Where can I find iPage Discount Code that works?

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First question I got is Where can I find iPage Discount Code that works? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Today I received your typical email from 2checkout about an order being placed. Then I sat back and thought about it that I never received an email from the store stating that an order was placed. I logged into the store and can see the customers name. I check orders for that customer and there are none.

Is this a bug with the store.

We have a client that the store says has no orders... but he paid for the order with 2checkout. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Fortunately, I had installed a contribution for just such an occurance (can't remember the name) but it had something to do with 2checkout customers who don't click the final button at the end. So I was able to check my database in a table called "orders_holding" and figured out what the person ordered. this isn't ideal, but I guess I could live with this, however, I notice that I have several other orders in this table that I never got any type of notification for, from the store or otherwise. I have to wonder, do these people think they completed an order? what the heck happened? did the person who paid via 2checkout get an email confirmation from my store? can I move this completed order to the regular orders table with no adverse consequences?.

If anyone could advise, that would be beautiful..

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I have the same problems, I looked for your order holding table you described and I don't even have that table in database to check the orders. I looked at my customers basket table and it looks to me that I have 12 oders there. I have only 1 confirmed from 2checkout. So I have no idea just like you if these people think they ordered and paid or what happened..

I have posted in other areas and can't seem to get any answers or help with this so I have no idea what to do. If you find an answer let me know..

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I just want all you guys to know that I have had this same problem with MS1 3 times this past week. 30 orders and 3 resulted in this type of missing order. That is too many..

I actually found out a few things that some are wondering. WHen this happens, the customer does not get the email either. Furthermore, the order does not show in his order history in his account..

All these orders are lost and who knows why..

I would like to clear somehting up. This just not just happen when 2checkout is used. Out of 3 times this happened to me, 2 of the times it happened when the customer chose the paper check/ money order payment option. This is very frustrating as I don;t find out untill I get the check in the mail and if they do not print out the order page, I have no idea wha tthey ordered.. Furthermore, if they do not supply thier phone # all I can do is reply by mail and the whole process is a pain in the a$$, to say the least..

NOw, I think someone in this thread suggested that the problem is that folks do not actually finalize their order by clicking on the "continue" button on the checkout_success.php page after the order is finished being paid for..

I have found through palcing MANY test orders that this is not the case. I have placed many successful test orders without clicking the "continue button on the checkout_success.php page. Actually, I removed that button altogether a while ago..

However, I have just recently placed that continue button on that page. actually, I changed it to a button that says "finalize your order" with a note to the customer ( a LARGE one in red, that tells them they need to click that button in order to finalize or else the order will not be completed..

I will see if I have this problem again. Hope I won't as this is a big problem. 3 order out of 30 is way too many. 10%...way too many..

ALso, I hav esearched for that contribution that is supposed to fix this problem and I cannot find it. it is either not around anymore or it is there but I cannot find it..

That said, why when you search for contributions does this iPage site limit you to ony 40 search results. that seems kind of silly. I want to be able to see all the contributions that match my search, not just the first 40. What gives?..

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Well, it has happened 2 more times in about 20 more orders. It is still happening at a rate of about 10%..

I am afraid that I will have to go shopping around and start looking for new shppong cart program. I just can't go on wondering if I am going to get the orders that my customers place. As a business owner, I have much more to worry about, as I am sure many here can understand. I really need a shopping cart that's going to work at least 99% of the time, not 90%..

I am really going to hate to leave OSC for amny reasons, but from what I am seeing, I really have no choice. It is just not reliable for me..

I a really bummed out at this point as I fell I cannot diagnose the problem. I have tried all I can..

Good luck to the OSC development team...

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Also, I thought I'd note, I had to call both of these customers and both said that they had no problems during the checkout process that would indicate anything like this happening..

I jsut wonder what other problems my iPage site has that I may not be aware of that is causin me to lose sales...

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I just had this happen with a PayPal order; if I didn't receive the notification from Paypal I would'nt have a clue this order was there..

While looking I noticed another "order" placed in October, I have no idea what that was for because no orders show up at all..

Is anyone working on this?.

Is there anyway to bring up the latest customer's basket to see what he purchased?..

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Same thing here with Paypal order 3 times now in past 2 months. The scary part was having another customer email me telling me he could see the previous order that was never finalized. He could see the cart contents and customer address info. He said he continued to check out to see how far it would let him go..

I went back in as a customer and wasn't able to duplicate this but it's happened 3 times now..

Customer claims he clicked continue on the PayPal screen but we don't know about the other 2 order that never got finalized..

Definate bug that needs fixing...

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You may want to check out the chfields post.





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There is a contrib floating about called Unsold Carts which will show you what it is all customer's carts. Very useful if you have an order that didn't complete; the items are still in the cart and you can see what they wanted to buy..

This happens to me for about 1% of orders - usually if they thought they had finished and closed the iPage site before it got back to checkout_success after paying with the cc gateway (I use WorldPay BTW)..

I simply send them a very polite email explaining that this happens VERY occasionally and would they mind very much placing their order again, this time using cheque as a payment method, so I can register it in the db and print out an invoice for them. I stress that they have already paid, they don't need to pay again but the order just needs to go through..

Not had a complaint yet...

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Hi Julie,.

It is easier simply to use a master passord and do the job for them...

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*Makes mental note to dig out that matster password contrib.*..

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Thanks to all..

I installed the Cart Sales Recovery contrib and it'.

S pretty awesome. Not only doe sit make my problem not such a big problem anymore, it also is a SUPERB marketing tool that anyone who has an ecommerce iPage site would be foolish not to have and use...

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If you add masterpassword, and finish checkout for them, won't they recieve another order confirmation statying payment method as check. Had any problems like that using master password method?..

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Also, there are two different things floating around, both by same author.

Unsold carts and recover cart..

What are your thoughts on each?..

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I have not actually had this problem again since I installed these contribs. However, my plan was to simply go in and view their order then delete it altogether. This is not a complete solution to the problem but it is better than not having this solution at all. To have to contact customers and tell them that there was a problem during checkout is not good..

I have not even bothered with Unsold Carts contrib because the Cart Recovery contrib is basically an upgrade to the Unsold Carts contrib..

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: 24 December 2003, 08:22..

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I followed this issue up with when customer presses confirm, control is transferred to whatever pay module you are using. the module (their server/their application) process the cc information. they process the transaction and collect payment on it..

After their transaction is complete, they are supposed to transfer control back to osc. however, if for some reason their is a break in communication (can happen due to either their server or yours) or the delay is too long and their is a timeout on your server, control never gets back to your osc site..

Since orders are only put in the db AFTER a successful return from the payment module, orders will not be registered if control does not come back to osc on your server..

That is how the payment system collects money and osc doesn't register the order...

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I'm getting shopping cart timeout about 75% of the time now. It's driving me crazy. I use eProcessingNetwork's transparent database method, similart to's ADC. I tried switching to the non-transparent method (where they actually arrive at the gateway's payment page and then click to come back) but still have this problem. I've tried increasing the timeout variable in my .htaccess file and in the processing module, but with limited success..

I can't understand why someone hasn't found a fix for this because it is very serious. I'm spending way too much time manually piecing together the orders..

Has anyone here reported this to te development team as a bug fix request?..

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I get this error about 50% time. I get a confirm from, but not email from OSC. What can be done?..

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Today I received your typical email from 2checkout about an order being placed. Then I sat back and thought about it that I never received an email from the store stating that an order was placed. I logged into the store and can see the customers name. I check orders for that customer and there are none. Then I logged into 2checkout and sure enough there is a payment to this clients name. Is this a bug with the store.

We have a client that the store says has no orders... but he paid for the order with 2checkout. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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I had a similar occurance last year. At the time the shop was running pre1. Never did figure out why, it has never happened again..

It was really odd. The server logs indicated a visit, the cc company had the dough, but was like it never existed as far as osc was concerned..

It was a return customer BTW..

This shop belongs to a client, and she had been attending to all admin functions, if this had to do with anything, don't know. I doubt it..

I posted a query about it at the time but had no responses. As it never happened again, I've forgotten about it 'till just now..

Wish I could give you a clue...

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