Where can I find a list of Medifast Diet foods ?

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Question I have... Where can I find a list of Medifast Diet foods ? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Good morning girls!.

This week we say 'goodbye' to November and 'hello' to December.

We can't control the calendar, that's for sure!.

This will be a long week simply because I'm tired of working (LOL). Looking forward to my 2 week break coming but if I look too forward then that means the month of December will be gone too quickly as well.

Shopping was a success yesterday. I scored 2 pair of shoes for myself, casual shoes. I had a pair of 'Clarks' slip ons that I've had for years and the sides totally came undone. They were too big anyway so I decided to get a new pair. Couldn't find any of that brand that I liked but went to Famous Footwear and got a similar style by 'Naturalizer'. They were having a buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Just need to finish shopping for my nephews, do my Dad's shopping and then I'm done. So far all that is bought it wrapped, I'm proud of that!.

It was 40 out yesterday with plenty of sunshine so that made it easy to be out..

Have a good day..........

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Morning Ladies.

It is going to be a long week for sure Charly. At least I left things nice, clean and caught up last Wed. back to the grind of trying to get money for bills again. It was kind of nice have some money for a short while anyway LOL..

Good job on the shoes Charly.

I didn't get any more lights up yesterday as it was so windy and I was freezing all day yesterday. Light snow and more wind today so am going to bundle up..

Shower time later ladies.

Ali don't forget to let us know about the new WW plan..

Comment #2

Ali - I have a pair of those as well (Dansko) but they are too big now, I wear them to literally 'flop' around in. My left shoe did shred (peel) at the top of the footband but I don't care..

Off to spinning this evening, no desire but that's the way it goes.........

Long day........ugh!!..

Comment #3

I think I'll just live in mt faux Uggs for now I can't even stand my tennies right now, I want my sandals back LOL..

Comment #4

Charly - I hope you eye is better. If you think it is a scratch, you can get a salve from your eye doctor that will help it heal. Scratches can get infected, as Roger found out several years ago..

ALI - Let us know about the WW thing. I have been thinking of joining one of the groups in Klamath to see if that will help be get on track. And if I cook that way, it will help Roger too..

BTW: I am proud of him. He put on his dress pants for church yesterday and they fell off when he walked. They are 44s and he needs a 40 now. I keep telling him how good he is doing. I am holding the same, which I guess is better than gaining..


Yes, I have a name for the puppy. The call name will be Sage. The registered name will be Birdwing Moonlit Sage. Birdwing is the kennel name of my friend and is a type of Butterfly. Moonlit comes from the litter name theme of Moon, and Sage comes from the Oregon Sage Butterfly that is very populous here in our area. The kind of sage that is on our farm is the type that has an aroma only at night, so that sort of goes with the moonlit idea too..

We had record cold again last night. Roger and I took turns stoking the wood stove when we got up for the bathroom. So we were toasty all night. The wild birds must have been cold too, they ate so much food today I had to throw seed twice..

And I am again feeding our two ferrel cats. The mice don't come out when it is this cold. I put out a large flat dish of warm water and the birds went crazy bathing...I need to put out more than one next time. LOL.

See you all tomorrow. Hugs...

Comment #5


I too want the sandals, t-shirts and shorts back. I DEMAND it (LOL)..

NA - I like the name for the puppy, so well thought out. CONGRATS to Roger, that's awesome that he needs new pants!.

Ali - whats the weather today? It has rained like mad here all night but seems to be not bad temp wise at the moment..

Nothing much here, it's Tuesday, nothing much else to add. Have a good one girls!..

Comment #6

Morning Girls!.

Charly the cold weather is coming your way along with some white stuff. Weather guy this morning said we could expect a "little" snow this evening but you can't ever believe them. LOL.

Clogging around in Dansko's is what you are supposed to be doing..LOL With the weight loss your foot shrunk,didn't it? My right foot is considerably smaller than it was so my shoe really "clogs" on that one. My problem with shoes is that when I find a pair that I like, I have to grab a few pairs or by the time I realize I like them, they don't make them any longer..

Sandals, shorts, t-shirts...oh HE LL no! I'm done with that flab revealing clothing for a few months..

Well I checked on the WW thing and according to my neighbors daughter-in-law who is on it already, this plan has you making better choices as far as good food vs: junk for points. Fruit and veggies are now freebies, except for avocados or something. She told me her WW leader was on it for the last 3/4 weeks for a trial run and lost 7 pounds. I guess there are things now that you have to use points for that were free before and vice/versa but it's making you choose healthier things to eat. See that was my problem with it before. I know I'm a carbaholic, and I couldn't have free reign with the chips/bread/potatoes with the points but with this new program those things will now cost more to eat.

She did figure out for me that a Medifast brownie is 3 pts on the new program so when you think about it..if our 5 meals are 3pts each that would put us at 15 plus whatever our L/G is. According to her, my total points for the day would be 29..(guess that's the lowest it can be) seems like a lot considering last time I was on it, it was 24 but the point values have changed. Did read Jennifer Hudson's blog and she is at 34 points a day. That girl looks good! Will let you know what else I can scoop up..

NA you are such a good animal person. If I would have had a BB gun yesterday Rocket J squirrel would have been laying dead in my front yard. Seems he decided to "find" his nest egg of food for the winter and dug up my front lawn...not just little holes either. First I thought it was the idiot next door taking divots out of my lawn with his golf club until I saw the tell tail signs of peanut shells. ARrRRGGHH!.

Monica, stay warm...hope for now snow your way! How's the computer? Did you get the email thing working?.

Later's freezing in here today!..

Comment #7

Boo! A ghost from the past poppin in to say HI!.

I miss you guys..


I've just lived a moment of God gives you what you need right when you need it. Thanks Charly. xo.

I hope all of you are well and have been doing well. We are good here. XOXOXO.


Comment #8 good to see you again...WE HAVE MISSED YOU! So glad you popped in. You really need to post more often..

Hope to see you more!.

Hugs to you all!..

Comment #9

Red, I've always had awesome timing and I keep proving that!! Love you much!!..

Comment #10

CHARLY - I was almost ready to pull out a pair of shorts this morning...the sun came out just as Roger put another load of wood in the stove. It suddenly was 85 in the living room and I was melting. LOL. It is cloudy again now, 40 outside and 72 inside. Much better...

Comment #11

ALI - I am sitting here giggling at the holes in your lawn. Your problem is that you are not putting out new peanuts each day for them to eat. LOL No, seriously, I sure do understand your angst about this. No one likes holes in their lawn..

I don't worry about it because we have mouse holes all over our lawn and no matter how many we trap and kill, there are more than we can keep up with. That is why we allow the ferel to live here. We figure they eat at least 5-6 a day. I would have more ferels if I could get them to stay here..

So go replace your davots in the spring. NA..

Comment #12

RED - How wonderful to see your smiling face again. We miss you too and all the news of your little girl and honey..

Please pop back in and sort of catch us up on what is going on in your military family. Hugs, NA..

Comment #13

Red told me earlier that Ryan was in Afghan'land' since June and due home this Saturday for 2 weeks, they are terribly excited. Natty is also well and she was in the school holiday program. Red said that suited Natty well as she knew that Natty was a 'drama queen'...

Comment #14

Ali - keep us posted on your research, sounds good and I may follow you there. You know all of us 'round here hold hands anyway, might as well hold hands with that journey too...

Comment #15

NA too funny 'bout stoking that fire so high that you almost put on shorts (LOL). I won't miss the heat/humidity of summer but the alternative is a bit daunting..

Comment #16

CHARLY - Thanks for keeping up with Red for us. I'll bet Natty was cute in the program. Prayers continue for Ryan. I am sure the next two weeks will be wonderful for all three...

Comment #17

Turn the page girls and say hello to December.

Wind is blowing 100mph out there, cold and I actually seen it snowing last much for the second chance @ t-shirts and shorts (LOL)..

All my Christmas cards are ready to go to the post office today. Need to really figure out what to purchase for my nephews so I can call a halt to this shopping. Not counting today I have 12 working days to Christmas break..

Missed my last packet last all my water. Nothing more to report.........

Comment #18

Morning Girls!.

I was going to post last night about it snowing but figured I would give Charly something to be surprised with. LOL SORRY!.

It's freezing here, currently 22 and snowing...AGAIN! Went to Trader Joe's last night, the parking lot was empty, nice way to shop..

Card have been finished since last week..just need to stamp them and get them out into the mail. Shopping is finished, just have to get the childs stuff to UPS since I won't be going out there for the holidays..

Missed a packet? The only way I ever did that is if I was asleep. My stomach would start rumbling for food if more than 3 hours without something..

Have a great day ladies..stay warm, stay safe!.

Charly thanks for the update on Red, Natty and if we can just get Sarah to post more..


Comment #19

Charly...HEADS UP! It's snowing! Should be heading your way!..

Comment #20

Ali - this snow is been here all danged day and doesn't appear to be letting up!! Charlie finally ventured out but I had to go out with him. He's licking the snow off the deck and really hesitated to get off the deck but once he did, he was off and running. Poor little guy would stay out all day if I'd let him but I'm timing his outdoor time. Windy/cold and snowy, not sure that it's good for him to be out long. It's 27 here ugh!!!.

Heading to spinning in an hour.................

Comment #21

Well the sun is shining here but the wind is making it miserable. Weather is supposed to get back to normal here this week for a little bit anyway..

Kiddo's (I don't know what to call him) BOUGHT HER A SMALL CROSSBOW FOR HER BIRTHDAY, I was checking it out this am and that is a wicked little machine. It's a light weight pistol bow actually but totally deadly. She's so proud of it LOL told her she needs to buy a bail of hay to practice against..

Charly Thanks for the update on Red, glad she is doing well..

I am so blech today it's not funny and have to go home and clean house yuck Oh well.

Have fun tonight ladies, I know I will..

Comment #22

No driving to town for spin class, road icey. When I slid past my turn off road and tried to back up to get to it things just got worse. When I tried to turn around in the road, it didn't work out well, took a bit of time. Needless to say I came home and am did my Jackie Warner workout DVD.......bootie kicked, I'm a happy girl!..

Comment #23

LOL Charly glad you made it safely but have to admit to a giggle about trying each thing to only get worse, so been there done that..

Almost time to head home, provided these people get the fax I need to me, boss won't let me go till we get that tapping tapping tapping LOL..

Comment #24

Monica - Did you get your fax? I bet on hidden video my attempts were hilarious to watch (LOL).

After today only 11 working days to Christmas break. I've been a bit frustrated with my younger sister lately. I asked her to share the Christmas list of my nephews with me and she just doesn't respond. Last night I called her house and asked to talk to them. I spoke to each one, put them thru an interrogation and got what I needed (ROFL). I have an 'idea list' from each one, from now on I will go straight to the source!! They are coming to stay on 22-Dec and will then on 24-Dec that morning we will open their gifts.

They enjoy it and each of them told me last night how they are looking forward to hanging out soon..

Nothing much else to jabber about. Have a good one!..

Comment #25

Morning Girls!.

Ewww, the slip, sliding away thing didn't sound like fun..stay safe Charly! I don't mind the snow, it's the hidden ice that frightens me. I always remember my brother telling me when I bought my first SUV, "just because it has 4 wheel drive, doesn't mean it can stop on a dime." When it's icy out, I stay in..

It's currently 22 degrees...doesn't seem as windy as yesterday and there is no snow from what I can see out in that dark front yard. It was so cold yesterday, but that wind make it so much worse..

Not feeling too well today, started last night with a horrible sore throat that only seems to be getting worse. Started on antibiotics last night so we shall see if this starts to get better today sometime. Should have known something wasn't right when my throat started bothering me yesterday. ARRRGGHHH!.

Internet isn't going too well's SLOWWWWWWWW as a turtle. Might have to call ATT if this keeps up...pages are timing out trying to open. The lines are probably frozen..

Have a great day girls..stay warm, stay safe! I am officially out of Medifast food so I'm winging it on my own now. Wish me luck!.


Comment #26

That makes me crazy Ali, our internet at work does that some times. I use Cableone at home and it's awesome, they even u[graded my speed for free because I've been with them over 5 years. Unlike Comcast you can just have the internet and don't have to have tv too.

Charly LOL on going right to the source, I gave u[ buying presents years ago, they have so much "stuff" already, would do either gift cards or wait till after Christmas and see what they needed to go with what they got. Of course they were older then too..

NA you still snowed in? When will you actually get Sage, I do like that name.

Ok fax showed up last night not even late now just have to hope the money is in the bank this am or boss will have me calling every 5 minutes till it does show up..

Ok best get moving have a Grand day ladies..

Comment #27

Thank goodness for my iPhone with internet. Just spent a hour on my cell with ATT and they have to send someone out to check the lines from the pole to the house. Thank the Lord it's their wiring. Won't be back with you today, they can't get anyone out to fix it until tomorrow. Aaaarrrggghhh!.

Have a great day. Talk to you all tomorrow...

Comment #28

Woo Hoo internet is fixed. When I called ATT they said there wasn't an outage, yet when I called in again to tell them not to send the repair guy out tomorrow that they fixed the problem from the office, the customer service guys says.."oh it was an outage you weren't scheduled for repair." Well, duh that's not what they told me. And good thing I didn't wait around tomorrow from 8 to noon for someone that wasn't showing up. ARRRGGHHH!! Ya know more US companies need to keep their customer service in the US and not outsource..

Off my box for the day!..

Comment #29

WTG Ali nice having it fixed and I won't even go there about tech support besies.

^%*$&^*()&)(*^*^%^$#$%@$#^^*&&^)&(*& and that's the truth LOL.

Cruising FB and found this awesome pic of my niece OMG this is the youngest @ 15.

Little fox..

Comment #30

CHARLY - I can remember when I used to start my Christmas cards Thanksgiving afternoon and mail them the 1st of December...I have been later and later..

However, this year I will be late because I am waiting until I can have a picture of Roger, Me and Sage to send to everyone. Nothing worse than 'grandma' with a wallet of pictures, right? LOL..

Comment #31

I think it skipped Charly and came here instead. We had a foot of new snow today here on the hill, less in the valley. Roger and I left for town this morning with rain coming down and more was snowing before we had gone 5 miles. LOL.

So thankful for neighbor who borrowed a blade for his tractor and not only plowed out the long drive way, but all the way to and around our house. I don't think we would have made it in otherwise, even with the 4 wheel drive engaged and in low gear...

Comment #32

CHARLY - That road sounds totally wicked, so glad you decided not to continue. Do you do studded tires in your area. We are getting my new tires on this week and I'll sure be glad for that. We were going to get the snow tires without the studs, but have decided to have studs put in too...that way they will be doubly safe and easier to drive these roads. It looks like we are going to have a wonderfully wet and snowy winter this year for a change. NA..

Comment #33

CHARLY - I think it is so sweet that the boys want to come to your place for pre holiday fun. You must be a really special Auntie and make them feel very loved...

Comment #34

MONICA - I think we are snowed in AGAIN. It snowed a lot after we got home this afternoon, and I cannot even see where the drive was plowed out or our tire tracks in..

Kellie and I fly from Seattle on the 17th and we return the 22nd. Depending on the weather, I am not sure when I will leave for Seattle. I would take the train but they don't allow pets. And it is very expensive to fly from here to Seattle...almost as much as the round trip to Boston...and it is a United flight, so they would charge me $125.00 for Sage on top of the other ticket..

I'll just have to watch the long range forecasts and do the best I can...

Comment #35

MONICA - No way is that girl 15. Does she not know how dangerous it is to post a picture like this on a social network? I truly pray for her safety...

Comment #36

She does NA and she's the one who helped her Mom set up her FB page so none of her info was out there. She even schooled me about a setting I didn't have right. Besides if some one grabbed her (heaven forbid) they would give her back in about 5 minute, that child is the WORST whiner attitude needs adjustment kid I have just about ever meet LOL. Don't get me wrong she is a great kid and like all my sisters kids a straight A student, but if she is PMSing you had better run LOL. She is pretty much a normal snarky teen, but she has 3 older sisters and an older brother who all watch out for each other and check up on one another..

But you gotta love that picture..

Comment #37

Monica - ROFLMAO about the child being a whiner, that is hysterical!! Maybe it's the princess attitude ROFLMAO that would keep her safe. I used to say that if anyone grabbed me at the light they'd have me thrown out of the car before the next light!! (ROFL).

NA - all the snow, that's crazy but then again I guess if it's gonna snow it might as well do it right. No, no studded tires here, only 'studded' anything here is Rob so he thinks (ROFL). It was sort of nice yesterday, sunny, 30 degrees but not a lot of wind which is okay by me. Seems we will get slammed with a storm this weekend..

Ali - you should come here for Christmas, no sense you being home by yourself. Come here and let me show you how Rob drives me crazy (ROFL). I agree on those techie people being nuts!! I had an issue recently where I had to deal with something along a 'techie' line and I was practically toothless when done from all the jaw clinching tooth grinding I was doing (LOL). Then recently I had to call the bank, was so disappointed when it was an off-shore person. Seems that happened quickly as I had just called a couple of weeks prior and it didn't go off shore then. Seriously thinking about switching to the credit union but haven't taken that thought too far.

Not a lot going here. I need to do my nails (which means me filing them down shaping them) then get a manicure for cuticle trim and polish. I can't polish my own nails for anything but won't allow anyone to file/shape them. I have an appointment next Thursday for a really really nice pedicure. I told them I need the chisel affect on the heels and not some sissy thing. This pedicure they put your feet in the parrafin(sp?) and at some point wrap your feel in a hot towel!! I'm so excited and with it comes a facial, I've never had a facial either!! I have a gift card to the spa/salon which is the only reason I would do it.

It's Friday which I'm grateful (work wise). Tomorrow we will decorate the house for Christmas which means putting up the tree. I was thinking last night that it's sort of a lot of pressure to do all this stuff so that my parents have Christmas. Wondering why the only child out of 4 that I seem to be the one that takes care of this. I don't really mind but in a way it's too bad that the others don't make an effort to celebrate with Mom and Dad. I mean don't they know that some day they may not have this opportunity? Is their lives so important that they put Mom and Dad on the side plate???? ..(ok, off diamond encrusted soapbox now)..

Mom and Dad will come here Christmas Eve while I have Evan and Conley and they will have Christmas with the kids, my sister will show up during that time and that will be when she has Christmas with my M&D. Then on Christmas day we (Rob and I) will pack up everything (dinner and such) and go to my brothers and have Christmas dinner can be a bit stressful. I have decided that since I will be off work all Christmas week that I will see to it that the groceries are already @ Mike's so I don't have to haul it Christmas day..

Geesh, where the helldid all that come from?! Guess we know what's on my brain this morning!!.

I'll BBL..

Comment #38

LOL Charly I was surprised at your post to love love it.

Yea calling her a Princess (got to put the capital P on there) is absolutely perfect.

I need to finish decorating this weekend too, I really want my fancy lights up since I didn't get to put up any lights lights last year. I can't hardly believe I've been in my house almost a year now time does fly..

Oh Ali and Charly I love the idea of the 2 of you being together for Christmas, I can just see the 2 of you giggling and poor Rob wondering whats going on.

We've got Toy story 3 and Johan Hex a good and a bad one LOL the guys may even show up and I promised to fix dinner..


Comment #39

Morning Girls!.

It's freezing here this morning, frost on the ground!.

Charly what a great post this morning, you were like the "energizer bunny." Thank you so much for the invite on Christmas. This is just going to be a miserable year for me so I'm just jumping on that "pity train" and not hopping off until after Christmas. Not putting up any decorations this year although I do have my Christmas tree candles burning sometimes. Don't even have the holiday Santa placemats out, not going to bother. I'm sure my Mom is going with my sister to my nieces house, after last years fiasco at my brother's house, she really didn't want to be there with us anyway. All she talked about the entire time was going to my nieces so that's where my brother said she can go this year..she'll be happy there.

Bought a bunch of new cd's on Amazon during their Black Friday ad and I'm just gonna sit and watch them all day. Before I know it, it will be bedtime, I'll wake up the next morning and go out shopping with all the crazies..

I'll have Christmas Eve with my older brother and his family, it will be a nice time. Guess I should remind my kid that I won't be around forever and these times are precious..oh well!.

Wrapping what's left of my Christmas presents today. My living room looks like a tornado flew through it. There are things I have to get to UPS to be shipped out but I have to time things right so that someone is there to get the boxes. I hate when you send something and they leave it on their steps for the world to see, especially now, at this time of year..

Oh almost forgot to tell you guys..I signed up for college, going to have to change my field if I ever want to get back to work. The age of digital health records is soon to be here and the one and only college in IL that has the program is 6 miles from my house. Wish me luck on's a 6 month course, have no idea when the next class starts but should be hearing from the college within the next week..

Other than that..that's it on my end..

Stay warm everyone, no more snow for Nancy and Monica it sounds like so much fun at your house with the kiddo..


Comment #40

Holybat-hell!! I did go back and re-read my post this morning AFTER I posted it and then as now I wouldn't change it (ROFL)! I'm sure you all got a good wth?! got into her this morning!.

Ali - your day sounds good HOWEVER you know that you can infiltrate here and we would so love to have you. Keep that in the back of your mind........

Monica - capital 'P' I told Rob this morning that I'm gonna cop a Princess attitude but told him not to worry I would still do laundry/housecleaning/etc. (ROFL) he looked at me as if I had lost my mind..

My work is caught up with work.........I'm tapping my fingers and attempting to not stick my nose into other peoples queues but decided to lay low, I dig too many people out of too many things. Perhaps I'll file/shape my nails (ROFL).


Comment #41

Ali - congrats on the school of higher learning!!! so proud of you!!..

Comment #42

CHARLY - What a wonderful spa day you will have. Relax and enjoy your pampering...

Comment #43

ALI - Sometimes a pity party is the only to truly get something out of your system...go for it, get it over with, and then get on with life..

I think college is a super idea for you and your future. And I think it will be an easy one for you. Good for you. NA..

Comment #44

I agree, Ali has all kinds of talents that is easy to know from what she writes here of the stuff she does!!.

Off to pilates class then spin it's cold outside!..

Comment #45

Morning Girls!.

OMG!! THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND! ARRRGGHHH!!!! LOL It's still snowing, has been since right before midnight!.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words about going back to college. My career choice has to change if I ever want to get back out there in the working world. I'm excited about it, really can't wait for it to start..

Not doing anything today but blowing snow and shoveling. Ahhhhh Chicago in the winter. At least it's not as bad as Buffalo who got swamped with this white stuff..

Be safe, stay warm and have a great day everyone!..

Comment #46

I tired now. Pilates, spin clas, 10dz cookies in the freezer, 2 loads of laundry........and still have stuff to do............

Comment #47

ALI - If I may ask, what was you old career?.

Our snow is melting from rain and temps above 32 today...

Comment #48

CHARLY - You have to slow down, I am getting tired. LOL..

Comment #49


We watched that movie last night "The Hangover" it was funny, not languaage appropriate at all but was worth a couple of giggles for certain..

Total cookie bake was 14doz. I've 2 more kinds to make and a batch of the traditional fudge and I'll be done. Mike, Dad, Rob and his buddies will enjoy the cookies. I can honestly say that one never even entered my mouth yesterday, not even a taste/lick. Oddly, they didn't appeal to me......good thing!.

Hips/legs are very sore's the spinning, I've decided. She will tell us to 'relax' our muscles but have yet to figure out how to do that at that rate if 110rpm and a tension of 7 or higher on the whee....I try though!!.

Next month they start a 'Total Body 'HIT' class and I'll be doing that 2 times a week with pilates and spinning 1 time a week. The HIT part is "High Intensity Training" so I think it will be right up my style line..

We didn't get the tree decorated yesterday or anything else in the house. Rob did several 'odd jobs' and put the snow blower on front of the tractor, we called it done @ 5:30p, we were both tired, our plan is to do it today. Got about 3 inches of snow though not enough stayed in the drive for him to use the snow blower..

Icey on the roads so don't think it will be a good travel day for anything outside of the house...

Comment #50

Morning Girls!.

No overnight snow, that's always a good thing! LOL Charly you had a fun packed day yesterday. You are so dedicated to your exercise program, you should be proud. I walk and haven't been doing that lately either. Have fun with the tree today! Icy roads are always a sign to stay in. Haven't seen that "hangover" movie..I usually wait until they come out on sale in DVD and I grab them. Yesterday I watched The Oxford Murders with Elijah Wood...ohhh that boy is so the child would say..

NA I am a graphic designer but they are a dime a dozen now. I loved my job, loved the people that I worked with everyday and was sad to go but downsizing killed me..

Hopefully this new field will work just as well for me..

Monica, Charly, NA, Patti, Sandy and Red...have a great Sunday! Stay warm! Stay safe!.


Comment #51

Hey Ladies.

Charlie I thought I had a busy day yesterday, not compaired to your though LOL.

Kids over friday night and sat afternoon. got the rest of my light up watch tay story 3, jonah hex and the last avatar. All the lights are almost up, just have to get a few hooks for rope lights and I'm done.

We finished the challenge and I'm so thrilled.

To report in 6 weeks I lost 5.4 and I was the biggest loser on our team LOL. I've only got a few more weeks of food (I swear it's replicating) I will be so glad when it all gone, keep hoping for a bit more lose but at this rate not counting on much..

OK need to get moving just have to have some control about more lights LOL when I hit Target they usualy have the greatest lights...

Comment #52

CONGRATS Monica - that's an awesome loss, good for you!..

Comment #53

MONICA - That is great, almost a pound a week. Keep up the good work. Proud of you for sure. Hugs, NA..

Comment #54

Not much going on around here. Roger and the 'guys' have been going up on the hill to get wood for three days, but it is getting really mushy and hard to get in, so they will stop for a few days..

The heater went out in Roger's car, so I have insisted he take the Jeep, so I have been house bound. Except for missing church this morning, I don't mind at all, at all..

Only 12 more days before my great puppy adventure begins...well really only 10 days because I will leave for Seattle on the 15th, but I count the 17th as THE DAY. LOL.

The sun is down here, and the temps are dropping, so I had better get off the computer and get the wood stove going. It is still 70 in the house, so I would like to keep it there..

See you all tomorrow. Hugs, NA..

Comment #55

CHARLY - It is good they keep doing new classes so you don't get exercise bored. I picture you doing all these things and it does not seem to be helping my muscle tone at all. LOL Hugs, NA..

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ALI - Sorry you had to leave something you really liked, but you are young so career change should do you in good stead. I admire your gumption. Hugs, NA..

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