Where can I find Medifast Diet foods?

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Question I have... Where can I find Medifast Diet foods? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

You must motivate yourself EVERYDAY..


The best motivation always comes from within..


The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done...

Comment #2

Morning Peeps!.

I gotta run to work! I was up until 2:00 am finishing this presntation for the Family Education Day. I can't wait to get back to bed!!!..

Comment #3

Well, excuuuuuuuuuuussssseeeeeeeeee me......

You know how I get when I have peanut butter crunch bars......

Seriously it is mad windy here, but hell I see it as an NSV that I got blown off the sidewalk while walking yesterday....that woudln't have happened at 229 plus......

Comment #4

Morning Lori & Toni,.

Talk about windywe ended up losing power about 10:30 last night. Boy that sucks. Thank goodness we have a generator. Wasn't sure how to get it started but with DH doing that and me doing the physical job of lifting and pushing it outside the garage, we got it going. We used it thru the night and this morning the power was back on. Yay!!! Thank goodness it's a large enough one that can run our whole house if needed.

An old friend who came to see Doug in hospital invited us to go so I guess that's our plan. I would rather he go by himself since this isn't my kind of thing but he wants me to go so doing the "good wifey thing", I'm going. Have a good day everyone and I'll see ya soon...

Comment #5

Wow! You all have some crazy weather today. We are supposed to have record high temps here in Big D. All the way up to 80 degrees! Guess I'll have to break out the trusty old razor to take down the forest I grew on my legs this winter..

I am really exciting this morning because when I got on the scale this am, it read that I am only .5 lbs away from being halfway to goal! Yahoo!.

Have a lovely day, all!.

Later gators!..

Comment #6

Gotta run too - after runnin already this AM.

Have a great OP Water Drinking Focused kind of day.

GOOOOOOOO Shammies!..

Comment #7

Gotta run to class today. All day of learning algebra. Can we say boring??? I will try to stay awake..

Oh, and does anyone know if customer services open on Sat? I am getting low on some things and was wondering why I hadn't received my next shipment. Sure enough, it was supposed to ship 2 weeks ago but still shows as being locked for processing! Aghhhhh! That is no bueno..


Mucho love!..

Comment #8


Having guest tomorrow so you know what time it is.


Try to be back later.

Love ya hookas!!!!..

Comment #9

Shave those legs and you will be there based on your description. LOL.


Comment #10


Sorry about the caps "locked"..

I am feeling better today. Got up and took a long shower and almost feel human...

Comment #11

From old thread:.

AWESOME job on the 10 lb. loss, amiga!..

Comment #12

Good afternoon all....

Been out and about all day. need to refuel and ill be back..

Good news- I bought a bathing suit that I dont hate!..

Comment #13

Heyyyy! In laws are here, cant stay just wanted to say WASSSUP and keep with my goal to be here daily.

Ill BBL..

Comment #14

Just a quick drop in- need to go make a poster for Japan for the GS thingy tomorrow. Have a great OP day...

Comment #15

Lara - I remember you are so busy this weekend. I am still not doing much...

Comment #16

HEEEEYYYY! I posted earlier where did it go??? I have been dream shopping on internet while DD sleeps. I wish I had the money to buy $90 workout pants from lulumon, I bet they fit nice : ).

Going out for DH birthday for a little bit tonight, in laws were here to watch kids but the weather is supposed to get nasty later so they decided to head home. SO SIL is going to come for a bit. I have to be home by 10 but thats ok since DD has been sick all week. Its so hard because my DH and I REALLY need time together but baby comes first!!!!.

We are expecting some snow monday~ that will be hard to handle after it being 70 on Thursday!!.

Quiet here today, will check back later..

Comment #17

Afternoon lovelies!!!.

Conf going well. Eating well. Hope the scale agrees... Hard getting my 5 in don't want to 4/2. Interested to see what Monday morning will bring. Going to estimate this week for the Spring Challenge and be true for Lucky Charms.....

Comment #18

Sand - Only 15 lbs. to go. How awesome is that?..

Comment #19

Hey peeps! long day, gonna crash....hope all is well!..

Comment #20

Lori - I so want to be at goal. Thanks for noticing...

Comment #21

Evening lovelies!!.

Hope all had a great Saturday. Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow!.

Rest well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #22

So proud, this delicious pizza stared at me while out tonight. I planned well and made it through!! What a great feeling!.

Hoping dd will sleep in her own bed tonight- wish us luck.

I have a ton of paperwork to get done tomorrow so I am sure I will be around while I attempt to procrastinate..

Comment #23

Good Morning, Ladybugs!.

I am with the Capt. Way to go, Jill! Pizza is. Tough one to resist, but you did it. Clever girl!.

Just a quick good morning before the morning church routine gets under way. Happy Sunday, everyone!.


Comment #24

Gotta fly - last day of Conf so need to check out of hotel and all. Catch you lovelies later..

Have a GREAT OP water-drinkin day!!!..

Comment #25

Morning shams,.

Dinner out last night was different (wild game) but we enjoyed seeing some old friends from Church who made us feel very welcome. However, DH started feeling really bad just a little while after being there (some difficulty breathy and feeling very tired). We left after about an hour. We're a little worried but he did have bronchitis or whatever before he went to hospital so maybe he'll use the nebulizer again starting today. We see the surgeon tomorrow and we'll ask him. Going to be a lazy day today I think.

YUCK!!!! I love walking outside and seeing grass through the snow now and my driveway is completely clear. So much for northern MI. Hope everyone has a great relaxing day. Andi, safe traveling home chica...

Comment #26


SOOOO I am down 2.8!!! WOO FREAKING HOO!!! I have not been keeping track very closely of my loss because it plays head games with me. Due to the challenge I kept track this week.... and wow does that feel good!!!.

ANDDD DD slept in her crib and seems much better today!!.

I think it's going to be a good day..

Comment #27

Hey Peeps!.

Quick drive by....heading to brunch with friends....bring on the eggs!!!!..

Comment #28

There is a challenge in my town.

I am thinking of entering with DH. I think it would be something for us to do together since we have had such a tough year, and we both need to lose weight and get in shape. It asks for a 25 word essay about what our motivation is as well as a picture. Give me some advice......

What do you would be the best pose/ clothing to take picture. I dont know if I can do the whole sports bra deal... I think you can tell just fine how big I am in a tshirt, and if they pick you then they do a photo shoot in March.....

AND.... thoughts on my 25 words about what our motivation is.... I want to participate!!.

Scot and I are both overweight. We have 2 small children that we want to show a different lifestyle to. My dad died suddenly March 2010 from a massive heart attack at 61. We want to change the legacy of our family diabetes, heart disease, and extreme obesity...

Comment #29


Jill - WOW on the pizza, and loss and entering the challenge. I like what you wrote..

I think losing weight for legacy and your own health makes it stick..

I almost feel human. Slept without blowing my nose and coughing. Life is good...

Comment #30

Jill~ love what you wrote! What about a tank top? Way to go on the weight-loss!..

Comment #31

I am thinking about my new wardrobe when I get to goal. I want a leather jacket in the color Wicked (Lori's nail color). If any sees one, let me know what store..

DH is volunteering at the Accenture golf tournament next week. So if you watch, he will be on hole #5. Means I will have the week to myself...

Comment #32

Sandy, that will be a great color on you - hope you can find it. Have a good night everyone...

Comment #33

Barb - hope you had a good day, chat with you tomorrow...

Comment #34

Finally able to check in, I literally haven't sat down since about 9:15 this morning. Feels so good to now. Had to make myself sit down and come get on here because I've been dealing with $9000 worth of girl scout cookies since about 4:30 and they were starting to call my name. Stepped away quickly as I have had an awesome OP day. I have to focus on weight loss this week and not the exercise like I had done. Just not working for me.

Jill- WTG on the WI. I liked what you wrote for the contest. What a great thing for you and DH to do together. Yeah for DD feeling better..

Sandy- You will hit goal in no time because you rock. I need to look up the color as I don't remember what it looks like. If I see one though I'll let you know..

Andi- You've done an awesome job OP at the confernce and with checking in with us. We LOVE when you are here..

Lori- Good to see you popping in too. We have missed you..

Toni- Sounds like you've been busy this weekend too..

OK have a great evening and I'll check back in the morning...

Comment #35

Barb- didn't mean to forget you. Hope DH is feeling better and all goes well at the post-op visit...

Comment #36

Hello gorgeous gals....

I'm crawling's honestly the only thing that works. I'm not totally fargone but am up about 30lbs..

BBLLEECCKKK. Just placed my order.....

I've missed all of you,,,,hope it's been well for you girls (and Tom?Patrick?).

Anyway...please wish me luck...I can't possibly have another fat summer...

Comment #37

It's good to see you back Eileen..

Hi Shams..

I'm getting ready for bed and gearing up for my last week at work..

Mad love...

Comment #38

Home to my good girl - nice to be home and so good to see my 'Ra. Hubbie at work buton his way home - can't wait..

Today (so far) I havn't been tempted at all. feels pretty good!.

And I am grateful that Xera was so happy to see me and that I get to spend the day with her tomorrow..

Resting up for a Sexy Shamrock OP water-drinkin' dog-playin' kind of day!!!..

Comment #39

Morning Peeps!!.

I have to go into work today, but I hope to get tons done!.

I'm down 1 for the week.....I hate Monday weigh-ins.....I need to drink more water on the weekends and just didn't have time this weekend to drink and pee!!!!! Anyways, at least it is still going down (that's what he said.


Happy Monday!..

Comment #40

Good morning! At work getting ready for an all day inservice. I'll catch you all later, have a great op day..

Comment #41

Good morning all... snowy holiday here in NY so I'm toasty warm inside after sleeping late..

Jill... your are rocking this, girlfriend. no pizza and 2.8 gone. WTG!.

Sandy.. so glad your feeling better. hope DH had fun at golf. I'll keep an eye out for your jacket while I'm shopping.

Lori... how you doing capt. love when your here.

Lara... glad your weekend went well. yoga this week?.

Andi... glad your home safe. challange is going to be great..

Katie... hope you have a great day..

Eileen.. great to see you here! stay chatting..

Barb... hoping you have a great day too...

Comment #42

Oops.. good morning toni. sorry. how could I have forgotten my firend to the north..

Going to get coffee and be back......

Comment #43

Morning Toni and Andrea and all those still to come,.

Hope if you have the day off that you can enjoy it. It snowed here last night but only about an inch or two. Thank goodness for that since we have an appt. this afternoon to get Doug's staples out. Alot of running around this week. Hope DH starts feeling better.

Hopefully we can get some answers this week or he'll just start getting better. My patience is wearing thin and I hate that. Gotta get more coffee so I'll bbl...

Comment #44

Hey barb... I think you have had amazing patience so far. I cant stand dealing with sick people. I know that makes me sound heartless, but I'm just no good at dealing with sick. id make a really bad nurse... mental illness I can deal with just nothing physical.

Its looking clear by me now. think ds will get a hair cut today once we finally get moving. yawn.... LOL...

Comment #45

Good morning all! I have today's like a gift! Getting some much needed chores comes at end of week. Wish it was now!..

Comment #46

Hello Shammies.

I had a worthless weekend. I wish I had an excuse for spending most of both days in my pajamas, but I own it, I do not have an excuse. I am NookColor addicted and read books and drank Medifast Cappuccino and snuggled in blankeys. DH had to work. Teenagers ignored me. Dog snuggled..

Good news. I'm on the edge of 150 mark today. Planning on entering 140-something land this week. Feels really good. (Almost as good as snuggling with the book, the blankey, and the dog.) But today, I am at work, LEAN into it....getting something done..

Will go catch up later chicas ~~ have a Shamtastic day~..

Comment #47

Hi slores!.

Hope everyone is staying dry, warm, etc. it's been friggin raining since saturday night here. why I washed my car AND the dog, I have no clue!.

Car looks like shite and the dog smells like it!.

Been busy with school, but do check in on you hookers...

Hope to see ang, capt, mel, kori more....

Have a great day!..

Comment #48

Popping my head in from my new job..

I'm a hot mess right now in my personal life but hope to be back on soon..

Love you all madly!..

Comment #49

Quick check in. Holiday weekend filled with fun, birthdays, migraines, and now shopping with my mom..

Later hookahs!.

Mucho love...

Comment #50

Morning lovelies!.

Good short easy run with my 'Ra pup this AM. now getting ready for a pedi - hopin my.

Place is open... then getting my jewelry check - every 6 months... lunch with hubbie and a trail hike with the pup. then MAYBE some chores....

Off to drink more water. hope your day is going well. later lovelies!..

Comment #51

Hey ang.. hoping things brighten up soon. i'll be thinkin about ya..

Hi erin. sorry about the car and dog. I had my car washed yesterday before somebody wrote "wash me" on it..

Hi eileen... enjoy the day off..

Muffy... your weekend sounds great to me. we all need to be vegetables sometimes. and it's OP.... sorry bad joke...

Comment #52

Hey kori... let us know about the bargins you and your mom find..

Hi andi... enjoy lunch with hubby. love me some pedi !!!!..

Comment #53

Hi all, I posted this on 2/19 but think I posted on wrong thread... Not sure.

I am getting used to the forum thingy here. I forgot it was here. LOL I weigh in tomorrow, so I will def come back and let you ladies know how I'm doing. I had a pretty easy time, surprisingly. I've stayed on plan everyday. I tried to go back and read 20 pages of posts.

I am 49, been over 200 sence my daughter was 1. She is now 24. I was about 210 when I got married 13 years ago and got up to 290. I tried to loose it on my own, but after 6 months, I had only taken off 10 pounds. After a health scare, (all is ok), my doctor recommended this program.


I am a teacher who formerly owned and operated a small private school. I am back in the classroom now. I don't do much else but work. But I'm planning on doing Zumba. My first reward for the first month's weight lost is to buy the Zumba video game for the PS3 and then start going to class..

Well, I got to go pee (again) LOL then I'm off to bed. I will def be back tomorrow to let you guys know how much weight I lost..


Comment #54

This one was 2/20... Again I getting used to the discussion board....

Hello all, well I said I'd come back and share the weigh in results. IAre you ready?! I lost 10 pounds with nine days on plan. YAY ME!!!!!..

Comment #55

Ok, now that I think I'm in the right place,,,lol.

Hello ladies hope all have a great Holiday today...

Comment #56

Morning Shammies,.

Back from the Board of Directors meeting - I do not like them..

Andrea - love your ticker..

Need to go practice piano for lesson today..

Hope everyone enjoys their day...

Comment #57

Tlhpruitt - You're in the right place. Glad you found us. Glad you're here..

Sand - "I do not like them." made me laugh out loud. No easy task these days..

Hi to everyone else. Good to see Ang and Kori stopping in. I think I need to stalk Robyn?.

I am home from work. I decided - even if I'm losing money - I'm taking 1/2 days for the rest of this week. The money is not worth my sanity at this point. I'm just done and need to get out of there..

Waiting on a call from the vet and have a few things to do here, including to figure out what I want to eat..

I'll BBL fo' sho'..

Mad love...

Comment #58

Lori - I understand the 1/2 days. Sanity is important. I used to have some...

Comment #59

Hey hookers!!.

Sorry I missed yesterdaythat was one of my challenge goals-to be here everyday but yesterday just got away from meooooooppps!!!.

Down -1 for WI todaythanks JACK! (and jack related moment of weakness yesterdaydouble oops!!) did not yet update my ticker.

Checking in from work real quickfrom work i'm going to an event at Urban Promise in Camden, NJ (i am "judging" an oratory contestyoung, disadvanted kids writing speeches about how they can be whatever they want! as if judging is necessary!!! especially by a slacker like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Probably won't be back todaylove you all!!!!! hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!.


Comment #60

Quick fly by to say hi and that we're heading out to the docs as we speak. Later gators...

Comment #61

Ha, it was OP, but one of my goals was to exercise.... unless getting up to p counts, then I did not exercise. If couch potato is the only non-carb potato I can have, I'm takin it!..

Comment #62

Hey Peeps!.

Home from work...very productive when no one else is around!!!!! Now I need to douche the house cuz I let that slide all weekend.....

Comment #63

Hi all... back from my little trip out. staying OP is harder being at home all day. gonna join the gym tommorrow.... wow. that sounds cliche, but I really am going tommorrow...

Comment #64

Hey toni... happy cleaning..

Hi jill... hows the baby?.

Hey robyn... good luck with the judging thing..

Hey lori... you on my mind girlfriend...

Comment #65

Afternoon lovelies!.

Lunch with Hubbie was great. Pedi place not open. Means more Pup time. Currently out being dragged by ** I mean walking** my Rocket 'Ra. Who DID teach this crazy pup to RUN???..

Comment #66

End of the trail is Aztec Mocha Coffee..

Resistance is NOT futile!!!!!..

Comment #67

Evening all, Crappy evening. Headache, and PowerPoint is pizzing me off royally. DD has a PP project due friday. She started it the other day and now my computer doens't want to open it. I'm trying to update it now- hopefully it'll work or she may be in trouble. Had vball today which we won, a little less than 1/2 the people came to pick up cookies- TG.

Oh and I get to be drug tested tomorrow. I've been randomly selected again- I just did this a few months ago. But on a positive side, day two OP 100 %!..

Comment #68

Evening lovelies!!!.

Max relaxin eve home with the pup. Hubbie home soon and early to bed for me... Early day tomorrow..

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #69

Easiest L and G eva.... canned chicken, rotel, a little cheese, put on top of salad. SUPER filling!.

Baby is doing better, thanks for asking Andrea! She lost a little weight last week due to not eating (which is to be expected) we can cut down the nebulizer and she went back to her own crib- YAY!!.

Work was busy today, I am so behind since I was home a lot last week..

My mom brought chicken nuggets for DD I didnt grab any.

(Im working on acknowledging my accomplishments... thanks beck book!).

Long weird day tomorrow... I will at least pop in to say hi!..

Comment #70

Morning Peeps! The site was down all morning.....

I gotta run and head to work, going to the Leafs (hockey) game after work and will be "working it" with a group of kids in VIP seating. I get to bring Rob so he is stoked.....


Comment #71

Good morning all.

Thursday is the day (my box comes!).

Gettin' ready....cant wait to not look like a sausage again!!.


I'll peek in from new job came with a more office...hard adjustment for me....spies everywhere......

Comment #72

Morning lovelies!.

Early day here. Already walking up to work. Will check in tonight after I run the Lucky Charms weekly stats..

If you haven't reported - please do today!!!.

Have a great OP guzzling day... 100 oz anyone?..

Comment #73

Morning all... hard part about having a monday off from work is dealing with a tuesday morning... and it is super cold here so getting outta bed was tough....

Hey lara... hope that headache is gone. stinks about dd project. I hate when pcs dont behave. wtg with OP... !!!!.

Hi andi... yum. you make coffee and running sound so good!.

Dawn.. hi there. do you have school this week? some schools here are closed for break. my poor kids have to go. hows your family and your sister?.

Toni... wow free hockey game. my kids will be excited for you. if it's a sport, they love it. I would love the free and VIP part..

Hey eileen.. too bad about the spies at work. hope you can still chat sometime..

Hi lori.. yeah 10 more pounds... it's funny, now that people know it's been almost a year on MF, all they do is ask "when are you stopping? it's been a year." my kids, or as I refer to them as, my back seat drivers, love to give advice about transition... as if they have a clue! kids! cant live with em, cant sell them on ebay..

Jill... glad to hear baby is doing better. hope you have a great day!..

Comment #74

Need more coffee, as usual..

Question to all but not Medifast releated..... I'm planning a 3 day trip to DC. red bulls (NY soccer team we love) is playing there, so I agreed to take kids. decided to make it a short trip and my parents are coming too. any ideas of what area to stay in and possibly hotel/sight seeing ideas? thanks......

Comment #75

Morning shams,.

Sorry Andrea, I've never been to DC. I've been a real fluff off lately with Medifast and I'm trying once again to keep my head in the game. I know what the big picture is and everytime I come here I get more motivation so I know I just need to do it. I was much healthier with the weight off and looked much better every pound off. I suppose that's why I always come back here daily. It would be so much easier mentally to say "forget it", why go there when you're not sticking with it.

Therefore, I may not always post results but I'm always reading and trying in my own way to do better. I know Capt., I've been at it forever and with my size should have easily lost over 100 lbs. by now. I'm still going with the motto to never quit trying so that's why I still post instead of just reading, etc. Today is a new day and I'm going to start trying to get back on track again.

That wasn't planned and we got home late. However, no blood clots were found which is good. It will be quiet here for awhile and then I have to run our friend back to that same town for his appt. Man, I need a spa day. Think I may book one for next week (if I can fit it inlol).

Ang, sure hope things are getting better and calmer in your life...

Comment #76

Site is still acting up - hopefully my post didn't show up twice. Too long as it waslol...

Comment #77

I wasn't able to get online this morning from home..

Doing a quick check-in from hell..

Will get caught up later from home..

Hope everyone is well...

Comment #78

Hello all chicas! Work is cr-aaaaaa-zy. I'm trying to keep up. Just a quick pop in to say I'm OP and haven't found the treadmill yet..

I have the week from Hades..

Tonight 3:30 to 4:15 drive home & pick up DS#2, then drive to school and pick up DS#1, drive them 30 minutes to drivers ed, then drive 40 minutes to Kohls to do exchanges while 30% coupon still good, then drive 40 minutes back to pick them up after class at 8:30, oh and fit my L&G in there somewhere..

Tomorrow 6pm drive DS#1 to guitar lesson 40 minutes away (after driving home 45 minutes turn around and go back to des moines), grocery shop during that hour, drive DS#1 home from lesson 40 minutes..

Thursday: Repeat of Tuesday without Kohls in the middle..


My CEO has decided to resign at the close of the fiscal year so I have to begin executive search soon. That will take up much of my days/nights..

It seems that if I have Medifast Cappuccino and bars with me, I survive OP. Without these, I would be a failure..

Proper shout out not available right now, but I'm skinnying in an reading what ya'all say. I haven't been to DC, I'm pretty darn good at powerpoint so message me, and mad love at all of ya...

Comment #79

Wow muffy, please dont forget to breathe. that was quite a list. I can relate. driving all over is exhausting. I'll be sending you good vibes..

Hey capt. yes this site is weird today..

Hi barb... good thoughts going your way too. hope dh appt is ok..

I'm afraid to type more and then have it deleated.......

Comment #80

Hey quick drive by from work!! tried to get on this morning and couldn't??.

I'll be back tonight!.

Hope everyone is doing greati miss you!!!.


Comment #81

Slept late. Still a little stuffy..

Have a good one...

Comment #82

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.