not too gracefully. But it opened the door for me, gave me a chance to try out my new body, and reminded me that it's all good out there, most of the time. Just don't wait for some perfect moment. That's an illusion.

And today, you want to reach out. So do it!.

*big hugs*..

Comment #25

And in personal news, had a lovely night with Morty. Got to meet a bunch of his friends at a burlesque show, which was great. They're mostly pretty awesome entertaining people. One girl was for some reason being a bit territorial - coming up and making big flirty cow eyes at him and ignoring me. But apparently she's a close friend so instead of removing her eye for her a la Kill Bill, I shall instead begin a campaign to win her over. Goshed darned adult high road.

And then I dropped my phone in the bar toilet. It's spending 48 hours in a bag of rice before I put the battery back in and find out if I killed it. Grrrreaaaaat. Dork..

No chopped tofu!..

Comment #26


I love hearing about new romance, when you've been together for 18 years it's a different spark you have. Also, I hope your phone survives..


Go ahead and date now!!!..

Comment #27

OMG, Freya, my husband just dropped his Droid in the potty last week! Unfortunately, he tried to turn it back on before it had completely dried. It lit up, then went dark forever (insert sad music here). Luckily, it was insured and he got a replacement PDQ..

He he - who says PDQ any more?.

Let it dry for several days. Then two more days...

Comment #28

Thanks, Penny. I have a couple people telling me 2 days is how long to leave it in the rice. You think I should wait longer? I can give it until Monday morning without losing any shipping time for a new phone. *sad face*.

No insurance, I don't think. I went with Virgin Mobile and it's pretty cut-rate...

Comment #29

THANK YOU! I needed to hear this! I have a hard time discussing dating & weight with my friends because a few of them are having jealousy issues with me losing weight. I may meet a guy on Monday for coffee... and may need some sort of anti-anxiety pill before the date.

I put up a full body shot because the last time (2 years ago, 230 lbs) I went out with someone online he was obviously surprised. I don't want that to happen again!..

Comment #30

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I feel like I've just attended my own funeral..

Thank you all very much. Usually I just feeel like a bh on site. Guess not..

Anyway. I am not at goal yet. I am not leaving Medifast or you TLers alone, but will continue to pester everyone I can..

I am not a person who has had a life long food problem. I wasn't heavy as a child, adolescent, or adult until I got sick this time and just gave up when no treatment worked..

Now my new Rx seems to be working. I was even able to be in my studio today getting reaquainted with what I love. I am a quilter. I make quilts for family and friends. I just give them away. Nothing I do is perfect.

I did feel huge as a child because when I was in 3rd grade I wore the same size clothes and shoes as my extremely petite mother. Every woman in my family, the men too were Munchkins-except me. One brother grew taller than I did, but I was married and gone by then. I have felt huge, but wasn't..

I feel, because of this new medication, I will be able to return to my life. There is so much to consider if this truly is a possibility. I am in my 60s now, so my perspective has chnaged on just about everything imaginable.

The scariest movie to me has always been (after the original Mummy) the movie Awakenings, with Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro. It chronicles the aftermath of a different encephalitis epidenic than my strain. I never knew that's what I suffered from, but each time I "woke up" in the past 30+ years, my greatest fear was that my health was temporary. That remains true. I will always carry this virus, so Relapspses'R'Me..

I know for my own health I will always go no-carb. I like fruit, but not enough to compromise the clear-head I have OP. I learned years ago that bread, rolls etc. were not good for me somehow. I have a much clearer understanding of why now..

This is MediSpa for me. Truly..

What I don't want to do is offer all the blunt questions and suggestions to others OP. They have more life spanniing histories of weight problems than I have had. I do not understand so much. So, I look forward to keeping my mouth shut, sometimes. maybe..

So, take my pulse, please. I am still alive and even starting to kick. I sure am getting a kick out of what MAY be a new lease on life..

Today is a down day, recuperation time for me. That's fine..

Please enjoy every muscle you have OP..

Enjoy every choice you make in support of your health and beauty OP..

We are doing this!.


Comment #31

Hi all!.

Just got in from my Friday day off running around and I'm trying to catch up on the last week of posts. This has been an extremely work week mixed with tons of family and personal stuff. Glad the week is over and everything seems to be looking up! And I stayed OP through it all, even when my favorite SLUDGE was calling me on my late-night-no-sleep-emergency-clinic transfer of my Dad's cat from the hospital I work at to specialists for a complete work-up..

Weather is awesome here today, I took the dogs for a walk in the melting ice/snow (aka MUD) and plan on going out again later. We have to enjoy it while we can, it looks like more snow/ice on Monday!.

Have a great OP day all!.

No chopped tofu! (mainly because there's too much to type!).


Comment #32

Mmmm... OP Garlic bread for lunch! Been hankering for some reason. Made a COC shake cake, let it cool and cut it in half. Sprayed with a couple of squirts of ICBINC sprinkled with garlic powder and about 1/2 tsp parmesan cheese. Baked at 425 for about 10 minutes. AWESOME!!..

Comment #33

De that sounds awesome do you think it'd work my cot soup?..

Comment #34

Absolutely Anna! I actually considered using COT first, then decided on COC...

Comment #35

Is the shake cake recipe around here I've never made it.. I hate the COT soup so I do make into a flat bread but not a shake cake..

Comment #36

Hey all....Everyone has been so busy...Wow....I have popped on the site literally for seconds at a time and never get caught up reading so I don't post......Today-I decided to say hi anyway.

Great Northeast weather today-just to tease us before it drops back to the 20's tomorrow. Yikes.......

Comment #37

Just had to say, your posts are beautiful. You are a very caring group of people. Freya, you are very spot on with what you have said here today..


Comment #38

De, Your avitar is TOO cute!.

I have been reccomended for a full scholarship to go to FRANCE!!!! I'm so's a lot of paperwork due VERY soon but it would be sooooo worth it!!!..

Comment #39

France...OMG, I'm so jealous. It's my favorite place. How wonderful for you!.


Comment #40

De what prompted the avatar change? what did I miss ... besides everything?..

Comment #41

Just a pic and a catch phrase I fell in love with. One of these days you'll see the anti-bluebird of happiness..

Comment #42

Found it on Wed. Here is De's recipe:.

1 packet MF.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

2 TBSP egg beaters.


Mix together dry ingredients.

Add egg beaters and 2-3 TBSP water to make a batter that is thick, but still "fluid" (thicker than pancake batter but looser than brownie)..

Nuke in coffee mug for approx 70-90 seconds depending on your microwave. I am finding that they actually cook better and for less time in a mug than in a small bowl. No idea why..

Comment #43

You know me, I lurvs to find me sum stuffz on the interwebz...

Comment #44

Freya killed the thread! Awfully quiet in here today. Guess I'm the only one with no life. hehe...

Comment #45

I don't have one either.. we're watching Jeopardy. My son is having a friend over here in a minute. I'm just getting anxious about Eric coming home and hoping the twelve days don't drag by...

Comment #46

Anna - It will either go by too fast or too slow. Or both. hehe. I some ways this hear seems to be dragging, yet February is almost over!..

Comment #47

The time he's here will go by fast, this waiting part is what is going slow. I need to find things to do to fill up my time, I could clean but I probably won't..

Comment #48

De, I am the one with no life!.


Comment #49

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.