Where can I find iPage web hosting that supports the PHP Imagick class?

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Quick question: Where can I find iPage web hosting that supports the PHP Imagick class? Thanks for any answer. My other question... Hey clever peeps..

I now am using IE 6..

When I was using IE 5.5 I had Dreamweaver set as the App that IE used to view source. I think I did it through the browser.

Tools> Internet Options> Programs Then selecting Dreamweaver as the HTML editor..

Now I am principally using IE 6 and am damned if I can figure this out, as in the drop down there is only Word and Notepad..

Can anyone help me, as this feature was really helping me learn good table layout from other sites..

Thanx guys..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Just finished the download, and I've got FrontPage as an option in mine. I'll do some digging and see what the story is...

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Thanx guys..

My contemptible layout skillz were really boosted by that method..


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Why dont you just view/ copy source and paste into DW?..

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Lol that'd be far too simple!.

It's just I love the functionality of being able to right click & veiw source and to know it will initialise DW if I don't have it already..

Also I am a little peeved at the loss of functionality that [unless I'm ging nuts - and I could be] appears to have been disabled in IE6..

If I knew how to do it at registry level I'd prolly even give that a go!..


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Mont, what the heck is a journeyman electrician?!.



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IE 6.0 is great!.

I have had zero problems with it and it stops lots of cookies from ads and such on normal pages..

Good Day!..

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Sort of between an apprentice electrician and a bonafide electrician. (You get to use more tools..

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Tools? The only tools I know about is a bunch of iconz in Photoshop.

A word of warning:.

P H 3 4 R Manual work!.

Looks like My lazy @$$ will have to take th Good Dr Webs advice.and just veiw src -> select all -> copy -> paste into DW.


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Have you tried looking in explorer (not Internet Explorer but Windows Explorer) and see what applications are associated with HTML Documents? Open Windows Explorer, click on View then Folder Options. Click on File Types tab and scroll down to HTML Documents then click on the Edit button. From there you can probably figure it out. You will see a window with all the actions associated with HTML documents and a series of buttons, like Edit, New, Default, etc etc.... maybe if you look around in there you can figure something out. I don't have IE6 so I can't say for sure if this will associate HTML view source with DW but it's something to try if you haven't already..


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Yes you could go that route as it will let you change what program will let you edit an html document. but that is the long way...

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Damn I will give that a go whe I get back from work!.

Say there Kev, how'd you fit all them brainz in that boney old skull o' yours!?.



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What do you mean by the long way scoutt? I guess that implies a short way, if so what is the short way?.


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Short way would be going the way he wants - through internet tools - but it seems that it is not working...

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Could ne1 with ie5.5 and d weaver check whether it is possible.maybe I dreamt it..

Or someone with ie6 and DW give it a go, I mean it could jus me being an @$$ not being able to do it...



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OK....I gotcha..

The setting in Internet Tools uses the setting in Windows Explorer so setting DW in Windows Explorer.


Add DW to the list of available editors in the drop down list in Internet Tools..


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That is terrific news kev My lazy @$$ is a happy one now!.

I will set that up tonight!.


Thx again super ded gurudude!.


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I'm using W98, and this is how you do it.....

Open Windows Explorer, click on View>>Folder Options..

Click on File Types tab..

Scroll down to HTML Documents..

Double-click on HTML Documents..

In the Actions window double-click on "edit"..

This brings up the "editing action with" window. Click on the browse button and find DW on your PC (probably in the Programs folder on the C drive) and double-click on the .exe file in the DW folder. Then click on the OK button..

After that you might have to open IE6 and open the Tools>>Internet Options>>Programs window and select DW from the list of application for HTML Editors..


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Aah!! I a using Windows "Lets take allpower away from the user" XP Pro tho!.

Oh and this user is dumb. lol.


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