Where can I by Medifast Diet frozen meal?

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Quick question: Where can I by Medifast Diet frozen meal? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... When we take it one day at a time we get it done. It is not where we will be in a month's time ( though it certainly helps to look down the road) but it is giving it all.



Let us.


Through February one day at a time. OP is the way to be. NO ands, ifs or butts unless we want to keep our big butts (.

, couldn't resist)..

Won't it be sweet when there is so much less of us come the end of the month ~..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Happy February!!!!.

And I woke up to.


The kids have a half day today and tomorrow is not looking too good ... up to 20 inches of more snow.

I hear you Jane - I should be doing so much more but it seems like all I did in January is shovel and clean up after people and sickness ... I 'll take the shovelling every time..

I need breakfast ~..

Comment #2


You are very motivated this a.m.! What a pip this weather is eh? My kids have school. I'm off to go take care of the kitties. What I need to do is take care of myself though. I'm eating off and it's making me feel so badly. I will not get on the scale, but I need to grasp those reigns tightly before I'm on the roll to gaining it back. Thanks for your blurb...

Comment #3

Morning all. Woke up to snow , no school or work and now it just started hailing/sleeting....not great since last nite the cable was in and out. I am thinking I better get those flashlights out just in case and be ready for a possible power outage with all this ice..

It is almost 10 and Jordan is still sleeping!!!! Poor little guy has a cold and was up a little bit last nite so guess he is making up for it now. I even went into his room to swiffer and he didnt wake up!.

Hoping hubby doesn't work a full day since he is an hour from home and the travel is supposed to be treacherous..

Have a safe day lovelies..


Comment #4

Wow, Pamela 20 inches?!?! Michele~I hope your husband is able to get off early and make it home safe..

I just popped in to say 'hi' real quick. It's Delaney's bday today~I have a four year old and a one week old today!!!.

Have a great day and Happy February!..

Comment #5

Happy, happy day Amanda!!!!.

So glad to "see" you here ......

Comment #6

I initially posted this in our other thread, but am bringing it forward since many of you may not have seen it!.

Melters - Check out this brownie recipe I got from Dr. Oz's website. It is for those on maintenance, however, so don't go running off and making it if you are still in your weight loss phase!.

Rocco Dispiritos Fudgy Fruit & Nut Bars.


15 oz canned black beans, rinsed and drained.

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder.

1 tsp expresso powder.

3/4 cup liquid egg substitute.

3 tbsp whole wheat pastry flour.

3/4 cup agave nectar.

1 tbsp unsalted butter, melted.

1 tsp vanilla extract.



Preheat the oven to 350F. Spray a 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Combine the beans, cocoa powder, expresso powder, egg substitute, and flour in the bowl of a food processor. Process until the mixture is smooth, about 2 mintues, scraping down the bowl halfway through..

Add the agave, butter and vanilla. Process until all of the ingredients are combined, about 1 minute. Pour the batter into a prepared baking dish, and smooth the top with a spatula. Bake for 20 minutes, turning the dish halfway through the baking time. Turn down the temperature of the oven to 300F and bake for another 5-8 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with a little bit of soft batter clinging to it. It should not come out clean, if it does: it's overcooked..

Let the bars cool completely at room temperature in the baking dish on a wire rack. Then put them in the fridge for at least 3 hours. When theyre cold, cut them into 12 squares and serve. Refrigerate any leftovers..

From NOW EAT THIS! DIET by Rocco DiSpirito. Copyright by Flavorworks, Inc. Used by permission of Grand Central Publishing. All rights reserved...

Comment #7

Pamela - Word is that over 6000 airline flights have been cancelled due to bad weather including Dallas with ice storms! Was a good thing I cancelled my Chicago trip yesterday ... wouldn't have been flying out today anywayno flights! Stay safe all of you out there in the winter wonderland. XXOO Judy..

Comment #8

Jodi - do you know what your "binge" trigger(s) is/are? Have you been able to isolate that and look into that any deeper? Just a thought. Something must be triggering them. Would be good to find out what it is so you can set yourself up to prevent them. XXOO Judy..

Comment #9

Michele - I can't even believe DH went out in this weather! I think the snow is "okay", but the freezing rain/ice storms ... that's a whole other story that I just can't quite get my head around. People sliding off the roads with no control ... YIKES.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #10

Amanda - I gave Renie my email address so I'm looking forward to a picture soon!.


Comment #11

Hi ladies!.

Happy bday DELANEY!.

WHat a sweet thing to enjoy - your one week old and your four year old. I am sure Delaney is enjoying big sister hood. Hope you are feeling well a week after your c-section adn getting around better. I'm sure you are pooped being up much of the nite. Rest when you can..

Hubby got home early - highways were ok but the side streets were a disaster. Me and the kids hung out at home all day. More of the same tomorrow.......sigh..

THought I might get to the gym this afternoon once hubby got home but the roads were too icy. I think I will actually use the weight set we bought yrs ago in the basement. Gears are pulleys are probably in dire need of oil!.

Off for now..

Stay warm and safe all.


Comment #12

I keep thinking I am going to get so much done and it just doesn't happen... made ice dam cures out of my old panty hose ( boy can they hold a lot of ice melt) and just doing laundry and catching up with wet clothes and kids eating none stop..

Snow storms make me want to break out the red wine ... haven't yet but wanted too .....

Comment #13

Good evening, Melters!.

I am with you.


- I always have such great plans for snow days but it just doesn't happen! I did unload the pellets, I did exercise at home and I did clean up the kitchen pretty well. Oh yes and I did do some work on my business. But it was a pretty poor showing for a whole day off! We'll see what tomorrow brings! They are now saying that where I live it should turn to all rain by noon so maybe I will get my afternoon teaching in!.

I was 100% OP today - for which I am grateful!.

Cheers all!.


Comment #14

My kid's school is aleady called off for tomorrow ... sigh.

Oh I had a crystal light and pretended it was wine..

Comment #15

My dear must have a fantastic imagination..

No way in hxxx could I pretend Crystal Light was wine!!!.

I love my wine too much but I haven't indulged since Christmas..

I plan to write an "editorial" of my ventures trying to maintain my weight after reaching goal 16 months ago. Still thinking it through and will put into words soon..

I did weigh today and gained 1.5 lbs in January. No focus, no energy, stress and no commitment equals gaining weight!!.

I don't know how you girls can handle the cold, cold, icy weather..

My hats are off to you..

I'm happy to hear you canceled your trip, Judy. Per your earlier question, I shop on-line at many, many stores. Hit them all depending on what I "think" I need. UPS makes 2-3 deliveries to my house each week. I just have two more deliveries due and I haven't ordered anything since last week. I need to go on a shopping diet also..

Jane, we also have a pellet stove that is going 24 hrs a day. My house is so warm you can wear shorts..

Amanda, Happy Birthday to Delaney. Did you have a small cake or treat for her today?.

(((Michele))), stuck in the house with three kids. You can do it!!.

Be careful with the weights..

Jodi, I'm want to come back on board daily just to help you along on t/m. I figure if we make a commitment or contest together maybe it will help all of us. Give me a little more time but stop eating foods that cause you to binge, okay? How do you like your hair?.

JodiNY, love seeing your post and knowing you are continuing on the program. How is it working out without a vehicle? Must be hard when the weather is so cold and you can't walk..

Denise and Marie - Where are you? It's a new month and a great time to recommit to taking care of ourselves..

Hi Jo..

Hubby is home and making me dinner. He was cleaning his office yesterday and found a "love" note/letter he wrote to me in 1983..

Made my heart swell and it seemed like he wrote it yesterday..

He would "kill" me if I posted his letter but I'm dying to share his words. Let me think about it..

He used to write me letters all the time until he found out I shared some with my girlfriends. I'm saving them and will give to Maddie someday. I want her to marry a man like her Grandpa..


Comment #16

Michele ~ Thank goodness DH got home safely. It's a mess out there according to everything I hear (this is NOT experience talking here.

). Let us know how the weight set was. You may even want to consider getting some of the Leslie Sansone Walking DVDs ... she has some with weight exercises too, covering both upper and lower body work-outs. I should heed my own advice right now.

I'm still not exercising. Always some sort of errand to run after work right now, and then I want to get home. Oh well. Some day soon I'll be back on track with exercise. I just threatened DH the other day if we don't start going I'm going to (once again) cancel the membership. I get a deal through Toyota, so we don't pay enrollment fees and have a reduced monthly rate, but it's still money going out with no benefit to anyone. XXOO Judy..

Comment #17

Pamela ~ What in tarnation is an "ice dam cure"??? Inquiring west coast minds want to know.

Ahhhhh, just your saying "red wine" is making me thirsty, but I rarely drink during the week at home and don't want to start right now since I have a couple of pounds to take off from last weeks debauchery! XXOO Judy..

Comment #18

That, my dear Pamela, is a butt-load of pretending.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #19

Renie ~ I agree with you ... Pamela must have a FANTASTIC imagination to ever even begin to think there's any similarity. But, you go, girl ... imagine away!.

Would you like me to hold you accountable to a buying fast, Renie? I went to Target today to buy a new flat iron because mine died and I can't stand the "gently used" one I bought from someone at work. The good news was that the one I didn't like made me realize the things I want to look for in a flat iron and the one I bought fits the bill perfectly. However, while I was at Target I thought about looking in the clothes section (and I never buy clothes from Target). Luckily I remembered NO WAY ... NO CLOTHES! So I didn't even look, I just went about my business..

HOW SO SWEET OF DH writing you love notes. That is so sweet. You definitely should get his permission before sharing ... but if he's okay with it, can't wait to hear the wonderful things he has to say about you ... a wonderful person. XXOO Judy.

P.S. I'm also looking forward to your blog or "diary" when you get it put together!..

Comment #20

Judy??? Is that you??? You didn't buy any clothes at Target?? Maybe you are not feeling too good? I can hardly wait until I can go clothes shopping anywhere. My final reward is going to be a shopping trip at Victoria's Secret. I want beautiful under garments:.

To all the ladies in the snow-OMG! Hang in there is appears that there is more coming..

I am staying OP and am doing really well. I seem to be very focused at this time and need to roll with it. I do realize that it is an up/down road to travel, but I am in it for the long haul. I KNOW THAT I CAN DO THIS...

Comment #21

Good morning, Melters!.


If imagination gets us through so we stay OP then that is the way to go!!.


I too am in it for the long haul (I have just a few more pounds to lose than you do according to your ticker) so we will both hang in there because we deserve this!.


I love my pellet stove it heats the entire house very nicely even when it is down as low as mid-twenties. Colder than that, though I need to use the back-up.


I just found out yesterday what an ice dam cure is - When there is this much snow and ice on the roofs, it is possible for the ice to melt inside the attics. So if you don't have a roof rake (Home Depot has run out of them), you fill stockings with ice melt and toss them on to the roof - and it melts the ice. Pretty ingenious..

I have posted two new pictures for those of you who are being deprived of the glorious winter we are having one is my Yew bush covered in snow after one of the big snow storms and the other I took this morning before dawn it is the snow pile in front of my house (Hedges in the foreground) glistening with ice reflecting the light of the street light..

Just so you can have the same pleasure we are vicariously :-)..

Today is another snow day but I am still hoping we will see all rain by noon so I can get back to work!.

Cheers all!..

Comment #22

Good morning my wonderful crazy Melters!!!!.

I know it sounds weird but I just put it in a wine glass and it is more the motion of what I am doing than the actual drink when it comes to conditioning ... like there is a snow storm I must drink.

I did the same thing when I quit smoking ... I always had a fake cigerette or a straw that I would smoke. Now that was the hardest addiction I ever quit ... 22 years ago and I know I can NEVER have even a puff of a cig... I am thinking it is that way with sugar too..



Kids are off school again today ... sleet and freezing rain instead of snow - oh joy!.

Today would have been my mom's 79th birthday. She passed away in 2003 and I still miss her daily. We will do some sort of celebration today with the kids and talk about our fond memories of her..

Comment #23

Pamela - your ice melt info was ingenious!!!! WOke up this morning to leaking in our garage. Discovered it when I went to feed the birds. Hubby is not handy and insisted there was nothing we could do. I am very stubborn and would not allow that. Found some ice melt hidden away and they are happily on the gutters as we speak. If I had more ice melt I would have made more - hopefully the roads will get better by early afternoon and I can send hubby out for more!.

ANyhow I was gloating - never tell me there is nothing that can be done!.

Pamela - big hugs - while you are thinking of your mom. I'm sure it is hard to believe it has been 8 yrs (will be the same for my mom the 20th of this month). I love telling my kids stories about mom to keep her memory alive - what a great idea to do it in honor of her birthday..

Ok to get the kiddos dressed..


Comment #24

Nancy - If I didn't see a post from you this morning, I was going to give you a call ... and maybe it wouldn't have been pretty.

So glad to hear you are staying OP and doing the right thing for yourself. Time to change your ticker though. Do you need help with that? Also, don't forget to check out clothes availability on the Clothing Exchange board. WHY buy something you will only be able to wear for a couple of months and then it's too big???? Great question, huh? Even stuff I wore at the mini family reunion in August is out of my closet because they are too big.

That's kinda like the good news and bad news all together, but really it's VERY GOOD NEWS! So, be careful about buying too much too early.

Love, Sis Judy..

Comment #25

Well, in all my life, I have never heard of such a thing as a ice dam cure and there you have it.

Very ingenious. Wonder who came up with that, and who would ever think something like that would work? Don't you just wonder what makes it work.

? I do!.

I FINALLY went to your page to look at your pics, Jane, and OMG you have lots of snow, and OMG you have a darling granddaughter! What great pics of the new family. Thanks so much for sharing. XXOO Judy..

Comment #26

Pamela ~ It is so hard when our parents pass on. There's a time in our lives when we think they will be there for us forever, and then as they age, the reality of them having a finite end becomes more real. With my dad's age I know it's just a matter of time..

I pray that you have a wonderful time reminiscing with your children about their grandma. XXOO Judy..

Comment #27

Ha! So, Michele, your a New Yawker and you didn't know about those ice dam cures! Wonders never cease ... and I guess they're working since you're gloating! XXOO Judy..

Comment #28

Hi girls...still gloating...hee hee. I got old pantyhose all over my gutters - even went out and got more ice melt. Leaking has ceased in the garage..

SO Judy no clothes??? Does that mean you are sticking to your plan of no more clothes until May? You can do it!.

Nice to see you Nancy and so glad to see you are in the groove of this wonderful plan..

So ladies I have made a decision....if my back does not respond to the chiro, exercises etc then I will start to look for a neurosurgeon and back surgery for July. I just have to get off the advil and stop this craziness which has been getting me for 4 years. Most of the time I am ok but I think with work and the kids it is getting worse no matter how active I stay. SO hopefully it wont come to that but I have made a decision for some action if it does. Unfortunately spinal stenosis runs in the family as well Gma, dad, bro and aunt have all had back surgery at one point. TIme will tell..

Off to play some more - Just made rice krispie treat snowmen with Jordan while he relished tasting samples and decorating them with licorice and m&m's ( not one morsel in my mouth tho).


Comment #29

Just popping on to say Hi.......just watched the recent episode of Heavy. It gives me hope, made me feel better. I'll be back soon or maybe later. Just rather crabby, not feeling good about myself and don't feel like chatting. I need to remember that I've still lost alot of weight. I guess I'm forgetting that right now since I am not in a great place..

My kids don't have school. First it was 2 hr delay, then they cancelled......hope to see you all later...

Comment #30

Good evening, Melters!.

I managed to get out of the house and three of my students met me at the studio for lessons. It felt good to be working!! One of my students admitted she misses school. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to normal. Except that I heard a school not too far from here has already canceled school for tomorrow because they are afraid their roofs are compromised and they want to inspect them. I have a feeling there will be a delay because it is supposed to freeze tonight and then there is the danger of black ice on the roads. I hope we can get back to our routine tomorrow!.

I had yet another pancake disaster tonight I think I am going to have to break down and buy the non-stick pan. I have a really great cast iron skillet and I used Pam on it but the darn thing stuck - AGAIN So that is my next step!.

I am in for the evening - going to pull out a book that my therapist and I are going to work through together. It is Christine Caldwell's "Getting Our Bodies Back". The thing I like about it is that she herself has a food addiction and that is a large part of the basis for the book. She does body based psychotherapy which is right on time for me!.

Have a great night, all!.


Comment #31

Hi all - Jane I hear ya about wanting to get back into a schedule. I am desparate to have a full work week and the kids are really getting antsy..

The roof thing is a big problem now and I just hope nothing catastrophic happens anywhere. A little frightening to say the least..

Off to get the kiddos to bed.


Comment #32

Michele - That's right ... NO clothes for me for three months! I've been on a buying fast before (1st 3 months of last year), but that one was from buying ANYTHING (except groceries and that kind of stuff)..

GOOD FOR YOU keeping your mouth closed to the rice krispie treats! That's very commendable..

I weighed myself this morning to see how I've been doing, and I'm down the 2 lbs. I gained last week, so I'm on track for a good week now that I'm being more conservative and not running amok! XXOO Judy..

Comment #33

Jane ~ Enjoy your night in with the book. Black ice.

I just don't think I could do that! And, I think a non-stick pan will do the trick for you. They do make a difference with something like that. XXOO Judy..

Comment #34


Checking in to say good nite. Going to the gym at 5 tomorrow - black ice be gone =poof= (I hope). Shoveled the driveway today and boy I am feeling it now. But I can count today as a workout day so all is good..

Nite lovely ladies.


Comment #35

Just wanted you to know how inspirational I find you! XOXOX..

Comment #36

Well I found I have lost my mojo and feel very out of sync. My hubbie looked at me and said " duh... there is over 3 ft of snow out there - we have been housebound for 2 days and now it has all turned to ice. I can't imagine why you are feeling off..."..

I know, I know but it still doesn't help too much..

Tomorrow I am planning on making some OP soup ... and like you Michele ... going to the gym no matter what ( unless they are closed like the last 2 days ).

Where is my sunshine???? And we have no winter warm trip planned ....


Comment #37

Morning Melters ... woke up to the sounds of scraping ice ....

It is going to be a good day ... darn it. I just hope I do not fall ~ ice scares me!..

Comment #38

Good morning, Melters!.

The book I started reading last night is AMAZING - it is also pretty heavy. I think I am going to start blogging about it so if you are interested in what Caldwell has to say, you can check it out. She expands the definition of addiction as anything that takes us away from the direct experience of our lives. And she says "our happiness lies in our ability to experience life directly and to the hilt." What is interesting is that the other book I am reading approaches the same issue but from a spiritual side. I won't clog up our board with these musings but I think I will blog about it..

Now I am off to the gym. So far my school is in on time so I am feeling like I am back to normal - depending on how the black ice situation is! We have a two day reprieve from any precipitation (except it will be bitter cold) - Saturday is the next storm. Oh yay. But at least Sunday will be nice for my concert!.

I will report back with what my friend the Scale has to say. My little home scale that is not very accurate or reliable has not indicated any kind of major movement toward ONEDERLAND over the past two days so we shall see what the Authority says!.



Comment #39

Just a quick update that I am now only 1.2 lbs away from ONEDERLAND!! Woohoo!.

Have a great day all! Thanks for all your support through this! Cheers!.


Comment #40

Great job Jane! Keep on truckin!.

Oh Pamela - I had to giggle at what your husband said bc it was one of those....well DUH!! moments. I too am determined to get out of this funk no matter what the darn weather says - but boy oho boy - next Feb break I am planning a warm trip bc this is a killer. We looked into a Feb trip recently but prices are so high - plus we are heading out to Texas in April so two flights for a family of five within 2 months is a no go $$$..

But hurray and all ( and pls do be careful out there bc it is like a skating rink on some streets nad driveways ) a full day, on time day of SCHOOL School SCHOOL. And I am not working today - no no no no. I even dressed in sweats just in case I changed my mind when I dropped Jordan off and thought I might go do some maekups....I would never walk into work in sweats!.

Ok lovelies - off to get the am going..


Comment #41


Made the suggestion that I upload a video of me performing and last night I was sent a U-tube clip of a concert I gave last October. For some reason I was NOT able to post it on my "Mypage" in the video section but I was able to post it on my blog (go figure). So if you are interested, you can check it out!.



Comment #42

Well, ladies, I don't know what it would be like to be housebound for days because of weather. We have had some serious rain at times, but you can still go out in the rain if you want to get sopping wet. But ICE ....

I agree with you Pamela. Ice is scary. I was in Dallas for a business trip two years ago when they had an ice storm. The electricity at the restaurant I was at for dinner went out, and I had to drive 4 blocks back to the hotel and then the electricity iin my hotel was out as well. Thankfully, I didn't need to be at my meeting until 10am the next morning so most of the ice was gone, except the parking lot where my meeting was. That's when I slid into my space.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #43

Jane - I've got to remember to look at your blog to see all your thoughts on the books you're reading. I'm often not very adventurous on the Medifast website other than the discussion board. Time is always an issue for me. But I'm really going to make an effort to get to your blog when you have posted some thoughts ... let me know when you've started, okay? XXOO Judy..

Comment #44

Michele - GREAT IDEA to wear your sweats so you won't be tempted to work.

Enjoy your relaxing day. Can you hang until April??? XXOO Judy..

Comment #45


Have fun watching that scale go down ... so rewarding, isn't it?.

You're doing great ... keep up the good work. Soon, soon, soon you'll be in ONDERLAND ... A beautiful place, huh? XXOO Judy..

Comment #46

Hi again folks..

Just checking in before the big kids get home from school - then off for our afternoon stop being the chiropractor. My little guy had fun playing outside...yes outside today with me. I was putting more ice dam thingy's up on the roof and he was holding my hand so he could slide on the ice. Back inside now and warm..

Holding on course and on plan. Will probably weigh myself in another two or three weeks. I figure as long as I am on plan things are going in the right direction..



Comment #47


I wrote an initial blog this morning about it - the blog and the book are both called "getting our bodies back" - so it should be easy to find! I would be interested to hear what you think of it!.



Comment #48

Make sure you all check out Jane's video ... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!.

I am running around like a maniac trying to get it all done before I leave for yoga camp on Monday.

4 days to just do yoga, workshops and think in silence ... food will be interesting. I am going to try to be as OP as I can BUT most of the food is vegatarian and lots of beans so I usually find myself struggling to get in enough protein. I'll be doing 2 yoga classes and one dance class at minimum each day. I will bring some nuts with me..

Off to get more checked off of my to do list .....

Comment #49

Today is a beautiful day! I weighed in at 241.1 lbs. I am down 16.1 lbs in 3 weeks. It really helps me to feel more motivated to stay OP..

JUDY- yes I do need help with the ticker thing!.

JANE- Congratulations on you weight loss. I can hardly wait until I am close to wonderland. That will be a great day..

PAMELA-I have really contemplated taking up yoga. I think that the stretching would be great for me..

Thank you to everyone for all your great inspiration....It really helps us newbies!.

39 degrees here this morning in the great pacific northwest! is not raining!!..

Comment #50

AWESOME!!! 16.1 lbs.!!!.

Wow, Nancy, that is so incredible. Isn't it exciting to have such great success so quickly. It's what motivates you and keeps you focused and on track. Weigh to go girl! I'll be up in the Portland region in April so I'll extend my stay ... that way I can see how marvelous you look! Love, Sis Judy..

Comment #51

Pamela - I can't wait to listen to Jane's video, but I need to be at home! So some time tonight I'll have the opportunity to experience Jane's fluting. XXOO Judy..

Comment #52

Pamela - don't forget to take bars ... bars can be your best friend in these types of circumstances! Also the puddings are so easy to make in your room. I carried puddings and bars during my business travels because they were simple to do in my room. I actually had plastic spoons packed in my toiletry bag.

So that I was always "prepared"!. Do you know if you have a microwave in your room? If so, that makes the brownies a cinch, too. What about those pretzels? I loved the pretzels. I'm so full of suggestions, aren't I? Enjoy your time and simply watch what you eat and don't get too carried away with perfection. XXOO Judy..

Comment #53

GREAT JOB!!!! 16.1 pounds is awesome!!!!!!.

Yoga is amazing ~ body, mind and spirit and there is so many different kinds of yoga so if you try one and don't like it ~ try another one. Please let me know if I can help you at all in your quest!.

In fact I am off to yoga right now..

Comment #54

JUDY- I redid my ticker all by myself...Wow, it is great to be a mature woman:}..

Comment #55


Congratulations on the 16.1 gone - and gone forever!! It feels really great to feel lighter, doesn't it? I feel so much better already with 23 gone and I know I still have a long way to go!.


Thanks so much for your comments on my video. It was part of a fundraiser for the Norwalk Symphony which is just about on it's last legs - very sad story..

I am home and ready to go to bed. Had an extended day of teaching because I fit some kids in for makeup lessons from all the snow days so I am tired!.

Have a great night all!.



Comment #56

Good morning, Melters - today is Friday - my weigh in day - and in keeping with Judy's challenge, I will report back the results - regardless - but I have a very good feeling about today!..

Comment #57

Just reporting back that the scales did not move since yesterday - so I am at 201 - but hey, 23 lbs gone in 7 weeks ain't bad!.


, have a great trip to Yoga Camp - sounds wonderful!.

Have a great day all!.



Comment #58

Busy, busy busy today..

Teach kids music, drive teach yogadance, drive set up for the drummer I work with, meet peopel for a fundraiser I am doing ( they want to hire me for next year's) and then home again, home again ....

Pack food and I am off..

Comment #59

Never fear - next week's weigh in will ROCK!!!!!..

Comment #60

Hello Happy Melting Posters!.

You all sound very busy...I wish I was. I am still car-less and rely on others to get around if I need too..

Anyway, it is sunny here again, day 2 after the storm. It makes me feel good even though the temp is a ridiculous 10 degrees outside. And yes we have ice out there too. I slipped this morning getting the garbage & recycles out to the curb. So far I think all I need is to get into my hot tub out back to warm up the sore muscles. No broken bones thank goodness..

Pamela my mother in law's birthday would have been yesterday and she would have been 81. She died 20 years ago from diabetes complications and she has always been an inspiration to me on what NOT to do health wise. She went thru so much pain the last 3 years of her life. It was terrible to watch. She was obese and contracted diabetes in her 50's. Terrible what that disease can do quickly to a person.

On another note my Grandmother Marion just turned 93. Her health is failing a bit but she is still here living life. Amazing!.

I am doing well on the Medifast program right now with very little temptations but of course the weekend's biggest football game is on Sunday and it always poses ways to self sabotage. I plan to have OP tasty healthy food available to me and my family so I won't feel like I am missing anything..

I am rooting for the Grean Bay Packers since I lived up there at one time in my life..

Jane thankx for posting your flute play...beautiful! More please!.

Happy Super Weekend, Melters...Jodi NY..

Comment #61

MOrning melters!.

Jodi Ny are you going stir crazy relying on others??? Can you get out once a day with a friend at least? Perhaps become mall walking buddies every day - warm, good scenery but can't stop to open the wallet bc you will be moving and groovin ..

Nancy and jane 16 and 23 lbs down in such a short time. That is waht truly makes Medifast so different from all other plans. And as Judy said, it is that motivation that keeps you going bc you see results so quickly..

Pamela enjoy yoga - and how nice that you have a nice retreat coming up. SHould be loads of fun!.

Speaking of loads.....I am doing loads of laundry. Jordan was up throwing up since the early am. Been doing laundry and being as quiet as possible. Little guy finally fell asleep on the couch in the play room. Poor thing. No work for me today - sacrifices we make as mommies I guess.

Ok to stop the dryer from banging around - washing pillows too - ugh..


Comment #62

Nancy - You are growiing up so fast I can hardly keep track of it.

You are doing so good. I am so proud of you. Love, Sis Judy..

Comment #63

Jane - CONGRATULATIONS on being sooooooo close to ONEDERLAND! Next week you're gonna hit it!.


Comment #64


JodiNY - Diabetes is a horrible condition that can almost be completely controlled by diet which makes it a crying shame that so many just don't get it and run their bodies into the ground. It is sad, but it is a good learning lesson for you because it shows you what the result of bad health can be and how you don't want to be there. A great motivator. You can do Super Bowl ... I have a plan as well because we are going over to a friend's house. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!.

Keep up the good work on MF. You're doing great!.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #65

Oh no, Michele ... we have another sickie in our group. I think Pamela and her family are going to want to stay miles away from you right now.

Hopefully he's the only one who gets it and everyone else escapes. You're right about the flexibility. Honestly I often wonder how working mom's do it. I stand in awe of them. Have fun with the laundry (ha!ha!). XXOO Judy..

Comment #66

Hi ladies. Checking in....Jordan is bouncing off the walls and eating rice cakes and pretzels so that is a great sign..

Girls seem ok so far - me....well no appetite - hopefully it stays at that.

And no vomiting..

Off to attempt the frozen tundra that is my backyard - we have deer that come every evening and yes I am guilty of feeding them some corn nuggets - poor things cant find much to eat these days so I leave out a little you all aren't surprised are you! LOL crazy critter woman I am..


Comment #67

Michele ~ Good to hear that Jordan is starting to feel more normal again ... and so quickly. Praying it stays just with him and doesn't get anyone else in the family! No appetite ... revel in it.

Unless it turns out your appetite-less because you're sick.

Be well! XXOO Judy..

Comment #68

Speaking of superbowl. I SAW GO PACKERS!! DH and I are going to a neighborhood super bowl party that we go to every year. We are making potato skins and I am making the stuffed portabella mushrooms for my self. I actually planned what to eat and drink. I am on a roll and I am going with it. Going out for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow morning again.

Because even though I am OP our lives go on. If I can do this now I can surely do it while maintaining my weight loss. Have a great weekend...

Comment #69


Great job at devising a plan! You are on a roll and planning ahead is a great way to maintain it!.

I have had several adventures going to parties and being away from my own larder (mostly around the birth of my grandbaby) and I have been really good about planning ahead, checking the menu and bringing my own food. People have been generally very supportive so that has been really helpful. I am finding that I would prefer to bring my own food or eat at home because even though I have been really good at restaurants, eating out slows down my weight loss. I have a friend who likes to eat out with me once a week and I think I am going to skip it this week. I don't want to impede my progress to ONEDERLAND in any way!.

I have just gotten home from a great rehearsal with my trio. Our concert is Sunday (it will be over before the Superbowl starts). I am hoping we get a decent audience - I have done quite a bit of publicity and we are doing a benefit for a really great cause so hopefully people will show up!.

It is time to go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow despite the precipitation we are expecting (yuck) so I hope I can get it all done!.

Cheers and good night all!.


Comment #70

Oh, Jane, I can't wait until you announce (SHOUT OUT) that you hit 199.9!!.

Also, I really did enjoy your music. Do you tape your concerts and sell DVD's. Might be a good way to earn more funds for the charity. I would buy one!.

I know Judy and I are on a buying diet but I will make an exception for charity..

When do you see your DGD again? Have you started recording the lullabies for her yet?.


Comment #71

Nancy: Congratulations on your great results. I didn't expect anything less since you are related to dear Judy!!.

Having a food plan for eating out and parties will keep you on-plan and keep your resistance muscle strong..

Do you have the same "shopping" habits like Judy?.


Comment #72

Hi Melters: I had to separately write Jane and Nancy to congratulate them on their great achievements..

Michele - I hope Jordan is well and didn't share any sick germs with the rest of your family!! Feeding the deer doesn't surprise any of us..

Pamela - Have a wonderful time at your yoga camp. We know you enjoy those getaways even though you will miss the family..

Judy - Are you having "no shopping" withdrawals yet?.

JodiNY - Oops, so sorry you fell on the ice. Hope you are not sore tomorrow;.

Jodi, you are I need to talk. I'm in the same mindset as you and need to find my way again and stop the mindless eating. Please text me or send me a personal message if you are ready to get back on track! I think we can really help each other..

Okay, it is really late and I need to get to bed..

Hubby took Grandson to duck cabin tonight for final duck hunt tomorrow (end of season)..

Will write more later..


Comment #73


- Thanks so much for your comment about my music! It really is my life's passion. The flute is one thing in my life that I have been faithful to for my entire life - started playing when I was nine and have never really put it down - ever. The longest I went without playing was when my son was born. When I was 8 months pregnant, I took what I thought was going to be my last lesson and ceremoniously put the flute away. When he was three months old, I was going stark raving MAD so my husband (now ex) took him out for three hours. The moment they left, I made a bee-line for my flute and my Bach Sonatas and played for three hours straight It made me feel so good that I knew I would never be able to put it down again - ever..

The singer that we work with is a very wealthy woman who records and video-tapes all of the concerts we do with her. I would have to ask the others if it would be OK to reproduce and sell them so I will let you know!.

I am heartbroken that I will not see my grandbaby this weekend - they live 2 hours away and I will be working from 9 (my flute choir is performing in church) to probably 6 when the concert and reception will all finally be over. On top of that, I believe they are going to my daughter-in-law's mom's house for a Super Bowl party (not my idea of fun - sorry all you football fans). BUT NEXT weekend, I will go back up and my son has requested that I make a German dish he loves Rindrouladen (beef birds) - I have to figure out how to make an OP version for myself - I don't think it will be impossible if I pull out the carrot and set aside some of the juices for myself before we add the flour for the gravy..

I feel like she is going to grow up while I am not there if I don't see her every week! She is doing great except she lost 1lb right after her birth and has not yet completely put it back on so the pediatrician is having them supplement the breast milk with formula..

As far as ONEDERLAND is concerned, I won't have a chance to get back on the scales until Monday -.

We need to make a plan for when all of us can reasonably be on-line for the dance - I am thinking that will be 8:30 PM EST assuming you west coasters can get to a computer by 5:30? Maybe we should make it 9:00 EST? There is going to be a major RUMBLE from Coastal CT when I get across the border!.

Sorry this is so long didn't know I had so much to say so early in the morning!.

Have a great day all!.


Comment #74

Good morning Melters!!!.

WOnderful as always to see you my dear Renie ....

Jane - Just hold steady the course. It is too bad you cannot get out to see the baby this weekend ~ hopefully this next week passes quickly and you will be holding her again soon!.

Okay my friends - here is a dilemna. I booked JDK at a school that requested him for 1 performance with the hopes that it would fit for them ( the school) and we could go for a grant for a residency. Well the director of the school ( some one I know and we ALWAYS have had miscommunications for some odd reason) thought I was getting a grant for this show..

SO he wrote the check out of his pocket for the whole $650 to pay for it. He does have money but still I feel badly cashing the check ~ the artist drove 2 hrs each way and performed for 1 and 15 minutes instead of the 45 minutes. I had also offered to cancel earlier in the week when we realized the miscommunication and the director said no problem he had it covered..

I can at least give back my 15% though it took 4 hours out of my day ....

What would you do????..

Comment #75

I think the professional thing to do is to make sure JDK and you get paid your professional fees. And then in the future, maybe put the arrangements in writing so a miscommunication doesn't happen again. The fact that he can afford the fee makes it easier to do but in genersal, if it was agreed that the performance would cost X, then X needs to be paid. We professional musicians need to get past the idea that it is OK to not get paid for what we do! I attended a master class with Tom Nyfenger (RIP) a number of years ago in which he said that we need to come up with another verb for what we do. "Oh you PLAY the flute? Why would you want to get paid if you PLAY the flute?". End of rant but I really think you should accept the payment!.



Comment #76

Thanks Jane - There is a contract so it was in writing.

It is hard to take it ... I guess I look at that he wanted to pay me to help out with the Gala he is doing for his school and I have volunteered my time .....

Comment #77

Morning Melters! Just a quick fly by. I have a packed/busy day so this is the only chance I may have to check in today. Hope everyone is doing great. We went to dinner at a friends house last night and ... well ... it wasn't the best I've ever been I can safely say that.

But, today is a new day presenting new eating opportunities to be in control and doing what's best for my body, soul, mind, and health!.

Gotta run ... put on make-up and blow dry my hair so I can look presentable once I step outside the door of the house.

Be a blessing to someone today, okay? XXOO Judy..

Comment #78

Let me clarify this Pamela.....the director paid you in advance thining that he would be reimbursed with the some of the grant money???.

I think you gave him an out earlier in the week by offering to cancel. He didnt want to and knew full well that he would have to pay the fee for the drummer. So , don't you think he was okay with it in the end ( if not inwardly) ? Also don't most schools who have events have a fund for that anyway? Perhpas he thought he was going to take some of it from the school funds and that is why he didnt cancel..

I thinkyou can cash the check. If you feel you want to forgo your commission (which sux for you) - it may help you in the long run (reputation wise). BUT I dont think keeping it all will hurt either..


Comment #79

Good morning and happy weekend to all:.

Jane-you are so close that it must be exciting! YOU GO GIRL! I also have a new grand daughter and she is now 5 months old. She lives in Victoria, BC with my son, daughter in law and the cutest thing ever. I only get to see them every 2-3 months as the travel gets expensive. I really enjoy my time and love to see them..

Renie-Why yes, Judy and I do share the shopping addiction. I rationalize mine by saying that is for the house, grandchildren, etc. What I ask you is Judy's excuse?? I was already thinking about when I have to buy smaller clothes (and that time will come). I figure that I can go to thrift stores for the interim sizes and that should work ok. I have a problem with pants not being long enough because I am 5'9". Go ahead ask Judy how tall she is?? Gee, I am having too much sport here!.

I am not really a goal type of girl and am having trouble thinking about goals/rewards for myself. I mean I already get mani/pedis and yesterday I had IPL laser for my rosacea (I got a great deal on Groupon only $99). today my face is a little swollen but I am looking forward to some good results. It was really starting to bother me. So, can you share with me your goals/rewards for some ideas..


Comment #80

Good Evening Melters!.

I had a pretty good day today - stayed OP (the most important thing) They were forecasting bad weather so I got myself out to the studio before the "weather" was supposed to start and I saw ALL my students. (the "bad" weather turned out to be rain here) Then my flute choir played at a rehab place that is connected to an assisted living facility in the town where my studio is. Then dinner with a friend. Now I am home and ready to get to bed. Big day tomorrow the flute choir is playing in church tomorrow (yes the same church where "the gentleman in question" works) and then the concert in the afternoon (at the same church). Time to get some zzzzz's!.

Have a great evening all!.



Comment #81

Renie ~ I have to confess, there is this propensity to want to buy, buy, buy! Right now I'm fighting off the urges, but they're not too strong, so it's fairly easy. The longer I go, the stronger the urges get! I need to stop and ask myself, "Why do you need to buy? What void is it filling in your life?" So, I'll struggle with those questions while I stay on my shopping fast..

XXOO Judy..

Comment #82

Pamela ~ This is a very sticky situation. Can you tell if the director is saying "No problem" and meaning it or saying "No problem" and hoping you'll give it all back? There's a couple of different ways he can be saying "No problem". Do you think not giving the money back will in some way damage your relationship? It sounds to me like you have been open with him and giving him a way out which he didn't take, so I think you have to assume that once he realized it wasn't a grant but said the show must go on that he must have wanted to pay for it that he's going to work out getting himself reimbursed.

Do what you feel is right to do, but I think Jane gave you good advice too as a fellow performer. Let us know how this all shakes out. XXOO Judy..

Comment #83

Dear Melters ~ My sister Nancy is making sport of me in front of all of you.

But I'm a big girl ... I can take it.

Out of all eight girls in our family, I am the shortest at 5'4". Sometimes when we have pictures of all of us girls together I look like I'm standing in a hole next to everyone.


Nancy - it is a predicament for you with how to reward yourself for meeting goals. My goals actually did not have rewards attached to them although I did set weight loss goals, which I really didn't meet after awhile, but I did keep losing so I didn't care that much..

I think you may have to look at some people's rewards on their "signatures" to see if anything strikes your fancy, Nancy.

XXOO Sis Judy..

Comment #84

[quote=JudyEBrooke][b][font="Arial Narrow"][size="4"][color="Green"]Dear Melters ~ My sister Nancy is making sport of me in front of all of you.

But I'm a big girl ... I can take it.

Out of all eight girls in our family, I am the shortest at 5'4". Sometimes when we have pictures of all of us girls together I look like I'm standing in a hole next to everyone.




I hear you about the height issue! I am 5'2" (and shrinking) and at my top weight I did a performance with some members of my flute choir - afterwards we took a picture - these gals are all at least 5" taller than me and stick thin so in the picture the three of them together take up half the frame and I take up the other half by width and by height well you can imagine - when I have lost a bunch more weight and can stand to look at that picture, I will post it in the "before" slot on my page. It is truly embarrassing for me to look at it!.

Good morning, Melters! Today is a busy day especially for a Sunday! I have church this morning - my flute choir is performing , then I am teaching a makeup lesson at noon and my concert is at 3:00 this afternoon. I will do my exercise DVD here in the house before I go out no time for the gym - so no time to weigh in. Tomorrow, however is another story!! I guess Pamela is off at her Yoga camp so if there is any snoopy dancing going on this week we will be without her.

I am not going to see my grandbaby today either..

But I am excited for the concert so that will be a good thing..

Have a wonderful OP day, friends!.



Comment #85

Good morning everyone!.

Jane - I will most definitely be doing the snoopy dance with you as I will be bringing my computer though I will only turn it on once a day .....

I am going to cash the check and say nothing to the director. He gave it to and said nothing, it is my conscience that is bothering me but if I am honest ~ I was clear and there was a contract. Sometimes I find it hard to accept money for everything I do but I am getting better..

Is it me or are we missing a few wonderful Jodys here lately???.

I am off to church and then a mega day of getting the family ready, me ready and then some football..

Comment #86

40 degrees out and it feels like a heat wave.

I am off to the stores to fill the coffers so my family doesn't stave while I am gone.

Hope you are all having a productive fun day!!!!..

Comment #87

Good "Packer" Morning Melters! Can you tell which team I'm rooting for?? I'm even using a green font as part of my winning strategy.


Yesterday I went to a Stampin' Up leader's house and (along with 3 other women) created eight Valentines cards along with a box in which to hold them. It took about 3 hours, but I had a great time and once again it has stirred up my creative side..

Also my DIL brought pictures for the first six months of my DGD's life. I promised her a scrapbook album for each grandchild for the first year of their lives, so I can now get started on the first one. I did a scrapbook for her baby showers and she just loved it and is really excited about the ones for the kids, too. So, a little more creative juices need to be flowing!.

Tomorrow around 6am I'm leaving for Gardnerville, NV to visit my dad for 5 days. I'll be in touch with everyone, but probably not on Monday, although I will weigh myself before I take off so I can record my weight and keep accountable with everyone..

We are going over to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. He is also on Medifast so I am bringing some nice fresh veggies to snack as well as some other protein items. We may not be completely OP, but at least we won't be stuffing BAD CARBS down the gullet. I think that's the biggest thing I have learned on Medifast ... GET ALL BAD CARBS OUT OF YOUR DIET ... OUT OF YOUR HOUSE ...

Oh yeah, and I just found some dark chocolate at Trader Joes that doesn't have added sugar and is touted as low carb ... God is good.

When I eat dark chocolate, I eat just a piece at a time. I keep a tin of dark chocolate wedges in my drawer at work and only eat one a day in the afternoon. Milk chocolate with all the sugar is a whole other story. I cannot stop because of all the sugarI continue to want more and more and more. But good dark chocolate and I'm satiated after the first piece. Amazing, isn't it?.

Well, off to packing so I can run out of here at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Have a great Super Bowl day ....


XXOO Judy..

Comment #88

Jane - If I'm not mistaken, I think many of the Melters are close to the 5' height..

Also, eventually you are going to LOVE that "fat" picture ... I guarantee it!.

Why? Because you will be able to visually see just how much you lost and when you think you are still "fat" you pull out those fat pictures, look in the mirror, look at the pictures, and then reality will hit you ... "NO! I AM NO LONGER THAT FAT PERSON!!!!" So, never throw them away. Keep them close by because they will be what you can go back to and recognize your great achievement..


I'm 5'4" (thought I was 5'3" until about 5 years ago when I was measured by my doctor and she gave me the news! I was stunned. Since high school I've always thought I was 5'3" and found out late in life I was actually 1" taller.


Comment #89

5'8 here ... guess that puts me in the giant catorgy here ....

Judy - I am trying the green too - GO PACKERS!!!!..

Comment #90

Good Evening, Melters! I have just had a really fabulous day REALLY fabulous (did I mention it was a great day?) - I had church this morning - my flute choir was playing. Maybe I should explain that I am not technically a member of this church but I have been sort of "in residence" for so long that I feel very at home there. The flute choir played GREAT (they are adult amateurs of diverse levels of accomplishment). The "gentleman in question" was there and made a point of coming up to me and giving me a big hug and telling me how great the flutes sounded. TOTALLY set me up for the day!.

After the service the husband of one of the flutists came up to me and said "Jane, you are looking trimmer". I thanked him profusely for noticing his wife looked a little perplexed and said "you've lost weight?" she almost fell over when I told her 23 lbs!.

So that was a great thing..

The concert this afternoon was great. We did not have as large an audience as we had hoped for but everyone there was really pleased including the recording engineer who said the both musically and technically the recording is perfection that we could use it for a demo tape or even to press it and sell CD's. And we may have gotten another concert date out of it!.

All in all the best sort of day a musician can have!!.

Oh and yes, I stayed OP the whole day. At the reception I did not even go near the food table - no wine I even passed on my FAVORITE cheese that they had out!.

So I am higher than a kite with happiness! - I am feeling so good, I might even take a peak at the superbowl game! HA!!.

Cheers all!.

Have a great evening!.


Comment #91

JODI CAN YOU HEAR ME? JODI CAN YOU SEE ME? JODI CAN YOU FIND ME IN THE>>>you get the Yentl picture. Missing you JODI!!.

Good for you Jane - it is so nice when people start to notice....i love the comment...YOU"VE LOST WEIGHT??? I remember getting that too at the 20lb mark....a littel snide some of the times if you ask me..

SO height poll....I am 5'1 1/2" - I always have said 5'2" Im sticking to it!.

TOday was a great day. Went to an early before the mall opened - pottery barn class about accessories with a dear friend. Bought bedding for my room....promptly returned it 2 hours later ( eeh....looked better in the store). For some reason bedding is a decision I can never make....Kids had a ball outside - such a gorgeous sunny...yes sunny day..

Dad and step mom just left and kids and hubby had some pizza. Getting them ready for bed. They have no school tomorrow for a conference day bu t they are going to my sitters house so I can finally work!.

Have a great evening all..



Comment #92

Well, I am just home from the superbowl party (YEAH PACKERS!!) and I somehow managed to stay OP by the skin of my teeth. I made myself the stuffed portabella mushrooms and brought a bar and water, etc. I even made my DH eat the jello shots I won! He is now falling asleep on the couch.

The only unplanned food I ate was a couple bell pepper slices and about 6 cherry tomatoes (with no dip). My DH told me how proud of me he is and that really meant a lot. I have done many diets over the years and I think that he did not really think that I could stick with this. I believe that I have suprised both of us. Hoping to see good results on Thursday's weigh in. Judy, have a good trip in Nevada...

Comment #93


Great job on staying OP at the superbowl party!! And that is really great that your husband is being so supportive rather than skeptical I am sure that really helps! Being single means I have to be my own cheer leading squad which I why I am so happy to have this group to be accountable to and to get my support from!.

Good morning Melters! I was too excited to sleep last night - I saw every hour on the clock which is not a good thing! I hope I sleep tonight. Also I got a really bad cramp in my right calf during the night and it is very tight to walk on right now. I am going to go to the gym to get weighed and maybe it will work itself out if I get on the treadmill gently for a bit. I hope so because I do NOT want to miss yet another day of exercise at the gym!.

We have a veritable HEAT WAVE going on here they are predicting a high of 42 today!! WOO HOO - spring is on it's way!.

I will check back in with the news from Mr. Scales if the ticker tape is moving!.

Have a great day everyone!.



Comment #94

Good morning Melters!.

What a great game last night!!!! Yeah Packers!!!.

Well I am off to reclaim myself body, mind and spirit. I am so tired ~ and am really looking forward to going inward and just seeing what or where I need to be going next..

I will try to check in but will also be trying to disconnect too!.


Comment #95

Yahoo for the.


And all their FANS!.

I found my.

Cheese head.

Hat from years fun!.

I am 5' 6.5" tall..

I was always the tall girl in school back in the day. Seems short to me now..

I am very happy for the melting going on outside..

I am happy for another holiday crossed off the list; on to the next one to gear up for Valentine's Day...breathe Jodi you can do it girl..

Just cleaning house and doing laundry today! Would love to shop at Target this week...great sales going on and I need cheap pants that fit! I only have 2 right now! UGH!.

Have a good day! JodiNY..

Comment #96

I DID IT!! The gates to ONEDERLAND have closed behind me forever!! Go check out my blog that says "Dance with me" - Jodi suggested we do a conga line so here is the music! Cheers all! AND THANK YOU ALL - (Did I ever mention how much I am grateful to this group and how much I LOVE this program?")..

Comment #97

Hello Melters,.

I am glad everyone had a nice weekend..

Nan - congratulations for staying on program at the super bowl party!!.

Enjoy your day!.


Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.