Where can I find Medifast Diet brand frozen meals?

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My 1st question is: Where can I find Medifast Diet brand frozen meals? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful...

Comment #2

Good morning all... hey lori.. feels good to see your post/quote to start my day..

Hi kate....

Hi andi... my kids have been on the xbox all night/morning, but I'm ok with it..

Kori... cleaning? really? could you make something up for me? LOL.. I'm just jealous cause you have the desire to do it. I shopped on a friday night at wal-mart. you can only imagine. did you know that walmat has organic milk? I was surprised..

Hi sandy... party sounds fun..

Muffy... I will pray for your friend..

Hi to everyone that I missed. gotta head out to gym with oldest ds. wanted to say hi and hope yall have a great OP day!..

Comment #3

Morning Peeps!.

I am trying to get back to normal and sleeping lots, so that helps! I was way bitter all day yesterday at work when I realized I could've been lying on the beach, but no I had to come back early to take that freakin' English test today. God help them if teh server isn't working....another Saturday wasted......

Hope everyone is doing well!!..

Comment #4

Happy Saturday!.

Glad you're back safe Toni!.

Gotta go to an 80th b-day party today for vince's g-momis it horrible for me to say that I really don't want to be that old? I really don't.....

It's beautiful here in NJ today, yay!.

Gotta shower and get goin'love you girls! hope everyone has a great day!!.


Comment #5

Good morning Shammies!.

It's on OP day with cappuccino at dawn and Medifast Oatmeal right now. I took the boys to FSQA training early and they both passed easily. We washed the car and now we are taking a short break before we attack the household chores. Much to do there. I've promised a trip to the mall and allowing some friends over later tonight so they had better keep their end of the bargain..

Still no further word from my friend Gutt in Japan. I'm sure he will go find them (his wife and kids) first and get them to safety then head out into the field. He has a knack for placing himself in the most dangerous places for a photo. He is amazing at finding the humanity in photos. Here's some you can view:.



And he was famous for this one:.


He's obviously on my mind and I'm praying for his family...

Comment #6

Morning shammies..

Muffy thinking of your friends as I was reading the paper this morning...

Comment #7

Morning Shammies..

Off to school, running late..

Catch ya later!..

Comment #8

Hi everyone,.

Just wanted to check in quickly and say hi and hope everyone has a great weekend. My sister has really been helping me out and she's making sure I do my exercises, etc. Of course my knee is hurting but that's to be expected. I now may go home Mon. instead of next Wed. cuz doctors office wants to change appt.

Morning. Talk to all of you later...

Comment #9

Lucky Charms Challengers - please report stats before end of your day MONDAY..

These are the last stats so if you want to do normal weigh-in - fine... if you want to add a day or two and report a Monday weigh-in - fine too.... YOUR choice.

Looking forward to finding our last Irish Princess and CROWNING OUR SHAMROCK QUEEN!..

Comment #10

'Ra run done... felt great! off to clean, shop, and house dream....

Muffy - thinking of your friend - his pic are captivating..

Barb - be well. and drink your water!.

And that goes for all of you - Guzzle it down - it WORKS!!!..

Comment #11

I remember seeing that picture last year, Muffy. I do hope that he finds his family safe and sound..

Create is running a Top 'O The Mornin' marathon today. It is rainy, I have my tea going, and told the kid no Wii until I've had my fill of Ireland. I'm so content that I'm not even angry at the contractor for delaying us until Tuesday..

I'm still not sure how this thread works exactly, so to overcome my awkwardness, I'll just use my old fall back, talking about myself...

Comment #12

Hi all.. Checkin in from my phone. In parking lot waiting on BF. Been here 20 min now. He's working so he must have gotten stuck..

Oh yes he's here..... Much love..

Comment #13

Afternoon lovelies!.

Hoping the crickets are just because you have your hands full of water bottles.....

House drooling done and successful - now that Tampa house is rented... maybe. need to talk to the bank..... UG. off to grab some water myself. have a great evening..

Comment #14

I got most of my windows done. It was a good day for me to get caught up around the house. Next week I have a couple of challenges. Wednesday we are going to dinner and play. The choice for dinner is the challenge. I have time to work it.

I will drink my water at the appetizer course and coffee at the dinner course and hope I can eat the chicken dish and salad at the main course house. It is a fun event and my DH has been so supportive for the last almost 9 months that I did not think he should miss it. I just need to make it work..

I am not sure what I am doing tomorrow. Maybe practice golf. We have to go to the grocery store to buy stuff for what I am bringing to the Thursday event. I am Ok with fixing stuff that I am not going to eat. I am glad it does not bother me..

Barb - thanks for checking and hope you get to go home when you want..

Andi - I am drinking my water. Thanks for the reminders..

Andrea - I hope you have another good week..

Lara - where are you today? I forgot. You and Kori win the busy bunny award...

Comment #15

Morning lovelies!.

Ben Franklin was evil. That's all I got....

Have a great water-guzzling day!..

Comment #16

Ben Franklin was evil, you are correct. I fell back two hours when I went to sleep then fell forward 3 hours when I woke up so that I lost 5 hours. I like it better that way because if you have to be screwed up, be really screwed up..

Yesterday mucho accomplisho! Mt Laundry GONE, House properly whipped into shape, children had friends over, and I exercised TWO times. Total bicccchin rockstar..

Today, ugh, clean the minivan. I'll need a snorkel. It's grody back there..

Lovely OP day to you, Shammies. Mine will be...

Comment #17

Forgot to change the clocks until Dad called to remind me..


Comment #18

Good morning! Spent the day at the Bronx Zoo yesterday, was wonderful!! Walked a million miles....felt great..

Between Japan, being as horrible as a disaster as that is, then the Bronx bus accident, it was nice to enjoy my family and realize how lucky I am..

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by these horrifying disasters.....

Comment #19

Morning Peeps!!.

I am slow moving today, but I LOVE daylight savings time!!!! Who cares about an hour when Spring is around the corner? I just kicked Rob out so I can get some stuff done today. I have a house guest coming from Jersey on Thursday and you know at least need to change the sheets.....

I took the stupid test yesterday. Very took me two hours and I was allotted 3 hours. Had to write letters, speak about issues, and respond after listening to conversations. I would love to know how they score it all. The good part of it being f-ed up last time is they refunded my money, so at least I did not have to pay $300. to take it!.

Hope all is well!!!!!..

Comment #20

Toni - glad test is done..

I might work on the garage today. It is not bad just needs a rinsing..

I love this time of the year..

Hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #21

Just wanted to say hi and that everything is going pretty good. Sis and I are about to play cards so I'll catch everyone later. Prayers to all those affected by this horrible tragedy in Japan...

Comment #22

My friend is in Sendai taking photos. They are all over the web today. Thanks for prayers for his continued safety...

Comment #23

Hi all... quick hello before heading out for soccer..

Hey barb... so glad sis is helping you out. deal me in cause I love cards..

Hi sand, muff, lori, andi and toni.... hope yall have a great rest of your sunday. gotta pack water to go......

Comment #24

Chores are getting done. I am going to vacuum cars. We are driving to the play on Wednesday and Ginger, our Australian shepherd mix, sheds all over "her"car...

Comment #25

I'm here finally! never got a chance to get on yesterday. Read through the thread from yesterday. Here is my Shout OUt to everyone. Dh is leaving tomorrow for the week, so if I'm not here it's because I'm running myself rugged. We'll be fine, just busier than usual. I've had a rough week but ready to get back on track. Catch you in the morning...

Comment #26

Hello All-.

Recipe update, I found this one and tweeked it:.

2 cups of 1% cottage cheese.

1/2 cup of water.

1 package of sugar free jello (powder form).

Pulse it all in the blender/processor until creamy.

Now the whole thing counts as like one L&G and 4 condiments. But I don't think I could eat the whole thing in one sitting. As you know I have been substituting and making my Medifast food stretch so I measure them out into 1/2 cup servings and count one as an Medifast meal and one condiment. I didn't have any suagr-free jello today so I used 2 crstal light packets, it worked, but it cam out more creamy like yogurt versus jello-moldish.....all in all it is like a fruity mousse....pretty good and about the same "filling" value as an Medifast pudding...

Comment #27

Hey peeps. Busy day worked, shopped, worked some more, grabbed my girls headed to my moms, did some odd jobs for her. Now relaxing at her house before I pack us up to go home. Then I have laundry, cleaning and paperwork to get done..

Drinking some green tea~ hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow.


Comment #28

Hello all,.

Glad to read that everyone is well. I am still having a hard time checking in. I am still doing OK... Going much slower than I hoped, but I am not complaining. I am just thankful for what [i]is[i] happpening. Ladies, have an OP week and I will try to pop in before weekend. Look likes Sundays are my days...

Comment #29

Well HELLOOOOO Ms Sunshine GODDESS! I love your new avi!..

Comment #30

Hey Terri - good to see you!.

And Lara too... glad you made it through the week - I know you will make it through this one too... I have faith and I know how strong you are.

Work went well and quick as I had hoped. took hubbie for a $25 massage - LOVE it! and he enjoyed too. life is GRAND. sucked down 32 oz and need at least another 32 (maybe more) before bed... gotta get to it. toofy doc in the morning and followed by blood donation..

Toni - just placed HUGE order through Netrition in hopes of finding some T&M stuiff that hubbie and I can both enjoy. might be options for you as you stretch MF. Not certain about Canada delivery but will report as I can....

Later lovelies! tomorrow is a day off and I plan to enjoy it (and maybe get some stuff done too...).

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks! What can YOU get accomplisheed tomorrow???..

Comment #31

Andi - thanks. It is a picture from the Caribbean. I do love the sun...

Comment #32

I so want to be under 10 lbs to go with this weeks WI. Scale has been so slow. I know the plan works so I have to trust it...

Comment #33

Morning Peeps!!!!.

I am not liking Monday so far.....need more coffee..........

Comment #34

Morning Toni- I hear ya, it's Monday!.

DH out the door early, so it's just the girls this week. They didn't want him to go. He has never left on his own before so they were making a big deal out of it. I on the other hand go somewhere at least once a year and they dont make such a big deal about it. Daddys girls what can you say?.

Hope everyone has a great op day!..

Comment #35

Oh, Lori. thanks for the serious eye candy... yummy..

Good morning all.... it's late for me cause I been busy. ugh. need more coffee before shout outs!..

Comment #36

Morning Lovelies,.

Today is piano lesson for me. I have a little convertible and I put the top down for my travels. Have I said I love this time of the year. Hope everyone has a good week..

Lara - You are so close..

Andrea - love your ticker this morning...

Comment #37

If I have the numbers right we have a bunch of Shammies close..

Andi - 5.5.

Lara - 9.8.

Andrea - 10.0.

Sand - 10.4.

Who else is in the close club? Lori - where are you?.

I am thinking we are all going to be in goal weight range when Lori and Lara go to Aruba. Lori - 1 month 2 days?..

Comment #38

Hi again all....

Hi kate and Terri... we are excited to have you here! keep chatting with us..

Sandy.. I love the new pic too. you look amazing..

Andi.. massage for hubby sounds heavenly. love when you post. it gets me energized..

Muffy... pllllleeeeasssse come to my house to clean too..

Hey eileen.. hope you are doing well..

Lara... hang in there busy woman. sorry your girls were sad. that stinks..

Jill.... hope the WI goes well. good vibes headed your way...

Comment #39

Hey sandy... thanks. if I reach my goal before aruba, does that mean I get to go?..

Comment #40

Sandy... enjoy your sexy self in that convertible... yoo hoo!.

Its back to work for me.....

Much love ladies..

Hey toni... how are ya? adjusting back to toronto weather yet? hope the stinky test went well...

Hi erin and kori when you guys get here.....

Comment #41

I was hatin' on Daylight Saving Time until I saw Lori's photos today. Mmmm..

Oh, yeah... where was I.....

Kid got driver's license today. Another milestone in the life of this quickly aging mother..

Gotta work. Mad love at ya!..

Comment #42

Hi Shams,.

Just got home from my sisters and will be heading out in a little bit to go see doctor. The staples are due to come outyay. I'm getting around really well. Don't even use my walker at times but know I'll get yelled at if I don't so I try to be careful. Alot of problems sleeping last night and leg started throbbing the worse yet but otherwise I'm doing great. Will start PT later this week.

Hope everyone has a great week and let me know if I missed anything...

Comment #43

Hey barb... sounds like your mending well. sorry about the no sleep. hope visit to dr goes well today..

Hey muffy.. congrats to your now able to drive son. I know it means more worry for you..

When I was 16 and passed my test, the first person I called when I got home from school was my grandma. I knew she would be happy for me and not so worried. my mom and dad were glad too, but not giddy about it. brings back nice memories for me and makes me miss my grandma.... ok. thinkin TOM may be around the corner cause I have been close to crying all day.....

I.hate.JACK. com..

Comment #44

Morning Shammies!.

Another Monday...UGHHH!!!!.

Had a busy weekend. Need to get caught up on some sleep. This Daylight savings time kills me but I love that it stays lighter later..

Will catch up later hookers...

Comment #45

Barb - glad to hear from you and that things are going well..

Kori - you are the busiest..

Muffy - scary times for you but happy times for son...

Comment #46

Please reply as I NEED to know the answer to this.....

Comment #47

Morning lovelies!.

Need to ehad out quick for dentist. then blood center. might dress shop in between... SiL getting married next month and "I have NOTHING to wear".

Have a great water-guzzling day..

Comment #48

Hey andi... find me a dress too. just found out I got invited to my cousin's son's bar mitzvah, and I too "have nothing to wear". I didnt want to go in the first place until my dad bribed with with a new outfit. go to event+ get a new dress= no brainer. LOL..

Comment #49

Andrea - that makes ME miss your grandma. Weepy too...

Comment #50

Hi there,.

I have a bit of reading to catch up with it seems. I was kind of thinking this group might have fizzled out, of course, when I don't come by to check in, everyone gets going...

Comment #51

Yes, I think we all get to go to Aruba..

Oh, I will take a new dress...

Comment #52

Hey all..

I spent 4.5 hours trying to get through to unemployment today..

Fun times..

I have cramps just in time to get on the plane to Toronto..

Fun times..

Ya'll are welcome to come to Aruba with me..

4/16- 4/24.

Make sure you're there for 4/21 to celebrate my b'day..


Comment #53

Hi all...

Kate... dont take it personally. while I have tried to tell my boss I need to chat here, he still makes me work. we like having new peeps. (not the marshmellow kind).

Sandy... ok. ill put you down for yes to trip and yes to dress. got it. anything else?.

Lori.. cramps or not you will have an awesome time in toronto..

Gotta go ice skating with my little ds and the entire 5th grade tonight. ugh...

Comment #54

Andrea - while we are dreaming, can you make this late 10 pounds melt overnight?.

Lori - what have you heard on your doctor appointments? Have fun in Toronto...

Comment #55

Andi and Sandy- Does my name need to end in some sort of "andy" sound to get tickers that look like yours? You guys are just AMAZING..

Not to mention neck and neck with eachother..

Stopping by for a quick cuppa and forum lurking. My food arrived today. I'm trying very hard not to just go ahead and start. It probably seems weird to some people that I am not just going for it early. But I tend to be a bit of a cliff diver that doesn't have much follow through, and I don't want this Medifast "journey" to be like other things in my life. No more crashing.

Guess how many curtain panels I got done this weekend???!!! One. Yup. One. A grand total of 2 down, 10 to go. This was really a terrible idea. I wonder if I'll have them done before I hit goal..

I still feel awkward with this group forum business...

Comment #56

Lori, I'm sure alot of us would love to go to Aruba with you but I have a feeling Joe wouldn't want to share you that much. Sure hope you have Toni and have a blast in Toronto this weekend. I'll be celebrating vicariously through you guys. Besides, lots of liquor and the happy pain pills I'm taking might make for one wild Barbie...

Comment #57

Hi girls!!!.

I will preface what i'm about to say by admitting that I am an ***had some difficulty staying OP over the weekend, but back to it today...jack and too much socializing are not a good mix for me....

So, no loss for this week and no challenge goals metwhat else is new!!!.

Haven't caught up on board, still at work, payroll week, blah blah blah.

I'm sick of me too, it's ok.

Love you girls!!!!.


Comment #58


- You're gonna be fine. You got this..


- We'll give you a shout out from Canada. Just share you're effing pills..


- Nothing major with the doctor stuff. Basically - I'm healthy. Imagine that. Need more Vitamin D - waiting on chest xray results - going for mammo tomorrow..


- Dude...10 pounds....whoa.....


- I miss you..


- Are you douching the crib for my arrival? Or will I be douching the crib when you dump me there to go back to work?.

I forget e'thing else. Sorry I haven't been here much...

Comment #59

Since your post on my goal thread made me laugh so hard, I farted and pee'd a's your banner..

Take out the ***.


Comment #60

Don't feel awkward..

You're a freakin' riot..

Sounds like your motivation level is right about where mine is lately..

If you said St. Pat's to start - then start on St. Pat's..

There's a great group of hookers here to see you through until the end..

I have cramps..

Thanks for listening...

Comment #61

Yo - I can't really 'yell' at you, because I haven't been here..

I can't really 'yell' at you because, if I had a ticker - it wouldn't be going down either..

I can't really do a lot of things - but....

Where have you been?.

Have you been here?.

Is your ticker moving?.

Were you in the challenge?.

What's going on with you?.

Do I need to make a phone call?.

You know I'm unemployed now and nothing stopping me from getting on a plane..

I love you..

I have mad respect for you..

PM me if you'd like...

Comment #62

I found him on another forum..

Never even heard of him before..


Talk about something to snack on..

You're more than halfway there..

Good for you, Muffy...

Comment #63

111 pounds?????????????????????.


(Tell me 5'3" and you're OFF this team!).


Okay...I'm calm..

Just please tell me you're 4'5" tall...

Comment #64

Hi all. I miss you all madly and totally suck for not being here. I'm up about 20 lbs. I'm putting a food order in on Friday if I have to sell one of my kids. I promise starting tomorrow my *** will be here everyday if it fricking kills me..

Forgive me for wearing my asshat please...

Comment #65

Just wanted to check in after my crazy day of work. Just got out of Staff meeting. I am going to attempt to back read and do some shout outs, but I may just back read and head home..

I am frickin' tired!.

Need to drink some more water too. Almost at the 64 oz. but want to be at 100 for the day...

Comment #66

Where have you been? Been here as much as I can with the crazy life, but yes, I am here..

Have you been here? Here!!!.

Is your ticker moving? Just got my new shipment after the effed up my VIP order last Wed. It will be moving along soon..

Were you in the challenge? Not in the challenge this time since there was a lack of food problem..

What's going on with you? Busy times, crazy times. Trying to get a lot of things sorted and organized in order to prepare for some things coming up..

Do I need to make a phone call? You know I would always love to hear from ya! Text, email, whatever. But I do think another AC trip would definitely be fun too!.

Love you so much for your support of me and this group. After saying that, I think I am going to check out your goal thread again because it's been awhile...

Comment #67

Ummmm....yeah....Thanks....that's all I gotz since I am still wiping up the drool. He was yummmmmmyyyyyy!!!!..

Comment #68

OK, don't have any time for more shout outs but Hey hookers!!!! Andi, Andrea, Sandy, Muffy, Ohoney, Ang, Eileen, Lara, Barb, and anyone else I missed..

Need to go figure out what to eat for dinner..

Then do all this over again tomorrow...

Comment #69

5' 2". My little sister is the same height and around 105-115 with a beer belly to boot. I am using her as a bit of a gauge. I have boobs, hence, the extra 6 pounds or so..

Am I perhaps going overboard so that I can be the same size as my sister for once in my adult life? Yes, probably..

Did I choose 111 roughly because it added up to three and Schoolhouse Rock says that 3 is the magic number? Yes probably..

Will I stop if I look gaunt and sick at 120? Yes..

It has been a long time since I've been a normal weight. I have no idea what goal to shoot for...

Comment #70

Ha! I hadn't read this but was thinking it as I lounge on my couch stressing out about my life plans and not cleaning/ can handle a vacuum, right? I did hear (repeatedly from many costumed Torontonian dudes. Halloween circa 2009) you were good at sucking......

Oh snap, maybe I'm thinking of Robyn?!?!?!?..

Comment #71

I've always wondered what a good rack should weigh. Thanks for letting me know 3 lbs per boob is adequate..

I frickin' love your logic. LOVE IT..

Shoot for the moon, baby, because if you miss you'll still land in the stars!.

Ohoney.... chica... you made me laugh and it made might night. You're gonna be fine as a Shamrock. I'm counting on it..

Just waiting for that first Medifast bar to cross your lips...

Comment #72

How much for the kid? Does it clean? Will you take a trade in along with the purchase?.

Oh, send photo of the asshat...

Comment #73

MAD LOVE! Thanks for the lift! You're better support than DD's in a Victoria's Secret push up...

Comment #74

Tentative success at Ross. Need hubbie's opinion but think he might be able to pick from the 3 I brought home. not certain if he will like the shoes. but I do so those stay..

Comment #75

OK Lori - Aruba sounds wonderful but I might wanna go visit Barb instead.....

Comment #76

Need hubbie to take some but I will cuz they are cute.

Followed the "buy one in every color" theory..

Comment #77

Warning - Medifast bars may bring other "treats" later... not all but some need room spray... just sayin'..

Comment #78

So - toofy doc wants to take out my wisdom tooth. Next week.

And I have successfully finished 1.5 of the 5 things on my chores list... so - away I scoot. maybe water first...??????? **Procrastinator extraordinaire!**..

Comment #79

You crack me up..

Girl - stay away from that goal thread..

I don't know who that person is..

I was just telling someone in PM the other day that if they ever call me for "Happily Ever After" I'm going to weigh 200 lbs. again..

Le Sigh..

I love you, too, Frogger Hooker...

Comment #80

It was actually on this purse forum that I love to visit..

Would you rather have him for one-night or a lifetime supply of Balenciaga..

Would you believe I picked Balenciaga?.


12-step-program maybe?..

Comment #81

You just made me laugh out loud again..

Thanks for that..

I can't remember how old you are..

I looked like old haggard butt under 128..

But I am old haggard butt..

I'm only an inch taller than you, but the way I carry my weight, 130 has always worked well for me..

My true swagger weight always seems to be 129..

You wouldn't think a couple of pounds in either direction would make a difference, right?.

Oh well, you'll know when you get there sister...

Comment #82

I'll vaccuum and promise to make stuffed peppers this time..

It's the least I can do..

Cripes, at this point, you're lucky if I leave...

Comment #83

Seriously - YOU go to Aruba with Joe and I'm going to visit Barb...

Comment #84

This thread is the best. LOL.

Home from piano lessons. Getting ready for golf league tomorrow. Hope the scale moves. Had shrimp salad today and my water. Need one more 5...

Comment #85

Kate, I am trying to figure out the correct weight also..

Lori - I love your advise that we will know it when we get there. I am not interested in the old haggard look. Sexy swagger sounds good. I am not there yet. It does change when you are different ages. I have figured that out...

Comment #86

Good morning Hookers..

I've been wide awake since 3:00..

Fun times!..

Comment #87

Lori - so sorry youare not sleeping again... It's 4:30 here and I do that to myself on purpose..

Comment #88

Hubbie liked dresses AND shoes - keeping them all..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.