Where can I find Medifast Diet products?

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Got a quick question: Where can I find Medifast Diet products? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (82)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task...

Comment #2

I'm an idiot and SO not awake....

Now isn't the time to get cocky, Sand..

I've seen way too many people get so close and completely assitup..

And we know you won't be one of them..

Work for it now more than every and getthisshitdone..

Mad respect and love to you...

Comment #3

And again....

It's Captain's 2nd home..

Where Robyn and I had our first dinner date and sleepover in matching t-shirts..


Comment #4

And again....


10 pounds..

You've only got TEN stinking pounds to go..

Of all the freakin' things you could have eaten, dude....

Eh...what's done is done..

I want you at goal before I leave for Aruba..

I hope we clear...

Comment #5

Nice job with the cookies..

When you coming to visit me and Bo'gata?..

Comment #6

I'm so glad to read that things are improving with your sister..

I hope you got some good sleep last night..

Take care of you, too, Sweetheart..


Comment #7

Good luck. I hope it was a kickass week for you!..

Comment #8

Hey Shams,.

Sorry I haven't been around much. It's been ridiculous here..

All of that torture leading up to my last day of work and then yesterday was the biggest joke of all. SO disrespectful and hurtful. I won't even get in to the details. I'm just thankful it's over..

I wound up being at work from 9-9:15 and that was it. I was done. So, since I was supposed to have lunch with Sexy - I sent him a text to call me and I drove to Nordstrom. He called and we planned to meet for lunch at 12:30 - so I had some retail therapy, met him for lunch, and then came home. I know I will talk to him and see him - but not seeing him every day anymore makes me very sad. We got to be great friends..

A rollercoaster of emotions lately fo' sho'..

Additionally, I am really chubby. I haven't d!cked off like this on my diet ever. And it shows. My weight is up, my clothes don't fit, I gotz no swagger. None..

Zero swagger..

I have Toronto coming up in a few weeks and plan to buckle down until that point. My top priority of unemployment right now is to get myself back in to shape. And I hope to be in much better shape getting on the plane to Aruba than I am in right now..

As Robyn mentioned, we have a girls weekend coming up. We're meeting on Sunday and staying Sunday night..

When I went in October with Angela and then again for Thanksgiving with Joe - the house keeping was horrible both times. I sent a letter to Borgata telling them that they should be aware and it was just unacceptable for this to be happening in a place like that. Just that the customer service overall was pretty bad - the service in the restaurants - everything was just really lacking..

Long story short, they wound up giving me a complimentary suite upgrade. So, the room is on the house Sunday night, which is always good..

We're going to spa and just do whatever. Two of the girls will be missing - one went to Vegas with her sisters and her Mom (Maggie) and the other (Michele) just can't make it because of the baby, etc..

So this time it is just myself, Robyn, Karen, and Cathy..

I tried to get my cousin Pam (who just lost her Mom) to join us, but she's just got too much going on right now..

Hopefully there's a fun band playing at Gypsy Bar on Sunday night..

That's pretty much it from here. I have a mani/pedi appointment at 9:30, need to hit the mac machine, and then laundry and packing for the weekend..

(I picked up Chanel's "Steel" nail polish at Nordstrom yesterday. It looks fun in the bottle - but have no clue how it will look on for everyday wear. I'm going to give it a try and, if not, I think it will be "WICKED"..

That's all I gotz for now..

Hope everyone is well..

Mad love...

Comment #9

Good morning all... awesome shout outs captain... you rock as I already know. thanks for the personal azz kickin. I needed it and I will getthisshitdone!..

Comment #10

Happy Saturday.

Nice shouts Capglad this work chapter of your life is over and it's onward to better things..very excited to see you tomorrow!!!!.

I've got a crazy schedule todaygetting ready now to leave for pedicure that I hope to squeeze in before my hair appt, then from there to church for saturday service duties, then maybe back to salon for manicure...pedicure takes priority cuz my two big toenails resemble hoofs.

Yes, hoofs...or know what I mean.

I weighed this morning about 17 times because every time I stepped on that frigger it had a different numberthe range being 4lbs!!! what the F?????.


Hope everyone has a great OP saturday!!!..

Comment #11

Hi lara... wow. no gs cookies are tough. good for you..

Kori.. hope you are feelig better and enjoy the weddings..

Sandy... lets heed the capts warnings and get this done. we can support each other too. oscar party sounds so cool. I love to record the show and watch it later to avoid the commercials..

Barb... I love games on-line. hope your knee is a little bettter and you have a great day..

Dawn... I'm so glad to hear some good news about your sister. I will pray for continued recovery. hope you r feelign betttr this weekend. infections suck..

Andi.. I love reading about your surroundings. you make your area sound so beautiful. it's enjoyable to hear you sounds so at peace..

Terri... hope you are doing well and your weigh in goes great!..

Comment #12

Hi robyn... your day and time with capt sounds great. enjoy. ive been hiding my nasty lookin feet for so long. my nails look good..

Lori... you will move on to bigger and better things fo'so. have a super time !!!..

Comment #13

Morning all.

Cap'...sorry you had drama yesterday- glad you met w/ sexy & are going to have fun this weekend!! Karma is a b*itch...and if you get really lucky, you get to see her work her magic upon those who deserve it....

Robyn! <screw> the scale...happens to me all of the time. My clothes are my measure..

Andi(rea)...hi girl....youre doing so great!!.

Its me and my monkey tribe hubs...wish me luck!.


Comment #14

I have had a HORRIBLE week trying to stay OP. I did not do very well at all. In fact instead of a loss this week it is looking more like a gain! I really don't know what happened. Its like an little slip grew until it became out of control! I woke up this morning determined to get back on track and I am not looking forward to trying to get back into Ketosis...but I WILL DO IT!!! My daughter and I went to the Y the other day and I did the first day of c25k. It wasnt so bad but the next day I was starving and totally lost control. We are going again today and I will do it again.

I think I will have to bring out the drink infusers. I know if I concentrate on getting back on track I will be ok. I learned from the last few weeks and know what I can and cannot I will just have to say NO! and remember what my end goal is. I really should have been on here more to talk this through with everyone (another lesson learned!).

I will find out on Monday about the results of the MRI. I am also getting really tired of this stupid arm. I am not sleeping well at all which I am sure is contributing to my low self esteem and drive to achieve. Plus I have been working a lot on low sleep, not a good combination. In fact, I have to work a full day tomorrow. We have critical servers that need security updates and it has to be done when usage is at a minimum.

Stupid of them because if the servers crash they won't be working at all! Our customers are so spoiled!.

I have a lot of catching up to do. I am going to go back and read now. I will be back in a bit once I have read what you Shammies have been up to while I was away...

Comment #15

Ughhhh.....JACK is wreaking havoc on me and I hate him. I woke up at 5:00 am with such bad cramps, I actually threw up. I finally got back to sleep in a fetal ball with some Advil and a heat pad. Now I have to go and haul myself across town and take the stupid $300. English proficeincy test. I have to stay the whole 3 hours of the stupid test and there are all these rules about asking permission to go the bathroom and taking finger prints, etc....really? I' m so not in the mood......

Comment #16

Morning shams,.

Tonigood luck on the test and hope you start feeling better. Melissa, sorry the arm still bothers you that muchhopefully all will be fine. Lori & Robyn, you know how jealous I am. I love a girls get-together. Next week dtr. and I are going to the spa for pedis and then meeting my sis at the casino.

I would like to just hang at the spa but it's not anything sis will do so guess I'll do that down the road. Just ate a bar not drinking my coffee and hoping for a good day. Have a fun weekend everyone...

Comment #17


Capt- Glad your are back with yo' azz kicking and congrats. Hope you all have fun at Borgata tomorrow. I will eventially come visit you and Borgota! You know what you need to do to get yo' swagger back- so just do it and you'll be smokin' when you go to Aruba..

Dawn-Sorry to hear your not feeling well- rest up this weekend. Glad to hear of your sister's improvements. The brain is amazing!.

Melissa- I was giving azz kicking yesterday, but looks like I'm gonna have to do one today too. Girl- get back on the horse! That is one thing I have learned, one small slip can turn into an avalanche before you know it. On a positive note, you have realized it and stopping it before you are buried. You can do this!.

Toni- Good luck with your English test today- hope you studied. LOL..

Hey Eileen, Andrea and Robyn!..

Comment #18

AFM- My official WI is tomorrow but you know I'm a daily weigher. SO this morning I'm down about 6 lbs for the week! I'm hoping to be under 150 tomorrow. We'll see. Hopefully I didn't just jinz myself. I have been 100% OP this week and the results show. Getting ready to head out to soccer game at 12, then back for lunch, then have cookie booth sales from 4-6.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #19

Lori - thanks for the support and I and Robyn have a great time..

Lara - love the results. You deserve it..

Andrea - we will do this..

Barb - hope you have a good day - when do you hear next on your tests..

The shout outs were great today. Love the chatter..

I am drinking water today. Cold is almost gone...

Comment #20

Morning Everyone. I did a quick read but dont have time for shout outs, gotta get ready~ taking the kids to the Y... parent child yoga first then swimming after. I will stop by later today..

Thanks for my azz kicking yesterday Lara.... even tho it was a struggle all day yesterday I finished out the day ok : )..

Comment #21

Keep us posted on the results of the MRI. Sorry it's all still uncomfortable for you..

Next time you're struggling, I hope you come here first so we can help...

Comment #22

I really hope you're right (about the karma)..

Have a great day!.

Good luck!!!!..

Comment #23

Sounds like a good time with your daughter and your sis..

Have a great day!..

Comment #24

Get it done Sandy..

The sooner the better..

Have a great day!!!!..

Comment #25

Keep it together, hooker..

You know what to do..

Have a happy Saturday!..

Comment #26

AFM - just got home. Have a headache. I'm thinking food and another cup of coffee and laying down for a few minutes will help that..

Decided that I LOVE the Chanel "Steel" for my mani and did OPI "Black Onyx" for my pedi. Looks great..

I'll BBL...

Comment #27

I am doing this; I am going to get to goal and have fun building my new wardrobe. I think many shammies will be there with me or ahead of me. Can you tell I am talking to myself. I am glad you guys are willing to listen...

Comment #28

I just got through reading back! It took me forever but I am so glad I did. The best part about it is I drank 96oz of water and 2MF meals down! Is it bad to drink so much water in such a short period of time? Its not likely I will drown since it's coming out about as fast as I am taking it in!.

What great NSVs and it looks like everyone is starting to feel better. I am happy to hear that. My shout-out skills are lacking today since I just read back and don't remember what was recent and what happened a week ago..

Thank you Lara for the AZZKICKing and Lori for the concern. I do need to come back when I am struggling! It helps so much to have the support. Seeing your accomplishments and struggles followed by support and azzkickings as required (as diverse as they are) really helps to stay focused..

Way to go Lara on the weight loss this week. It looks like your change of strategy is working!.

Lori and Robyn have a great time tomorrow. I will be thinking of you while I am slaving away at work!.

So speaking of hooves...I too have hooves and have the rough hide to go along with them! I think I need a Pedi bad!!!.

Barb - I hope the tests come back good and you get the green light to finally get that knee taken care of. We have casinos here too, maybe I should take a trip up the mountain one of these days. I have not been in a long long time..

Sandy - you are doing exactly what I should have done last week! Talking out loud and getting support is allowed and needed. You are a great inspiration and being able to build a wardrobe is exciting. I think I will keep that goal in mind for myself!.

Alright...I know I am missing bunches of stuff but I only have one day this weekend to get my house in shape and 4hours at least have already flown by. I will check in daily to keep me on track and get support,as well as give it, when needed! Thank you for being here for me!.

Enjoy the rest of today!..

Comment #29

Melissa, - good luck with the house cleaning. I wore my pedometer when I cleaned house and was amazed at how many steps it was. I am always here for support. I feel so much better on this program..

It is turning windy and cold here. We might even have snow tomorrow. what the _____.

I am ready to join Lori and Robyn on a mini vacay. Maybe when I get to goal and part way thru transition where I have more food choices...

Comment #30

Hey sexy, swaggerin' "ladies"~.

I am feeling pretty good right now, so I have been trying to get a little cleaning/laundry done. Heading out to watch some of my 1st graders play basketball soon. It is cute and funny to watch! It's their last game or I have to say I would probably be napping instead. Oh well!.

Promise to get back on here this afternoon and do some shout outs! Love that it is so busy here today!..

Comment #31

Capt- yeah for awesome mani/ pedi..

Melissa- you've got this. Glad you are finding time to get here. I need to go clean my house too. Dh is getting mad that he is the only one doing it..

Dawn- glad you are feeling a little better. Enjoy the bball game. They are so cure at ghat age playing sports..

Jill- have fun at the y, I need to get back there..

Soccer was nit fun to watch, the girls just didn't play there hardest. Odd did well as goalie but she had her work cut out for her today...

Comment #32

Of course you are..

You are..

And you will...

Comment #33

You've got a long road, sister..

The sooner you settle down - the sooner thisshitgetsdone - the sooner you can transition and be in your happy place..

For real - get to it - focus - you can do it...

Comment #34

I am procrastinating getting my things together..


Nothing fits..

I gotz no swagger...

Comment #35

Capt- yet yo azz in gear or I'm taking your place at Borgata and you will have to come to KY and sit out in the cold sellling cookies with my girls. Did that motivate you?- lol...

Comment #36

Lori - Just start something. I do the same thing some times but once I get started......

I have looked at the month of March to see what challenges I have and I have a plan. I feel good when I have a plan. I have procrastinating piano practice so I am going to listen to my advice to Lori and go and practice one piece..


Comment #37

I did it..

It just wasn't fun b/c I'm a fat blob...

Comment #38

Happy Saturday Lovelies!.

Got a woinderful sleep-in today and had fun playing with the pup. got taxes done with pleasing results. love payin down the bills.

Anyhow - my NSV for the challenge - was lookin in the mirror yesterday and actually SAW my heartbeat in my chest. pretty cool.

In the spot where the ribs come up in the middle just under the breastbone. made me feel pretty good.

Plan for the day - some cleaning, maybe a pedi, maybe a massage, and some Shape reading... maybe even some Shape contest entering.... max relaxing day!.

Enjoy your Saturday Sexy Shams..

Comment #39

You won't be a fat blob long. You are my hero. I hope we get photo of Aruba. Think about what you want to pack for that trip and how sexy and how much swagger you will have. It will be great...

Comment #40

Andi - I love how you sound. I am going to look for that heartbeat - someday...

Comment #41

Lucky Charms Challenge Shammies -.

Please post week 2 stats as soon as you can.....

Comment #42

Sandy~I ALWAYS do better and feel better with a plan, too!! Have you practiced???..

Comment #43

YIKES!! I think you motivated her....and I am heading back downstairs to check the laundry soon before I get that offer...

Comment #44

It was fun to watch...and at that age they still love their teachers, so they were psyched that I came!..

Comment #45

Good plan girl...get back to it and get it got this...I know you want it!..

Comment #46

Hope your headache got better! Glad you like the nails.finger and toes!.

So excited for you to go to Borgat tomorrow..

You know you will get your sexy got this!..

Comment #47

Hope you had a fun time at the Y! Parent/child yoga sounds fun!..

Comment #48

Spa sounds like fun! keep us posted on the tests this week! Hope all goes well...

Comment #49

Hope you are feeling better!.

How was the stupid test?..

Comment #50

Hope your carzy day is going well! What color did you get for the hooves-I mean nails?..

Comment #51

Sorry for the continuous posts from brain is in such a fog, there was no other way I could do it!.

Hope everyone is having a great day!..

Comment #52

Hi again,.

Just checked the schedule for Borgata and it looks like there's a really good band playing at the Gypsy Bar at Borgata tomorrow night..

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!.


KINGS OF LEON!!!!!!!!!!!.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!.

I'm ready to go to sleep so I can wake up and it'll be tomorrow...

Comment #53

Hi kids!.

Just read as much as I could before I have to get movin' again here...great to see Melissa!!!.

You all are totally awesome.


Comment #54

Dawn - love all your post..

Lori - hope you have a good sleep..

Robyn - awesome back at ya...

Comment #55

So jealous of you Aruba babes.... I LUVS ME SOME ARUBA...

Comment #56

Hello Shammies wow, 7 pages to read and catch up on, that rocks!.

First Lori love love love to see your posts today. If this isn't "on the way to swagger", I don't know what is. Thanks for being back. Also, regarding the Hoover Vacuum of Suckiness on your last day, glad you made it through with grace and self-respect in tact. It isn't worth another stinkin thought so onward and upward..

Toni - Sorry about the cramps Naproxin Sodium (Aleve) is nectar from the Gods. Do it..

Sandy - I bought cutting for stone. It's about 3rd on the to-read list. Thanks....

Melissa get your groove on, girl. You got this....

All other shams out there shout out at ya and OP day to ya..

My day? Oh my day? Yes, my day ROCKED. I had to work a bit this morning, then headed to the mall for my fave dept store's coupon sale. I got: (hold yourselves, girls) 2 sweaters, 2 shirts, 5 dressy jackets, one awesome vest, one pair sexy black pumps, one cool pair of brown dress boots, a Guess all-wool dress winter coat, and a T-fal frying pan for $137. No shiiiit. Wow-ee. Then...

Then I found SF Torani carmel at the store (always out). And then stopped at one more store to get some brown pants and oooooooo chicas (I can hardly tell you!!) I tried on 12's and they were too big (OMG). I had to buy a 10! (Okay, to justify, they might need some Spanx this week....) but 10's wow..

So was I on plan today... oh hella yeah I was because nothing motivates me like a 10 baby..

Hope your day rocked too...

Comment #57

Muffy - I am so proud of you and your size 10s. You ROCKSTAR!..

Comment #58

OH!!! HOW FUN!!! I love Kings of Leon!!! Hope you girls have a great time!..

Comment #59

Evening lovelies!.

Lazy super lazy day here. felt good!.

Hope the rest of you had a wonderful day! see you tomorrow..

Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks..

Comment #60

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use...

Comment #61

Good morning Shammies!.

I've a bit on insomnia..

It is 5:34 a.m. on my sleep in weekend day..

I came here to hide from the tractor-beam like pull of the food pantry..

Today's plan: church w/ g.grandma, the everest-style laundry pile, a bit of work that I dragged home from the office, and the ever-dreaded treadmill. I notice the dang treadmill doesn't have tractor-beam like pull to it..

In honor of the Oscars this evening, I am painting my nails with Sephora's "Almost Famous". It's about the color of liquid Oscar...

Comment #62




(that's not off plan)..

Comment #63

I think I'm going to shower, finish packing, pack up the car, and head out..

I need to get my gamble on before everyone else gets there..

I'll be back tomorrow late-afternoon..

I think..


Mad love to all...

Comment #64

Fun fact..

It was three years ago this weekend that the pictures were taken that pushed me over the edge to start MF...

Comment #65

Cap, you look amazing!! I went back to your #1 post thread...dude! You are SMOKIN! Its like a model climbed out of the old you...I love the pink shirt pic!! HOT!!.

Have fun today, you deserve it!! You best have yo' swagger on!!..

Comment #66

The caption for that picture is: "Shhhh there a skinny girl inside of me and she keeps trying to get out so don't wake her up.".

Captain amazing change. Good luck at Borgata's...

Comment #67

Hey Ladies,.

Thanks for the well wishes. I am -2 for the week. I was a little dissapointed, because I been OP. No cheating. After I slight depressed mood and a pep talk from my husband I realized after having swollen ankles that my body thinks I am on my period. I had a partial hysterectomy two years ago and my body still goes through the motions.

There can be no victory without the struggle, so I say to myself and to you girls "Keep your head up and keep your eyes on the prize!".

Can someone tell me about the Lucky Charms Challenge and the Goal Thread?.

Yesterday, I was hella busy again... (lol) and with a slight bout of bumming out I didn't touch my computer at all. Didn't even get on FB on my phone. I promise to come here if I ever get that way again. That is why I hooked up with you ladies..

I will try to get back here tonight..

Off to church..


Comment #68

Morning Lovelies!.

Gotta fly to get cleaned up and to work on time - dolly shift (9-5.


Lori - have the BESTEST time.

And win big enough to convince Kings of Leon to have drinnks with you in your Comp'd room.

Terri - Lucky Charms Challenge runs until just before St Patty's day. Welcome to join... More info on the challenge thread (OR I posted a link yesterday - maybe page 5...?).

Lucky Charms CHallengers.

- please post stats if you haven't - will do totals tomorrow night....

Have a great OP Water-guzzling day!..

Comment #69

Good morning girls,.

Lori and Robyn, have a blast today and win big. Everytime I see you Lori, it's hard to imagine that was you in the other pix. Everyone's rightbesides losing tons of weight you got some powerful swagger going on. I need to keep telling myself that can be "me" cuz girl, I can swagger like it's nobodys business with the right toolslol. Lazy day today but Oscars tonight so that makes me happy. Gotta head to the grocery store first so I'll catch you gals later...

Comment #70

This is Tucson???? No golf for me today. DH is still volunteering at the match play tournament. He is on hole #5 if you watch on TV..

My poor orange tree..

Comment #71

I hope that Lori and Robyn have a great time and win lots...

Comment #72

Hey all...getting ready to head out and run some errands...hoping all goes well (and the roads are not too icy) I will get a mani/pedi in..

Hope everyone has a good day! Wishing I was at Borgata!..

Comment #73

Hey Peeps!.

Yesterday svcked....had to wait 4 hours and then couldn't even take the damn test due to a server issue. I was/am beyond pvssed!!!! This has been an overall crappy week..

I am doing laundry and packing today as I leave on Thursday....more fun times.....

Hope all is well!..

Comment #74

Toniyou're rightthat would really suck big time!! Hope the next time is quick and easy. Also hope you get some fun time in on your trip. I know it's really early but travel safe and enjoy yourself. I know they enjoy having you there...

Comment #75

Ok, I am knocking myself out to go to bed early and be done with this week. I just did my tax returns and am getting back a whopping....wait for it....$13.00!!!! That doesn't even buy a box of Medifast food!!!!!.

Ok, tomorrow is the start of a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #76

On a more positive note, NSV: went to an apartment committee meeting and somone brought homemade brownies. Iwasn't tempted, and one of my neighbors said, "Toni doesn't eat junk." I like that I am labeled healthy by others!!..

Comment #77

I am at work and it SUCKS!!!!! Speaking of servers Toni...that is what I have been doing all !#$!$! day! I have been here since 0630 and it is now almost 4pm. I am trying to do critical updates and I only have one server left and it has been hanging forever trying to install update 34 of 36 and it is not budging!! I want to go home!.

However...since I have been stuck in my office all day I have been 100% OP! Yippee for me!.

I just needed to vent because I want to restart this stupid thing, but it could cause problems if I do - so I just wanted to scream somewhere. Even if it is silent to you all - I am screaming really loud!..

Comment #78

Whoa Sandy.... that looks like Iowa except for the oranges on that tree...

Comment #79

Melissa I think it's time for your lamaze breathing exercises, babe. Slow deep inward breathes while you imagine beating the server to death with a four foot iron pipe. Now exhale. See? Feel better?..

Comment #80

Hey Terri, Don't be blue. 2 lbs is the best I ever get. I'm working it. It just goes slow for me too. I think my body doesn't want to give up it's awesomeness, even the amounts held in fat cells. Must be the same for you, chica!..

Comment #81

Dawn - let us know the color of choice. You gotta get spiffed up for the Oscars too..

Ice is coming your way, m'dear. Just starting here now. Give it a day...

Comment #82

Rock on Toni! WTG. No one mistakes me for a health nut..... yet...

Comment #83

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.